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[Updated Reviews 2020 ]- TOP 16 Best Elliptical For Short Person

An elliptical is a fitness machine that has been around for a long time in commercial gyms and has also become very popular as a home fitness machine.
You may have thought about buying a home exercise machine and considered the option of a treadmill or a stationary bike, but you fear your knees will suffer from running or pedaling. Or maybe you are looking for a device that allows you to exercise your upper body as well as your legs.
Ellipticals are an excellent option in these cases because they allow a complete cardio exercise with low impact on the joints, both for the legs and for the arms and torso. Elliptical bikes are, therefore, a very good option for people of any fitness level.


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16 Best Elliptical For Short Person-Reviews In 2020

An elliptical bike also guarantees that we can be the absolute owners of our time since we will not need to leave home. Acquiring an artifact to help our body stay on the line, guarantees that we can be from the comfort of our home exercising. At the time we want, we can locate the elliptical bike in front of the TV while watching a movie, music videos, or watching entertainment programs of our choice.

And not only can we be in the comfort of our home being the patrons of our time, but we can also save the money that we will use to pay for a gym that probably, by leading a hectic lifestyle, we only attend once a week. This money may well be invested in the purchase of an elliptical bike that we can use at any time or night.

When we want to keep our figure in optimal condition, we look for various artifacts to achieve our mission. Getting a stylized and healthy body is easy to get thanks to the continuous use of an elliptical trainer. This is a device that we can choose to tone various parts of our body and obtain the necessary resistance.

The internal and external body strength that elliptical bicycles bring us is remarkable over time. If we maintain care in our way of eating and discipline by giving the necessary continuity to the exercise, we will have a fitness magazine figure.

With the use of an elliptical bike, we will be able to tone not only the legs and thighs but also mobility to arms, hips, trunk, buttocks, and arms. This will be possible thanks to the constant movement that we will be exercising while we perform a specific exercise routine, in which we comply with the letter.

The cardiovascular training that we can have through the use of an elliptical bike will make us see not only well on the outside, but the inside, and it will not make us feel healthy, due to the work that its constant movement will make our heart execute by pumping blood through the amount of exercise we are doing.

The loss of calories that we are going to have is proportional to the number of daily routines that we can develop; in this way, we can lose around 300 calories in 30 minutes of intensity while we are upon it. In addition to that, we can reduce the risks of injury as it has a low joint impact, so it is ideal for people of any age.

Taking into account the details explained above where the cardiovascular benefits proportional to the low articular impact stand out, the elliptical trainer is great for the recovery of a knee, ankle, or shoulder injury. The readjustment of the exercise of the affected area added to the pumping of the blood by the body and the movement that will increase in intensity, make it beneficial for the recovery of injuries.

Rank #1: Schwinn Compact Elliptical

The way of use included in this elliptical bike is convenient and easy to carry out, thanks to its manual control since you can apply the changes you want in a matter of seconds.

Main Features  

Easy to use

This elliptical bike model is quite simple to use since we only have to get on it, take the handlebars, and start the continuous movement that will be defined according to our training plan. Thanks to its manual control, we can apply the changes we want without any setback.

Does not take up much space

The Schwinn Compact Elliptical  is an exercise bike that does not take up much space. Therefore it is compact, and we can place it anywhere in case we do not want to fold it for now. With measures of 80 x 60 x 148 cm, it can be used by the whole family, supporting a weight of up to 100kg. If you are making a comparison, think seriously about this characteristic, because it could make your life more comfortable at home.

Home exercise

Its optimal functionality allows us to have it at home to exercise while doing a series of tasks at home. Or we can use it before going out to warm the body before a routine day. The decision regarding your time of exercise is at our discretion, which provides it to our needs.


  • You can work many more parts of the body than having an exercise bike. The fact of exercising through the movement, not only legs and buttocks but arms, trunk, and waist, makes it an attractive model since it allows to gradually tone the body.


  • The Christopeit 9101 is a bicycle, which several users have said, becomes a bit noisy because it is manually adjusted. However, if certain parts are pressed, it can reduce the noise it emits while we exercise.

Rank #2: ProForm 895 Cse Smart Strider 895 Cse Elliptical

The equipment is very solid. The housing is made of durable plastic. The handles are properly profiled and long, which ensures comfortable training. The base has wheels that allow you to move the elliptical cross trainer conveniently. 

Because the casing is dark, dust settling on it is visible. This means that the equipment needs to be cleaned frequently; it can be tedious. The elliptical cross trainer is equipped with a 12 kg flywheel, and its maximum load is 110 kg. 

The equipment has an easy-to-use training computer with a clear LCD. It allows you to control your pulse. Distance traveled exercise duration and the number of pedal revolutions per minute.

When exercising on an elliptical cross trainer, we should not disturb the peace of the household, because it does not generate much noise. The model has transport wheels as well as feet for proper leveling. It is durable. 

The maximum load is 130 kg. Some buyers believe that assembling equipment requires a lot of patience, especially alone. This is an activity that you need to spend dozens of minutes on. The device has a magnetic braking system with 15 degrees of resistance. 

This means that we can adjust the training intensity well to your needs. This model is equipped with a 4 kg flywheel. It does not take up much space in the room and is resistant to damage. The elliptical cross trainer has a network powered computer.

Rank #4: ProForm 150I Elliptical

The platforms on which the feet are placed are wide and provide stability, which increases the safety of training. The elliptical cross trainer has 10 built-in exercise programs that vary in intensity. 

If necessary, we can extend them through a special activity configurator. Before attempting to assemble the device yourself, read the instructions. Folding the elliptical cross trainer is not the easiest task; it takes a long time. The elliptical cross trainer has a 22 kg flywheel. 

