The engine of the Treadmills

Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill

The  treadmill equipped with electrical tilting have two motors one for slide the tape and the other to tilt the carpet. The motors of the treadmills for home range from a power of 1.5 Hp (horsepower) to 3.5 Hp while the professional ones can reach up to 6 horsepower.  We must always take into account the continuous horsepower … Read more

Where to buy a treadmill?

Aceshin Folding Treadmill Reviews

If you want to burn calories while working out, a treadmill is the right solution for you. Even if it is difficult to do jogging and running outside, thanks to a treadmill training will still be enjoyable, even at home. There are some tips on the reference stores for the purchase of a cheap treadmill … Read more