[2021 Updated] 12 Best Elliptical Machines For Seniors

Today’s life, there is no wonder that several technological inventions ease our live.

Regardless of your age, it is crucial to stay in shape. For seniors, training is all about preserving the neural connections in their muscles, so they can keep using them.

Amelia Barr once stated, ‘Old age is the judgement of life.’ It’s especially true when it comes to health, where the choices you’ve made throughout your life have an impact on how happy you are now.

 Even more significant are the daily decisions you make, such as what you eat, how much sleep you get, and how much exercise you do.

When you’re a senior, it’s critical to stay as active as possible. Indoor training on elliptical machines is a good option for this. These are impact-free and great for your joints.

It’s also well-known that your physique has changed over time. While standard elliptical trainers can be used relatively easily, ones that are better tailored to your specific needs are preferable.

There are numerous models on the market that fit this description, but only a few stand out. 

Although many seniors currently use elliptical trainers, we were able to approach them through social media. They shared their thoughts on the best ellipticals they’ve seen so far.

Here are the greatest elliptical machines for seniors.

While running and walking on the treadmill can cause joint wear and tear, a big 2014 study found that elliptical machines can minimize joint wear and tear by as much as three to five times your bodyweight!

This is extremely harmful to your lower-body joints and back health. Ellipticals are a great low-impact alternative to treadmills since they take the pressure off your legs and give you the sensation of walking in mid-air.

There’s no other machine out there that can offer you a full-body workout with almost little effect on your joints. Ellipticals are made for everyone, even seniors who are concerned about being hurt while working out.

All five ellipticals are well-built machines with extended warranties and have been carefully picked for elders and persons with joint difficulties. Today we’re going to look at 5 of the best ellipticals for seniors.

They have several equipment options, such as a cross trainer or an elliptical, but they should choose an elliptical.

In order to assist you locate the fitness equipment that’s ideal for you, we’ve prepared a list of the top elliptical machines for seniors.

Elliptical is such type of invention for modern people that can help our senior citizen to exercise at home even if they have prior injury, arthritis, bad knees and back problem.

The best elliptical for senior also help increases their bone density, bone health and their mobility.

Our list of the best elliptical for senior citizen are build up for the help of those senior people who need the right product that can support natural stride, provide balancing and be ultra-gentle for the injured of bad knees.

My 1st choice is the HCI Fitness PhysioStep HXT  (#Amazon offer) as the exercise equipment for seniors that fulfills your requirement I think.

Our Top Selection- Best Elliptical Machines For Seniors


Model & Features



Resistance: 8 level magnetic
Stride length: 13 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Pulse Rate: Yes
Item weight: 76 pounds


Resistance: 20 magnetic
Stride length: Adjustable 20-22”
Maximum weight: 400 lbs
Incline: adjustable 1-20
Pulse sensors: Yes


Resistance: 16 levels, ECB
Max. Weight: 500 lbs
Oversized pedal
Programs: 18
Heart Rate: Yes


Resistance: Eddy current, 16 levels
Weight Capacity: 300 lb
Stride: 18 inches (46 cm)
Incline: No
Pulse rate: Yes


Resistance: 20 levels
Max user weight: 300 lbs
Stride length: 20”
Incline: manual
Heart rate sensor: Yes

There’s no reason we can’t maintain an active lifestyle in our later years. For many seniors, this entails walking, swimming, and a variety of other activities.

However, many people overlook the importance of introducing workout equipment into their homes.

Horizon Workout is a favorite cardio fitness company of ours since they provide excellent warranties and first-rate customer service. 

They’re well-known for their high-quality construction and long-lasting designs, but the best thing about this remarkable firm is that they make the best ellipticals for seniors and their demands.

What makes the Horizon elliptical the finest elliptical for seniors? Because they’re the only business that offers a low step-on height for the customer to use. People with joint problems require a low step-on height.

It can be difficult to get on and off an elliptical machine because of the high step-on height, which can reach as high as 16 inches on some models.

Horizon has solved this issue and now all of their ellipticals have a 10′′ low step-on height. When it comes to exercising, getting on and off the elliptical might be dangerous for elders. As a result, we’ll examine three of Horizon’s top-notch ellipticals in detail today.

Two of the best tiny elliptical trainers are also listed for people with limited room. Consider reading our buyer’s guide after the reviews. 

It’s especially helpful if this is your first time purchasing an elliptical. First, let’s take a short glance at the comparison chart!

An elliptical trainer is one of many at-home fitness machines that can help you lose weight, develop your muscles and joints, improve your balance, and much more.

However, these devices must have particular features that make them safe and easy to use for older persons.

Best Overall: Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Key Features

  • The 2-in-1 design combines a full-body elliptical workout with the sitting comfort of an upright motorbike.
  • Standing on the pedals, the dual-action design’s synchronized upper and lower frame movements allow for a full-body workout.
  • Guide, 12 preset, 4 user-designed, 1 fat frame, and five heart charge applications are motivating
  • For simple reading, the console’s 3 inch bright blue LCD screen displays all of the relevant data – such as the program’s time and pace and distance and calories – as well as the user’s pulse and resistance level
  •  Audio system integrated MP3 player jack with built-in speaker
  • Elliptical/upright hybrid bike, power adapter, hardware, and assembly instructions are all included in the package.

We are facing a very useful tool to achieve physical well-being. Using the Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer ranges from a healthier life to a great physical appearance.

One of the most relevant features of this exercise equipment for elderly is that it occupies tiny space and can be stored in any corner of the house thanks to its 100 cm wide x 50 cm long surface and its 158 cm height wheel.

For those just starting out, Horizon’s entry-level elliptical is the EX-59, which features a lighter flywheel and only 10 resistance levels, making it the best choice. 

However, just because it’s an entry-level model doesn’t mean you won’t get a pleasant exercise from it.

It has the same high build quality as the Evolve 3 and 7.0 AE, and it also has moral strength at the higher resistance settings. 

The guarantee and 10′′ step-on height are other remarkable features. It’s the length of the stride, however, that really appeals to me about this machine.

