Before you buy a treadmill for running

In the market for treadmills? Here’s what you need to consider and the information you need to choose the best treadmill for your needs and budget.


It is unlikely that you will find a new, high-quality treadmill for under $1000. Thankfully, most people can find enough treadmills for those under $1500.

If this is out of range, it is better to buy a used treadmill.

It’s best to sell it by someone who doesn’t use it as opposed to buying it at the gym (where it’s likely used for oblivion). 

We do not recommend buying a used treadmill that is more than a year old or not following the rest of the standards in this article.


Don’t buy a treadmill that doesn’t have at least 1.5 consecutive peaks. (Don’t believe the numbers listed as “Treadmill Missions” or “Peak Horsepower”, watch out for phone numbers that are marked as mid-work as well.

These are not useful to you and can confuse people.) On future service calls and new motors.

Reduce the cost for and use a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) motor instead of a Solid State Control Rectifier (SCR) motor. It also finds high torque at low revs (number of revs).

Control console

Make sure that at least speed, distance, time and speed are displayed. If you want to spend extra on pre-programmed workouts, consider it.

More options are like more money.


Be sure to look for a long deck to accommodate your entire run stride. 52 inches long is too small for most people. 

16 inches wide is too small for most people to be comfortable.


It is best to buy a treadmill with a high alloy steel frame. These are much more durable than aluminum frames. 

Stay away from plastic-covered wood or painted particle boards. Look near the belt to decide.

Obviously these are not durable at all.


Look for rollers that are at least 2 inches in diameter. Solid rollers are better than hollow rollers.


Inline is of utmost importance when using a treadmill to train outdoors for running or racing.

 It required a slope to simulate external forces. I equip most quality treadmills with slopes. Before buying a treadmill, use a slope to make sure you are familiar with its use.


This is especially important in families with children. The treadmill has two main safety functions: a safety key and an emergency stop button.

. A safety key treadmill requires that the key must be in place to turn on the treadmill.

There is a way to attach the key to the runner so that if the runner falls or falls too far, it will pop out and stop the treadmill. 

The emergency stop button is just a button to turn off the treadmill.


High-quality treadmills usually come with a longer warranty than cheap counters.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors come in many forms, such as chest straps, finger or ear clips, or hand contact. 

Chest straps are the most effective, but they are all easy to use.

Don’t buy a treadmill if you:

  • It doesn’t feel secure, including when it is tilted.

  • The controls are difficult to use while running.

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