7 Best Elliptical For Small Spaces-Buying Guide & Reviews In 2020

The human being has always been concerned with exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that guarantees that it will be immune to diseases or injuries. With the evolution of technology and society, various devices that have supported physical activity in many aspects have been coupled.

Elliptical bicycles are an appropriate device to exercise constantly because we can give mobility to several parts of the body while standing and apply force to the arms and feet, these, in turn, activate our cardiovascular level, which allows pumping blood throughout the body and give optimal functioning of our heart.

12 Best Elliptical For Small Spaces- Reviews In 2020

An elliptical bicycle, or elliptical cross trainer, is a great way to lose a few kilos and gain good shape. Are you wondering what elliptical bike to buy? We recommend reading our article, which presents the best elliptical bikes available on the market.

It is also necessary to have a proper diet that complements our healthy levels. The fact of having a good physical activity implies having improvements that are not only seen but felt since the individual’s degrees of resistance are increasing as the exercise routine is extended.

In turn, an elliptical bike is synonymous with comfort, since we can have it at home and decide when to exercise. If we carry out a comparison of elliptical bicycles, they all agree in their practicality as they can be stored or placed in small spaces that do not clash with our passability in various spaces of the home.

And what about the money for the purchase of an elliptical bike? We can gather all the monetary capital that we pay monthly for a gym to acquire a bicycle model that serves a low price with an optimal brand. The BH brand is a reflection of the quality that we can maintain in our home. It gives it the necessary care and maintenance so that the elliptical trainer is our companion of exercise for a long time.

I appreciate the foldable construction and the natural way of movement. It will be a device that not only adapts perfectly to your apartment but also adapts perfectly to your body.

It is a model of 41 kilograms and load capacity for 120 kilos. It has 12 programs and 24 intensity levels. Also, it measures calories, speed and time.

Main Features

Heart rate measurement

It has a system of sensors that measure the heart rate that can be placed on the wrist, connected to the pedals and the speed of movement that we perform to define if we are forcing our capabilities. This is great if we are people who need exercise while we need to verify our hearts’ proper functioning.

Control on your screen

We can show on the screen the training parameters we are doing, which is why it shows: calories burned, heart rate, rowing rate (SPM), speed and time. This allows us to lose weight by reducing body fat while reaffirming the muscles, while we see in detail how calories decrease and training levels increase.


Measuring 167 cm high by 59 cm wide, the BH Fitness WG2352U supports a maximum weight of 120 kg in individuals who are going to use it. The materials with which it is made are solid enough for the customer to use it with all the confidence that it is a quality machine that responds to their basic needs.

The distance between pedals is 15 cm that allows us to have a parallel body location that, in the future, will prevent knee injuries. Its stride system is 36 cm, at this point we can make a movement that activates our body from the feet, passing through the abdominal area until reaching the arms.


  • It has wheels for easy, fast and practical mobility. We can take it to any part of our home where we want to perform our routine exercise. Whether it is the living room or the balcony, we can have it when we watch TV or are enjoying the exterior view of our house.
  • It also has support for bottles, thanks to this we can hydrate at the same time that we are exercising. This means that we have an unstoppable movement routine that will not alter the advances shown on the screen.
  • Domestic use has a magnetic braking system that responds to when we want to stop the exercise. With its dual kit system, we can select another training system different from the standardized one it comes with.
  • It is easy to assemble since we can install it without any problem. The pieces that make it up clearly can be joined without so much trouble. This gives a quick staging for its operation and thus activate us in performing exercises.


  • It generates noise when starting the movement in which the pedals rub. It is possible that the noise is accentuated if we do not take action on the matter, such as oiling its parts or doing its respective maintenance with a technician.

Hammer Crosslife Xtr


The first described model is a device from Hammer, which has an established position among manufacturers of this type of equipment. This elliptical bicycle was created for exercises at home. It is very solidly made and is pleasant to use.

The equipment has been equipped with an intelligent computer that allows you to set various training programs depending on our preferences and the goal we want to achieve. We have up to 12 trainings to choose from.

During each training session, all relevant information appears on the screen, including calories burned, distance and time. It is the perfect equipment for exercising at home. In addition to building fitness and burning calories, it allows us to relax and escape from everyday problems.

The equipment allows pulse measurement using a telemetry belt. The device also measures body fat. This epileptic bike gets very positive feedback. It is characterized by very solid performance and durability. Users emphasize that the equipment is very convenient to use. It doesn’t creak and works very quietly. This is extremely good equipment, and the effects of its use will be seen very quickly.

We are the first to present Hammer Crosslife Xtr equipment . It is a solidly made device, ideal for the office and home. Consumers recognized it as the best elliptical bicycle in 2020 . It is a very solid device, ideal for private use. Because this equipment does not take up much space, you will put it in your room or office so that you always have access to exercise.


Intelligent Computer:

This equipment is equipped with an intelligent computer that allows us to choose one of 12 training programs. Thanks to this, we will adapt the device to our own needs and purposes.

Important information about the body:

The display shows all the necessary information not only about training, but also our body. These are: heart rate, calories burn and performance. In addition, the presented device also measures body fat.

Solid construction:

It is a very solid product, resistant to any mechanical damage. It is therefore an investment for many years.

Silent operation:

Consumers in their ratings emphasize that the device is very quiet, which provides comfort to the user and household.


The product has a bright display that is very easy to use. It can also be an ideal solution for the elderly.



