Amazing 6 Best Elliptical For Weight Loss-Buying Guide And Reviews In 2020

At a certain age, our metabolism stops working just like when we were younger, we began to assimilate more food, calories, and annoying rolls begin to appear in our body. The doctor also begins to prescribe some kind of physical activity that frees us from the daily pressures that cause us stress and, therefore, affect our health.

To save money and time, the possibility of having an elliptical bike comes to us, those that are special, that fit our needs; Comfortable, compact, and available at any time.

We live surrounded by countless activities that we could do only if we had the necessary time, but with the growth come new commitments added to the responsibility of caring for others, which leaves us a very short time to manage in selecting the activities that we wish. The fact of having an elliptical bike allows you to exercise free from the privacy of our home.

Details that are worth taking into account and reflect when having a bicycle served as a springboard to a healthy life and a more toned body. Here is a comparison of an elliptical trainer for weight loss very effective.

6 Best Elliptical For Weight Loss- Reviews In 2020

This elliptical bike includes in its structure a glass screen with liquid through which you can corroborate details such as the distance traveled, the speed, the delay time in practice, even the amount of calories burned.

Main Features Explained:

Regulation system

The HIGH POWER Elliptical Trainer HPEP707 has a manual regulation system to speed up or minimize efforts and thus lose weight by burning calories and keep fit. Thanks to the selection of buttons that gives us the possibility to adjust the amount as well as the precise intensity of physical activity depending on the characteristics of our training program.

Its pedal system with magnetic resistance gives greater fluidity and continuity to the exercise while we are moving. Thanks to its non-slip 14 kg steering wheel, we do not slip to the extent that we use it, despite the sweat that springs from us. With dimensions of 105 x 54 x 170 cm, this elliptical bike gives us greater stability and correct positioning of the body.

Display and controls

In full, it has a liquid crystal display that reflects the values that every person who increases their competitive level wants to know, among which the distance of travel, speed, the time it took to do so, as well as a balance that Estimate the calories burned during physical activity.

Based on this, this elliptical machine gives us the possibility of not only working the legs, buttocks, or waist but also allows the arms and abdomen to work, thanks to its double grip.


Thanks to its heart rate meter that we can place it on our wrist before using the bicycle, we can have real-time control of the heartbeat and thus not force our possibilities. This allows control that does not harm the future, and that will allow us to increase our resistance.

Home exercise

We always look for the privacy of our home to exercise, since we are sorry to do physical activity in front of others. Sometimes we fall in fear of being taken for a game, which influences concentration, and we usually give up doing it. For this, the HIGH POWER Elliptical Trainer HPEP707 helps us have willpower and intimate space (our home), where we feel better physically in the same frequency with which we are using it.

Take care of your health and physical fitness. The E-NW 5000 Massive elliptical cross trainer is a cardio exercise device that makes physical activity a real pleasure.

NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainers

Technical data:

  • flywheel weight: 25 kg, two-piece flywheel for smoother and quieter operation
  • load control from the desktop
  • modern console shape with a mobile device holder
  • console monitor:
    • Six introductory programs
    • One program for measuring body fat
    • target heart rate program
    • Three heart rate control programs
    • function: time, distance, calories, age, WATT
  • Target Heart Rate
  • 16 levels of manual resistance adjustment
  • transport wheels
  • soft grips in the headband
  • dimensions: 172 x 59.5 x 166 cm
  • weight: 82 kg
  • load capacity: 150 kg

Counter functions:

  • time
  • speed
  • distance
  • calories
  • pulse


  1. Dimensions (length, width, height) : 172 x 59.5 x 166 cm
  2. Weight : 82 kg
  3. Max load : 150 kg
  4. Flywheel: 25 kg
  5. Braking system: magnetic
  6. Transport wheels: Yes


  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes


  • Despite not having positive or negative comments, this product has several advantages. According to its description, one of them, which represents the most important if you focus on health, is that you avoid excesses in your routine exercise. This is thanks to the fact that it has a hand-held heart rate monitor to measure the individual’s heart rate in real-time and thus avoid excessive training that affects our physical condition in the future.


  • Although it does not have disadvantages, users on the network feel the doubt of whether their weight and height will respond well to the characteristics that the elliptical bike reflects. When investing in health and more when we have a suggestion of nutritionists to improve our conditions, we think about whether the bike we want fits our physical characteristics. With a robust or even high build, some of us create uncertainty about whether the device in question will not be damaged. However, users comment that this bike has always been resistant as it supports weights of up to 110 kg.

