[2020 Reviews ] Top 12 Best Elliptical Under 600 Dollars (With Buying Guide)

The elliptical allows you to exercise all the muscles of your  body gently by combining various physical activities such as rowing, walking, or cycling in a single place .

Choosing the best elliptical under 600 is beneficial because it is very useful for losing weight without leaving your home . You can use it with a certain level of comfort and without spending too much time on it.

Keep in mind that this machine helps you work at  different areas and muscles of your body at a low impact level . You are unlikely get injured, and will allow you to achieve better muscle toning and fat removal.

The purchase of an elliptical bicycle is associated with spending a reasonably large sum. No wonder everyone is trying to choose the best model for themselves. When selecting  this equipment, it is worth checking its important characteristics . After checking its characteristics , we can make a decision  whether the elliptical cross trainer is good or not. 

Our Top 10 Selection

Best Elliptical Under 600-Reviews In 2020

An elliptical cross trainer allows us to keep fit, burn a lot of calories, and strengthen the whole body’s muscles.

How is this possible?

Exercising on such a device, we  can move our whole body – both legs and hands. 

We can change the load, speed, or set the exercise mode and adjust it to our needs . To facilitate the purchase of this machine, we have prepared a ranking of elliptical cross-trainers .

Rank #1: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

Use and functions

Being an equipment in a single place that involves various physical activities such as walking, paddling or running . It allows you to exercise and tone various muscle groups. We can mention the chest, shoulders, buttocks, legs, etc..

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine is designed specifically for domestic use. If you are a housewife who needs to maintain your physical health, this is one of the best elliptical bikes that suit those needs.

Size and design

Its design is intended to make for those people  who have a more appropriate physical condition to their characteristics. You can use it as an elliptical bike, or as an exercise bike so that you have the capacity to vary the mode of use.

It has two large pedals connected to 2 handles that reach shoulder height.  The pedals are designed to perform elliptical movements, and the handles are designed to move back and forth. Its integrated computer will help you get the maximum performance from your training.

It is ideal for exercising in small spaces because of its lightweight and compact size. 


It has five training programs. Therefore, it is a good option for people who seek to reduce the impact of loads on the body and joints.

It is easy to use,  transport and install without worrying about making extra efforts . 


  • It is a product for professional or domestic use .
  • It is ideal for  small spaces where you can watch TV and improve your physical condition at the same time.


  • Users complain that the base does not have enough grip and stability when it comes to increasing the intensity of the exercise.
  • However, that depends on the requirements of the consumer and the physical level they need to train.

Rank #2: SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

The SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is a magnetic model. It has a durable and stable construction. It has a flywheel weighing of 12 kg and a computer to set the operating mode so that you can exercise at different load levels.

Also, it has a counter showing your exercise time, your speed, and distance traveled. The device also has a pulse measuring function. All this allows the user to assess the performance of his body.

The device has practical transport rollers, which makes it quite a mobile proposition. Usable load of this equipment is up to 110 kg. It has dimensions of 104 cm x 61 cm x 158 cm. The kit includes a drink bottle. This best elliptical cross trainer under 600  has received many positive consumer reviews.

The product is valued for its solid quality and high reliability. Also, users emphasize in their opinions that it is easy to use.

The SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has the following dimensions: 104 cm x 61 cm x 158 cm, and its weight is equal to 43.5 kg. The maximum load of the equipment is 110 kg.


  • Volume:

Because the elliptical cross trainer’s design has been carefully thought out and the materials used for production are of high quality, the equipment does not generate much noise during operation. By using it, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your household.

  • Load capacity:

The maximum product load is 110 kg. Therefore, it can be used not only by slim people but also for those who want to get rid of excess weight.

  • Display:

The presented model was equipped with a display. It has the right dimensions, which makes the information shown on it readable.


Many people confirm that it is not difficult to operate the equipment, and even a person who has never used this type of device can handle it. Facilitation is the instruction manual attached to the set.

  • programs:

The elliptical cross trainer has several training programs. You will certainly find one that will meet your expectations, regardless of your level of advancement.


  • Assembly:

In the opinions of some consumers, there is information that the assembly of equipment is sometimes difficult.

Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer with a resistance system based on a 7 kg flywheel. The device is characterized by smooth movement, which ensures rhythmic training without interference. The equipment is stable and during intense training , it does not pose a threat to the user.

What’s more!

It has comfortable handles and is covered with non-slip material. Similarly, the element on the feet  affects the comfort of exercise. This model has dimensions: 107 cm x 66 cm x 152 cm and its weight is 28.9 kg.

The elliptical cross trainer has a manual resistance adjustment system of about  up to 8 load levels so that you can easily adapt it to your needs. You will achieve very good exercise results.

The steering wheel has tactile pulse sensors so that you can control your results . This is especially important for people with heart disease. The device is equipped with transport rollers built into the front stabilizer.