Sapphire Thunder II SG-511E


Sapphire Thunder II SG-511E is a model mainly intended for home use. It has been specially muted so that it is not burdensome at home during use. The dimensions of the device are 157 cm high x 118 cm long x 60 cm wide. Stability is guaranteed by a weight of 37 kg, and non-slip bases placed on the feet.

Exercise comfort is provided by the user with an 8-step resistance adjustment range, as well as comfortable, soft-gripped handlebar grips. The handles have pulse sensors that transmit pulse information to the computer display. This screen also reads the speed achieved by the exerciser, distance traveled, calories burned, or exercise time. Next to the computer, the manufacturer placed a tray for storing a tablet or phone during exercise.

It allows you to use these devices when doing exercises. As the device is relatively heavy, it has been equipped with transport rollers, thanks to which it can be easily moved to the selected place. People exercising on this equipment are satisfied primarily with its quiet operation. They also convey that it is a solid elliptical cross trainer and aesthetically made.

Sapphire Thunder II SG-511E is an elliptical bicycle designed for home use, on which people who can exercise heavy weight can exercise.



The model is solidly built, so it can be used by people up to 150 kg in weight. Few home appliances have such parameters.

Quiet work:

The elliptical cross trainer has been silenced for the non-exercising members. This has been achieved thanks to the sound absorbing flywheel cover. Therefore, the exercising person does not disturb other household members.

Adjustable resistance:

The user has a choice of 8 degrees of resistance that the orbiter sets up during training. Thanks to this function, each student will find a level suitable for them.

Clear display:

The device’s computer equipped with a readable display shows the trainee information, such as: pulse level, exercise time, distance traveled, calories burned, as well as exercise time.

Transport rollers:

Due to the considerable weight of the device, which is close to 40 kg, the manufacturer has equipped them with transport rollers, with which they can be moved easily.


No exercise programs:

The model is not equipped with programs for performing exercises, so it is impossible to program the variable route and exercise difficulties.

Complex folding:

The purchased device is received in assembled condition. However, folding the elliptical cross trainer is not easy for every user. There are people who complain that it took them several hours.






Hop-Sport HS-4030


 Another model at a great price. Despite this, the quality of the device is very good. The equipment is ideal for exercising at home. Allows for quick reduction of muscle tissue. In addition, it strengthens our muscles and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The equipment is made of very durable materials, which makes its construction unshakeable. He practices it very safely. This model has a double horizontal and vertical steering wheel.

The equipment has a computer that displays important training information. Informs us about the time, kilometers traveled and calories burned. Has the option of measuring the pulse, thanks to sensors installed on the steering wheel. The equipment runs very quietly. It is rated by the users as a plus. The device is not heavy and can be easily moved from place to place. The equipment is stable and we feel safe on it.

His appearance is rated very positively, we have different color versions to choose from. The model is rated quite durable and ideal for home conditions. It is small and does not take up much space.

The next model is Hop-Sport HS-4030 . It is a good elliptical bike up to PLN 1,000. He has gained many positive consumer reviews. The device is equipped with a practical computer that allows us to choose the right work system.



The equipment is very solid. The design is not wobbly, and this ensures the exerciser’s safety. In addition, the materials the product is made of are highly resistant to mechanical damage.

Steering wheel:

The double steering wheel – horizontal and vertical, is the perfect solution for people who exercise intensively and need to change their position. Such a bike will be suitable for a house where residents have different habits associated with holding the handlebar.


The built-in computer shows us all the necessary information about training time, kilometers traveled and calories burned. In addition, the device measures our pulse.


The equipment is very light and at the same time stable. Thanks to this, we feel safe exercising. In addition, the product is resistant to damage.



Consumers note that the device is low. That is why it is not the best proposition for tall people.






Kettler Unix P 7652-000


 The Kettler Unix P 7652-000 is the highest-end equipment manufactured by the popular German brand. It is intended for more demanding users. The specially designed shape allows maximum burning of calories and at the same time takes care of our joints without overloading them. A 20 kg flywheel ensures effective training for almost every body part.

The device equipped with a computer that allows you to set 8 training programs. A program controlled by our pulse height is also available. The product has a fairly high price, but it is followed by extraordinary robustness, stable construction and high durability of materials. This is equipment that will last for years. The maximum weight of the person exercising on it is 150 kg.

The device is powered from the mains. This model guarantees the comfort of training, which is due to the extremely smooth operation of the device. This bike allows you to adjust the length of the stride and consequently adjust it to the posture of the person exercising. The equipment is very much appreciated by the people who bought it.

I work very quietly. Training programs are optimal and allow you to burn calories quickly. The device’s solid construction and durability are also valued. One could write that the only and biggest disadvantage is its high price.

The next equipment we want to bring closer is the Kettler Unix P 7652-000. The elliptical cross trainer is equipped with a 20 kg flywheel. It also has a practical computer to help us operate.



This equipment has a 20 kg flywheel, which primarily guarantees the stability of the elliptical cross trainer. In addition, it allows the device to perform effective training for each part of the body.


On the computer we can choose one of 8 training programs. In addition, it shows information about our achievements and pulse.


The bike has adjustable length of the stride and the whole structure. Thanks to this, we can adapt the device to our needs.



The elliptical cross trainer costs over PLN 4,000. So this is one of the more expensive proposals in our statement.


The device has dimensions of 144 cm x 56 cm x 152 cm. In addition, this equipment weighs 77 kg. So it is a heavy, difficult to carry device.