Normally, we see between 12-14″ strides on entry-level ellipticals, thus seeing the 18″ stride was a welcome surprise.

 As a result, people up to 6ft tall will utilize the Horizon EX-59 with ease. The elliptical Horzion is by far the most popular, and that’s because it was available for less than $600.

For an entry-level machine, this is still quite pricey. You pay a little extra for durability and the knowledge that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, the company will stand behind it and rapidly resolve the issue.

The Horizon EX-59 is a simple machine that’s easy to operate and store. Beginners and seniors looking for an affordable, reliable elliptical that won’t break the bank would love this one.

Its platform is 33 x 14 cm, and the approximate total weight of the bicycle is 22 kg.

The Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is a complete cross trainer with a design that meets the demands of a home gym.

I covered the surfaces in contact with the floor with rubber, which protects the floor on which we put the device and makes it silent during training.

Also, it has some wheels underneath that facilitate transport without having to lift it.


  • Foot pedals with curved surfaces and a large footprint
  • Digital display that’s free of distractions
  • Use a twisting motion to work both your core and your lower body.
  • It’s long-lasting thanks to the use of only steel for the construction.
  • Useful for both forward and backward motion
  • Pedals with a textured surface to improve grip
  • Can be used for both walking beneath the table and stepping on it.


  • There is a 250-pound weight limit, so it’s not ideal for persons who are significantly larger.
  • After 1-2 months, there have been a few breaking complaints from customers.
  • Noisy

Best Budget : Confidence Fitness PRO 2 in 1

Key Features

  • Functional upper and lower frame movements in a non-impact entire body exercise
  • A 14-inch stride length provides a smooth, pleasant elliptical action in both directions.
  • • A 17.6lb heavy-duty flywheel ensures smooth, high-speed movement
  • All pivot points have sealed quality bushings to ensure improved smoothness and durability.
  • Heavy-duty metal construction with a rust-proof coating coated in metallic black powder.
  • Handlebars with softly padded cushions
  • • Easy-to-read 5-inch x 2.5-inch LCD
  • • 13 total packages, including 6 preset, 1 watt, 1 frame fat, 1 consumer, and 4 HR (55 percent, 65 percent, 75 percent, 85 percent) and guidance
  • To keep your workouts safe and effective, hand grip pulse sensors (which display your heart rate) are easily fitted on the constant handlebars.
  • There are 16 levels of resistance, so users of various fitness levels can find an appropriate workout.
  • Friction-free, silent, and protection-loose operation is possible with magnetic resistance technology.
  • • Can be used forward or backward to work a few different muscle groups
  • • Pedals that are too big
  • Front wheels for easy mobility
  • Back spin out levelers effectively stabilize the elliptical on most floors.
  • • Use of a 110v power source is required
  • • Maximum body weight: 250 lbs.
  • Assembly required. Dimensions: LWH: 63.8″ x 25″ x 50.8″
  • • Total weight when built: 99.2 lbs.
  • 5 years is the time limit.
  • Parts for 1-12 months

Exercising constantly and maintaining a healthy diet are the recipe for longevity and good feeling, so gaining equipment like Fitness Pro 2 in 1 can bring you many benefits.

Currently, many routines and types of exercises can keep the body and internal systems in good shape.

However, one favourite is still the cardio type. This mode of exercise focuses on improving endurance, losing weight and keeping the body shape.

The Body Rider’s fan blades have a lot of momentum, resulting in a smooth ride that is also quite quiet. The user’s knees aren’t put under any stress.

Distance, time, speed, and calories burned are all tracked by the electronic console.

This perfectly combines indices to keep track of without overwhelming the screen. On the screen, there is a big digital display of characters.

Because the seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, it is ideal for people of all heights.

There are foam rubber covers on the handlebars and pedals to help keep you from slipping off the machine.

We consider that one of the best options to maintain a simple and comfortable exercise routine is to gain an elderly exercise equipment trainer.

These models are homemade, do not take up too much space, and offer you the required daily exercise.

The Fitness Pro 2 in 1 elliptical trainer is a device that offers you a dual function.

Elliptical and common bicycle, so you will gain two exercise machines for the price of one.

In this way, you can carry out the one that feels best and gives you the best results.



  • Lightweight, portable and foldable
  • Generous stride length offers a normal feeling
  • Extremely quiet in usage
  • The most appreciated aspect of the elliptical trainer is that it allows you to get two different types of exercises for the price of one; common and elliptical bikeAffordable introduction to cross trainers
  • 8 different resistance levels on a 17.5-inch stride
    Handles that can be moved or fixed
    LCD screen that’s quite large
    7 pre-configured options


  • Customer complaints include an annoying “clicking” noise that comes from the device.
  • Unfortunately, client service is lacking.

Best quality: ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

Key Features

  • It’s really reasonable in price, and you’ll get a lot for your money.
  • Built to last, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • It’s tiny and portable, making it ideal for apartments and other small areas.
  • It’s equipped with pulse sensors so you can keep track of your progress.
  • The operation was really smooth and noiseless.
  • The shortness of the stride is clearly a flaw.
  • It’s flat; there’s no upward slope.
  • The tablet holder is absent, and using the screen is at best a chore.

 The Confidence elliptical bike offers us everything we need to exercise easily, without spending more, but with all the quality offered by high-priced models.

Its fitness computer helps you control the exercise parameters, while its structure guarantees a comfortable and adjustable exercise at all times to your needs.

The Confidence elliptical bike has offered a simple operation, so you don’t have to worry about the configuration of the equipment, once assembled, or the noise it may produce during exercise.

The Exerpeutic 1000XL elliptical trainer is a durable, compact machine suited for people at the beginner and intermediate levels who want a challenging workout. It’s an easy-to-use equipment that’s also quite inexpensive and dependable.

After a certain age, seniors no longer require strenuous exercise to remain fit. Most experts even say that a brisk stroll or a quick jog daily suffices to keep you healthy. So, the Exerpeutic 1000XL should be sufficient.

For starters, it’s a small machine, measuring 48″L x 23″W. The flywheel is behind the pedals because it’s a rear-drive vehicle. This machine makes use of a powerful V-belt drive mechanism. It contributes to the machine running smoothly and quietly.