Putting it in motion requires effort, so regular workouts can quickly bring the results you want. The maximum load of the model is 150 kg, so it is a good choice for overweight people. The equipment has a white-silver color. It can be conveniently moved on the floor.

Rank #5: EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

The EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer  has the dimensions: 115 cm x 62 cm x 160 cm. There are small transport wheels at its base, so moving the device does not require the use of much force. The elliptical cross trainer has a magnetic resistance system, and the weight of the flywheel is 12 kg. You can adjust the resistance level in an 8-point range. The base spacing for the feet is 230 mm, and the stride length is 320 mm.

This sports equipment is adapted to users of various weights. Its maximum load is 110 kg. The device is equipped with a training computer that shows all relevant activity data. They are displayed on a readable LCD screen with dimensions: 11.7 cm x 8.6 cm.

Regular exercisers on this elliptical cross trainer evaluate the ball-bearing joints and self-aligning ball bearings in the pusher well. They also like the fact that the equipment can be fitted with a practical water bottle holder.

EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer is a very good elliptical cross trainer up to $ 300. The maximum load on sports equipment is 110 kg. The flywheel weighs 12 kg.


  • Training computer: The elliptical cross trainer has an efficient training computer that records the heart rate, counts the number of pedal revolutions per minute, determines the training time and distance traveled.

  • Robust housing: For users, it is important that the equipment housing is made of high-quality plastic. It is covered with acrylic glass and exhibits resistance to moisture, and more specifically, sweat.

  • Adjustable power: The power of the elliptical cross trainer can be adjusted. The user has a choice of 8 different levels. As a result, there is no problem with adjusting the equipment to the level of your sophistication.

  • Transport wheels:  At the base, there are transport wheels for easy moving the elliptical cross-trainer.

  • Comfortable handles: The model has well-shaped, long, and covered with pleasant to touch material handles. They provide comfort during activity.


Requires frequent cleaning:
The model has a dark housing, on which you can see even small dust. To keep equipment perfectly clean, you often need to wipe its surface.

Rank #6: ANCHEER Elliptical Machine

The product we decided to put on our list is ANCHEER Elliptical Machine – a magnetic elliptical cross trainer with a silent resistance system. The model is designed for people with a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Adjusting this device’s resistance is very simple – we have as many as 15 different intensities to choose from and just one button to change them. We can easily adjust the intensity of training to our capabilities and increase it over time. On the display of the device, we will find a lot of useful information: how many calories we burned in one session, the speed, and our heart rate. The equipment is also equipped with a function that determines our condition and informs us if it changes. Also, the display is very easy to read.

Positive opinions issued by consumers about this model are caused by the easy operation of the device and the elliptical cross trainer’s aesthetic appearance. Many people also note that the equipment is resistant to heavy loads.

The ANCHEER Elliptical Machine  has dimensions: 132 cm x 62 cm x 169 cm. The flywheel weighs 14 kg, and the maximum load is 130 kg.


  • An efficient resistance system: The orbiter has a solidly made resistance system, which is characterized by quiet operation and smooth operation. This, in turn, significantly increases the comfort of training.
  • Well thought out design: On the base, feet are allowing for proper leveling of the elliptical cross-trainer. Also, it is equipped with transport wheels for easy carrying.
  • Solid housing: The model has a solid plastic housing, reinforced with an acrylic glass coating.
  • Perfect fit for your needs: The Kettler elliptical cross trainers’ test proved that the described model is particularly valued for a large number of settings. The user can choose up to 15 levels of training intensity.


Folding: In reviews about this sports equipment, you can read that its assembly takes a lot of time and requires patience.

Rank #7: Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

We present theFitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer  with dimensions: length – 214 cm, width – 93 cm, and height – 187 cm. The model has good technical parameters because the skid spacing under the feet is 10 cm, the stride length is 50 cm, and its height is 15 cm. The model has a 1: 9 ratio, and the weight of the flywheel is 22 kg. Due to the maximum load of 150 kg, it can be said that it is equipment for everyone.

The elliptical cross trainer is operated from a TFT display with dimensions: 155 mm x 86 mm. Users can save their data, training range, and best workload. You can create up to 4 individual profiles on the device, and use it in guest mode. The menu is available in several languages, including Polish.

Good reviews about it encourage you to buy the Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer . The device is liked by physically active people because it gives a wide range of options as to the choice of settings, it is easy to use and at the same time aesthetically made.

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer  is a cross-trainer with dimensions: length – 214 cm, height – 187 cm and width – 93 cm. The maximum load is 150 kg, and the flywheel weighs 22 kg.


  • Ready training programs: This elliptical cross trainer has ten pre-built training programs. The user gets access to the innovative activity configurator so that he can extend these modes of operation.

  • A comfortable place for feet: The elements on which the feet are placed are of great importance for workers’ comfort and safety. In this model, they are well profiled and provide maximum stability.

  • The comfort of exercise for each person: As the manufacturer assures, training on these sports equipment will be comfortable for everyone, regardless of whether it is low or high.


  • Assembly: Admittedly, it takes a long time to assemble the elliptical cross trainer, and you must read the instructions carefully before assembly.

Rank #8: Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer

The E95 elliptical cross trainer uses an easy-to-use electronic console with a 10.1 “LCD screen, having all the features of a club model. Both cooling fans and a bottle holder are built-in, and the console is equipped with speakers that can be connected to any MP3 player (iPod, etc.) and practice with music.