Kettler Rivo M.


 This model was also manufactured by Kettler. However, it is available at a more affordable price. The load is adjusted manually. The device screen informs us about the most important training parameters. The display is very easy to read. It is a simple to use equipment that will help us achieve our dream figure. Despite the small size, it allows you to do intensive training.

Interesting programs will make this training more effective. In addition, the device will inform you with a beep when the maximum heart rate is exceeded. The pulse is measured in two ways: using the steering wheel sensors, or even more precisely – using a telemetry belt.

The maximum user weight is 110 kg. The device works very well at home and allows you to maintain good condition without the need to spend money on a gym pass. The big advantage of this model is its fairly low price. The device has good reviews on the Internet.

It is rated quite durable. Users emphasize that it does not take up much space in the room. It is very simple and convenient to use.

The last model we want to present is the Kettler Rivo M. It is a model that has gained recognition from many people, mainly due to the simple operating system and various options that make the elliptical cross trainer very functional.



The computer shows us information about our results and distance traveled. It is readable and very easy to use.

Pulse measurement:

Research shows that regularly checking your pulse during exercise is a way to achieve better and faster results. In this device, the pulse is measured via sensors in the steering wheel or using a telemetry belt.


Consumers highly value the design of this equipment.



Users of the device notice that it is not very durable. A person weighing a maximum of 110 kg can ride a bicycle. It breaks down fairly quickly and the housing of this product is not resistant to mechanical damage.


Unfortunately, this model is quite loud. As consumers emphasize, this prevents the use of the elliptical cross trainer at night, as it may disturb the peace of the household.







York Aspire X


 The York elliptical cross trainer is a good product from the low price category. This fairly cheap elliptical bike does its job great. It helps us lose weight and keep fit. The X Aspire elliptical cross trainer has been equipped with a functional computer that allows you to choose from among 19 interesting training programs. Programs can be time, distance or calorie oriented.

The bike has a magnetic braking system. It has a pulse measurement function using sensors built into the training handles. The device will warn us when we exceed our maximum heart rate. This makes training very safe. The elliptical cross trainer is very intuitive to use.

It gives the ability to adjust the load used. The computer screen is very readable and informs us about the number of calories burned, distance, speed and time of training. This is a very good elliptical bike .

User reviews are very flattering. One of the biggest advantages of this device is its favorable price. Its small size is rated positively. Despite the small shape, the bike is very efficient. Electromagnets mean that the maximum load is very high. Quiet work allows you to train even at night.

York’s Aspire x elliptical cross trainer is another good product in our ranking. It is an elliptical bicycle with a computer, equipped with a magnetic braking system. The product has gained the recognition of many consumers.



The bike has a functional computer. With its help, we can choose one of 19 training programs. The screen is very readable, ideal for people with poor eyesight. The computer also informs us about the distance, speed of calories burned, as well as the time of training.

Braking system:

Magnetic braking system affects quiet operation, moreover, the user has a wider range of load regulation while driving. As a result, the device can be used for light training and more efficient for advanced users.

Heart rate measurement:

The device has a pulse measurement function. It is equipped with sensors located in training handles. Importantly, this equipment will warn us of excessively high pressure, threatening our lives.

Quiet work:

In their assessments, consumers emphasize that the elliptical cross trainer is very quiet. Thanks to this, you can also train at night.

Attractive design:

The appearance of the bicycle has also gained great recognition. It looks good, so you can set it even in your own office.




What elliptical bike to buy?


Shopping guide

Do you want to take care of your health and fitness? Are you looking for a device that will allow you to strengthen all muscle groups and also lose weight? One of the most interesting offers is the elliptical bicycle. He will be the subject of this guide.

The great advantage of this type of equipment is that it does not take up too much space and you can train on it regardless of age. The device placed under the roof means that we will not have an excuse in style – too cold, it rains, too hot, you need to find the right outfit. This versatile device will allow you to get back in shape, slim your figure and regularly take care of your health. However, we know that choosing any exercise machine is difficult, especially for people without experience, which is why we present a guide on which elliptical bike to choose .


Type of braking system

When choosing a bicycle of this type, the first thing to look out for is the type of braking system. The following models are available on the market:

Mechanical – easy to use but quite noisy,

Magnetic – their operation is based on the principle of interacting magnets, which reduces noise,

Electromagnetic – controlled by a computer. This solution is quiet but the most expensive.

If you are looking for a good, quiet and not very expensive device, opt for magnetic equipment. People who want to invest more or are looking for equipment for a professional gym should choose electromagnetic equipment.



Another important element is the weight of the flywheel. The higher it is, the higher the maximum load is. If the device is adjustable, its range will be wider. Also remember that the weight of the wheel affects the smoothness and comfort of driving. Specialists recommend choosing equipment with a wheel with a minimum weight of 7 kg.



Do you put headphones on and you don’t even mind loud equipment in general? Remember that all noise is not only associated with the braking system, but with the construction of the product, and more precisely – its quality. If it squeaks, it could mean a bad machine, as well as a higher failure rate. You must also remember about the surroundings. If you are buying equipment for your home, think about your household and neighbors (if you live in a block of flats). A loud device is a great discomfort, not so much for the user who usually listens to music during exercise, but for his surroundings.