The maximum user weight is 120 kg. Consumers highly rated the solid performance of the elliptical cross trainer and its low weight  makes it very mobile.

Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine is a very good elliptical cross trainer under $ 600. The dimensions of the device are 107 cm x 66 cm x 152 cm. The product weighs is approx. 30 kg, and the maximum load is 120 kg.


Non-slip bases:

The elliptical cross trainer has non-slip bases under the feet, which guarantees adequate safety during exercise. Legs do not slip during exercise.


Although the device weighs 30 kg, carrying it is not difficult. Transport rollers placed on the front stabilizer are a great help. They are made of good quality materials, so they don’t scratch the floor.


Users say that the handles are properly profiled. Also, they were covered with a pleasant to the touch material. You don’t have to worry that after training your hands will be irritated.


The display presents all the most important information, including about distance traveled and calories burned. This way, you can monitor your progress.


Work volume:

Reading consumer reviews, you can come across information that the product generates a relatively high noise, which can be a nuisance to the household.

Rank #4: Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer

The Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer is the 4th interesting elliptical cross trainer in the USA market. The device is equipped with a training computer that shows the training time, distance traveled, heart rate, and speed.

You  can see  your achievements and pulse or other data. The device must be operated with a sweat-resistant foil keyboard. You will be able to switch your equipment functions safely even during intense training.

The device has a manual load control system. Another feature is the ability to change the type of training manually. The maximum weight load of the elliptical cross trainer is 110 kg. It is a magnetic model with a flywheel weighing of about 12 kg. The unfolded dimensions of the machine are 130 cm x 64 cm x 160 cm.

Reviews about the brand’s elliptical cross trainers are very flattering. This product is considered a solid proposition and also ideal for training at home.

The Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer has the following dimensions: length – 130 cm, width – 64 cm, and height – 160 cm. The maximum load of the equipment is 120 kg.


Heart rate sensors:

Heart rate sensors were placed in the handles. They allow you to monitor your progress and also affect the safety of training. If it turns out that exercise overloads our body, we will know about it.

Transport rollers:

In the comments on the Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer , you can read that the transport rollers do not need jam and are made of good quality materials. This gives us confidence that they will not be destroyed too quickly.


The user can adjust the level of difficulty of the training to the level of advancement. Choosing your preferred settings is extremely easy by well-described buttons.



Some consumers think that the housing of the model was not made of the best quality materials. After a few weeks of use, you will notice unsightly scratches on it.

Rank #5: FUNMILY Elliptical Machine

The fifth product is the FUNMILY Elliptical Machine from the FUNMILY . It is a magnetic model with a load range of 1-8 (manual adjustment). The skids of this product are non-slip which guarantees us protection during exercise.

The device has a built-in heart rate measurement system – touch sensors  that are located on stationary handles. This equipment has transport rollers, and  it weighs 29.5 kg. It is quite mobile. This model is equipped with a bottle holder which increases its functionality during very intense workouts.

The maximum user weight is 110 kg. Product dimensions are 120 cm x 64 cm x 157 cm. Signaling of exceeding the maximum heart rate is a particularly useful solution especially for people with heart disease.

This model has four training programs. Also, the device measures training time, calories burned, or distance traveled so that you can see into your performance and your body’s performance.

The FUNMILY Elliptical Machine is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer measuring 120 cm x 64 cm x 157 cm. The product weighs 29.5 kg, and the maximum load is 110 kg.


Bottle Cage:

A bottle holder mounted on the device is an extremely useful solution. You can always have a bottle of water at hand.

Compact dimensions:

The product has compact dimension and it will also be suitable for small apartments.

Fitness test:

The options available on the device provide the fitness test. So you can check if you have made any progress since you decided on systematic physical activity.



Some users have noticed that creaks can be heard when using the equipment which can be troublesome for some people.


Some consumers find the information on the display is not legible.

Rank #6: Mlide Elliptical Machine Eliptical Trainer

 Our set-up would not be complete without the Mlide Elliptical Machine Eliptical Trainer . Given the other models available on the market, the product’s price is relatively low. Which is why many consumers decide to invest in this device.

The presented elliptical cross trainer has the following dimensions: length – 100 cm, width – 61 cm, and height – 160 cm. The weight of the model is 26 kg, and the maximum load is 100 kg. The user can adjust the level of training advancement. Sensors for measuring heart rate are mounted in the handles. The skids are covered with non-slip material so that  you don’t have to worry that the product will move.

Opinions about Mlide Elliptical Machine Eliptical Trainer are generally flattering. Consumers appreciate that the product is easy to use and has many amenities, including heart rate sensors or transport rollers. These elements increase the comfort of using the equipment.

