[2021 Edition ] Top 12 Best Elliptical Under 600 Dollars

You must give more emphasis on some key factors while selecting your right pick such as price, special features , positive and negative reviews , capability , and resistance level .

Among them, most of the people give special focus on price due to their proper usage of money. 

To help them accordingly, I prepare the top list of the best elliptical under 600 that can meets your desire and gives a sturdy elliptical machine within your budget range.  

The elliptical allows you to exercise all the muscles of your  body gently by combining various physical activities such as rowing, walking, or cycling in a single place .

Our Top 10 Selection Of Best Elliptical Under $600

Best Rated Elliptical Trainer under $600 – Comparison & Reviews

An elliptical cross trainer allows us to keep fit, burn a lot of calories, and strengthen the whole body’s muscles.

Exercising on such a device, we  can move our whole body – both legs and hands. 

We can change the load, speed, or set the exercise mode and adjust it to our needs . To facilitate the purchase of this machine, we have prepared a ranking of elliptical cross-trainers .


The HORIZON FITNESS EX-59 ELLIPTICAL MACHINE is a magnetic model. It has a durable and stable construction. 

It has a flywheel weighing of 12 kg and a computer to set the operating mode so that you can exercise at different load levels.

Also, it has a counter showing your exercise time, your speed, and distance traveled. The device also has a pulse measuring function. 

All this allows the user to assess the performance of his body.

The device has practical transport rollers, which makes it quite a mobile proposition. Usable load of this equipment is up to 110 kg.

 It has dimensions of 104 cm x 61 cm x 158 cm. The kit includes a drink bottle. 

This best elliptical cross trainer under 600  has received many positive consumer reviews.

The product is valued for its solid quality and high reliability. Also, users emphasize in their opinions that it is easy to use.

The HORIZON FITNESS EX-59 ELLIPTICAL MACHINE has the following dimensions: 104 cm x 61 cm x 158 cm, and its weight is equal to 43.5 kg. 


  • 8 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  •    Digital tracking monitor


  • Volume:

Because the elliptical cross trainer’s design has been carefully thought out and the materials used for production are of high quality, the equipment does not generate much noise during operation. By using it, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your household.

  • Load capacity:

The maximum product load is 110 kg. Therefore, it can be used not only by slim people but also for those who want to get rid of excess weight.

  • Display:

The presented model was equipped with a display. It has the right dimensions, which makes the information shown on it readable.


Many people confirm that it is not difficult to operate the equipment, and even a person who has never used this type of device can handle it. Facilitation is the instruction manual attached to the set.

  • programs:

The elliptical cross trainer has several training programs. You will certainly find one that will meet your expectations, regardless of your level of advancement.


  • Assembly:

In the opinions of some consumers, there is information that the assembly of equipment is sometimes difficult.

Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer with a resistance system based on a 7 kg flywheel. 

The device is characterized by smooth movement, which ensures rhythmic training without interference.The equipment is stable and during intense training , it does not pose a threat to the user.

What’s more!

It has comfortable handles and is covered with non-slip material. Similarly, the element on the feet  affects the comfort of exercise.This model has dimensions: 107 cm x 66 cm x 152 cm and its weight is 28.9 kg.

The elliptical cross trainer has a manual resistance adjustment system of about  up to 8 load levels so that you can easily adapt it to your needs.

You will achieve very good exercise results.


·         Battery-powered performance display and iPad holder

·         8 levels of easily adjustable resistance

·         Weight capacity: 285 pounds

Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine


Non-slip bases:

The elliptical cross trainer has non-slip bases under the feet, which guarantees adequate safety during exercise. Legs do not slip during exercise.


Although the device weighs 30 kg, carrying it is not difficult. Transport rollers placed on the front stabilizer are a great help. They are made of good quality materials, so they don’t scratch the floor.


Users say that the handles are properly profiled. Also, they were covered with a pleasant to the touch material. You don’t have to worry that after training your hands will be irritated.


The display presents all the most important information, including about distance traveled and calories burned. This way, you can monitor your progress.


Work volume:

Reading consumer reviews, you can come across information that the product generates a relatively high noise, which can be a nuisance to the household.


The  PROFORM 150I ELLIPTICAL MACHINE  is the 4th interesting elliptical cross trainer in the USA market. 

The device is equipped with a training computer that shows the training time, distance traveled, heart rate, and speed.