The computer can be helpful

Good equipment does not have to have an advanced computer system, it is important that the device is solid and functional. Not all of us need all the features we find in very advanced equipment. Just a few basic:

* Pulse measurement – preferably using sensors placed in the handles. It lets us track your performance and set a good training plan. Many trainers believe that good pulse maintenance throughout the workout affects the fat burning rate. In addition, a tired body is more susceptible to soreness and other problems,

* Speed measurement,

* Distance measurement,

* Counting calories burned,

* Scan – i.e. showing all parameters in turn,

* Load selection,

* Step length adjustment,

* Choice of workout type – interval, calorie burning, strong muscles etc.


Additional equipment

An increasing number of elliptical bikes have additional equipment. You will find solutions such as a headphone or loudspeaker outlet, a place for a water bottle or a towel holder. Advanced equipment also has a screen and various inputs for connecting portable devices. However, it is worth analyzing which solutions will be useful for us. The more there are – the more expensive the machine.


User’s height and weight

We come to the user’s question. Specialists believe that there is no such thing as a universal elliptical cross trainer. Each of us is different, that’s why we need to take into account our body structure – especially height. Of course, there are adjustable equipment, but this does not mean that with just one button the device will change itself – you have to adjust it yourself manually. When buying this type of equipment, first of all pay attention to the maximum load. This is especially important for overweight people, because some equipment can withstand a maximum of 100 kg, others 130 kg.

The device should be adapted to your height. It can’t be too low or high. If you train with too high equipment, it is easier to get injured. However, with a low device, training is not efficient. To choose the right product, it’s best to test it. Adjustable models are particularly recommended. The pedal spacing of such a machine is also important. If it is too wide, the leaven will get to us very quickly.


Elliptical bikes at good prices

On the market you will find models at different prices. The cost of purchasing this type of equipment is about PLN 1,000 and can reach PLN 5,000. We will buy good equipment for around PLN 2,000. In summary, the elliptical bicycle must be solid and selected taking into account the anatomy of our body. Comfort during exercise is also important, i.e. comfortable handles.

Rank #2: NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical

  • Uncomplicated assembly (only three steps)
  • The quick folding device makes it easy to store and move devices
  • Ergonomic design and long step ensure comfort during exercise
  • the innovative Cardio Compass display, which works with various bands for telemetric pulse measurement, provides a clear view of the exercise

The induction braking system ensures accuracy during resistance changes. The ViaFit system available in Andes 7i makes it easier to control your training and makes you closer to your goals. The large, heavy flywheel and display with extensive functions make Andes 7i the perfect device for the most demanding users.


  • Additional information           Energy saving mode, One-step folding system with EasyLift handles, Transport wheels, Newspaper/smartphone holder, Bottle holder, Display with Performance HR Wheel, Quick Control
  • display 6.25 LCD display with blue backlight
  • The information displayed            Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance, Pulse, Watt, HR Wheel, Program Profile
  • programs         14 Programs: Manual, Interval, Game, Fit Test, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plus, Stamina Builder, Reverse Training, Watt, Watt Interval, HRC,% HRC, After Burner, User
  • Entertainment Available Passport software, Sonic Sorruond Speakers
  • Heart rate measurement          Telemetric pulse measurement system and pulse sensors on the handles
  • Resistance system       Induction system
  • Power  Network (power supply)
  • Resistance       30 levels, change every 5Watt (25-400Watt)
  • dimensions      174x68x171cm
  • Folded dimensions      102x68x171cm
  • Weight            79,5kg
  • Max. User weight       136kg


  • energy saver – p after 15 minutes of inactivity Horizon Fitness devices equipped with the Energy Saver function will go to sleep, during which the device consumes less energy.
  • Featherlight – thanks to the hydraulic folding system, you can easily fold the treadmill and then store it for the next training. It is a combination of the strength of a traditional treadmill and the convenience of folding the device.
  • sixstar – your ellipse should work according to your body’s natural movement. This is the main idea of the SixStar ™ system, used in the design of Horizon elliptical machines. The six primary components of the device, from the pedals to the ellipse’s arm grips have been synchronized to provide the most comfortable and natural training.
  • induction break


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 174 x 68 x 171 cm
  • Weight :          79.5 kg
  • Braking system:         magnetic motor controlled
  • Resistance Range:      30 levels, change every 5 Watt (25-400 Watt)
  • Max load :       135 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     14 programs
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt:   Yes

The inSPORTline Avalor ET elliptical cross trainer is a professional device for exercising the whole body. Extremely durable construction with a load capacity of up to 150 kg and a magnetic brake system guarantee a long service life of the equipment. A stride length of 52 cm with a pedal spacing of 24 cm and a front flywheel ensure high training comfort, also for tall people. Spacious footrests with a non-slip finish and two pairs of handles, one of which is fixed and the other – movable, are responsible for the safety of the exercises. Sensors for measuring the user’s heart rate are built into the handles. Additional advantages of the model are transport wheels, bottle holder, tablet stand and floor unevenness compensation system.

The inSPORTline elliptical cross trainer Avalor ET is equipped with a large, intuitively operated display and a fully electronic control system. In total, it offers 19 exercise programs – 12 predefined and 4 user programs. We will also find here, among others power control program (WATT) and HRC program that adjusts the pace of training to the exercising heart rate. Pulse measurement is done using sensors built into the handles or through the chest belt, included in the set. Thanks to these properties, the inSPORTline Avalor ET elliptical cross trainer is an ideal solution not only for professional gyms and fitness clubs but also for gyms and home gyms of the most demanding users.