Mlide Elliptical Machine Eliptical Trainer is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer with dimensions: length – 100 cm, width – 61 cm, and height – 160 cm. The product weighs 26 kg.


Transport rollers:

Because the transport rollers are made of good quality plastics, they do not destroy too quickly. Most importantly, they facilitate transporting the elliptical cross-trainer.


A well-thought-out, stable construction ensures safety during exercise and minimizes the risk of injuries caused by e.g., falling.



In the opinions of some consumers, you can read that the material covering the handles is not pleasant to the touch, which is why it sometimes irritates the skin.

Work volume:

A certain group of consumers believes that the flywheel generates relatively high noise during operation.

Rank #7: Bestlucky Elliptical Machine Elliptical

The Bestlucky Elliptical Machine Elliptical is the only equipment of this type on the USA fitness market. This innovative device from the USA combines the functionality of an elliptical cross trainer and stepper. The idea is to train effectively and without stress. It is supported by proven training principles.

It allows you to effectively burn fat, even 2.5 times more effective than when training on a treadmill, elliptical cross trainer or stepper. Its ergonomically designed handles provide high flexibility, and three grip options allow you to engage in exercise up to 80% more upper body parts than when training on a regular elliptical cross trainer. All this, together with 20 electronically adjustable resistance levels can ensure enough intensity to feel the actual calorie burning.

Bestlucky Elliptical Machine Elliptical is equipped with a Bluetooth module and you can connect to a dedicated application via devices with Android and iOS systems to more effectively track your results and plan training and goals.

The Bestlucky equipment have the 14-minute MAX Interval ™ program taht allows you to fully use the potential of the device. It guarantees the best results in the shortest possible time. Interval training stimulates the activity of the heart and lungs, as well as speeds up metabolism.

By training on the Max Trainer, you will strengthen your heart and lungs, and increase your fitness and endurance .

The display of the elliptical cross trainer is stylized as a sports car cockpit. It has been designed with the utmost precision so that every detail pleases the eye and provides ergonomics at the highest level. You can keep track of training parameters such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

Bestlucky equipment has been awarded many times in prestigious equipment rankings with the best design. This device is not only enabling comfortable and effective training aimed at burning fat but also taking up little space and extremely exclusive and stylish.


The device has up to 20 electronically adjustable resistance levels. You can easily change them using the console. You will find the right level for you regardless of whether you are a beginner athlete or an advanced user.

If you don’t have an idea for training, you can use one of the eleven uploaded training programs (two types of MAX Interval ™, two types of Smart Max Interval, calories burning, fat burning, stairs, target calories, steady-state training, fitness test, and manual mode).


The console has the ability to save four user profiles, so your training data will be safe when the other person starts exercising. In addition to tracking your progress, you can motivate each other to train regularly.


Pedaling speed translates into exercise intensity in real-time. This means that the resistance during training does not decrease with increasing speed, as is the case with riding an ordinary bike.


Pedal movement is smooth, even when you change the resistance level. Thanks to this training are comfortable.


Its non-slip surface is protected by skids and a special blockage. The feet remain in place all the time. This protects against excessive pressure on the joints that can suffer injuries less often, and training is more comfortable. This means that you can do a workout with increased dynamics without any discomfort caused by back or knee pain.


The sporty appearance of the pedals encourages faster exercise, and the structure of the equipment allows you to increase the dynamics of exercise without back or knee pain.


An additional advantage of the Max Trainer is the profiled handles that allow you to train in the position which is most convenient for you. This guarantees a greater variety of upper body exercises than a standard elliptical cross trainer or stepper.


The pulse measured using sensors placed on the handles, or attached telemetry belt will allow you to train in the appropriate heart rate zone to achieve even better results. It should be remembered that pulse measurement using sensors/sensors placed in the product gives an approximate (approximate) results. The equipment is not a medical product. We recommend using a telemetry belt for more accurate results.


The equipment has a tablet stand and tray so that you can use the application to track your training progress.


  Located in a place where everyone can easily reach and quench their thirst during intense training.


The buttons on the console to quickly change the resistance level and target burning speed, you can easily adjust the training to your needs. They are located in a place that is comfortable for people of all height.


Well-  made details of the equipment make the whole structure extremely stable. Adjustable Max Trainer feet will help level the equipment in the event of uneven ground.


Transport wheels located on the device allow you to move the equipment to any place easily.