The magnetic resistance system has eight levels of resistance for deterrence. A steel wire connects A tension knob on the console to the magnetic pads, and this manual mechanism let you fine-tune the resistance.

There is no inclination on this elliptical, which is a bummer.

It does, however, include heart rate sensors to help you keep track of your rate. These are attached to the fixed handlebars and work by contacting the bar.

Since it is not telemetric, it cannot be used with a chest strap; however, the pulse sensors on the handlebars are adequate.

The 13′′ stride length of the Exerpeutic 1000XL is a drawback. When compared to the size of most people, that’s fairly little.

Even if you’re an elderly person, you’ll be OK and even find it rather nice. A tall, active individual would feel hemmed in.

There is also a console and display on the Exerpeutic 1000, unlike other entry-level ellipticals.

One AA battery powers it, and it can only show one piece of information at a time. However, you may use a button to cycle among the calorie, mileage, pulse, and other parameters.

Exerpeutic is a company that prioritizes performance over aesthetics. With this elliptical, you’ll get exactly that. The elevation isn’t necessary for elders, and the stride length is appropriate for their knees and feet.

This elliptical is great for everybody, not just the elderly.

Thanks to its especially quiet turning wheel, the machine has a reduced loudness and considerable smoothness in handling.

Even at the toughest and toughest levels, properly configurable, this leg exercise machine for elderly / elliptical bike is still running smoothly when you get to the rhythm of operation .

It does not cause the classic sticks and sticks that can be produced in other models that do not include.

This functionality To get the best performance, the equipment must be properly seated and conveniently tightened.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro


  • Its fitness screen allows you to maintain total control over your treatment in a simple way, knowing at the moment both the speed, as the distance traveled, the calories burned or the work rate, with which you can adjust the intensity of the exercise in a simple way.
  • Construction of high quality and reliability
  • BlueTooth monitor that’s simple to use.
  • Excellent warranty considering the pricing point
  • step on height of 10 inches
  • 18-inch-long stride span
  • Compact elliptical with front-wheel drive.
  • 10 resistance levels with whisper-quiet noise, plus 10 fitness routines


  • For people of a certain size or size the machine may remain somewhat small, and although the movement can be used it is not completely comfortable.

Best cheap: NordicTrack E 7.5 Z Elliptical

NordicTrack E 7.5 Z Elliptical

Key Features

  • Max User Weight: 220 LBS
  • Applicable Height: 4 toes 11 in ~ 6 feet 3 in
  • Packing Dimension: 35” (L) x 13” (H) x 18″ (W)

 It has a weight of 28 kilograms and a load capacity of 110 kilograms. It has a classic design in black and silver, with several levels of resistance.

The NordicTrack E 7.5 Z Elliptical will allow you to get in shape from your home’s comfort with the latest in cardiovascular exercise technology.

The biggest issue with folding ellipticals in the past was the build quality. No one could make a folding elliptical that was as good as a full-sized elliptical in terms of quality and longevity.

Then there was Horizon, with its folding NordicTrack E 7.5 Z models, and it sounds like they did a great job, based on the positive consumer feedback.

I well made this folding elliptical. In terms of features, the NordicTrack E 7.5 Z delivers on all fronts: a long stride, a wide range of resistance levels and workout routines, and a heavy-duty, robust frame that folds for easy storage.

If you have a small area, the NordicTrack E 7.5 Z folds down to less than half its original size.

What I enjoyed best about this foldable elliptical was how simple it was to fold. Horizon created a foldable feature dubbed FeatherLight, which allows you to fold this elliptical with just one hand, according to the manufacturers!

It’s not inexpensive, and it lacks some features of their 7.0 AE elliptical, but you’re getting what you pay for with the unique, foldable FeatherLight design.

This machine, like its bigger sibling the Horizon 7.0 AE, features the very low step-on height and the industry-standard 20′′ adjustable stride appropriate for users of all heights.

Because not everyone has the space to keep a full-sized elliptical, we designed this smaller model to meet your needs. The NordicTrack E 7.5 Z is the best folding elliptical available.

This exercise machines for elderly offers you to burn five times more calories than when you walk. But this is an integral exercise device.

While you do the cardio, you will tone legs, buttocks, arms and shoulders with minimal impact on your joints.

Through the resistance knob, you can increase or decrease the physical effort. Also, it has a double motion being able to go back and forth. 

NordicTrack E 7.5 Z Elliptical


  • Folding this elliptical is surprisingly simple because to the ‘FeatherLight’ fold system’s heavy-duty, robust construction.
  • step on height of 10 inches
  • 20 incredibly low-noise magnetic resistance settings
  • Assembling it took me less than 30 minutes.
  • stride length of 20 inches
  • Wearable fitness tracking system powered by ViaFit
  • There are 32 pre-installed workout programs to choose from.
  • Built-in transport wheels that tilt and roll away when not in use
  • Definitely its value for money. We are facing one of the most functional elliptical bicycles but at the same time one of the cheapest on the current market.


  • Users have not reported major failure on this product. However, some claim that at the time it could begin to have strange noises, so they recommend to be checking if any nut has lost pressure with the use and take care of tightening it to prolong the life of the bicycle.

Key features 

  • Constructed from high-quality materials and operated with silky smooth precision.
  • Motorized inclination for magnetic resistance training system.
  • Stride length can be adjusted to fit the needs of any user.
  • For a more enjoyable workout, use a media tray and speakers.
  • This type of monitoring is hands-free and telemetric, making it ideal for working out.
  • It’s a big and hefty machine.
  • Assembling it takes some time, a few tools (included), and some technical know-how.

It is a sitting exercise equipment for seniors with multiple functions that can be very useful for starting their training. 

However, it is suggested not to rule out other options before proceeding with their acquisition.

One of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing the best exercise equipment for elderly is its ergonomics since this point is essential for your health.

 The functionality and dependability of the Octane Fitness Q35x elliptical have made it a popular choice.