The most important features:

  • professional elliptical cross trainer with front flywheel
  • reliable magnetic brake system
  • fully electronic control
  • rich software
  • transparent, backlit display
  • easy and intuitive operation
  • the ability to play music and USB charging
  • computer displays: time, program, distance, calories burned, power (Watt), speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), heart rate

Technical description:

  • Flywheel Weight:        8 kg
  • Load regulation:          electronic
  • Number of load stages:           twenty
  • Pedal spacing: 24 cm
  • Foot length:     52 cm
  • Total number of programs:      19
  • Predefined programs:  12
  • User programs:            4
  • HRC program:            Yes
  • WATT program:          Yes
  • Manual program:         Yes
  • Heart rate sensors        Yes
  • Tablet stand:   Yes
  • Bottle holder:  Yes
  • Chest strap receiver:    Yes
  • Chest strap:     Yes
  • Transport wheels:        Yes
  • Inequality compensation system:        Yes
  • Overall dimensions:    H162 cm x W65 cm x D180 cm
  • Maximum user height:            Unlimited
  • Maximum load capacity:         150 kg
  • Weight:           101 kg
  • Braking system:          magnetic
  • Power source:  220 V, 230 V
  • Category:        SC (for EN957)
  • Application:    commercial, club, home


Condition: New original product

Usage: Commercial

Dimensions (length, width, height) : 180 x 65 x 162 cm

Weight : 101 kg

Braking system: magnetic

Flywheel: 8 kg

Resistance Range: 20 levels

Max load : 150 kg

Transport wheels: Yes

Power supply: 220 V, 230 V


  • Training programs:     19 training programs
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes

Rank #4: Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E626 programmed magnetic elliptical cross trainer is the highest quality equipment for comprehensive training at home. The most important advantages of the equipment are:

  • 29 training programs
  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 10-step electric ramp inclination adjustment

The device has been equipped with additions such as speakers with the option of connecting MP3s, a USB port with the option of charging devices, an accessory pad, a bottle/bottle holder and Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the equipment with a telemetry belt for measuring heart rate (wireless).

The E626 elliptical cross trainer combines everything you could want from cardio equipment intended for home use: high technical quality and the ability to use many applications available in Android and App Store, as well as conducting training in the so-called virtual reality. In addition, unlike other solutions of this type available on the market, the RunSocial platform means that friends and other Nautilus users can train with you at the same time and conduct their training at the same time.

Training is never boring with the E626 elliptical cross trainer!

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 177.8 x 180.3 x 71 cm
  • weight: 78.6 kg
  • Permissible user weight: 136 kg
  • DualTrack display – two high-quality backlit LCD displays that allow you to track and control independent training parameters
  • 29 training programs: 12 profile, 9 based on target heart rate, 1 quick start, 2 fitness test, 4 users)
  • Goal Tracker option – gives the ability to set individual exercise goals and track activity
  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance adjustment, electronic
  • functions: time, distance, calories, slope, pulse, resistance
  • number of user-profiles: 4 (possible comparison of results, competition, defining goals, gaining achievements and rewards)
  • flywheel: 10 kg
  • stride length: 50.8 cm Precision Path Stride
  • electronic, 10-stage electronic regulation
  • wide, non-slip skids
  • contoured handles
  • console with space for a tablet
  • Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)
  • touch sensors measuring pulse on handles and wirelessly thanks to a telemetry belt – the belt is included in the set
  • quick selection keys: resistance level and slope
  • fan: 3 levels of ventilation control
  • additionally: USB port, transport rollers, water bottle holder, accessory tray, MP3 input, speakers, power adapter

Connect to your favorite application via Bluetooth!

  • Nautilus Trainer 2 – the application is a great tool that helps each user in leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Allows you to control all training, fitness and health parameters on the dashboard.

o          track your goals – set, control and track your plans and goals

o          monitor your progress

o          Earn rewards when you reach the goal

o          keep a progress diary

o          connect to MyFitnessPal and synchronize training information

  • Run Social – training in virtual reality. Thanks to the Run Social platform, friends and other users who have Nautilus equipment can train with you, training at the same time as you. You will experience it all in real mode on the screen of your device. In turn, if you care about marathon training, you have the opportunity to participate in events such as Virgin Money London digital marathons or Prague Digital Marathon through the treadmill console.
  • Aplle Health – an application that collects health information: eating and training habits, blood type, cholesterol level etc.
  • My Fitness Pal – the easiest to use and fastest calorie counter on Adroid.
  • Under Armor Record – this is the first system in the world for monitoring fitness and health, available to everyone.
  • Google Fit – live more active and healthier with the new version of the application!
  • Map My Fitness – thanks to this application you can plan and track every workout. Get health information, travel new routes, and share everything with your friends.
  • Nautilus Fitness Score – a function that calculates your training progress after each workout.
  • Display of running pace comparison – compares the pace of training to the set goal or in relation to previous workouts


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 177.8 x 180.3 x 71 cm
  • Weight :          78.6 kg
  • Braking system:         magnetic motor controlled
  • Flywheel:       10 kg
  • Resistance Range:      25 levels
  • Max load :       135 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     29 training programs
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Pulse : Yes

Rank #5: Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 Elliptical

Thanks to the foldable construction and the natural way of movement it will be a device that not only adapts perfectly to your apartment but also adapts perfectly to your body.