You  can see  your achievements and pulse or other data. The device must be operated with a sweat-resistant foil keyboard.

You will be able to switch your equipment functions safely even during intense training.

The device has a manual load control system. Another feature is the ability to change the type of training manually.

 The maximum weight load of the elliptical cross trainer is 110 kg. It is a magnetic model with a flywheel weighing of about 12 kg.

 The unfolded dimensions of the machine are 130 cm x 64 cm x 160 cm.

Reviews about the brand’s elliptical cross trainers are very flattering. 

 PROFORM 150I ELLIPTICAL MACHINE  is considered a solid proposition and also ideal for training at home.


  •  24 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  •    Backlit 5.5” display
  •    Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  •     Comes with 22 preset workout programs
  • 20 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  • 2 LCD screen displays


Heart rate sensors:

Heart rate sensors were placed in the handles. They allow you to monitor your progress and also affect the safety of training. If it turns out that exercise overloads our body, we will know about it.

Transport rollers:

In the comments on the Elevtab Elliptical Machine Trainer , you can read that the transport rollers do not need jam and are made of good quality materials. This gives us confidence that they will not be destroyed too quickly.


The user can adjust the level of difficulty of the training to the level of advancement. Choosing your preferred settings is extremely easy by well-described buttons.



Some consumers think that the housing of the model was not made of the best quality materials. After a few weeks of use, you will notice unsightly scratches on it.


The fifth product is the FUNMILY Elliptical Machine from the FUNMILY . It is a magnetic model with a load range of 1-8 (manual adjustment). 

The skids of this product are non-slip which guarantees us protection during exercise.

The device has a built-in heart rate measurement system – touch sensors  that are located on stationary handles. 

This equipment has transport rollers, and  it weighs 29.5 kg. It is quite mobile. 

This model is equipped with a bottle holder which increases its functionality during very intense workouts.

The maximum user weight is 110 kg. Product dimensions are 120 cm x 64 cm x 157 cm. 

Signaling of exceeding the maximum heart rate is a particularly useful solution especially for people with heart disease.

This model has four training programs. 

Also, the device measures training time, calories burned, or distance traveled so that you can see into your performance and your body’s performance.

The FUNMILY Elliptical Machine is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer measuring 120 cm x 64 cm x 157 cm. The product weighs 29.5 kg, and the maximum load is 110 kg.


  • 25 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  •    DualTrack LCD screen displays


Bottle Cage:

A bottle holder mounted on the device is an extremely useful solution. You can always have a bottle of water at hand.

Compact dimensions:

The product has compact dimension and it will also be suitable for small apartments.

Fitness test:

The options available on the device provide the fitness test. So you can check if you have made any progress since you decided on systematic physical activity.



Some users have noticed that creaks can be heard when using the equipment which can be troublesome for some people.


Some consumers find the information on the display is not legible.


 Our set-up would not be complete without the TUNTURI C30 CARDIO FIT ELLIPTICAL MACHINE. 

Given the other models available on the market, the product’s price is relatively low. Which is why many consumers decide to invest in this device.

The presented elliptical cross trainer has the following dimensions: length – 100 cm, width – 61 cm, and height – 160 cm. 

The weight of the model is 26 kg, and the maximum load is 100 kg. 

The user can adjust the level of training advancement. Sensors for measuring heart rate are mounted in the handles. 

The skids are covered with non-slip material so that  you don’t have to worry that the product will move.

Opinions about TUNTURI C30 CARDIO FIT ELLIPTICAL MACHINE are generally flattering. Consumers appreciate that the product is easy to use and has many amenities, including heart rate sensors or transport rollers. 

These elements increase the comfort of using the equipment.

TUNTURI C30 CARDIO FIT ELLIPTICAL MACHINE is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer with dimensions: length – 100 cm, width – 61 cm, and height – 160 cm. The product weighs 26 kg.


  •  24 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  •  Weight capacity: 325 pounds
  • 7ʺ Backlit Display


Transport rollers:

Because the transport rollers are made of good quality plastics, they do not destroy too quickly. Most importantly, they facilitate transporting the elliptical cross-trainer.


A well-thought-out, stable construction ensures safety during exercise and minimizes the risk of injuries caused by e.g., falling.



In the opinions of some consumers, you can read that the material covering the handles is not pleasant to the touch, which is why it sometimes irritates the skin.