This elliptical is the answer if you want an elliptical that won’t break down, wobble, or drop you on the floor.

For the first time, we can adjust the stride length on the Octane Fitness Q35x elliptical . It ranges from 20′′ to 22′′. It’s comfortable for people of all heights to use.

In order to help the elderly, this feature allows you to adjust the length so that it does not strain your legs.

There is a 15-level eddy current resistance mechanism for regulating resistance.

With this system, you may pick the level of resistance that’s right for you because it’s smooth and dependable. Quick-set buttons on the console make it simple to make change.

f you do not feel comfortable with the equipment, it will be impossible for you to exercise properly.

However, in this case, the manufacturers of the Octane Fitness Q35x elliptical were concerned about the occupant’s height and therefore.

They allow him to adjust the height of the handlebars between 135 and 155 centimetres.

The height of the users or if several people use the equipment, the handlebar should be adjusted and ready.

Even the most seasoned athletes crave new challenges from time to time. If this describes you, the motorized incline feature on the Octane Fitness Q35x elliptical will be ideal for you.

It’s adjustable with a button press and has a maximum output of 300 dB, divided into 15 levels.

There’s also a console with a 7.5″ LCD screen. Your pulse rate, calories burned, mileage, time spent working out, and goal percentage accomplished can all be seen and tracked on this app. Here’s a demonstration of what we’re discussing.

Fixed handrail-mounted grip sensors allow for pulse monitoring. Telemetrically enabled, meaning that it can communicate with a chest strap to provide real-time data.

You have a tablet media tray for entertainment. You’ll be able to read, listen to music, or watch videos while working out using this method.

The console has two speakers for music, and you may connect them by Bluetooth or a 3.5mm port on the device.


  • The best thing about this model is that both its handlebar and its resistance are fully adjustable, the first to achieve your comfort and the second so that you can progress gradually in your training.
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty construction
  • There are 20 different inclination settings with power adjustment.
  • step on height of 10 inches
  • Compact front-wheel drive design
  • Outstanding assurance 3 years’ worth of components Work for a year and keep the frame for a lifetime.
  • BlueTooth
  • Transport wheels integrated, simply tilt and roll to store
  • 0% financing for a period of up to 24 months


  • Its biggest point against it is that the training monitor throws wrong figures in terms of calories and distance, hindering user control.

Best affordable : Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical

Key Features

  • Elliptical with quiet magnetic resistance and 18-inch stride, specific belt drive, inertia load of 20kg, and a ratio of 1:12.7
  • It has a Club Type 128 Dot Large LED readout that displays the system profile, time, velocity, distance covered and pulse rate in addition to calories burned. • The laptop is easy to use.
  • Special Toggle Switch has resistance settings ranging from 0 to 24. Put yourself to the test with random software that generates an infinite number of variants on 24 preset exercises.
  • 3-position chrome swinging Foot pedals with 8 functions and an adjustable arm can be used. Heart Rate Monitoring (EKG-Contact) at the constant handlebar with HRC program, pre-configured wireless heart rate receiver device
  • • MP3 and iPod compatible track device (through the headphone port) with a USB charging port on your mobile device or tablet. a water bottle and a storage rack

Elliptical machines are versatile training devices that do not burden the joints, great for both beginner fitness practitioners and advanced users.

 Each Horizon Fitness elliptical model is a perfect choice. 

Movement is smooth and reflects the natural way of action.

It boasts a 17.5-inch custom stride length, making it more senior-friendly (who typically have a shorter stride length).

Eight different resistance levels let you tailor your workout to your personal preferences and fitness level. Similarly, you can personalize seven pre-programmed workouts to suit your preferences.

Heart-rate sensors that are ergonomically situated keep track of your heart rate as you go up and down stairs.

In order to accommodate different exercises and levels of tension, the handlebars can be fixed or mobile.

An LCD console with a huge display monitor tracks a variety of important metrics, such as speed, time, RPM, distance, calories, and results.

Easy assembly, quick folding makes the device easy to store at home, and ergonomics of movement and a significant step make Andes 3 perfect to use.

The magnetic resistance system ensures smooth operation of the device. 

many programs are a diverse and exciting training, and HR Wheel–the pulse display–allows full control over your heart rate during exercise.

Also, the upper body exercise equipment for seniors is equipped with an energy-saving mode. 

In 2015, I awarded Andes 3 in TESTMAGAZIN with a score of 91.7%. 

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical


  • Outstanding for small homes and condos
  • High-quality development from a trusted name
  • Smooth movement and a silent process
  • Flexible resistance features
  • Elliptical and exercise bike that serves two purposes in one
  • Large digital display, clear information
  • A large, high-momentum fan blade provides stability.
  • a low-impact exerciser
  • Cost-effective


  • Feels a bit costly for such a tiny device
  • The display screen is incredibly thin.

Body-Solid E300 Elliptical

Body-Solid E300 Elliptical

Key Features

  • Hyper quiet riding system
  •   15.5″ comfortable stride
  •  15IN*5IN Anti-slip pedal
  • 20DB breath sounds     
  •   Fits for four’9″ to 6’2″ humans
  • Super actual records tracking
  • 400LBS weight restrict
  •  16 magnetic resistance 

The Body-Solid E300 Elliptical is an elegant trainer designed for home use. 

The major advantages of this best exercise equipment for older adults cross trainer are fully electronic control and extremely durable construction.

It has a construction of high quality. The major advantage of the construction is a massive frame with a maximum load of up to 120 kg. 

Stride length 42 cm, 18 cm stride distance, and ergonomic shape ensure comfortable and effective training.

The handles contain sensors for measuring heart rate.

 Also, this low-impact exercise equipment senior citizens have transport wheels and a system to compensate for uneven ground.

 Large non-slip steps provide a high level of safety. All these properties make the Body-Solid E300 Elliptical an ideal device for a home gym.