Features of the Andes elliptical machines:

  • uncomplicated assembly (only 3 steps)
  • a quick way of assembling the device facilitates storage of the devices and moving them
  • Ergonomic design and long step ensure comfort during exercise
  • the innovative Cardio Compass display, which works with various bands for telemetric pulse measurement, provides a clear view of the exercise

Technical data:

  • Stride length:  50.8 cm
  • Flywheel / Induction system:  8 kg
  • pedals: APS
  • Lowest Pedal Position:           27 cm
  • Q Factor:         <100mm (ESQF)
  • Additional information:          energy-saving mode, a single-stage folding system with EasyLift handles, transport wheels, newspaper/smartphone holder, water bottle holder, display with Performance HR Wheel
  • display:            5.5 LCD display
  • The information displayed:           time, distance, calories, speed, RPM, resistance, pulse, watt, HR Wheel, Program Profile
  • programs:        10 Programs: Manual, Interval, Game, Weight Loss, Stamina Builder, Reverse Training, Watt, Goal, HRC, User
  • Entertainment:            Passport software available, Sonic Surround Speakers
  • Heart rate measurement:         telemetry pulse measurement system and pulse sensors on the handles
  • Resistance System:      ECB Magnetic resistance system
  • Power supply: the network (power supply)
  • Resistance:      20 levels, Change every 5 Watt (25-400 Watt)
  • dimensions:     174 x 68 x 171 cm
  • Folded dimensions:     102 x 68 x 171 cm
  • Weight:           78 kg
  • Max. User weight:      136 kg


  • energy saver – p after 15 minutes of inactivity Horizon Fitness devices equipped with the Energy Saver function will go to sleep, during which the device consumes less energy
  • featherlight – thanks to the hydraulic folding system, you can easily fold the treadmill and then store it for the next training. It is a combination of the strength of a traditional treadmill and the convenience of folding the device
  • sixsta – your ellipse should work according to your body’s natural movement. This is the main idea of the SixStar ™ system, used in the design of Horizon elliptical machines. The six main elements of the device, from the pedals to the ellipse’s arm grips have been synchronized to provide the most comfortable and natural training


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 174 x 68 x 171 cm
  • Weight :          78 kg
  • Braking system:         magnetic motor controlled
  • Resistance Range:      16 levels, electronic regulation
  • Max load :       135 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     10 programs
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt:   Yes

The device has been equipped with a power generator, so it does not require a connection to the power supply. The device is designed for very intensive training.

  • The large, solid construction, reinforced bearings and a long step (51 cm) make the device comfortable for tall people and those who want to exercise intensively.
  • The inertial system weighing 35 kg in combination with the electromagnetic resistance system makes the device work smoothly and quietly.
  • A large range of resistance adjustment, the ability to set the Watt level all this makes the Khronos Generator the perfect device for intense exercise.

Technical data:

  • Way of usage: very intense
  • Max. user weight:       150 kg   
  • Stride length / pedal spacing:  51 cm / 11 cm   
  • Inertial system:            the power generator corresponds to a flywheel weight of 35 kg 
  • Resistance:      electromagnetic resistance system with power generator
  • display:            Two-color LCD: 12 Programs with 32 levels of difficulty, 4 HRC Programs, 4 User Programs, SWR (10-350 Watt), Recovery Test, Body Fat
  • Pulse:   sensors for measuring pulse in handles; telemetric pulse measurement system (band included)
  • Other:  ergometer class HA (Exact Watt and RPM conversion); speed / RPM, time, calories, distance, pulse, Watt; ball-bearing connections; minimum pedal distance; generator; transport wheels; water bottle holder
  • dimensions:     200 x 64 x 170 cm
  • Weight:           74 kg


  • Ha Class – HA class. Exercise bikes and elliptical machines classified in HA class in accordance with the EN957-7 and EN 957-9 standards. The display ensures accurate Watt and RPM measurement (revolutions per minute
  • WATT Ergometr – an ergometer provides accurate Watt measurement
  • Powered By you – the device does not require connection to an external power supply. It is equipped with a power generator which during the exercise generates the current necessary for the functioning of the display
  • PRG – the icon means that the device has predefined training programs of various levels
  • UPRG – User’s program: The device has the ability to create your own training program and save it for subsequent training sessions
  • HRC – HRC (Heart Rate Control) program. Pulse controlled program. The device will automatically adjust the resistance so that the user’s heart rate is kept constant at a predetermined level
  • SWR – Steady Watts Rate is a Watt controlled program. The device will automatically adjust the resistance so that the user’s energy expenditure (Watt) remains constant at a predetermined level
  • BF – Body Fat Control. The program allows you to determine the percentage of body fat
  • RT – Recovery Test. The test checks how quickly the pulse returns to normal after training
  • Pulse sensor – sensors measuring pulse on handles
  • Telemetry system – t electrometric pulse measuring system. The icon indicates that the device has the option of a telemetric pulse measurement system. Depending on the device model, a pulse band is included with the device or should be purchased


  • Usage:            Semi-Commercial
  • Condition:      New original product
  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 200 x 64 x 170 cm
  • Weight :          74 kg
  • Braking system:         electromagnetic
  • Flywheel:       35 kg
  • Resistance Range :      1 – 32 (electronic)
  • Max load :       150 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            generator


  • Training programs:     12 Programs with 32 levels of difficulty, 4 HRC Programs, 4 User Programs, SWR (10-350 Watt), Recovery Test, Body Fat
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt:   Yes
  • Recovery:       Yes

 MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical has all the advantages of elliptical machines with a flywheel at the front. The large, solid construction and long step (48 cm) make the device comfortable for tall people and those who want to exercise intensively.