Technical data:

  • number of resistance levels: 20 (electronically adjustable from the console level)
  • backlit LCD display: allows you to track parameters such as time, speed, distance and calories burned
  • number of programs: 11 (dedicated and patented MAX Interval ™ program (two types), Smart Max Interval (two types), calorie-burning, fat burning, stairs, target calories, steady-state training, fitness test, and manual mode)
  • MAX Interval ™ workout: a 14-minute program that allows you to burn 2.5x more calories than on other fitness devices (also available in this 21-minute version in this model)
  • number of user-profiles: 4
  • Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0
  • synchronization with the Bowflex Fitness App Max Trainer for Apple and Android devices *
  • pulse: measurement using sensors placed on the handles, as well as via a telemetry belt (belt included in the kit)
  • Ergonomic handles: 3 positions involving 80% more upper body parts than when training with a standard elliptical cross trainer
  • additional equipment: tablet place, bottle holder, transport wheels, mains adapter
  • small outline: compact design – the device takes up little space and is also ideal for use in places that do not have a large space
  • equipment dimensions: 124.5 x 67 x 161 cm (L x W x H)
  • minimum ceiling height: User height + 38 cm
  • packaging size: carton 1: 117.2 x 42.5 x 59.1 cm (L x W x H), carton 2: 105.4 x 68 x 29.2 cm (L x W x H .)
  • Product weight: 67 kg
  • product weight in the package: 38.5 + 43.5 kg (2 cartons)
  • maximum user weight: 136 kg
  • purpose: domestic and semi-commercial use
  • warranty: 2 years (home use), one year (semi-commercial use)


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 124 x 67 x 161
  • Weight :          67 kg
  • Resistance Range:      20 levels of resistance
  • Max load :       135 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Calories:         Yes

The SNODE E20i Magnetic Elliptical Machine is a professional trainer with a futuristic, timeless design. Unlike other machines, the flywheel is located at the front of the elliptical cross trainer making the movement more dynamic and natural. High comfort of training is provided by 51 cm long pedals with a spacing of 26.5 cm and a large flywheel weight of 14.5 kg.

The solid rails on which the pedals move not only save energy but also effectively hide electrical wires. The trainer is equipped with a computer with a legible LCD panel, which displays all the necessary parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse.

Also, it has several innovative features, including the VATT program, resistance level selection (40 resistances), metabolism control. Four ready-made programs, 2 HRC programs that operate based on a set speed, and two user programs are saved in the computer’s memory. The defined programs is included, for example, performance mode, weight loss mode, and random mode.

The elliptical cross trainer is equipped with non-slip pedals (with a strap that secures the foot in place, preventing slipping), a practical fan, speakers, and comfortable handles with a control panel. Additional advantages of the trainer are  USB and audio input,  phone and tablet holders, transport wheels for easy carrying, and surface leveling system.

Users who have tablets with Apple’s Android / iOS operating systems will certainly appreciate the FitConsole application, which monitors and records individual exercise mode (including date, time, and statistics). The second application, Google Map-based Run On Earth, requires internet connection.

We can choose any route in the world and practice, e.g., at the Eiffel Tower on the streets of London or in your area. All information regarding the operation of the application is contained in the user manual.

The most important features:

  • professional elliptical cross trainer with futuristic design
  • strong frame, front flywheel
  • compatible with two applications via an Apple / Android tablet
  • large non-slip pedals (with a strap that secures the foot in place, preventing it from slipping)
  • number of programs (40 levels of resistance)
  • LED display: clear and intuitive
  • the computer displays: time, distance, heart rate, resistance level, performance (WATT), pulse and metabolism, calories burned, and the program.

Technical description:

  • flywheel weight: 14.5 kg
  • load regulation: electronic
  • number of resistance modes: 40
  • pedal spacing: 8 cm
  • pedal length: 51 cm
  • total number of programs: 9
  • defined programs: 4
  • user programs: 2
  • HRC program
  • WATT program
  • manual program
  • heart rate monitor
  • tablet holder
  • bottle holder
  • HR belt receiver
  • HR chest belt
  • transport wheels
  • surface leveling system
  • dimensions: 214 x 63 x 173 cm
  • maximum user height: unlimited
  • load capacity: 150 kg
  • weight: 88 kg
  • braking system: electro-magnetic
  • bearings: ball bearings
  • power source: 220V, 230V
  • purpose: commercial, club, home


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 214 x 63 x 173 cm

    Weight :          88 kg

    Braking system:         electromagnetic

    Flywheel:       14 kg

    Resistance Range:      40 degrees

    Max load :       150 kg

    Transport wheels:       Yes

    Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     4 ready programs, 2 HRC programs, two user programs.
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes

The Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer  offers varied cardio training while providing high comfort. A dynamic training on an elliptical cross trainer engages the whole body and naturally increases the burning of calories. All large muscle groups, from the calves to the shoulders are included in the training .

After prolonged use of Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer  you will achieve:

  • improving the cardiovascular system
  • weight and body fat reduction
  • firming the legs and buttocks
  • optimal body sculpture,
  • improving fitness

You can manage all training functions centrally by a modern training computer. It is also possible to change the intensity of training quickly and directly the buttons on the handles. We have five load profiles with high and low variants and two heart-oriented programs. The resistance can be set in 20 levels. Your heart rate can be measured using touch sensors or the optional telemetry belt.

The Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer  is equipped with a double bearing with a joint to ensure even greater training comfort. Together with the 20-kilogram flywheel, this guarantees optimal and quiet operation. A V-belt drives the elliptical cross trainer, and the magnetic braking system. It is possible to set the intensity of resistance precisely. 

Main advantages:

  • braking system: magnetic
  • smooth and quiet crank system operation
  • simple computer operation
  • wheel weight: 20 kg
  • Three years warranty
  • high-quality bearings
  • drive system: V-belt
  • distance between skids: 5 cm
  • load control: dependent

Computer Features:

  • LCD display: blue
  • displayed parameters: distance, time, speed, calories
  • training programs: 7
  • heart rate controlled programs: 2
  • number of users: 1
  • pulse measurement: touch sensors
  • telemetry belt: optional
  • upper pulse limit adjustable
  • displaying parameters after finished exercises

Technical data:

  • transport rollers
  • high-quality bearings
  • braking system: magnetic
  • drive system: V-belt
  • distance between skids: 5 cm
  • flywheel weight: 20 kg
  • load control: dependent
  • power supply: 230V, 50 Hz
  • user weight: 150 kg
  • dimensions: 175 x 58 x 166 cm
  • color: silver and white
  • weight: 110 kg


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 175 x 60 x 168 cm
  • Weight :          110 kg
  • Braking system:         electromagnetic
  • Flywheel:       20 kg
  • Resistance Range:      20 levels
  • Max load :       150 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     9
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes

ANCHEER Elliptical Machine is ideal for all athletes training endurance. The elliptical cross trainer combines the classic elliptical cross trainer movement with the drive of a professional exercise bike. Additionally, it is equipped with the “Double-Transmission” system, which doubles the disc’s turnover compared to traditional cardio trainers. Very low revs are possible with little resistance and it is burning calories is up to 25% higher.

The training intensity can be quickly adjusted using the dial. Workouts can be started immediately (without delving into instructions) because the computer is transparent and child’s play. At first glance, you can see the time, revolutions per minute, distance, and heart rate. 

In addition to the functions mentioned above, ANCHEER Elliptical Machine also offers incomparable running comfort. The precision ball bearing and many construction details guarantee very high-quality workouts. The stride length is 50 cm, and the movement is flat while protecting the joints. Specially profiled SPIRIT skids are slightly inclined inwards, thanks to which the feet and the whole body are in an ergonomically correct training position. The 18 kg flywheel ensures perfect resistance and intense training.

The elliptical cross trainer has two bottle holders. After training, the device can be easily moved mounted transport rollers. The elliptical cross trainer has been designed in such a way that it does not need electricity – the display is battery powered.

Computer Features:

  • counter functions: Distance, Time, Speed, RPM, calories burned
  • pulse measurement through a telemetry belt
  • lower and upper pulse limit adjustable
  • LCD display: standard
  • number of displayed functions simultaneously: 4
  • heart rate controlled HRC programs
  • strength control: manual
  • number of users: 1

Technical data:

  • gear ratio: 1: 7
  • flywheel weight: 18 kg
  • load control: dependent
  • power supply: batteries
  • max user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W): 172 x 62 x 172 cm
  • color: black / red
  • a place for a water bottle
  • adjustable foot
  • water bottle with a set
  • transport rollers
  • ball joints
  • braking system: magnetic
  • drive system: V-belt
  • no power connection required
  • handbrake to stop training immediately
  • manual stepless resistance adjustment using a knob


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 172 x 62 x 172 cm
  • Weight :          110 kg
  • Braking system:         magnetic motor controlled
  • Flywheel:       18 kg
  • Resistance Range:      manual adjustment
  • Max load :       150 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            batteries (display)


  • Training programs:     HRC programs controlled by heart rate
  • Speed:            Yes
  • Time: Yes
  • Distance:        Yes
  • Pulse: Yes
  • Calories:         Yes
  • Scan: Yes

The MaxKare Elliptical Machine uses an easy-to-use electronic console with a 6.5 “LCD screen, having all the features of a club model. Both cooling fans and a bottle holder are built-in, and the console is equipped with speakers that can be connected to any MP3 player (iPod, etc.) and practice with music.

Smooth, natural movement is provided by a very quiet drive system that works in both forward and reverse modes. The combination of a heavy, 16-kilogram flywheel and high gear, which you will not find in any other model, means extremely smooth movement with high resistance, and thus this equipment allows you to exercise at a high level.

The MaxKare Elliptical Machine  also has a one-button power boost function for extra resistance, which also allows you to exercise in other positions, making training more varied. The inclination can be adjusted from 0 to 35 degrees, which allows you to individually adjust the equipment for exercising individual muscle groups in the lower body. When it comes to upper body muscles, holistic training is provided.