Speed Motion elliptical cross trainer BT is a device for endurance training at home. Because it is very compact, it is perfect for any apartment. It takes up little space – its dimensions are 163 x 53 x 164 cm, and at the same time guarantees smooth and ergonomic movement. The front flywheel guarantees a 43 cm long, flat step. 12 kg flywheel, perfectly matched ball bearings, and a narrow gap between the feet in the skids (10 cm) are responsible for the exercises’ comfort and smoothness.

This elliptical cross trainer is ideal for people who want to start training every day. Thanks to this device, you can quickly get in shape without burdening the joints. During exercise, both the upper and lower parts of the body are involved, so this is an ideal form of training because you can start many muscle parts, thereby burning more calories. Thanks to the elliptical movement, the joints of the feet, knee, and hip joints and the spine are relieved.

What can you achieve with training on an elliptical cross trainer?

  • improving fitness and the circulatory system
  • strengthening the immune system and broadly understood well-being
  • burning calories, reducing body fat
  • strengthening of connective tissue and modeling of the legs – mainly buttocks and calves
  • upper and lower body involvement, which increases calorie burning
  • optimized metabolism

The main advantages of the model:

  • tablet stand
  • a computer with a large selection of programs and easy operation of iConsole +
  • 12 valley and mountain programs, four heart programs, four user programs, manual program
  • compact dimensions, making it ideal for any apartment
  • smooth and ergonomic movement, ideal for both short and tall people

Computer Features:

  • two-color LCD
  • computer displays: distance, time, speed, calories, rpm, pulse, power
  • 12 training programs
  • Four heart rate controlled programs
  • individually adjustable resistance using buttons
  • iConsole + application allows control via smartphone or tablet


  • braking system: magnetic
  • power: 10-350 WATT
  • drive system: belt
  • hand pulse sensors
  • integrated pulse receiver for telemetry belt (optional)
  • distance between skids: 10 cm
  • stride length: 43 cm
  • large, comfortable pedals
  • flywheel: 12 kg
  • transport rollers
  • high-quality bearings
  • power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • dimensions: 163 x 53 x 164 cm
  • weight of the device: 53 kg
  • color: silver / anthracite / red


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 163 x 53 x 164 cm
  • Weight : 53 kg
  • Braking system: magnetic
  • Flywheel: 12 kg
  • Max load : 130 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network
  • Training programs: 12 training programs
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes

The ProForm® Endurance 420 E programmed elliptical cross trainer is a solid, durable, and multi-functional equipment with a flywheel at the front, designed for intensive training at home. The elliptical cross trainer has all the parameters and functions necessary to conduct varied training for both beginners and advanced users. 

The equipment of the elliptical cross trainer includes, among others: 20 training programs, 20 levels of magnetic resistance, wide non-slip skids, and comfortable, profiled handles. Also, the LCD shows the most important exercise parameters. 

The sensors on the handles measure the pulse, and the transport wheels, transport handle or tablet, and water bottle holder significantly affect the comfort and safety of training. Also, the solid steel construction ensures durability and reliability of the equipment for years.

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical


  • Computer: LCD
  • Training programs: (20) compatible with the iFit® platform
  • Resistance adjustment: 20 levels of magnetic resistance controlled by the SMR Silent ™ Magnetic Resistance system
  • Inertia flywheel weight: 6 kg
  • Stride length: 51 cm
  • Skids: wide, with a non-slip surface
  • Pulse measurement via sensors on the handles
  • Audio jack and speakers
  • Additionally: tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Equipment dimensions: 171 x 67 x 176 cm
  • Dimensions in the package: 169 x 45 x 78 cm
  • Product weight: 94 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 115 kg
  • Product for home use
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 171 x 67 x 176
  • Weight : 94 kg
  • Braking system: magnetic
  • Flywheel: 6 kg
  • Resistance Range: 20 levels of magnetic resistance controlled by the SMR Silent ™ Magnetic Resistance system
  • Max load : 115 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network


Training programs : (20) compatible with the iFit® platform (the ability to connect tablets with Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 8.1 or newer)

Speed: Yes

Time: Yes

Distance: Yes

Pulse: Yes

Calories: Yes

Scan: Yes

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer is a high-class elliptical cross trainer. The braking system is controlled by an electromagnet, producing a field with more or less power. Thanks to this, the change in resistance and speed is much more noticeable than in other models of elliptical cross-trainers. Also, the Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer  has no moving parts in the braking system, making the device much less susceptible to breakdowns and various damages.

Thanks to the buttons located on the bars, the user can control the computer, and the most modern training parameters are presented on a modern display.