  • minimal pedal distance – provides a natural way of movement
  • strong bearings – ensure reliable and quiet operation of the device
  • i.Concept – a device with a Bluetooth 4.0 module. Make the most of the opportunities offered by available fitness applications
  • stride length 48 cm – long stride provides comfort during exercise


  • method of use: extensive
  • max. user weight: 130 kg
  • braking system: magnetic
  • stride length: 48 cm
  • pedal spacing: 14 cm
  • monitor: M10D
  • heart rate sensor: yes
  • bottle holder: yes
  • transport wheels: yes
  • length: 185 cm
  • width: 70 cm
  • height: 170 cm
  • weight: 85 kg
  • flywheel: rotating mass: 35 kg


  • programs (prg): 12
  • number of resistance levels: 24
  • user programs (program): 4
  • Fitness Test (FT): yes
  • HRC program (HRC): 4


  • display: LCD with blue backlight
  • smartphone / tablet holder: yes
  • telemetry pulse measurement system: yes
  • pulse measurement via Bluetooth: yes
  • iConcept: yes


  • PRG – The icon means that the device has predefined training programs of various levels.
  • UPRG – User program: The device has the ability to create your own training program and save it for subsequent training sessions.
  • HRC –  HRC (Heart Rate Control) program. Pulse controlled program. The device will automatically adjust the resistance so that the user’s heart rate is kept constant at a predetermined level.
  • Pulse sensor  –  Pulse measurement sensors on the handles.
  • The Telemetry –  Telemetry system for measuring the pulse. The icon indicates that the device has the option of a telemetric pulse measurement system. Depending on the device model, a pulse band is included with the device or should be purchased.
  • Bluetooth –  Only available on machines equipped with Dual Kit. In these devices, the user can measure the pulse using a chest band and then display the result on a smartphone or tablet (not on the screen of the treadmill, bicycle … etc.).


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 185 x 70 x 170 cm
  • Weight :          85 kg
  • Braking system:         magnetic
  • Flywheel:       rotating mass: 35 kg
  • Max. user weight:      130 kg

Elliptical cross trainer - which one should you choose? Which one will be the best?

Is it possible to train multiple body parts using only one device? Yes, as evidenced by the elliptical cross trainer.

Is it possible to train multiple body parts using only one device? Yes, as evidenced by the elliptical cross trainer. Another name is elliptical trainer – thanks to it we will not only activate and strengthen both upper and lower limbs, but also firm our body, improve condition and improve the work of the respiratory and circulatory system.

The design of elliptical cross trainers means that they combine many activities, thanks to which we can effectively get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Why do professionals refer to this device as elliptical training equipment? Because it consists of activities performed on a treadmill, steppers and exercise bikes. One equipment combines several devices that can be found in the gym. Of course, there are many types of elliptical cross trainers – they are based on various mechanisms and also guarantee the implementation of different training programs.

The versatility of the discussed device means that in one session we are able to train a lot of muscle parts. Its purchase seems to be advantageous primarily due to the fact that it replaces many other equipment.


  • Burning calories is more effective compared to a treadmill and exercise bike.
  • The workout is light on the tendons and joints.
  • Combination of exercise effects on a bike, treadmill and steppers.
  • Simple operation.
  • The devices are very helpful for the elderly, obese and undergoing rehabilitation.


  • No options for diversifying the exercises.
  • They occupy a lot of space.

Worth knowing!

Some models have special climbing programs that simulate mountain climbing. However, they are recommended for advanced users.

How does an elliptical cross trainer affect my figure? How to lose weight

Research proves that the above equipment engages approximately 80% of our body’s muscles, which is why it ensures quick burning of many calories and proper body shaping. Body parts that are most strongly involved during training are:

  • Arms – when using the upper elements,
  • Legs – they move in an oval movement, which effectively imitates cross-country skiing. The training allows you to shape the thighs, calves and buttocks,
  • Abdomen – his muscles are most strongly engaged when we do not hold the device’s hands.

So it helps primarily lose weight and shape individual muscles (strength training). It is also used as part of so-called cardio exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system and allow us to increase our efficiency. The biggest advantage, while training on it, is that the body works in accordance with the natural planes of anatomical movement, which minimizes overload in the joints.

Elliptical cross trainer – which one should you choose?

The decision to choose a specific device model should be dictated by careful analysis of many parameters. When choosing the best equipment, we should pay attention to, among other things, the maximum load, the type of resistance generated, and its maximum resistance. A very important aspect is, above all, the price, which will vary depending on the materials used and the functions held.

But the most important thing to start with is the kind. There are usually three types on the market.


Mechanical elliptical cross trainer

The load generated by the equipment is associated with the operation of the brake. It creates friction that makes it difficult to accelerate the flywheel. The training intensity is adjusted using a knob that adjusts the brake position. Mechanical models are distinguished by a lower price, but also a shorter service life. Working on them generates much more noise compared to more expensive models, but if it makes no difference to us, choosing a cheaper solution will be a good start.

Magnetic elliptical cross trainer

Instead of a brake, the wheel is equipped with magnets that create resistance through the generated magnetic field. As a result, the device consumes less, also works much quieter. This model has the option of adjusting the option with the knob, but it is also possible to buy a model that allows electronic adjustment of the load. This type of equipment is the most popular in recent times, many users value home training with their use.