Inclination and resistance control are integrated into the handles, which provides additional comfort, while the built-in heart rate sensors monitor the work of the heart. In addition, you can get a chest strap, which allows you to measure your heart rate without using your hands, and use interactive training programs based on heart rate.

Large pedals with a sponge pad provide comfort during exercise. They were designed in cooperation with leading physiotherapists and sports enthusiasts, which resulted in a pedal design with a 2-degree angle of inclination, thanks to which the ankle and knee tensions characteristic of other models have been reduced.

The breakthrough model has adjustable pedals that can be adjusted exactly to the angle that best suits the user using the “worm driver” function. This solution allows reducing the risk of such ailments as aching fingers and Achilles tendon pain typical for this type of equipment.

Four rear wheels, moving on high-quality rails, provide a feeling of smoother movement and greater stability, and also limit the lateral movement of the pedals.

Sole allows users the freedom to transfer training data between MaxKare equipment and smartphone/tablet devices. Users of both iOS and Android systems can download the “SOLE” application for free, which will allow them to communicate with exercise equipment, or transfer training data to the application (Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun, Apple Health).


  • MaxKare is a combination of great training and the natural movement of the human body. In this model, we used the best features of our stationary models and added a few more of our improvements.
  • The pedals have a unique ergonomic shape due to their special design. In the E25 model, we used a two-stage internal inclination, which avoids knee and foot pain by placing the joints always in the right position during exercise.
  • Pedals tailored to the way you walk because everyone has their way of walking, the pedals have been designed to reduce finger pain and Achilles tendon pain, so you can focus on achieving your workout goals instead of looking for a comfortable workout position.
  • Slope control distinguishes SOLE from other products on the market. Thanks to it, it is possible to train the lower body parts, not available on other elliptical cross-trainers.
  • The strong frame SOLE E25 has a heavy frame made of 38 mm steel, capable of supporting a user weighing up to 150 kg.
  • Compatible chest strap (option) and pulse sensors.

Main advantages:

  • max user weight: 160 kg
  • large readable display
  • stable construction
  • water bottle included
  • MP3 connection possible
  • supply

Computer Features:

  • standard programs: 6
  • user program: 2
  • heart rate controlled program: 2
  • display: 6.5 “LCD
  • Bluetooth – connect with tablet/phone
  • hand pulse via touch sensors
  • pulse measurement via telemetry belt (option)
  • MP3 connection possible
  • supply

Specifications :

  • flywheel weight: 16 kg
  • pedal size: 38 cm
  • pedal adjustment: 10 positions
  • distance between pedals: 10 cm
  • rear rail inclination angle: 0-35 degrees
  • stride length: 50 cm
  • elliptical cross trainer weight: 96 kg
  • max user weight: 160 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W): 188 x 60 x 166 cm


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 188 x 60 x 166 cm

    Weight :          96 kg

    Braking system:         electromagnetic

    Flywheel:       16 kg

    Max load :       160 kg

    Transport wheels:       Yes

    Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     Standard programs: 6.

    User program: 2

    heart rate controlled program: 2

    Speed:            Yes

    Time: Yes

    Distance:        Yes

    Pulse: Yes

    Calories:         Yes

    Scan: Yes

Rank #12: Doufit Elliptical Machine

The Doufit Elliptical Machine is technologically advanced equipment. It is characterized by unusual quality and durability, as well as efficiency and comfort of use. The model was created for those users who want to achieve as much as possible and set higher and higher goals.

The device combines everything you would expect from cardio equipment intended for home use. It gives the ability to track activity thanks to many compatible applications available in the Android store and App Store and train in the so-called virtual reality. The Doufit platform has the opportunity to train  that they train on Nautilus equipment at the same time. All this can be experienced in real mode on the device screen.

Training with Nautilus devices will never be boring!

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 185.4 x 68.5 x 170 cm
  • weight: 95 kg
  • Permissible user weight: 136 kg
  • Adjustable SightLine display – two high-quality backlit LCD displays that allow you to track and control independent training parameters
  • 29 training programs: 12 profile, nine based on the target pulse, one quick start, two fitness test, one recovery test, four users)
  • Goal Tracker option – gives the ability to set individual exercise goals and track activity
  • 32-step EMS resistance adjustment, electronic
  • functions: time, distance, calories, slope, pulse, resistance
  • number of user-profiles: 4 (possible comparison of results, competition, defining goals, gaining achievements and awards)
  • flywheel: 13.6 kg
  • stride length: 55.8 cm Precision Path Stride
  • electronic 10-step tilt adjustment
  • wide, non-slip skids
  • profiled handles, with pulse measurement sensors, coated with urethane, allow many grips, with buttons for changing the slope and resistance
  • console with tablet space and adjustable angle
  • Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)
  • touch sensors measuring pulse on handles and wirelessly thanks to a telemetry belt – the belt is included in the set
  • quick selection keys: resistance level and slope
  • fan: 3 levels of ventilation control
  • additionally: USB port, transport rollers, bottle holder, accessory tray, MP3 input, speakers, leveling feet, power adapter

Connect to your favorite application via Bluetooth!