The elliptical cross trainer is equipped with a modern computer connecting a mobile device: phone or tablet with Android or iOS. Thanks to this, the user can use the free DelightTech Fitness APP. The software collects all data related to training and provides an unforgettable experience using Google maps. You can easily train anywhere in the world: New York, Barcelona, Cote d’Azur – no problem! Google Street View is responsible for virtual travel, displayed from the street level, which gives a very realistic image.

Thanks to the electronic load regulation, the user does not have to break away from the exercises. Magnetic resistance makes the exercises quiet, so they are not burdensome for neighbors or other household members.

The device has non-slip, wide feet – 12 cm and vertical and horizontal adjustment of stride length, which guarantees training comfort for users of all height. Three adjustment options make each user set them up so that the training is as comfortable as possible. In turn, thanks to the non-slip material that covered all the handles – the training is very safe!

The device is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, touch sensors for measuring the pulse, and a USB input.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

The user has ten main functions at his disposal:

  • Time (training time)
  • Distance (distance traveled)
  • Calories (amount of calories burned)
  • Pulse (pulse)
  • Watt (power)
  • Speed
  • RPM (rotational speed)
  • Manual (manual training mode)
  • Cardio (an exercise that allows you to speed up your heart rate)
  • Program – 12 basic programs:

o Four programs for beginners

o Four advanced programs

o Four sports programs

Technical data:

  • electromagnetic braking system
  • automatic resistance adjustment – 16 degrees
  • two-way wheel rotation
  • wide, non-slip pedals (12 cm)
  • transport wheels
  • pulse measurement: touch sensors, telemetry belt (not included)
  • the computer supports the free iConsole + application, tested on devices:

o Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab2, Samsung Galaxy Tab3,


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 145 x 62 x 155 cm
  • Weight : 51 kg
  • Braking system: electromagnetic
  • Flywheel: 8 kg
  • Resistance Range: 16 levels of resistance adjustment: automatic
  • Max load : 150 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network


  • Training programs: A computer with DelighTech Fitness APP support.
  • 18 training programs
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes
  • Scan: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt: Yes

Rank #5: NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Training Machine

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Training Machine r is a solid and multifunctional device with a front flywheel. It has been designed for users who value quality, aesthetics, and appearance. The elliptical cross trainer has been equipped with over 50 video training programs (HD version), 24 levels of magnetic resistance, electronic angle adjustment, anti-skid skids, and comfortable, profiled handles, also good for tall users. 

The 7-inch color display allows you to monitor training parameters, while sensors located on the handles give you the ability to measure your pulse. The elliptical cross trainer’s additional advantages are leveling feet, transport rollers, transport handle and tablet, and water bottle holders. In turn, the steel structure guarantees reliability and durability.

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Training Machine

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 178 x 73 x 177 cm
  • weight: 98 kg
  • Permissible user weight: 135 kg
  • display: 7 inches, touch, and color
  • over 50 training programs with a personal trainer and automatic slope control depending on the route
  • 24 levels of magnetic resistance controlled by the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance system
  • flywheel weight in inertia: 13 kg
  • stride length: 51 cm
  • ramp angle adjustment: electronic in the range of 0-20 degrees
  • adjustable skid angle: manual, three levels
  • runner dimensions: 41 x 23 cm
  • lowest pedal position: 28 cm
  • highest pedal position: 43 cm
  • movable handles, contoured, long, non-slip surface
  • pulse measurement: wired via ECG Grip Pulse sensors on fixed handles or wirelessly via the Bluetooth Smart telemetry belt (belt included)
  • audio jack and speakers
  • additional equipment: tablet and water bottle holder, transport handle, transport rollers, leveling feet


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 178 x 73 x 177 cm
  • Weight : 98 kg
  • Braking system: magnetic
  • Flywheel: 13 kg
  • Resistance Range: 24 levels
  • Max load : 135 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes


  • Training programs: 50 training programs
  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories: Yes
  • Scan: Yes

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 elliptical cross trainer is the only equipment of this type on the Polish fitness market. This innovative device from the USA combines the functionality of an elliptical cross trainer and stepper. The idea is to train effectively and without stress, supported by proven training principles. It allows you to effectively burn fat, even 2.5 times more effective than when training on a treadmill, elliptical cross trainer or stepper. Ergonomically designed handles provide high flexibility. Three grip options allow you to engage in exercise up to 80% more upper body parts than when training on a regular elliptical cross trainer. All this, together with 16 electronically adjustable resistance levels, ensures enough intensity to feel the burning of calories.

