App with routes for running on the treadmill

Due to the strangeness of the moment we are experiencing following the coronaviruses, which has made it impossible to go to the gym, applications are used more and more frequently. They want to be able to train independently in their homes, so they’re going to buy a magnetic treadmill.

There was a person in the gym. One advantage of this equipment is that it can be used by the whole family, which makes it possible to get back into shape as a group, without having to check the weather forecast or make other arrangements for working out.

With the purchase of just one piece of equipment, the entire family has the chance to use physical exercise for getting back in shape and therefore to save on health care costs.

On the other hand, however, training alone can be boring and not very stimulating, and not having an instructor available, as is the case in gyms and sports centers, can put any person in difficulty.

The solution to these problems lies within everyone’s reach and it is enough to have a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with an internet connection and download one of the countless applications specifically created to improve performance and use of the best space-saving treadmill.

There are lots of different kinds of apps today. They come in different forms and you can use them for different things depending on the brand or type of app that you use. Generally speaking, however, there are four main categories of apps for the gym:

1.  applications that allow you to record and store the results obtained . In this way it is sufficient, at the end of the training, to save the data relating to the performance just made (for example time, kilometers traveled, calories burned, average speed …) in order to create a real database that summarizes your own workouts. You can also use it to evaluate your progress and plan your organization and workload

2.  apps that build the training session to be taken.  In a certain sense, therefore, these behave like ‘virtual personal trainers’ who, based on their physical state, the result to be obtained, the time available, the frequency of training … create a real plan of custom work. 

These are very useful applications especially for less experienced and competent people in the sector who are therefore unable to organize a workout at home in a correct and functional way. Otherwise they would run the risk of not getting the desired results or, even worse, of harming themselves

3.  applications that allow connectivity with other ‘athletes’.  With these apps, in fact, it is possible to compare one’s performances with other people in such a way as to create real virtual competitions. So you definitely feel more stimulated to continue training, to commit yourself and to do better and better. 

In addition, it also allows you to have relationships, albeit at a distance, with other people. It is always a way, even if ‘virtual’, of maintaining social relationships

4.  app to allow entertainment and fun while exercising.  In fact, training alone indoors can often be boring, uninspired and depressing, and one of the main problems working out at home is just that. In fact, how many times have we left with all good intentions, but then we stopped exercising within our walls?

 If, however, when we train we can listen to our favorite music or watch a video that interests us, most likely we will not be bored. There are applications, then, that allow you to recreate the setting and the noises that could be seen and heard outdoors.

 Here, then, that it is possible, for example, to choose to train in a park, in the mountains, on the beach or even in famous areas of the world.

One example of all: believing you are running in Central Park. These are such well-researched applications that you really are within these settings.

At this point, according to your needs, you will choose which one to download being very careful, however, because some free or low-cost applications have so many  advertisements  that they almost do not allow their use. Even with the euro you can download applications that avoid this nuisance.

Let’s see some examples.

Kinomap running: programs for running

This application can be used by anyone who wants to get fit and stay healthy. You can choose a real environment (like the park near your home, the beach, a farm, or a forest), select a workout path (easy, medium, or hard), and then you’ll be able to see a video that represents that particular environment.

Due to the fact that it is possible to connect the selected video with your treadmill or other fitness equipment so, based on the difficulty of the path, the speed of your workout will automatically vary in real time, the most innovative aspect of this app. The scrolling of the sequence of images will change depending on how fast you are.

It is possible to train with friends, even if you don’t train alone, because the available kilometers have increased recently. The operation of Kinomap runner is very simple: choose the path, the device you are using, and the data of your training will be transmitted.

If we interrupt the race for a moment, even our alter ego on video, we will be able to compare them with the video so as to ‘run’ our avatar just like we are doing on the treadmill. To check the compatibility of our device and carpet, simply go to the specific section of the application and look for the complete list.

Zwift Running: course simulator

Zwift is a revolutionary platform that allows users to simulate an indoor workout using an elliptical or an exercise bike. There are also teams of professional athletes that use this application.

Given the incredible successes achieved by the company, it has decided to convert the app so that it can be used also in combination with a treadmill and simulate a real outdoor run.

The application is totally free and it has been designed to work even in multiplayer to allow more athletes to connect and compete with each other. The only initial cost that must be incurred is that of the sensor that must be applied to the shoe lace before starting to run.

However, the price is really low, around 35 euros. If, however, the treadmill is equipped with Bluetooth, it is not even necessary to buy it. The first time the sensor must be synchronized with a smartphone, PC, tablet or smart television and then you can start using it. At most in a few minutes the app can capture the sensor and so you can start training.

If you connect with a community of runners, you can easily avoid the boredom of a solo run. In most cases you can choose where you want to run, as there are usually several active runs going on at any given time.

The thrill of running with people is incomparable! You can choose from hundreds of registered locations where you want to run. In order to be as effective as possible, the training is carefully studied for each athlete.

You can also set intermediate goals that can be used to do better and better. According to statistics, those who train in a technologically and advanced way with apps similar to Zwift increase their physical activity and get better results.

There are also prizes that are awarded to theavatar every time he reaches a goal, such as shoes or sportswear from the most renowned brands, just like in a real competition. Even in association with Strava, Swift can be activated whenever and wherever it is needed.

BitGym for treadmills, how does it work?

BitGym is another application that allows you to train from home with exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines or even running stationary in place, while you are literally immersed in one of the 70 locations chosen among the beauty of.

There are two new routes added every month. The English version will be translated into the main languages of the world in the future. There is an enormous amount of time for people around the world to be with each other.

They have the chance to do things they haven’t been able to do in a while, like exercise and get healthy. In the next few years, experts say we will see a huge increase in the number of people suffering from diseases due to being overweight. Everyone can get in their daily exercise with a simple way to do it.

The use is very simple and easy to use. It is sufficient to download the application on a PC, tablet or smartphone, and without using any sensors or cardio bands, it will detect the speed at which you are training and scroll compatibly with the images of the chosen landscape.

$10 a month is what you can pay after the 30-day trial period. It has never been about the money with me, it has always been about the quality of the writing, the information and the inspiration.

Runtastic treadmill mode

Runtastic is a well-known application that can be used to monitor your physical activities both indoors and outdoors.

The only difference is that when you practice sports outside your performances are recorded through a GPS, whereas when you practice sports at home, this data collection is not possible, so you need to connect the application with the particular tool you are using.

It’s possible to train with friends or acquaintances in both single-player and multi-player modes. In order to monitor one’s progress, all data and results achieved are recorded and stored in the database. It’s completely free and compatible with all the devices.

Treadmill landscape videos

You will be able to run on the treadmill in a number of locations with the Treadmill Workout Videos. Depending on the program you choose, there are several options to make, all of which are compelling, suggestive and realistic. There are many examples of clean, unobstructed landscapes, great cities of art, and athletic tracks where the greatest sporting events in history have been held. It’s nice to run in different places every day. The foot of the pyramids, the colosseum, and the eifel tower are some of the best places in the world to run.


If you’re up for a scenic adventure, you can also choose to do it in the early morning hours or during the day, illuminated only by the moonlight is breathtaking.  Some, however, prefer to retrace the routes of the most important marathons: London, Paris, Rome, New York or even be immersed in the greenery of large natural parks, such as Central Park.

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