Work volume:

A certain group of consumers believes that the flywheel generates relatively high noise during operation.

The SNODE E20i Magnetic Elliptical Machine is a professional trainer with a futuristic, timeless design.

 Unlike other machines, the flywheel is located at the front of the elliptical cross trainer making the movement more dynamic and natural. 

High comfort of training is provided by 51 cm long pedals with a spacing of 26.5 cm and a large flywheel weight of 14.5 kg.

The solid rails on which the pedals move not only save energy but also effectively hide electrical wires. 

The trainer is equipped with a computer with a legible LCD panel, which displays all the necessary parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse.


  • 24 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  •     Weight capacity: 325 pounds
  •   7ʺ Backlit Display
SNODE E20i Magnetic Elliptical Machine


  • Smooth movement
  • Magnetic resistance variety
  • Prevents knee discomfort
  • Duration of 18-inch stride
  • 12 programs for fitness


  • No tilt
  • Difficulty assembling consumer guides

ANCHEER Elliptical Machine is ideal for all athletes training endurance. 

The elliptical cross trainer combines the classic elliptical cross trainer movement with the drive of a professional exercise bike. 

Additionally, it is equipped with the “Double-Transmission” system, which doubles the disc’s turnover compared to traditional cardio trainers.

 Very low revs are possible with little resistance and it is burning calories is up to 25% higher.



  • 8 levels of easily adjustable resistance
  •     Weight capacity: 242 pounds
  •   iPad holder and LCD monitor
XTERRA Fitness FS3.0


  • Robust building
  • Dual pedal operation
  • Bset in warranty class
  • Easy to assemble


  • Water bottles are difficult to reach.
  • No adjustable length of stride and tilt
  • No HRM wireless

The MaxKare Elliptical Machine uses an easy-to-use electronic console with a 6.5 “LCD screen, having all the features of a club model. 

Both cooling fans and a bottle holder are built-in, and the console is equipped with speakers that can be connected to any MP3 player (iPod, etc.) and practice with music.

MaxKare Elliptical Machine


  • Adjustable slope
  • Dual-function handlebars
  • Magnetic resistance variety
  • Durable



  • Wide & strong
  • Monthly subscription to iFit expenses

Shopping guide – Which elliptical cross trainer to buy?

Stride Length 

This is the width of an elliptical trainer between your front foot and back foot. What is the optimal length for elliptical steps? You would like to take a long step if you are tall with long beings. During each stage you should be able to stretch the legs completely and to achieve a complete movement through your hip joints. You really don’t want to extend hyper. Taller users must have an 18-inch or longer stride.

The elliptical steps of 18 inches or lower can be used by users below 5′′ 4′′. An 18-inch step should be ideal between 5′′ 4′′ and 5′′ 8′′. A 18-inch or longer step is recommended when you are 5′′ 9′′ or taller. The bigger you are the stronger your success. Certain high-end elliptical lengths are adjustable.

Maximum user weight

Every trainer has a maximum user weight limit depending on its construction. More costs will normally be borne by more coaches. So you should not buy the trainer but look for one with a greater weight limit if the limit is 300 lbs and you have over 300 lbs.. This will put less pressure on the system and on the pieces if you weigh much less than the weight limit.

The resistance of magnetic brake 

Most elliptical machines are resistant to magnetic areas. ECB is one kind of magnetic resistance (described below). Magnetic resistance is more free of maintenance than older friction pads and belts-based technologies. It is smoother to use magnetic resistance braking than other forms of resistance mechanisms.

Magnetic resistance levels

The magnet resistance level can be changed to adapt the strength of the training. The more degrees of resistance, the tougher the preparation you will choose.

LED/LCD Monitor

The elliptical trainer will have a display to give you details (such as time, calorie burn, distance) (such as time, calorie burn, distance). Either LED-lit or an LCD monitor can be used. Many ellipticals have LCD screens that are not backlit, since many run on batteries. If “BACKLIT LCD” is listed, the screen has a backlight.

Heart monitor

Most elliptical trainers have a cardiovascular fitness monitor that can monitor the heart rate to achieve cardiovascular fitness targets. The handlebars are fitted with grip controls. A grip pulse monitor or a chest monitor can achieve the heart rate. At least the grip control for most ellipticals, and some even have a grip and a chest monitor.

ECB strength 

ECB strength is a high quality type of magnetic resistance to brake. ECB = current brake for eddy brakes.

