12 Tips For Running A Treadmill

There are many benefits to treadmill running, and it is a great alternative for runners when the weather is bad or safety issues make it impossible to get out. 

Follow these tips to make your treadmill run more effective, enjoyable and safer.

When you’re ready to start, here are 5 treadmill workouts to help you move and explode calories .


Run and walk at a slow pace for 5-10 minutes. Although it is tempting to jump on the treadmill to start the exercise, a warm-up should allow time for you .

2-use a slight slope.

Set the treadmill slope from 1% to 2%. There is no wind resistance indoors, so a smooth climb better simulates outdoor driving. 

Of course, if you’re running, it’s a good idea to keep the slope at 0% until you exercise and increase treadmill comfort.

3-don’t be too steep

Do not set the slope too steep (over 7%)-it can lead to an Achilles tendon or calf injury.

 Also, do not drive on slopes of 2% or more for the entire run. Make sure you have a mix of steep slopes and flat runs.

4-Do not lift railings or consoles.

Some people assume that when walking or running on a treadmill, you need to grip the handle. 

The railing will safely help you unload the treadmill. When running on a treadmill , practice proper upper body shape by holding your arms at a 90-degree angle as if you were running outside.

5-cool down

It’s also easy to get off the treadmill when your workout is over and your heart rate rises. 

Take a slow jog before getting off or walk 5 minutes after your workout to ensure your heart rate is below 100 bpm. 

Cooling will help prevent dizziness or the sensation that you are still moving when you step back from the treadmill.

6-do not lean forward

Keep your body straight. The treadmill pulls your foot back, so you don’t have to lean forward.

 You need to pull your feet off the belt before the belt can pull away from them. Leaning too much forward can end up with neck and back pain.

7-pay attention to your stride

Keep your ankles fast and short to minimize the impact on your legs. Maintain a mid-fill strike to avoid hitting your heels and affecting your knees. 

It is necessary to exaggerate the heel because the foot does not move in a circular path if the amount of forward momentum is insufficient.

8-Study on the improvement of stride length

The more steps you take per minute, the more efficiently you can run it. Elite runners run about 180 steps per minute. 

Determine your stride by calculating how often one foot rolls the belt in minutes and then doubles that number. 

Improve your steps while running by focusing on short, fast walks and keeping your feet close to your belt. 

This exercise will help treadmill boredom and improve outdoor workouts.

9- listening to music

It’s not safe to use headphones while running outside, but listening to music on a treadmill can be a great way to combat boredom and run longer. 

Choose a song that motivates you and create a playlist for your workout. Then you won’t have to constantly check your watch.

10- luggage

You may lose more water on the treadmill. You’ll want to run outside because there’s very little air resistance to keep you cool. Keep the water bottle within easy reach.

11-path visualization

Another trick to spending time on a treadmill is to visualize the outdoor paths you drive or run frequently.

 Imagine buildings and other landmarks passing along the way. Change the slope setting when going up the hill.

12-do not look down

You don’t keep seeing how much time or distance you’ve been away, but looking down will make your running form difficult. Don’t stare at your feet. 

You bend your back, which can lead to neck or back pain. Whether you’re on a treadmill or running outside, working straight is the safest way to do it.

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