Body-Solid E300 Elliptical


  • Compact, full-size elliptical steps are useful for smaller homes.
  • Sturdy unit that carries weights of up to 300lbs
  • Delivers 16 quiet magnetic resistance levels
  • Includes a comfortable media shelf for your books or technical devices


  • No backlight on the console
  • Computer metrics sound unreliable enough
 BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical

BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical

Key features:

  • 16 Levels of Resistance
  • Compact Design
  • Built-in Heart Rate Sensors
  • Comprehensive Display

BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical–magnetic elliptical cross trainer with the generator. 

The BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical– is equipped with speakers and a fan. 

It also has its energy generator, which allows you to use the equipment without connecting it to an external energy source–we drive it with the power of our muscles.

The Horizon 7.0 AE elliptical is Horizon’s top-of-the-line machine; it’s jam-packed with handy features and weighs in at 195 pounds. Although this isn’t commercial grade, it’s not too far off. 

A commercial elliptical would set you back well over $2,000, and it’s a bit much for a home gym to handle. However, just because something isn’t commercially rated doesn’t imply it isn’t well-made and robust.

That the Horizon 7.0 AE weighs close to 200 pounds means it will feel substantial and reassuringly stable when you exercise on it. 

The additional weight will aid with stability, and it’s also a hint that this elliptical is manufactured from high-quality materials.

 A fantastic cardio machine isn’t only well-built; it also has an inclination option to make it even better.

Owning a machine with an incline allows you to work multiple muscle areas, especially the calf, glute, and hamstrings, and the incline is wonderful because it is power-adjustable. 

The power-adjustable incline’s 20 levels may be changed by pressing a button on the monitor; no need to get off the machine to make the change manually. 

The 7-inch screen on the monitor makes it easy to see your workout statistics, and the 7.0 AE is compatible with a wide range of fitness apps, including AFG–My Fitness Pal, Fit Bit, and Under Armor. 

If you want to keep tabs on your heart rate while working out, the 7.0 has you covered with built-in handlebar pulse sensors or a wireless heart rate monitor? 

Wireless heart rate monitoring is a more accurate method of monitoring heart rate and is ideal for anyone who enjoys training in a specific heart rate zone.

 So, the 7.0 AE is an elliptical with a sophisticated monitor, one that incorporates power incline, wireless heart rate monitoring, and app compatibility. We must now examine a few other crucial aspects. 

Depending on your size and fitness demands, these features will help you decide whether this machine is perfect for you. The stride length is the most critical factor to consider when making an elliptical purchase. 

The stride length determines how naturally you can run or walk on an elliptical machine.

The stride length on the Horizon 7.0 AE is identical to what you’d find on an elliptical machine at your local gym or health club. 

That means you can use the Horizon 7.0 for elliptical exercises if you’re comfortable working out on one of the other machines.

For a 20-inch stride, a minimum height of 5.3 inches and a maximum height of 6.3 inches is often recommended.

 Finally, we’ve reached the resistance levels, and this machine has a respectable 20 of them for its price range.

Most people will do gentle, medium, and strenuous workouts with the 20 resistance levels provided. With 20 levels and a sturdy flywheel, this bike should serve you for many years as your fitness improves. 

You can watch TV or listen to music without being distracted by the machine’s noise while using the resistance type.

Overall, the Horizon 7.0 is a brilliant piece of equipment for those looking for a low-impact workout in the comfort of their own home. 

It’s great to discover the incline can be power-adjusted and the step-on height is only 10 inches.

Owners of the machine seem to be really pleased with the 7.0, complimenting the build quality and Horizon’s top-notch customer service.

The BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical–cross trainer has a magnetic braking system. This means that magnets break the flywheel.

 With the help of a built-in computer, we can regulate the load–the engine moves or moves the magnet arm away from the flywheel, reducing or increasing the load on the device.

There is also a large computer at the user’s disposal, with which he can independently set all parameters, such as training time, goal, or load. 

The device also has 12 built-in training programs and modes: watt – a measurement of the value of power generated during training, cardio – training with a specific heart rate, recovery–a mode to check the fitness of the person exercising and body fat – i.e., measurement of body fat.         

 BalanceFrom Magnetic Elliptical


  • Sturdy home elliptical in aerobic fitness from a respected name
  • Superb collection of exercises with 25 degrees of resistance and 29 preset programs
  • Low step-up height makes getting on and off quick.
  • Display your exercise details through two clear backlit screens


  • Control of quality will let this one down

HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent

HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent

Key Features

  • Durability and a smooth ride are both assured with high-quality construction.
  • There are 20 different levels of magnetic resistance that can be selected with the push of a button.
  • By design, it’s little.
  • It includes a good LCD screen for seeing your workout statistics.
  • Almost everyone will benefit from a long, natural stride.
  • It is devoid of an inclination feature.
  • No speakers or tablet holder are included in the entertainment options.

The HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer is an electronically controlled cross-trainer with a rear flywheel weighing 8 kg.

 A very solid construction distinguishes the model.

 This best exercise machine for elderly is 20 cm, and the step length is 39 cm.

In terms of home ellipticals, the Body-Solid E-5000 comes the closest. With this high-end elliptical trainer, you’ll get everything you need, so you won’t have to shell out extra money for anything else.

To begin, it’s a center-drive elliptical, so it’s compact by design. For people who are pressed for space, this is a tremendous benefit. Second, it’s well made, with components sourced from top-tier manufacturing.

For the thick tubular steel, robotic precision welding is used to put it all together. As far as machines go, this one is built to last.

Its 21-inch stride length is an additional plus. The elliptical’s outstanding for a center-drive machine because it accommodates users of all sizes, even tall ones, with ease.

This device incorporates a high-quality resistance mechanism as well. It is motorized and has a range of 20 levels that may be selected by pressing buttons on the console.

The console on this elliptical features a lighted display and is quite good. It’s big enough to see all of your exercise metrics at once, and it comes pre-loaded with six different workouts.

The fixed railings have pulse sensors built in for easy heart rate monitoring.

With seniors who are active and desire a long-lasting elliptical, look no further than this model.

The Body-Solid E-5000 lives up to its moniker since it is built to last. In terms of performance, there are 20 resistance levels to choose from, so you’ll be engaged for the duration of your time with it.

 I equipped the device with a belt drive system, responsible for quiet operation.

The HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer is equipped with an advanced computer with several practical functions.

The backlit LCD screen displays all necessary information, such as speed, time, distance, and calories burned. 

We stored 12 user programs and an HRC program in the computer’s memory, which adjusts the load to the user’s heart rate and maintains the optimal training pace.

The model impresses with its high load capacity–up to 200 kg. Functional solutions, such as transport wheels, facilitate its use.

Thanks to these excellent properties, the HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer has become a popular trainer for homes, fitness clubs, and gyms.

HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent


  • Zero-impact operation would not strain the joints
  • High-quality, silent-operated computer
  • Elegant and lightweight style
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days


  • Traditional elliptical users may not like the motion of steps
  • No heart rate monitor is built-in,

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

Key Features

  • It’s really reasonable in price, and you’ll get a lot for your money.
  • Built to last, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • It’s tiny and portable, making it ideal for apartments and other small areas.
  • It’s equipped with pulse sensors so you can keep track of your progress.
  • The operation was really smooth and noiseless.
  • The shortness of the stride is clearly a flaw.
  • It’s flat; there’s no upward slope.
  • The tablet holder is absent, and using the screen is at best a chore.

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Ellipticalis a modern, electronically controlled elliptical cross trainer with a 7 kg front flywheel.

The unique design of the equipment guarantees high stability, and allows you to set a smaller step distance–6.5 cm.

Thanks to the improved sliding mechanism, movement during exercise on this model is more ergonomic and natural.

An additional advantage of the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical is the ability to connect to a tablet or iPad via Bluetooth and iConsole +.

Thanks to this, you can run on alpine trails, capitals of all countries and other interesting places around the world.

You can follow the route through Google Maps and Street View directly on your tablet’s screen.

The Exerpeutic 1000XL elliptical trainer is a durable, compact machine suited for people at the beginner and intermediate levels who want a challenging workout. It’s an easy-to-use equipment that’s also quite inexpensive and dependable.

After a certain age, seniors no longer require strenuous exercise to remain fit. Most experts even say that a brisk stroll or a quick jog daily suffices to keep you healthy. So, the Exerpeutic 1000XL should be sufficient.

For starters, it’s a small machine, measuring 48″L x 23″W. The flywheel is behind the pedals because it’s a rear-drive vehicle. This machine makes use of a powerful V-belt drive mechanism. It contributes to the machine running smoothly and quietly.

The magnetic resistance system has eight levels of resistance for deterrence. A steel wire connected A tension knob on the console to the magnetic pads, and this manual mechanism let you fine-tune the resistance.

There is no inclination on this elliptical, which is a bummer.

It does, however, include heart rate sensors to help you keep track of your rate. These are attached to the fixed handlebars and work by contacting the bar.

Since it is not telemetric, it cannot be used with a chest strap; however, the pulse sensors on the handlebars are adequate.

The 13′′ stride length of the Exerpeutic 1000XL is a drawback. When compared to the size of most people, that’s fairly little.

Even if you’re an elderly person, you’ll be OK and even find it rather nice. A tall, active individual would feel hemmed in.

There is also a console and display on the Exerpeutic 1000, unlike other entry-level ellipticals.

One AA battery powers it, and it can only show one piece of information at a time. However, you may use a button to cycle among the calorie, mileage, pulse, and other parameters.

Exerpeutic is a company that prioritizes performance over aesthetics. With this elliptical, you’ll get exactly that.

The elevation isn’t necessary for elders, and the stride length is appropriate for their knees and feet.

This elliptical is great for everybody, not just the elderly.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer


  • Combines the elliptical’s action with the ease of a recumbent bike
  • Thanks to belt drive and magnetic resistance, silent service
  • To suit every body type, oversized pedals, padded seat and adjustable arms
  • Easy controls and transparent backlit screen features


  • There are not many bonus features for the higher price tag.

Buying guide - What is the best elliptical trainer on the market?

You decide to buy the best exercise machine for older adults and start researching which model to use.

You are in the market with several types of elliptical bicycles, each with unique characteristics, and it is logical that you get confused about how to choose the best elliptical bike.

That’s why we present this guide to buy the best elliptical trainer. We are sure that it will help you make a good comparison of elliptical bikes on the market.

Types of ellipticals

Not everyone who uses an exercise equipment for obese seniors does it for the same purpose.

Some only want it to strengthen their physical condition or as part of a rehabilitation process, while others require another type of elliptical because they seek more intensive training.

There are different ellipticals: rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and center-wheel drive.

The elliptical rear-wheel drive provides more inertia, so the step is smoother and more comfortable for those who use it.

These types of ellipticals require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts.

The elliptical front-wheel drive, being the steering wheel in the front, is an elliptical for those who have a longer stride.

Finally, the central traction ellipticals are smaller than the previous ones and leave the body in a natural position.

A good best exercise equipment for over 50  should be robust, easy to use and should allow you to assume the natural movement as if you were running.

If you are looking to buy a cheap exercise equipment for disabled seniors, you probably can not access the most modern and high-end models that.

Thanks to the fact that they can connect to the internet, allow a great level of customization in your training or rehabilitation process.

Depending on the budget you can use, you can ask for more features and / or higher quality, but today there are many models and brands available at a very good price that will efficiently fulfill the function for which these machines are designed.


Besides the space it occupies, it is important to consider your height. When you get on the elliptical, you will be at a higher height than if you get on a treadmill.

So you should calculate well, especially if you are going to place it in a place where the roof is not very high.

Check that you have enough space to get on and off the elliptical safely. If the elliptical is going to be used by very different people in height and weight, it will be difficult to find one that suits everyone.


As for the handles, check that someone ergonomically designed them in the sense of being able to assume a suitable position when using them. 

We linked much of the exercise of the upper part of your body on an elliptical to a good grip.

In addition, the pedals should not stay so far away that it is uncomfortable to use them.

Adjustable tilt

Some ellipticals allow you to set inclination; This comes in handy when you want to gain resistance to face certain tests with that type of terrain. 