Smooth, natural movement is provided by a tranquil drive system that works in both forward and reverses modes. The combination of a massive, 16-kilogram flywheel and high gear, which you will not find in any other model, means extremely smooth movement with high resistance, and thus this equipment allows you to exercise at a high level. The E95 also has a one-button power boost function for extra strength, which allows you to use it in other positions, making training more varied. The inclination can be adjusted from 0 to 35 degrees, which will enable you to individually adjust the equipment for exercising individual muscle groups in the lower body. When it comes to upper body muscles, holistic training is provided,

Inclination and resistance control are integrated into the handles, providing additional comfort, while the built-in heart rate sensors monitor the heart’s work. You can also get a chest strap, which allows you to measure your heart rate without using your hands and use interactive training programs based on heart rate.

Large pedals with a sponge pad provide comfort during exercise. They were designed in cooperation with leading physiotherapists and sports enthusiasts, which in effect resulted in a design of pedals with a 2-degree angle of inclination, thanks to which the ankle and knee tensions characteristic of other models have been reduced, and because each of us has a different way of walking, our groundbreaking model has adjustable pedals that can be adjusted precisely to the angle that best suits the user using the “worm driver” function. This solution allows reducing the risk of such ailments as aching fingers and Achilles tendon pain typical for this type of equipment.

Four rear wheels, moving on high-quality rails, provide a feeling of smoother movement and more excellent stability and limit the lateral movement of the pedals.

Sole allows users the freedom to transfer training data between SOLE equipment and smartphone/tablet devices. Both iOS and Android systems can download the “SOLE” application for free, which will allow them to communicate with exercise equipment, or transfer training data to the application (Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun, Apple Health).

E95 Sole elliptical cross trainer technology

  • SOLE E95 is a combination of excellent training and the natural movement of the human body. In this model, we used the best features of our stationary models and added a few more improvements.
  • The pedals have a unique ergonomic shape due to their particular design. In the E95 model, we used a two-stage internal inclination, which avoids knee and foot pain, by placing the joints always in the right position during exercise.
  • Pedals are tailored to the way you walk because everyone has their way of walking. The pedals have been designed to reduce finger pain and Achilles tendon pain, so you can focus on achieving your workout goals instead of looking for a comfortable workout position.
  • Slope control distinguishes SOLE from other products on the market. Thanks to it, it is possible to train the lower body parts, not available on other elliptical cross-trainers.
  • The strong frame SOLE E95 has a heavy frame of 38 mm steel, capable of supporting a user weighing up to 180 kg.
  • Compatible chest strap (option) and pulse sensors.

Main advantages:

  • Max user weight: 180 kg
  • Large readable display
  • Stable construction
  • MP3 connection possible
  • supply
  • Three years warranty

Computer Features:

  • Standard programs: 6
  • User program: 2
  • Heart rate controlled program: 2
  • Display: 10.1 “Hi-Tech Blue Backlight LCD-Display
  • Bluetooth – Connect with tablet/smartphone
  • Hand pulse via touch sensors
  • Pulse measurement via telemetry belt (option)
  • MP3 connection possible
  • supply
  • A place for a water bottle

Technical data:

  • Flywheel weight: 16 kg
  • Pedal size: 38 cm
  • Pedal adjustment: 10 positions
  • Distance between pedals: 10 cm
  • The angle of inclination of the rear rails: 0 – 35 degrees
  • Stride length: 55 cm
  • Elliptical cross trainer weight: 107 kg
  • Max user weight: 180 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W): 211 x 81 x 174 cm


  • Condition: New original product
  • Usage: Semi-Commercial
  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 205 x 80 x 180 cm
  • Weight : 110 kg
  • Braking system: electromagnetic
  • Flywheel: 16 kg
  • Max load : 180 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network


  • Training programs: Standard programs: 6
  • User program: 2
  • heart rate controlled program: 2
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes
  • Scan: Yes

Rank #9: Bowflex Max Trainer Series

Complaining about the lack of time? Living in a hurry means you don’t have time for physical activity? Despite the constant efforts, it is difficult for you to save time to take care of your health, figure, and well-being? Are you looking for a way to find time for regular workouts? Or maybe it’s just an excuse …

Its creators, Max Trainer M8i brand Bowflex knew perfectly what device needs a modern man. He needs a device that, at home, will allow him to perform the most effective training in the shortest possible time. This device has been created and is currently second to none.    

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 elliptical cross trainer is the only equipment of this type on the Polish fitness market. This innovative device from the USA combines the functionality of an elliptical cross trainer and stepper.

This combination, which, together with the MAX Interval ™ program, will stimulate heart and lung activity in just 14 minutes, accelerate metabolism, and provide 2.5 times faster calorie burning than on other fitness devices! This ensures that without leaving your home, you’ll be able to perform effective whole-body training.   

Each of us has less free time, and the constant rush is not conducive to performing long training. With Max Trainer, less than a quarter of a day is enough to burn calories and unnecessary kilograms. Also, you save the time you would spend on your way to and from the gym. What’s more, home conditions provide comfort, privacy, equipment fully adapted to us, and personalized training. Having equipment at home, we can use it in virtually any free time. The purchase of equipment is also only a one-time expense that will pay off quickly, as opposed to each time you pay for the gym.

Do not let excuses prevent you from achieving your dream figure, great condition, and above all, health.

Sounds so good that it’s hard to believe? Convince yourself and join satisfied customers around the world!

The innovation and modern design of Max Trainer products have been awarded many times. This year, the products have been recognized by Polish users and received the Consumer Laurel “Discovery 2019”. They were also appreciated by independent equipment testing portals, issuing high scores for individual parameters. The received awards show that the equipment is rated the highest by both professionals and equipment experts, as well as by amateurs.