Max Trainer M5 is equipped with a Bluetooth module, thanks to which you can connect to a dedicated application via devices with Android and iOS systems to track your results more effectively and plan training and goals.

Scientifically proven, patented, and dedicated to Bowflex equipment, the 14-minute MAX Interval ™ program allows you to fully use the device’s potential, guaranteeing the best results in the shortest possible time. Interval training stimulates the activity of the heart and lungs, as well as speeds up metabolism. By training on the Max Trainer, you will strengthen your heart and lungs and increase your fitness and endurance – all during parallel calories burning faster than ever before, even after training!

The display of the elliptical cross trainer is stylized as a sports car cockpit. It has been designed with the utmost precision so that every detail pleases the eye and provides ergonomics at the highest level. Thanks to it, you can track training parameters such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

Bowflex equipment has been awarded many times in prestigious equipment rankings with the best design. So it is a device that enables comfortable and effective training aimed at burning fat and taking up little space and is extremely exclusive and stylish.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: The device has up to 16 electronically adjustable resistance levels. You can easily change them using the console. Thanks to this, you will find the right level for you, regardless of whether you are a beginner athlete or an advanced user. If you have no idea for training, you can use one of the nine pre-loaded training programs (MAX Interval ™, Smart Max Interval, calorie-burning, fat burning, stairs, target calories, steady-state training, fitness test, and manual mode).

DYNAMIC APPEARANCE: The appearance of the computer is designed like the cockpit of sports cars, which gives it greater dynamics.

USER PROFILES: The console has the ability to save two user profiles, so your training data will be safe when the other person starts exercising.

AIR RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedaling speed translates into exercise intensity in real-time. This means that the resistance during training does not decrease with increasing speed, as is the case with riding an ordinary bike.

MAGNETIC RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedal movement is smooth, even when you change the resistance level. Thanks to this, training is comfortable.

REVOLUTIONARY SNEAKERS: Thanks to the innovative, non-slip surface, which is protected by skids and a special blockage, the feet remain in place all the time. This protects against excessive pressure on the joints, you suffer injuries less often, and training is more comfortable.

SPORTY APPEARANCE: The sporty appearance of the pedals encourages faster exercise, and the structure of the equipment allows you to increase the dynamics of exercise without back or knee pain.

LONGER HANDLES: Another of the benefits of Max Trainer is the profiled handles that allow you to train in a most convenient position. This makes the upper body exercises more varied than when training with a standard elliptical cross trainer or stepper.

HEART RATE MEASUREMENT: The pulse measured using sensors placed on the handles, or attached telemetry belt, will allow you to train in the appropriate heart rate zone to achieve even better results. It should be remembered that pulse measurement using sensors/sensors placed in the product gives an approximate (approximate) results. The equipment is not a medical product. We recommend using a telemetry belt for more accurate results.

TABLET BASKET: There is a tablet stand on the equipment so that you can use the application to track your training progress.

BIDON BASE: Located in a place where everyone can easily reach and quench their thirst during intense training.

FAST CHANGE BUTTONS: Thanks to the buttons on the console to quickly change the resistance level and target burning speed, you can easily adjust the training to your needs. They are located in a place that is comfortable for people of all height.

LEVELING FEET: Well- made details of the equipment make the whole structure extremely stable. Adjustable Max Trainer feet will help level the equipment in the event of uneven ground.

TRANSPORT WHEELS: Transport wheels located on the device allow you to move the equipment to any place easily.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Cardio Machine

Technical data:

  • number of resistance levels: 16 (adjustable electronically from the console)
  • backlit LCD: allows you to track parameters such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • number of programs: 9 (dedicated and patented MAX Interval ™ program, Smart Max Interval, calorie-burning, fat burning, stairs, the target number of calories, steady-state training, fitness test, and manual mode)
  • MAX Interval ™ workout: a 14-minute program that allows you to burn 2.5x more calories than other fitness devices
  • number of user-profiles: 2
  • Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0
  • synchronization with the Bowflex Fitness App Max Trainer for Apple and Android devices *
  • pulse: measurement using sensors placed on the handles and via a telemetry belt (belt included in the kit)
  • Ergonomic handles: 3 positions involving 80% more upper body parts than when training with a standard elliptical cross trainer
  • additional equipment: tablet place, bottle holder, transport wheels, mains adapter
  • small outline: compact design – the device takes up little space and is also ideal for use in places that do not have a large space
  • equipment dimensions: 124 x 67 x 161 cm (L x W x H)
  • minimum ceiling height: User height + 38 cm
  • packaging size: carton 1: 118 x 43.2 x 59.7 cm (L x W x H), carton 2: 102.4 x 66 x 23 cm (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 65 kg
  • product weight in the package: 38 + 40 kg (2 cartons)
  • maximum user weight: 136 kg
  • purpose: domestic and semi-commercial use
  • warranty: 2 years (home use), one year (semi-commercial use)