  • Nautilus Trainer 2 – the application is a great tool that helps each user in leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Allows you to control all training, fitness, and health parameters on the dashboard.

o          track your goals – set, control and track your plans and goals

o          monitor your progress

o          Earn rewards when you reach the goal

o          keep a progress diary

o          connect to MyFitnessPal and synchronize training information

  • Run Social – training in virtual reality. Thanks to the Run Social platform, friends and other users who have Nautilus equipment can train with you, training at the same time as you. You will experience it all in real mode on the screen of your device. In turn, if you care about marathon training, you have the opportunity to participate in events such as Virgin Money London digital marathons or Prague Digital Marathon through the treadmill console.
  • Aplle Health – an application that collects health information: eating and training habits, blood type, cholesterol level, etc.
  • My Fitness Pal – the easiest to use and fastest calorie counter on Android.
  • Under Armor Record – this is the first system in the world for monitoring fitness and health, available to everyone.
  • Google Fit – live more active and healthier with the new version of the application!
  • Map My Fitness – thanks to this application, you can plan and track every workout. Get health information, travel new routes, and share everything with your friends.
  • Nautilus Fitness Score – a function that calculates your training progress after each workout.
  • Display of running pace comparison – compares the pace of training to the set goal or concerning previous workouts

Condition:      New original product


  • Weight :          95 kg
  • Flywheel:       13.5 kg
  • Resistance Range:      32 levels
  • Max load :       135 kg
  • Transport wheels:       Yes
  • Power supply:            Network


  • Training programs:     29 training programs

    Speed:            Yes

    Distance:        Yes

    Time: Yes

    Calories:         Yes

    Pulse: Yes

Shopping guide – Which elliptical cross trainer to buy?

A healthy body and a clear mind are the basis of a happy life. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our physical and mental condition. Playing sports is a great way to achieve this goal.

That is why manufacturers have introduced special devices to the market that help in obtaining the expected results. One of them is a cross-trainer. This type of device allows you to burn fat, stimulating the most important muscle groups to work.

What’s more, it does not burden the joints, which is why it is also safe for the elderly. The wide range puts before us the question: “which elliptical cross trainer to choose” to be effective and bring results. In this article, we will pay attention to the most important features that a good quality device should have.

Drive – which elliptical cross trainer is the best?

One of the most important mechanisms of elliptical cross trainers is their drive. It depends on him whether riding on the device will effectively affect the fat burning process. All energy that we produce when pressing the pedals accumulates in a special wheel.

The heavier the mechanism, the more sport becomes more beneficial to our health. If it is too light, it will not be able to accumulate our energy, and pedaling will be much more difficult, which will affect the unnecessary load on the joints.


Due to the place where the drive was installed, elliptical cross trainers can be divided into three basic groups: with a mechanism located at the back, in the front, and the middle. Each of them has its pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to try out all available types.

Rear elliptical cross trainers are the most popular type of this type of equipment. The whole mechanism that is responsible for driving the pedals is behind the athlete’s back. The flywheel is connected to hand grips, thanks to which the whole body works during training.

In the case of elliptical cross trainers, the pedals are slightly wider apart, which affects the proper distribution of our strength. The devices are characterized by relatively small size and simplicity of use. The structure has been designed so that the equipment has as few moving parts as possible.

Forward elliptical cross trainers were introduced shortly after the introduction of their counterpart with the rear mechanism. Manufacturers have designed models that look a bit more massive to make their product stand out, which can make us believe that equipment is more effective.

This type of elliptical cross trainer has a very similar effect on the fat-burning process. The difference you’ll notice is, among others, in product weight. Because the flywheel is mounted at the front, the whole structure was slightly unstable. Adding several weights can solve this problem.

A novelty on our market is the elliptical cross trainer in which the drive is centrally distributed. This is the most comprehensive equipment that will take up less space than previous models. First of all, the product is very stable. This is due to the massive base that protects the device against tilting. Also, it takes up little space during operation. The pedals do not protrude as their counterparts with rear or front-drive, so you do not have to worry about accidentally hitting someone or damaging the wall.

Types of the braking system

One of the most important properties of elliptical cross trainers is the braking system. Nowadays, there are three types on the market: mechanical, magnetic, and electromagnetic.

Initially, all devices were equipped with a mechanical system. It has been constructed so that our pressure on the pedals causes a special belt connected to the flywheel to spin. The mechanism is somewhat reminiscent of the system used in the production of ordinary bicycles.