With Max Trainer, you save not only time but also space. Thanks to its compact size, it will fit anywhere in the home. It takes 2x less space than a cross-trainer or standard treadmill. Its unique design makes you proudly put it in a visible place, without worrying about how it will blend in with your home’s interior. Built-in transport wheels allow it to be easily moved to any place.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: 7 built-in training programs (including three types of MAX Interval ™) and 20 resistance levels provide the opportunity to vary the exercise’s difficulty, so you can use the equipment for many years, regardless of whether you are a beginner athlete or an advanced user.

DYNAMIC APPEARANCE: The improved, the large backlit console allows easier access to training data. The appearance of the computer was designed like the cockpit of sports cars, which gives it greater dynamics.

AIR RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedaling speed translates into exercise intensity in real-time. This means that the resistance during training does not decrease with increasing speed, as is the case with riding an ordinary bike.

MAGNETIC RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedal movement is smooth, even when you change the resistance level. Thanks to this training are comfortable.

REVOLUTIONARY SNEAKERS: Thanks to the innovative, non-slip surface protected by skids and a special blockage, the feet remain in place all the time. This protects against excessive pressure on the joints, you suffer injuries less often, and training is more comfortable. Also, the skids move with the foot, so you do not have to lift it, and the movement is smooth and natural.

SPORTS APPEARANCE: The sporty appearance of the pedals encourages faster exercise, and the structure of the equipment allows you to increase the intensity of exercise without back or knee pain.

LONGER HANDLES: Compared to previous models, the M8i has longer handles. This makes training even more convenient because regardless of your height, you can exercise in a comfortable position. So you can do varied upper body exercises.

HEART RATE MEASUREMENT: You can achieve even better results by training in the appropriate heart rate zone. Sensors placed on the handles allow for constant approximate control. If you want a more accurate measurement, you can buy a telemetry belt. It should be remembered that pulse measurement using sensors/sensors placed in the product gives an approximate (approximate) results. The equipment is not a medical product. We recommend using a telemetry belt for more accurate results.

BASE AND ACCESSORY TRAY: The equipment has a secure tablet stand and tray so that you can use the application to track your training progress.

BIDON BASE: Located in a place where everyone can easily reach and quench their thirst during intense training. A specially profiled base allows you to hang a telemetry belt on it after finishing the exercises.

QUICK CHANGE BUTTONS: Thanks to the quick-change resistance buttons on the console, you can easily adjust the training to your needs. They are located in a place that is comfortable for people of all height.

LEVELING FEET: Well- made details of the equipment make the whole structure extremely stable. Adjustable Max Trainer feet will help level the equipment in the event of uneven ground.

TRANSPORT WHEELS: Transport wheels located on the device allow you to easily move the equipment to any place.


  • Number of resistance levels: 20
  • Backlit LCD: allows you to track parameters such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • Number of training programs: 7 (including three types of MAX Interval ™)
  • MAX Interval ™ training: a 14-minute program that allows you to burn 2.5x more calories than on other fitness devices
  • Number of user-profiles: 4
  • Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Heart rate measurement: using sensors on the handles or an optional telemetry belt
  • Additional equipment: tablet stand, bottle holder, transport wheels
  • Equipment dimensions: 121 x 78 x 165.6 cm (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 67 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 136 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 121 x 78 x 165.6 cm
  • Weight : 67 kg
  • Resistance Range: 20 levels of resistance
  • Max load : 135 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network


  • Training programs: 7 (including three types of MAX Interval ™)
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Calories: Yes

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machines intended for use in fitness clubs. It enables intensive cardio training without the risk of injury.

The user sets the exercise intensity individually in the range of 25-200 Watt. You can also do heart-oriented training. The heart rate is measured by touch sensors or a compatible heart rate receiver for a telemetry belt (the belt is not included with the treadmill).

The elliptical cross trainer withstands frequent training sequences. Training on the device is very comfortable thanks to precise ball bearings and a flywheel weighing 14 kg.

The elliptical cross trainer has been equipped with a high-quality computer, the heart of the device, and a legible LED display. All training parameters are displayed while training programs can be selected at the touch of a button. Thanks to the variety of programs, each user will be able to perform cardio training at the highest level on the equipment. After the training, the device issues a rating for the training.

The MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine works without a power source and batteries. Both the computer, the fan, and the electromagnetic brakes are powered by energy generated by the exerciser during training. The integrated generator supplies the above components with the necessary energy. Thanks to this solution, training is possible everywhere, regardless of the source of energy. It also helps to protect land resources.


  • owning a generator
  • warranty: 3 years home and two years commercial
  • large LCD
  • modern look
  • commercial purpose

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 195 x 63 x 175 cm
  • Permissible user weight: 150 kg
  • weight: 122 kg
  • flywheel weight: 14 kg
  • own generator
  • resistance: electromagnetic, computer-controlled
  • induction braking system
  • drive: V-belt
  • gear ratio: 1: 8
  • stride length: 55 cm
  • distance from the foot to the base: 12 cm
  • heart rate measurement via touch sensors and a compatible telemetry belt
  • large, easy to read LED display
  • load control is not dependent on the speed
  • number of training programs: 10
  • number of fitness programs: 6
  • pulse controlled training program: 1
  • permanent display: 2
  • number of users: 1
  • integrated heart rate receiver for telemetry belt
  • option to set lower and upper heart rate limit
  • the ability to enter training data
  • watt: 25-200
  • fan
  • height adjustment eliminating uneven ground
  • precision ball bearings


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 195 x 63 x 175 cm
  • Weight : 122 kg
  • Braking system: Inductive
  • Flywheel: 14 kg
  • Max load : 150 kg
  • Power supply: generator


  • Training programs: 10 training programs
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes
  • Scan: Yes

Rank #11: Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

The Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical is a high-quality cross trainer with an elegant design, designed for commercial use. High comfort of training is provided by pedals with a length of 51 cm with a spacing of 24 cm, a massive structure in which all electrical cables are hidden, a large weight limit (up to 140 kg), and an ergonomic shape. The trainer is equipped with a computer with a clear LCD panel that displays all the necessary parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse. Also, it has several innovative features, including a VATT program or a pause function that allows you to stop and restart the machine without having to set the data again. Twelve ready-made programs, the HRC program, which works based on the set speed and four user programs are saved in the computer’s memory.