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 124 x 67 x 161 cm
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Resistance Range: 16 levels of resistance
  • Max load : 135 kg
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Power supply: Network


  • Speed: Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance: Yes
  • Calories: Yes



A well-chosen elliptical bicycle is the device best suited to our training goals: return to physical activity? Keeping fit? Rehabilitation? Warming up before sports training? Here are our tips on how to best benefit from exercise: cardio training and strengthening all muscles without straining your joints.



Everyone can train on an elliptical bike and it is suitable for the whole family. It is a solid , durable device. You can exercise at home all year round, regardless of the weather!

The elliptical bike provides a versatile workout that combines cardio exercises with strengthening of the upper and lower body muscles . The movements performed are gentle and do not burden the joints .


The benefits of exercising on an elliptical bike are as follows:

  • Return to form : it is an excellent device to regain good physical shape and improve the results achieved

  • Slimming  : an elliptical bike helps you burn fat. Combined with a proper diet, it allows you to slim your figure

  • Gently supports the work of the heart : improves cardiovascular fitness

  • Physical training : allows you to grow muscles without straining your joints



Each according to the needs and the exercises performed! The choice of an elliptical bicycle depends on how you use it, i.e. it depends on your training goals . The more advanced the training, the more benefits fluidity and pedaling range will bring for comfort and results.



It can be used for rehabilitation and mild muscle strengthening. In this case , comfort is the most important thing , not results. Lumbar comfort is the priority , not pedaling power. Keep your back straight when exercising on Domyos elliptical bikes . All elliptical bikes will therefore be suitable.



With more intense cardio training, training with other sports and striving to achieve better results, it will be useful to change your body position , which will increase the comfort of training and allow you to diversify your exercises. In this case, it is worth choosing an elliptical bicycle equipped with movable upper rods and multi-position fixed handles , as well as with a larger pedaling range .



Remember to keep your back straight ! An elliptical bicycle with appropriate construction ensures proper body position. Regardless of whether you use movable upper bars or handles, the position during exercise forces the work of the abdominal muscles, upper and lower parts of the body and allows long-term exercise.




The factors that influence the results are:


  • Smooth pedaling

Comfortable pedaling is primarily about smooth, no jerking pedaling. One of the basic factors of such fluidity is the weight of the flywheel. Elements that have a direct impact on the smooth pedaling are: the flywheel , the weight distribution of this wheel and the transmission of driving power . 

Driving force transmission systems developed by the Domyos company ensure maximum traffic flow. As a result, a 3.5 kg flywheel can provide greater exercise comfort than a 6 kg flywheel. So trying a bike is necessary to choose the one that suits you!


Depending on our training goals, the effectiveness of the exercise also depends on the pedaling range , determined by the flywheel diameter. The larger the wheel diameter, the wider the range of motion.


  • Resistance

Resistance is one of the basic criteria for choosing an elliptical bicycle. Resistance allows you to regulate your effort and also provides greater stability.


  • Resistance adjustment: manual or electronic?

Manual adjustment is very simple : The user uses the adjustment handle to bring the magnet closer to the flywheel, which results in greater resistance and therefore a higher level of exercise.

Electronic adjustment allows you to adjust the level of difficulty directly through the bike console. This brings double benefits: more levels of difficulty and the ability to use different training programs , and to perform exercises of varying levels of difficulty for better results. Programs are used to achieve various goals (burning calories, preparing for exercise, etc.).



Elliptical bikes are equipped with a console that provides basic information about the workout: speed, distance covered, training time, average number of calories burned.

Focus on measuring instruments and the various programs available that allow you to evaluate progress and results , compatibility with other devices (coaching or MP3 player). Some models also allow you to measure your heart rate (for best measurement accuracy, it’s worth focusing on a model such as the VE710 equipped with a heart rate monitor). It is also worth paying attention to the appropriate quality and size of data displayed on the console, including reading information (display size, backlight).



It is good to check the elements that affect the comfort of use.


  • Maximum user weight

Check the maximum permissible user weight in relation to your weight. All Domyos products are designed for users with a maximum weight of 130 kg.


  • Stability

Make sure your elliptical bicycle is equipped with a stabilization system that ensures stability during exercise, regardless of your floor at home.


  • Interior setting

Shifting system: the bike easily shifts after training. Each model is equipped with wheels for this purpose.


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