Workout programs

Virtually every elliptical machine has a small computer and displays several different resistance-variant workout programs. Time, distance, calorie, hills, weight loss and reverse train are some examples.

Built-in Speakers 

Most elliptical trainers have integrated speakers so that you can plug in your iPod or other mp3 player and hear music without the need to wear earphones, which can get tangled in your exercise.

Integrated fan

Some elliptical trainers have an integrated fan to cool you down during your training.

How Much Should You Spend on the Elliptical?

Each Price Range Needs To Deliver Something Different. A Simple Rule Of Thumb Exists:

Less Than $150: Chinese Computers Are The Most Simple Of All. Nearly All Of These Ellipticals Are Powered By A Chain, Make A Little Sound, And Are Not Designed To Last Very Long. Stamina Inmotion Is The Only Successful Trainer In This Range.


Less Than $500: This Is The Elliptical Sweet Spot At Home. You Can Get Well-Built Elliptical Magnets. There Is No Noticeable Difference Between The Noise From These Trainers And The More Costly Ones, Because Of The Magnetic Drive System. You Won’t Get Any Wearable Heart Rate Monitor, Long Moves, Pitch, And Advanced Programs.


Less Than $1,000: More Features For The Computer Rise As The Price Increases. Such Brands Of Machines Are Evolving, But Not Fully. So, You Will Get Some Great Features Added To The Elliptical And Even More Designs In This Price Range. Features Such As Manual Tilt, Longer Phase Length, Heart Rate Monitors For Wireless.


The $1,000 To $2,000 Machines: You Can Get Luxury Elliptical Brands With This Budget: Such As Sole, Norditrac, Bowflex. Most Of These Trainers Have An Automatic Tilt, Adjustable Steps, And Wireless Heart Rate Monitor. The Construction Standard, Of Course, Would Be As Good As It Gets.


Over $2,000 Machines: The Top Ranked, High-Class, Best-Rated Ellipticals With Classy Characteristics Lie Here. All Is In The Premium Price Category At This Stage.

Elliptical Trainer: All The Questions Commonly Asked

There Are Numerous Questions Posed During A Workout By Both Beginners And Seasoned Users Of Elliptical Machines.

Is Your Health Fine For HIIT?

To Prevent Problems That Come With Eating Heavy Calories, HIIT Implements Important Activities That Speed Up The Metabolic Process.

And Because Average Intensity Aerobic Training Is Provided By Elliptical Trainers, They Can Help Burn More Fat At The End. It Will Have A Big Impact On Your Health To Combine The Two When Doing HIIT 2 Or 3 Times Every Week.

Will An Elliptical Machine Kill You?

Some Fitness Professionals Will Advise You About The Elliptical Trainers That Do Not Have A Natural Move Like Walking, Cycling Or Even Jogging. This Means That You Limit Your Mechanical Motion And, Thus, You Are At Risk Of Injury.

But, The High Risk Of Injury Is Typically The Result Of The Elliptical Being Misused Or Exploited. Also, You’ll Only Be Great With 30 To 60 Minutes A Day.

Is A Treadmill Equivalent To An Elliptical?

They Are Both Outstanding Home Aerobic Training Devices With Pros And Cons. Although, In Contrast To The Treadmill, An Elliptical Is Easier On The Joints And Takes Up Less Space. It Also Helps You To Simultaneously Exercise Both Your Upper Body And Legs.

For An Elliptical Machine, How Much Space Is Perfect?

That Depends On The Type Of Machine And Maybe The Brand, But Most Ellipticals Need At Least Six Feet In Length And Three Feet In Width. For Your Experience And The Ability To Travel About, That And More Would Be Excellent.


As the highest elliptical under 600, and the option of our editor for elliptical items, the MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine is named.

It has some excellent functions and it’s easy to adjust the settings for your workout as well as being a consistent model. The fact that it has wheels means that you can store in a single location and drive into the area you want. It’s also relatively compact.

The XTERRA Fitness FS3.0, a very strong model that is the best elliptical model of under $600, is now under cover for a period of five years if you try to find a longer assured framework itself. We’ve scored it 9.7/10.

The 3rd Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 is ranked 9.5/10 on our list. This is a compact option for taking and going with you and it is conveniently placed under a desk so that you can use it while working in the office or simply store it in the home.

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