The difficulty level is set using special derailleurs mounted in the control panel. Of course, this type of drive does not guarantee smooth and stable movement. Therefore, these models are much cheaper than others. Another disadvantage of the device is an unpleasant noise during use.

Of course, on a small scale, this is not a major problem, but if, for example, you plan to open a gym and put some equipment in it, it will certainly be annoying in the long run. After all, consumers decide to buy them,

Elliptical cross trainers with magnetic braking systems work differently. In this case, the load is the result of installing special magnets in the equipment. Braking increases or decreases analogously to changing the distance between the magnets. This allows you to switch equipment from light to more demanding mode relatively quickly.

The use of magnets significantly reduces noise when using the elliptical cross trainer and allows you to set the ideal difficulty for us. All load changes are very smooth, so your body will gradually adapt to the speed. It is a cost-optimal device. One of his shortcomings is the lack of training programs.

The most advanced and effective equipment is an elliptical cross trainer with an electromagnetic braking system. It combines two ways to control the device: magnetic and electric. This advanced electronics will allow you to adjust the exercise’s degree of difficulty so that you can accurately plan your training. An additional advantage of the elliptical cross trainer is a computer integrated into the construction of the equipment.

It has several functions, e.g., the inclusion of a training plan focused on fat burning, building muscle tissue, cardio, or relax system. It is often equipped with special sensors that control your pulse, pressure and show the number of calories burned, etc. These equipment types will be great not only in the comfort of your home but also in professional fitness clubs.

Foot spacing

An often overlooked property of elliptical cross trainers is the pedal spacing, otherwise known as factor Q. Users rarely pay attention to this detail. Yet, our comfort is the most important issue in sports. So before buying a device, it’s good to work with it in the store for a while. Remember that the smaller the distance between the pedals, the more natural your movements will be. You mustn’t experience any discomfort when playing sports. Otherwise, you can put yourself not only quickly discouraged from using the elliptical cross trainer, but also serious injuries.

Good quality equipment should have a factor q of less than 20 cm. This spacing will ensure you fully safe and effective use. If you see that the parameter is larger than 20 cm – think about buying it.


When deciding on the device, carefully read its warranty document. The best elliptical cross trainer is one that will solidly serve you for many years. So check what conditions you must meet for the equipment to function properly.

Elliptical cross trainers at good prices

The prices of elliptical cross trainers vary widely. They are influenced by the brand, functions, and model. You can buy the cheapest device for $1,000. However, if you are thinking about choosing more robust equipment equipped with several additional functions, you need to prepare for an expense of 5000 $.


Do you want to invest in fitness equipment to keep fit? Among the offered equipment you will find, among others, a stationary magnetic bike and an elliptical bicycle . Do you know the difference between these two devices? Get to know our guide!


The similarities between the magnetic and elliptical bikes are mainly based on functioning: cyclical motion. What is the common purpose of both devices? Help you stay in shape.

Other advantages:

  • They stimulate the work of the heart: exercise on a stationary bike and elliptical bike increase endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • They help you lose weight: a stationary bike and an elliptical bike support fat burning. Combined with a healthy diet or balanced diet, they also help you slim down your figure.
  • They develop muscles without risk: the lack of shocks with this type of exercise means that there is no risk to joints.

Apart from the mentioned similarities in the operation of both devices and their effect on the body (and hence – on your training goals), these bikes do not have much in common.


Although a stationary bike and an elliptical bike have several features in common, you’ll see that the differences are significant and will help you make the right choice.


On a magnetic bike, you practice sitting down without engaging your upper body, while on an elliptical bike you practice standing up. Standing position necessitates constant balance and coordination of muscle work.


Movable sticks of the elliptical bicycle, standing position and movements performed on this type of device engage more muscles. As a result, you tone your entire body: during exercise, 80% of your muscles work on an elliptical bike . In this way you increase the number of calories burned in relation to the same effort done on a magnetic bike.


The elliptical bike also allows pedaling backwards – a feature not available on most stationary bikes. Training on an elliptical bicycle allows you to evenly distribute forces on the work of the joints ; Exercise on a stationary bike gives less effect when it comes to muscle work.


Now you can see how the stationary magnetic bike and the elliptical bike differ in their effects and effects on the body. They correspond to different training purposes: a stationary bike helps to improve physical condition and increase endurance, while the elliptical bike , in addition to the same advantages, also allows the work of the whole body muscles . Does this mean that an elliptical bicycle is better than a stationary bicycle ? No!

A stationary bike will be more suitable for people who already engage in activities that provide them with global body work and who want to supplement it. Great for people undergoing rehabilitation or with reduced mobility. A stationary bike such as VM Fold will be perfect for exercising at home, you can easily put it in a small apartment.

You already have all the information you need to choose the right fitness equipment . Now everything depends on you!

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