Being able to change the inclination can also make the use of the elliptical, less monotonous and focus the effort on another group of muscles.

Depending on the model purchased, this change can be manual or automatic when choosing a specific training program.

Smooth elliptical movement

Although they make a muscular effort, the movement of the pedals and the arm levers should be smooth.

 The biggest advantage of an elliptical is to simulate the movement of walking or running, but without the impact that the body receives each time the foot touches the ground.

Find an elliptical that has movement in two directions (forward and backward). The more the wheel of inertia weighs, the movement is more fluid and comfortable.


You can find ellipticals with electromagnetic resistance and mechanical resistance. 

Although the former are more recommended because they require less maintenance and repairs, besides being quieter.

This type of system is usually on high and high-end mid-range elliptical bikes. Recommended is an elliptical with adjustable resistance.

Height adjustable

This feature is important to adjust the machine to the height of the user; The natural position of the body is indispensable to benefit from the elliptical.

Heart rate monitor and other measurements

Not all ellipticals have it, but a large majority do; they measure, besides heart rate, other measurements such as speed, muscle mass, distance, calories burned,.

Extra features

How much does an elliptical bike cost? There is a wide range of prices. Some of the extra features you can find are the ability to define personalized training programs, connections for devices such as MP3, iPad, internet connection, fan, integrated speakers.

 Evaluate according to your tastes and budget whether you want this type of functionality in your elliptical.

The most popular brands

We already know what the benefits an elliptical bike can bring to our health care, so we have reviewed the characteristics of some of the best products and compared them with the opinions of many users.

As we already know what an elliptical bike is for, we will go deeper into the most influential brands, including BH Fitness, Kettler and Proform.

The company Beistegui Hermanos (BH) was born in Spain in 1909. Initially, it was linked to the metallurgical industry.

It later became an expert in the manufacture of two-wheel bicycles and in the design and marketing of some bicycle parts. Still, it was until 1969 when the manufacture of exercise bikes for home use began.

The BH brand was a precursor of the “vibrocycles,” that is, bicycles with vibration. Since the ‘80s, it has focused on creating fitness equipment, creating weight training equipment, rowing machines and incorporating electronic monitors into its machines.

This company has had a presence in Europe and Latin America since the creation of an exercise equipment factory in Mexico.

BH Fitness currently manufactures both fitness machinery for domestic use, as for professional use, among which the elliptical bikes and treadmills that now reach the markets of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia stand out.

As of 2007, they create BH North America, which allows it to have an important presence in the United States.

BH Fitness devices have developed a lot throughout this time. Currently, the company manages a wide range of seated, recumbent elliptical trainers’ bicycles with wheels, monitors, and now they are known for their energy efficiency that contributes to the conservation of the environment.

They have the possibility of connecting with compatible devices iOS and Android through Bluetooth technology.

I found this German brand in 1949 by a young entrepreneur named Heinz Kettler, whose family continues to own it today.

But Kettler has stopped being a small company and has become a robust company with a presence in over 60 countries. Many prefer their products for physical exercises for quality and durability.

Among the Kettler machines, we can find static bicycles with magnetic resistance systems, rowers and seated exercise equipment for seniors , although they also have mountain bikes.

Also, create some fitness accessories such as inflatable balls of different sizes and rubber mats.

But that’s not all, and it also offers equipment for strength training with weight, tables for table tennis and even toys that arouse in children the interest in the sport.

Kettler is committed to the physical maintenance and well-being of its users of all ages. We dedicate a team of over 1500 people to the design, production and distribution of products of the highest quality.

The beginnings of this North American brand date back to 1977 when a couple of students created a kitchenware import company but are currently part of Icon Health & Fitness, one of the most important manufacturers worldwide in terms of exercise equipment.

Proform is one benchmark in home appliances, which mixes a simple operation with the latest technology to provide greater benefits to users.

Part of its success is because of constant innovation in the design of machines that are very practical, saving space in the home, have exclusive damping systems and compatibility with wireless devices.

The Proform elliptical bicycles, besides being foldable, have several programs and resistance levels; monitors come in different presentations for beginner and advanced training.

How to use Best Elliptical Machines For Seniors

Within the healthy predominant trend of personal care and physical well-being, the elliptical bike has replaced the traditional lifelong exercise bike.

The elliptical bike is that cardio machine with a pair of magnetic traction pedals to exercise our legs and vertical bars to exercise our arms.

Work the resistance, toning our muscles and contributing to weight loss with little risk of injury, if used with dosage and common sense.

Tiny Anatomy Lesson

The elliptical trainer’s relevant use – as a multipurpose machine that it is – strengthens the heart muscle and allows toning biceps, triceps, dorsals, pectorals, twins, hamstrings, quadriceps and buttocks.

An extensive part of our anatomy while promoting balance through proper body alignment.

Calories burned

An average of half an hour on the elliptical trainer makes it possible for you to burn around 300 calories with a medium intensity activity. This effectiveness is considerably greater than other similar fitness machines.

Another advantage is that its low articular impact minimizes the risk of injury, given its cadence of constant and light movements, making its exercise recommended for a wide range of people.

Those who are recovering certain sports injuries suggest its dosed use.

Where to place it

The dimensions and weight of the elliptical bike allow its use is not exclusive to gyms, but can also be installed at home or in the office, without requiring an extensive area for it.

Mode of use

The most appropriate way to use these cross-training units, designed to replicate the movements of walking, running and climbing stairs, is reduced to:

The feet should be placed parallel to the inside edges of the pedals, allowing the hips to align correctly with the elliptical trainer.

The spine should remain straight to prevent the back from experiencing tension while exercising. The abdominal muscles must be tensioned, and the pelvis pushed forward.

You should grip the handles, bend your elbows slightly and keep your head up. Cycle forward or backward with your legs, tracing an elliptical movement (hence the name of the bicycle).

Bend your knees slightly, in tune with the machine’s syncopated movement, with a low impact on your joints.

Machine configuration

Most elliptical bicycles make it possible to adjust the resistance and inclination levels to configure them to the peculiarities of each user.