The elliptical cross trainer is equipped with non-slip pedals and comfortable handles with a control panel. The trainer’s additional advantages are USB and audio input, speakers, tablet, phone and bottle holders, transport wheels for easy carrying, and surface leveling system. Thanks to these properties, the Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users!

The most important features:

  • high-class elliptical cross trainer designed for commercial use
  • elegant design, stable construction, excellent technical parameters
  • several functions (including pause function)
  • large and intuitive LED display
  • bottle, tablet and phone holder
  • defined user programs and programs
  • computer displays: time, speed, distance, revolutions per minute (RPM), calories burned, pulse, resistance level

Technical description:

  • flywheel weight: 8.1 kg
  • load regulation: electronic
  • number of resistance modes: 24
  • pedal spacing: 8 cm
  • pedal length: 51 cm
  • total number of programs: 19
  • defined programs: 12
  • user programs: 4
  • HRC program
  • WATT program
  • manual program
  • heart rate monitor
  • tablet holder
  • bottle holder
  • HR belt receiver
  • transport wheels
  • surface leveling system
  • dimensions: 212 x 62 x 159 cm
  • maximum user height: unlimited
  • load capacity: 140 kg
  • weight: 85.6 kg
  • braking system: electro-magnetic
  • bearings: ball bearings
  • power source: 220V, 230V
  • purpose: commercial, club, home


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 212 x 62 x 159 cm
  • Weight : 85 kg
  • Braking system: electromagnetic
  • Flywheel: 8 kg
  • Resistance Range: 24 levels
  • Max load : 140 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network
  • Training programs: total number of programs 19
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes
  • Scan: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt: Yes

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E380 may not be elliptical in the strictest sense of the word, but it has special features that may be of interest to many users.
This machine is a hybrid between a step machine and an elliptical. Since elliptical has a very short stride, 280mm, which is somewhat reminiscent of a stepper, taller users may feel uncomfortable using it. And its grips are not mobile, so the upper body’s work is reduced to the abdomen.

If the limitations I describe above are not an issue for you, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E380  is a machine with interesting features. It has a 13 kg inertia wheel exposed to the air, that is, you see it roll in front of you, and a magnetic brake system. This makes its hardness sufficient for beginner users and medium-level users who are in good shape.
The fact that it has such a small stride and that the grips do not move gives it the advantage, compared to other ellipticals, of being compact, so users with little space at home can see it as an interesting option. It also has a very low center of gravity, which makes it very stable.

Other things to highlight:

• Connection to the myCloudFitness app, which allows you to track your progress online and set goals for your workouts.
The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E380 is a great machine for low to medium intensity cardio workouts. It maintains the advantage of ellipticals by having a very low impact on the joints while exercising muscles and losing fat.
See the opinions of users who have already bought it.


✔︎︎ Very compact and stable.
✔︎︎ Has a connection to training apps.


✖︎︎ The grips do not move, so the arms are not exercised.
✖︎ Short stride.

Rank #13: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905

Bluefin is an English fitness equipment company that offers quality mid-range products at reasonable prices. The Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 is an elliptical designed for occasions who want to perform low or medium intensity cardio sessions comfortably at home.

It uses a magnetic brake system, very quiet, and has a 12 kg flywheel, enough for medium intensity sessions, but it can be a bit short if you want to do HIIT (high intensity) training. Expert users will see that when pedaling at very high speeds, the flywheel’s 12 Kg may not be enough. However, it is more than enough for a fluid pedaling experience for beginners or intermediate.

The Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 is an elliptical machine with relatively small and very tall users who may find their stride a little tight, and their knees touch the front grab bars. For most, however, its size will not be a problem.

Additional features of the Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 :

• Handheld heart rate monitor on the grips to read your heart rate.
• Panel with basic information about your training: time, distance, heart rate, and calories consumed.
• Bluetooth.
• Possibility of extending its functionalities through an app like Kinomap allows you to take virtual tours and save your achievements.
See the opinions of users who have already bought it.


✔︎︎ Small size.
✔︎︎ Silent.
✔︎︎ Connectivity with fitness apps.


x Short stride length for tall users.

This German company usually measures the balance between the price of its products and its quality very well. The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine is an elliptical mid-range that offers performance worthy of a higher range.
For starters, the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine uses a controlled magnetic brake for more precision and a 24 kg flywheel that, together with its 16 levels of resistance, allows both light and demanding workouts with a pedaling that is always fluid and natural, so if you are an advanced user this machine will be up to you.
With a 420mm stride, it is suitable for a wide range of heights, both for shorter and taller users.
The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine also incorporates the following features:
• Handheld heart rate monitor in the grips and possibility of connection with chest heart rate monitors.
• Support to hold tablet or phone.
• Bluetooth connection.
• Possibility of linking your device through apps (Kinomap) to enjoy functionalities such as virtual tours using Google Street View.
It has a handheld heart rate monitor on the grips and the possibility of connecting with chest heart rate monitors. Also, the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine offers support for a tablet or phone and a Bluetooth connection with which you can link your device through apps (Kinomap) to enjoy functionalities such as virtual tours using Google Street View. And if you also have a smart TV to connect your device to, you will have an even more realistic experience.
See the opinions of users who have already bought it.


✔︎︎ Robust and stable.
✔︎︎ Pro-level flywheel.
✔︎︎ Very quiet.