Electromagnetic elliptical cross trainer

By far the most advanced device – it works based on an electromagnetic field. Load ranges can be controlled using a computer. Its biggest advantage is the very wide range of supported training programs. Most often used in places of mass use such as fitness clubs or gyms. This solution is currently the most expensive on the market, but investment in it will not allow years of professional training.

The choice of a particular type of device will depend not only on the financial possibilities, but also the level of advancement of the exercises. People who are just starting their adventure with such equipment will be recommended mechanical or magnetic models. The elliptical electromagnetic cross trainer is targeted at more advanced users.

  • Wheel size – primarily translates into the ability to adapt loads. A large and massive wheel guarantees more varied training. It will also be more durable.
  • Material – good quality devices are created using reinforced plastics and metal elements.
  • Load – load capacity. It is given in kilograms and indicates the maximum weight of the user. There are models up to 150 kg on the market.
  • Programs and additional functions – determine the device’s capabilities. Particularly often, functions are used to control the level of our training, distance traveled, developed speeds and measurement of pulse and body fat. They also allow you to perform interval training and cardio exercises.
  • Equipment – in more expensive models it can be quite rich. In addition to computers, they include, among others, stands for mobile devices, bottle holders, USB and 3.5 mm Jack, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as air vents.
  • Price – the cheapest home cross trainer costs around 500 PLN. For more advanced models, you should spend from 1000 to even 3000 PLN.
  • Company – it is worth deciding on devices prepared by reputable manufacturers, because they give you a guarantee of at least a decent quality of workmanship. Elliptical trainers from such companies as Body Sculpture, BH Fitness, HMS, Horizon Fitness, Kettler, Reebok and inSPORTline are highly valued on the market.


The louder the device, the lower the quality. This is primarily due to the way the braking mechanism is made. Electromagnetic models are definitely the quietest.

How do you exercise on an elliptical cross trainer?

The effectiveness of training depends primarily on how you get to it. Below is a short list of useful tips in this area.

  • Posture – without it we will not involve all muscle groups, which is why it is very important to maintain it. Keep your back straight and your head up and your feet flat on the pedals.
  • Heart rate – most models allow you to measure it. Research shows that calories are burned best if your maximum heart rate is between 70 and 80%.
  • Exercise intensity – we should train at least 3 times a week for 40 minutes.
  • Intervals – their skillful introduction will allow you to burn calories effectively. At the beginning it is worth basing the training on 10 intervals, during which we train for 10-15 seconds with maximum load, and rest for a minute while maintaining a moderate pace. In the following weeks, increase the number of intervals and the period of intensive exercise for rest.

Elliptical cross trainer, bicycle or treadmill? This device engages much more muscle than a bicycle and a treadmill together. So it is a very good solution for people who want to lose weight.

Elliptical cross trainer and belly. If, in particular, we want to strengthen the abdominal muscles, do not stick to the bars during training. The stomach should be tense all the time.

Elliptical cross trainer and knees and joints. The loads are definitely less than when running, especially on hard and uneven terrain, which is why the equipment is recommended for the elderly, obese and undergoing rehabilitation.

Elliptical cross trainer and pregnancy. Exercises can be performed after consulting a doctor and only if this is not the first time you have met the device.

What do elliptical cross trainer exercises give you?

As we have already mentioned, training with the use of this device allows you to combine activities performed on several devices. Steppes, cycling, running, and even rowing – all this was closed in one device. Thanks to this, regularly performed exercises allow to achieve many training effects. What exactly?

  • Fat burning. Training with this type of products is extremely effective. Depending on the type and intensity of exercise, we can burn from 500 to over 800 kcal per hour. Equally important, fat burning takes place at a much lower load on the joints than, for example, running.
  • Fitness improvement. Strength training is not the only choice for this type of equipment. The elliptical cross trainer allows you to conduct extremely effective cardio training, which allows you to significantly strengthen the cardiovascular system, immunize us against diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or atherosclerosis, as well as improve the body’s work under heavy loads.
  • Muscle strengthening and body shaping. Training on an elliptical cross trainer, we strengthen legs, arms, stomach and many other parts of the body. All this translates into strengthening of muscle tissue, improvement of its regeneration, as well as nice modeling of the figure.
  • Well-being. It cannot be hidden that daily training is a great antidote to everyday problems at work and at home. We can oxygenate the body, relax and forget about all difficulties that bother us.

Elliptical cross trainer – how much to exercise?

Of course, even a small dose of training is beneficial for our body. However, if we want to achieve a specific goal, we should stick to some recommendations. During weight loss, it is worth exercising on the elliptical cross trainer for at least half an hour, which will allow us to burn from 350 to 500 kcal. Training can take place in sessions of about 10 minutes. Of course, at the very beginning we need to warm up to accustom our muscles to effort. It is enough to do the exercises for a few minutes under a light load.

Intensive training should take place at intervals. If we are just starting our adventure with regular exercises, we should divide them into an exercise phase (about 10-15 seconds), in which we train very intensively and resting (about a minute), when our pace is 50%. At the very beginning we make about 10 intervals, after two weeks we double the time of the exercise phase, and after a month we shorten the rest phase by half. Further, we can either increase the number of intervals or extend the exercise phase, or shorten the rest.

As you can see, training on an elliptical cross trainer can be extremely beneficial for our body. If we stick to the plan, we can burn many calories, strengthen muscles and improve fitness. Of course, you also need the right equipment for all of this – there are plenty of different devices available in the Presto store, so everyone will find something for themselves. Especially since they are offered free delivery.


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