For example, by intensifying pedalling resistance, they exercise more legs and calves. Increasing the inclination, the buttocks area is worked.

Also, you can replicate climbing stairs or slopes. The movements must be fluid, achieving effective training.

There are elliptical bikes where you can program various workouts according to the user’s level (beginner or advanced), age, and weight.

Also, cardiovascular programs allow you to measure your heart rate and monitor it during exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best Elliptical Machines For Seniors

What is the perfect senior fitness machine?

An elliptical is the perfect fitness system for seniors since it is a low-impact type of exercise that requires both the arms and legs while being close to running or jogging.

That means it’s safer for seniors than a treadmill because you can start and end anytime you like (rather than being thrown off by the treadmill), and you won’t lose the equilibrium.

It’s actually safer than an exercise bike because the elliptical shape of walking, which is more gradual than cycling’s rigidly circular movement, places much less pressure on the knees.

What is the most effective workout machine for people with weak knees?

An elliptical is the perfect fitness machine for seniors for the same purpose as it is the best exercise machine for sore knees.

When you use elliptical machines, it’s more about the low-impact, low-joint-stress exercise.

Of course, if you don’t want to exercise your legs at all, there are other types of exercise machines that would be more appropriate for you, such as arm cycles or upper body power exercise machines.

Is Cubii suitable for seniors?

The Cubii Pro Elliptical is a multi-award-winning fitness machine that focuses on low-impact workouts.

This exerciser helps seniors to do leg strengthening activities in the privacy of their own homes. Cubii is one of the most creative leg exercisers in the market for seniors.

Treadmill or elliptical for seniors: which is better?

Compared to the treadmill, the elliptical has a lower-impact exercise. It is the better choice for elderly people who have arthritis and joint discomfort.

Runners should use the elliptical as a cross-training tool. Elliptical devices go forward and backward, enabling you to operate on a variety of muscles.

Is it possible to have a decent exercise on an elliptical for seniors?

What is the perfect senior fitness machine? An elliptical is the perfect fitness system for seniors since it is a low-impact type of exercise that requires both the arms and legs while being close to running or jogging.

What kind of workout is better for a 70-year-old woman?

Low-impact workouts will also assist elderly people in easing into a new fitness routine. Swimming or practicing water aerobics, as well as moderate types of yoga, Pilates, tai chi, relaxing, and lightweight exercise, are also healthy options.

Is it safe for seniors to use treadmills?

Treadmill walking is a fantastic opportunity for seniors to remain healthy. With 30 minutes of vigorous treadmill walking a day.

You can easily fulfill the daily physical activity requirements to lower the health risks and improve wellness.

What is the right fitness equipment for a woman 70 years old?

The National recommends resistance bands or very soft dumbbell weights Institute on Aging, while interval exercise equipment or stationary weight machines, on which you perform from a supportive or sitting posture, are both good options.

Is using an elliptical machine safer than walking?

Using an elliptical machine burns more calories minute by a minute than walking. A 160-pound individual using an elliptical machine for an hour will consume 365 calories, according to Mayo Clinic calculations. Walking for an hour burns 314 calories for the same human.

Is it safe to exercise on an elliptical machine every day?

It suffices to use the elliptical machine five times a week. You should, however, workout for over five days if needed. If you workout every day, 10 minutes is everything you need to remain safe and fit.

Is using an elliptical machine terrible for the knees?

Using an elliptical machine is usually called a low-impact operation, and if done properly, it does not trigger knee discomfort.

For those with arthritis, elliptical machines may be a beneficial option to running or jogging since they offer low-impact aerobic exercise.

How long do you spend per day using Cubii?

I set a goal of 30-60 minutes of exercise every day, which amounted to around 1,000 calories burned per week that I wouldn’t have burned otherwise.


Which is better, elliptical trainer or treadmill?

According to some experts in the field, it is important to highlight that both products are appropriate at the time of use since they allow you to lose weight according to the intensity with which you carry out your training day by day.

However, the elliptical bike seems much more effective for achieving your goal in a certain time simply because it allows you to carry out different training routines in high intensity and burn the calories in a considerable time.

It also works with certain muscles such as the buttocks, arms and belly. Also, unlike the treadmill, the elliptical bike is much more accessible and easy to handle.

 Which is better, the elliptical or static bike?

Although both bicycles have their advantages, it is important to mention that some think that the exercise bike is an excellent choice, especially when the person who uses it is a beginner with the use of this product.

In this sense, some see said product much more comfortable. However, unlike exercise bikes, ellipticals can work with greater intensity even to work arms and legs comfortably.

If we talk about conventional workouts, the direct pedalling just the exercise bikes have a significant advantage over the ellipticals.

Many people prefer it in this way since they comment they perform much better in their hours of training.

 Which is better, elliptical or treadmill?

It is the fact that an elliptical bike helps you burn calories considerably compared to the treadmill since according to some studies, a person with 85 kilograms of weight could burn 400 calories in half an hour of exercise on the elliptical while being in The treadmill could only burn up to 266 calories in the same time interval.

Some experts emphasize that elliptical bicycles considerably reduce fresh injuries to the ankles, knees and hips, unlike the treadmill, where the impact at each step is felt considerably.

On the other hand, it should be noted that elliptical allows you to perform reverse movements if you prefer to exercise different muscles.

  How to grease elliptical trainer?

Considering the fact that the elliptical trainer is subjected to different vertical and lateral tensions, it is essential to perform proper maintenance every so often.

In this sense, the first thing you should do is remove the casing that covers the bicycle. Loosen the joint to lubricate the axle with the grease or oil properly.

It should be noted that some experts recommend using fat since, in this way, perform this task less frequently.

Finally, tighten the axles again and put the housing in place and ready.

Verdict! -Best Elliptical Machines For Seniors

Seniors require a lot of exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or enjoyable.

Getting the correct workout equipment can help you stay safe and comfortable while you get in shape.

Elliptical machines are fantastic for seniors since they’re safe, gentle on the joints, and give you a wonderful exercise.

Learn more about how these often-overlooked exercise machines can help you in our comprehensive guide to the finest elliptical machines for seniors.

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