✖︎ Does not include chest pulse monitor.
✖︎ The Bluetooth connection may be unstable.

An excellent option in the upper-mid-range in the Maxxus Crosstrainer CX 3.0 elliptical.
It has a very stable structure and a 26 kg flywheel, which, together with its electromagnetic brake system, provides a very fluid user experience. Its 16 levels of resistance make this machine a solid choice for both beginners and the more experienced who require a more demanding cardio workout.

It occupies a space of approximately 1 m², which, although it is not much given its strength and performance, some users may find it too large.
Some extras of the Maxxus CX3.0 :
• Handheld heart rate monitor (on fixed grips).
• Support to support mobile or tablet.
• Port USB for charging devices.
• Bluetooth.
• Connection with the iC + Training app, with which you can take better control of your workouts and increase the number of available programs.
The price of the Maxxus CX3.0 is higher than other options on this list, so it is not a product for everyone, but the truth is that it is an elliptical for a home that we liked much almost professional quality.
See the opinions of users who have already bought it.


✔︎︎ Very fluid pedaling thanks to its 26 Kg flywheel.
✔︎︎ Silent.


✖︎ High price.
✖︎ Compatible with Polar brand heart rate monitors, but does not include one.

The American brand EFITMENT again offers the Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical a product with an excellent quality-price ratio.
It has a magnetic resistance brake mechanism thanks to which there is no friction between parts to vary its resistance, which makes it very silent and increases its durability. It has a 12 Kg flywheel, which makes it a good option for mid-level users and beginners. , providing eight different levels of resistance that vary from the lightest and easiest to the most demanding.
The CX608 is a very stable elliptical machine, and despite that, it is relatively small so, although it is not foldable, it will not be difficult to find a space at home to use it. It also has transport wheels to make it easier for you to move it from one side to another.
The Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical  also has these features:
• Handheld heart rate monitor on the grips.
• Support to hold your smartphone or tablet.
• Bluetooth.
• Connection to your tablet or smartphone through apps like Kinomap, which will multiply the machine’s possibilities, with extras such as virtual tours or sharing and saving achievements.
Therefore, the Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical is a complete machine and, for its price, a great option for most users.
See the opinions of users who have already bought it.


✔︎︎ Silent.
✔︎︎ Connectivity to fitness apps.
✔︎︎ Good technical service.


x Taller users may find their stride length too short.

How to choose an elliptical bicycle?

  • Are you considering buying an elliptical cross trainer? Check what to look for and how to read their parameters!
  • Elliptical bikes can be divided according to the frequency of use and level of advancement:
  • Occasional (you intend to use it sporadically, you want to get back into shape after a long break),
  • Regular (greater fluidity, longer stride and heart rate measurement),
  • Intensive (if you care about exceptional fluidity and comfort, additional functions, saving pieces of training, and tracking statistics).

You may have some doubts when deciding to buy one:

  • • How much they cost?
    • How much space does an elliptical take?
    • What muscles does it work?
    • How is it different from other fitness machines?
    In this guide and analysis, we try to answer these and other common doubts that we also had about elliptical bikes.


Features to consider when buying an elliptical bike

  • Stride length

    Stride length varies from machine to machine. If you are tall, this can be a key factor for you, do not buy an elliptical with a too-short stride in this case.
    Resistance system and flywheel

    Two options: friction or magnetic. Magnetic: silent and with a more natural pedaling, but it is more expensive. By friction, it is cheaper but less durable and less silent due to wear. The flywheel: the heavier, the more resistance, so choose a light one (≤ 7 Kg) if you are a beginner and a heavier one (> 7 Kg) if you are more experienced.
    Console and connectivity

    Do you have pre-installed training programs? What information gives you about sessions? Does it connect to your tablet or mobile?

The Kettler brand offers good quality elliptical cross trainers recognized by people who lead an active lifestyle. We decided to look at the models that can be found in stores and choose the best ones.

The first place in the ranking belongs to the Kettler elliptical cross trainer CrosstrainerRivo 2 with an 8-step resistance adjustment. The equipment is equipped with a strong flywheel weighing 12 kg. The device has been adapted to the needs of various users.

Its maximum load is up to 110 kg. An essential advantage of the elliptical cross trainer is that its housing is made of specially reinforced plastic. Therefore, sports equipment looks like new for a long time after purchase. KettlerRivo 4 is also on the list of recommended models.

This is a computer-controlled training elliptical cross trainer that can be set to 15 levels of intensity. Its housing is made of plastic, additionally covered with acrylic glass, which increases durability. You can save profiles of up to 4 users and one guest in the equipment.

Which Kettler elliptical cross trainer to choose?

The elliptical cross trainer is a device that will help us maintain a slim figure with low muscle loads. That is why consumers who want to take care of their appearance at home are so often chosen. What makes the right device different? After reading our short guide, you will undoubtedly be able to recognize a good elliptical cross trainer.

We decided to devote this article to Kettler by answering what features distinguish the best Kettler elliptical cross-trainers. We recommend you products of this brand for a reason. They are characterized by reliable performance – they are trustworthy, highly resistant to mechanical damage, easy to use, and comfortable. The Kettler offer includes not only elliptical cross trainers but also other sports equipment.

There are three main types of elliptical cross trainers – depending on the resistance system. The first is a mechanical type, suitable for beginners or those for whom the elliptical cross trainer cannot be too expensive. However, the magnetic type is becoming more and more popular. It is much quieter than its predecessor. Also, we do not have to worry about replacing the V-belt. Instead, magnets were used that we do not need to control or worry about destroying quickly.

