Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill

As with most treadmills on the market, the assault airrunner is a little different. You power the AirRunner yourself instead of plugging it in a wall outlet. In other words, this is a motorless machine, which makes the tread move quickly, steering, power, power, etc.

Its curved deck allows for easier propelling of the belt, but this training technique is really meant to help you to perfect your running shape, with less emphasis on the tread technology and less natural feeling while running.

A superb version of the motorless workstation is the Assault AirRunner Treadmill. Compared with a traditional motorized treadmill, it can consume up to 30% more calories.
Built by a fitness innovator – the same company that has developed the AirBike Assault Fitness – which is popular in CrossFit.

We’ll tell you why this bandwidth is so different from your average bandwidth.

Here are the treadmills in this article we will review.
There’s no electric engine in a manual workpiece (also called a motorless workpiece). Moving your feet energizes the appliance. The increase in calorie consumption (up to 30%) over motorized treadmills is significant. Some people also think that it helps to enforce an effective running form far better than a motorized workflow.

And Assault Fitness says that the AirRunner is the bio-mechanical treadmill that is the most correct, which improves your overall running experience.

And whether you’re running or walking on this workflow, you’re going to get an efficient workout.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill

Thanks to its unique curved shape and innovative mechanism, the Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill  helps you regain a natural stride indoors and develop perfect running technique.

The curved deck and motorless design of this treadmill are two of its most distinguishing features. You must move your legs in order to move the track. You drive them faster to go faster. You pass them slower to go slower. Although there is no incline, you can notice a difference in your form, weight, and technique simply by having to manipulate the machine with your own strength.

Scope of incline

There are no incline controls on this system. You should, however, run a little closer to the deck’s top curve if you want to experience a little more incline.

number of speeds

Since you are moving the track yourself, the speed range on this system is truly DIY—there are no limits. But, since you are moving the track yourself, you will have to work hard to get to those higher speeds.

Workouts are included.

This small console has only a few pre-programmed workouts, including interval programs (both HIIT and Tabata), target workouts (such as time and distance), and heart rate programs (target heart rate and zone).

Monitoring of the Heart Rate

A chest strap display will be included with your tread. The console is also bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, so you can add your own heart rate monitor if you want to.

Inputs: HDMI, USB, and Others

If you want to monitor some aspect of your workout on your phone, make sure you charge up before getting on this machine because there are no USB plugs.

Options for Bluetooth and Audio

Since the console is Bluetooth compatible, you can use it to attach your heart rate monitor and track your whole workout.

Holders for a water bottle, a cup, a tablet, and a phone

On this tread, try not to bring something with you because there is no place to put water bottles, keys, tablets, or phones.


Despite its small size, this LCD display can monitor all of your metrics, including time, calories, distance, speed, and watts.

Speakers and Audiences

There are no speakers or fans on this treadmill. Rather than focusing on added gadgets, Assault Fitness focuses on the efficiency features of their treadmills.



At 280 pounds, this unit is on the light side, but that doesn’t mean it’s not well-made. It has a steel frame and a heavy-duty belt to withstand intense training. The running area is narrow in width but long in length, which will help direct your stride as you manually operate this gadget.

Dimensions of the motor

The Assault AirRunner has no engine; you are the machine’s motor, so each stride you take determines how quickly the belt moves.


This machine is 70” long, 33” wide, and 64” high when fully assembled, and it stays that way because there is no folding option.

Range of maximum speed and incline

When it comes to speed, this machine’s range is limited because it is manually operated. The deck’s curvature makes it a little easier to get there, but it still takes more effort than a normal tread to reach those higher numbers.

Specifications for Electricity

This treadmill does not need an electrical outlet because it is motorless.


This unit comes with a five-year frame warranty, three-year non-wear parts warranty, and one-year labor warranty.

Area for Running

The treadmill’s running track is 62 inches long and 17 inches wide, which is on the longer side than most treadmills but short on width—other machines are about 20 inches wide.

Capacity for weight

The user’s weight capacity is about 350 pounds on average.

Dimensions and Folding Options

Belt with a Curve

The Assault AirRunner’s belt is a slatted, heavy-duty belt designed for rigorous training. The curved deck makes propelling the belt easier for runners, but it’s still more difficult than running on an electric treadmill with a preset pace. Closer to the front of the belt will give you a slight incline. Hang closer to the middle if you want a lower incline.

Feel and Cushioning

The emphasis on natural feel is emphasized in this machine. The curved deck and slatted-belt push runners into a more natural shape as they power this engine with their stride. If you’ve gotten used to this sensation, you should be able to reproduce it anywhere and anywhere you run, whether on a different computer or on the trails.

Apps for Workouts, Compatibility, and Subscriptions
While there are no fitness apps included with this gadget, you can use earbuds to listen to a third-party workout class while running.

Purchase Locations
The Assault AirRunner is available from Assault Fitness or Amazon Marketplace.

Information about the business


Max speed

Unlimited km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

N / C CV

Running surface

160 x 45

Cushioning system

Wooden slats


175 cm


86 cm


166 cm


110 kg



Max user weight

160 kg



Carton dimensions

1.95 x 0.8 x 0.9 (L x W x H)





Curved running surface of 45 x 160 cm, ideal for all types of builds. Excellent cushioning designed with slats with non-slip coating that protects you from shocks and vibrations.




For all sportsmen, amateurs or enthusiasts, this Sprintbok mat reinvents indoor running. On this mat, you can walk at 1 km / h or sprint at 40 km / h. It improves the runner’s posture, you have the choice to walk, run, do interval training, ideal for rehabilitation.



Integrated 17.3-inch touchscreen with Sprintbok app that provides performance data and offers you preset workouts in videos.



Choose from the Quick Start program, the pre-recorded exercises or the location of your race.


displays distance traveled, duration, running speed, average pace, calories burned. You have the option of choosing the type of data you want to see on the screen during your session.

Power supply needed for the console.



Wood: Oak,
Steel structure,
Slats: rubber coating,
High-end bearings, greased for life.



• No maintenance,
• Lifespan of at least 10 years (at the rate of 10 hours of use per day),
• Two wheels under the belt allow it to be moved by one person


The warranty for your Sprintbok device is two years.

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