The last available type is an electromagnetic cross-trainer. What makes it different from other models is that the motor is responsible for controlling resistance. The panel connected to the engine mounted on the front of the elliptical cross trainer allows us to control the resistance very accurately, which will enable us to increase training efficiency. However, this is not a cheap type.

The elliptical cross trainer has some limitations when it comes to maximum load or user height. Be sure to check this information. Training on an incorrectly selected elliptical cross trainer is hazardous. Take care, significantly if your weight exceeds 100 kg. Many consumers say that for obese people, the best Kettler elliptical cross trainer in 2020 can lift to 150 kg. For people of normal posture – 100 kg is sufficient.

Too complicated equipment will effectively discourage us from physical activity. Choose a model whose adjustment will not cause you significant problems. It is okay if the device has a resistance adjustment that allows us to adjust the elliptical cross trainer to our advancement level.

What parameters to pay attention to?


It is responsible for the smooth movement. The greater the weight, the greater the smooth movement, which will also be more comfortable for our joints. The wheel’s value will not always affect the resistance range, so you don’t have to worry about it. The resistance can be identical, for example, at 6 and 9 kg.

The lightest 3-4 kg flywheel will do the job for occasional use, 6 kg will be enough for regular exercise, and it is best to opt for a minimum of 9 kilograms of intensive training.

Stride length

Imagine that you want to run a specific section of the road as soon as possible, but for some reason, you can not take long steps – what happens?

You run in a place. You don’t use all your muscles. You limit your range of motion.

The taller someone is, the longer they take, so they need a cross-trainer with a more considerable stride length. No conversion factor would show what step would be appropriate for the indicated growth because it is not the only parameter that affects it.


We divide elliptical cross trainers into mechanical, magnetic, and electromagnetic. The vast majority of the market are magnetic mechanisms, the most reliable because we do not deal with any belt or chain (mechanical) that would produce friction.

Inside the casing near the flywheel, the magnets’ distance from the wheel is changed by a mechanical knob or electronically. If they are closer, they cause more attraction, thus more excellent resistance, the farther, the less.

Coaching, functions, and programs

Measuring heart rate using tactile sensors on the steering wheel is not as accurate as a chest cardio belt. The number and type of programs will help you set specific training, e.g., intervals or cardio. In turn, the application can be additional motivation. You can personalize your practice, set weekly or monthly goals, and check the summaries.

Transport and stabilization

It is also worth paying attention to two aspects of the construction of the equipment. Some of them have transport rollers – wheels for moving the elliptical cross trainer and leveling elements, for example, a knob with which we adjust the height to accommodate a stable position relative to uneven ground.

External structure, i.e., not every elliptic is an elliptical

Elliptical can be divided into those in which the crank is mounted – as in a stationary bicycle and those in which an external (transmission) wheel occurs. The skids on which we put our feet are attached to its circumference.

What does this change? The crank forces a concise step (because it has a certain length), while thanks to the movement in a circle – the larger the transmission wheel, the greater the amplitude and, at the same time, the length of the step.

There is a third type, where the outer wheel is at the front. Such ergonomics allows us to have a more natural body posture, without inclination, a more massive motion range. In Domyos e-Energy, you can change the angle of inclination, so we modify the relationship between the muscles you train and emphasize the back (buttocks, double-headed) or front (quadriceps).

Now when making your choice, you’ll know what to look for so that your elliptical cross trainer does not become dusty in the living room later.

And if I haven’t written anything about elliptical bikes, let me know in the comment! 

Shopping guide. Make no mistake when choosing the best elliptical for you.

An elliptical bike is an excellent investment, but you want to make sure of all the features that make up a good machine before buying one.
Although they are generally similar in design (two platforms for your feet and a pair of cranks to grip you), ellipticals differ greatly from each other in terms of features, build quality, and strength level, among others.
Here we are going to expose all the keys so that you make the best possible purchase.

Common questions about elliptical bikes:

What is the price of an elliptical?

A domestic elliptical bike can cost from 150 to around 1000 euros, although, of course, you will find even more expensive models. They differ, of course, in performance, stability, and build quality. So you have to be very clear about your budget to know which models to look at.

What is the size of an elliptical?

The home ellipticals measure on average (and with variations depending on the model) around 1,500 x 650mm (width x length) and have a height of around 1,600mm. With these measurements, you can get an idea of the space you will need for an elliptical but check those of each specific model to make sure. Due to their mechanism and structure, most of them are not collapsible, so make sure you have enough space at home.

How often and intensity are you going to use your elliptical?

This point also includes your fitness level and what intensity you want to achieve in your workouts.
Suppose you want to use the elliptical only a few times a week, at low or medium intensity, as a way to maintain some activity and help you lose weight. In that case, you may be able to consider cheap elliptical models with a lighter flywheel.

If you are otherwise looking for a high intensity, more challenging, and hard form of training, you should consider options with a heavier flywheel and a more stable and stronger frame. These models tend to have a higher price, but the most demanding users will notice the difference.

Elliptical bike vs. exercise bike vs. treadmill

• On the elliptical cross trainer, the body’s weight keeps the feet fixed on the pedals following a natural movement, which mimics cross-country skiing, without the need to put an excessive load on the joints. This avoids pain and exhaustion and makes longer training sessions and more frequent use of the machine possible.

• Also, the elliptical movement involves both the lower and upper body, so it manages to work the whole body very efficiently and at any intensity. Its movement puts very little pressure on the joints, allowing it to be used more often without problems. All these characteristics make it especially effective as a weight-loss tool.

• An exercise bike is mainly used to do cardio at medium or low intensity at home, so it does not require a very complex structure and can be small in size and even be foldable. On a stationary bike, you only work your legs.

• the elliptical is larger than stationary bikes, and in many cases, this can be a determining factor. Its wingspan and mechanics make it difficult to find a folding elliptical machine.

• On a treadmill, cardio work at any intensity, even at high intensities, can potentially affect those less experienced users’ joints. It is a more unstable exercise because you have to stay within the treadmill’s width, and it works mainly in the lower body (legs).

How to choose the best elliptical.

Features you should check:

1. Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the disk that we rotate as we move in the machine. Its weight greatly influences the quality of our experience when pedaling the elliptical. If it is heavier, you will have a more continuous pedaling, a more fluid movement sensation, but a harder pedaling. Lighter flywheels lead to less controlled and fluid pedaling, but they are intended for beginners, and at low speeds, the difference is negligible.
As you might already guess, a heavier flywheel makes the elliptical more expensive and bigger and heavier. So you do not have to look for the largest flywheel but the one that offers you a more balanced machine between size and efficiency.

2. Type of resistance

Elliptical machines achieve different types of resistance when pedaling thanks to different brake technologies:

Magnetic resistance

It works with magnets. It uses an electromagnetic system, so it does not need contact between the different parts involved. When the force of attraction of the magnets on the flywheel increases, the resistance increases, and therefore more force must be applied to your exercise, and when the force of attraction decreases, pedaling is smoother. Its advantage is the absence of friction, which increases the movement’s fluidity and the machine’s durability. They are also much quieter.


• Electromagnetic resistance

The magnets are fixed. If the resistance is raised, the electric current increases and, with it, the magnets’ force. This system allows fewer moving parts and is more sophisticated.
• Standard magnetic resistance
Resistance is produced by moving the magnets, moving them closer or further away from the flywheel—the closer, the stronger the magnetic field and, therefore, more resistance.

  • Friction resistance

In friction resistance, some brake shoes rub against the flywheel to increase or decrease the hardness of the movement in the elliptical.
It is used in cheaper elliptical bicycles. Although it can work very well, it has its drawbacks: the main one is that friction can cause problems due to the possible wear of the parts that rub against each other periodic maintenance of the device more necessary.

3. Stride length

Check that the elliptical you choose fits the length of your stride. It is reasonable for tall people that the machine offers about 50 cm of stride, much better if it is adjustable to have more flexibility.

4. Robustness and quality of materials

Like any fitness machine, an elliptical will receive heavy use, even if you are a novice user. It will support your weight together with a continuous and prolonged movement of greater or lesser intensity.

This means that the materials from which it is made have to be durable and have a resistant design. Maybe you don’t have much space at home, and you want a small elliptical, and in that case, you should look for a device that offers a balance between lightness and robustness. Don’t necessarily look for the cheapest elliptical. There are small and well-built options at a good price.

Regardless of the quality of the materials, you will need to lubricate your elliptical periodically. Many people forget this important step and after a few months complaining that their product is noisy or that it breaks. Good lubrication will prevent most of these problems.

5. Control panel and connectivity options

It is important to check what information about your training the control panel of your elliptical offers you (distance, stride speed, session time, heart rate …). Check if it has a heart rate monitor included or compatible with any heart rate monitor you already have.

Some elliptical bikes connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable, increasing their possibilities. You can save and share your progress and take virtual tours to make your sessions more enjoyable and fun.

How to use an elliptical

Ellipticals are great cardio tools if you know how to use them. This is a small guide to use, but remember that each machine is different, and each person, too. These instructions are intended to show only a general idea.

Step 1 Position

Stand on the pedals. Line up your feet, as most machines will have large pedals to accommodate feet of any size. Straighten your back and hold on tightly to the grab bars.

Step 2 Movement

Now that you have prepared yourself on the machine, it is time to move :

Pedal forward. To start pedaling, slightly bend your knees and keep them bent throughout the movement since keeping your legs straight would make movement difficult. This flex also causes you to maintain constant tension on your quadriceps, maximizing your training efficiency.

Step 3 Adjust the resistance and incline.

As you move, you can adjust your elliptical resistance until you feel the intensity level you want.
Some ellipticals also have the option to adjust the incline to make the exercise more difficult and effective. If yours has this option, try varying the incline in small increments, gradually.

Step 4 Explore your dashboard.

Check which exercise programs come pre-installed on the elliptical and try to finish one that suits your level. Observe the data that the machine gives you to better control your sessions: speed, time, heart rate …

Step 5 Continue until your session is complete.

Adjust the duration of your session to your level of experience. The more you use the machine, the longer your sessions can last because your body will gradually adapt. Be consistent but don’t overexert yourself unnecessarily.

Extra tip: pedal backward too

Most machines give you the option of pedaling backward as well. In this way, you will work with different muscle groups, which will be a great complement to your sessions. It feels a little weird at first, but you will get up to speed quickly if you are consistent.

Remember that to see results. The most important thing is to be consistent with your workouts. You just have to enjoy, get in shape and lose weight, if you need it while having fun.

Frequent questions

What is the best elliptical for home?

These are the best value for money ellipticals of 2020:
• Sportstech CX608
• Maxxus Crosstrainer CX 3.0
• Sportstech CX640
• Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0
• ProGear 9900

What to consider when buying an elliptical?

When buying an elliptical, you must take these characteristics into account:
• Flywheel weight: if it weighs more, it will be more fluid.
• Type of resistance: magnetic or friction.
• Stride length: to take into account especially tall people.
• Quality of materials: look for it to be robust and well built. It will last longer.
• Control panel and connectivity options.

What are the benefits of an elliptical?

With an elliptical, you can perform intense cardio sessions working the whole body with a very low impact on the joints, making it a great, very safe option for all types of people, especially those who experience joint pain when running doing any other exercise.

What weight can an elliptical cross trainer support?

An elliptical will generally support between 100 and 135 Kg.

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