Best Folding Treadmill For Small Space

15 Best Folding Treadmill For Small Space- ( 2020 Reviews )

Sometimes we need to start an exercise routine that can allow us to lose our extra kilos. However, we don’t have enough time to go for a gym, and thus , we need to exercise at our own home. A good alternative can be the best folding treadmill for a small space for our home gym. And , you don’t have enough knowledge  to choose the best one. To buy  a better treadmill that suits your needs in terms of quality and performance, you should take into account some important aspects like the professional or semi-professional style of its manufacture, whether it is compact or not, etc.

In these circumstances, we have reviewed some of the best treadmills in the market. We can highlight the Goplus under desk electric treadmill   first . Though it is quite economical, it has a pretty beautiful design with built-in LED display. If you are looking for higher training capacity, the Nordic Track T series model has an motor capable of reaching 10 miles per hour and it can adjust other parameters like the inclination of the belt during the training process.

Our 10 Top Selection


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity




265 lbs

49”x 27”x 42”

10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

300 lbs

39.15” x 79” x 71.4” 


250 lbs

64.5" x 28" x 50.5"

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

12 MPH

400 Lbs

84.5" x 38.5" x 54.7" 

12 MPH

309 lbs

78.8" x 39.2" x 63"

16 MPH

420 LB

83" x 35" x 62" 

12 MPH

240 LB

55” x 23.5” x 43”

15 Best Folding Treadmill For Small Space-Reviews In 2020

We all know that walking is our favorite sport, but we cannot always do it due to lack of time.  An electric treadmill becomes the answer to those desire  and can be a practical option to keep us fit. In addition to contributing to a much more robust health, we prepare this article to help you know the best folding treadmills in 2020 so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you guys.

This small folding treadmill home is a portable equipment that allows you to play sports from the comfort of home and does not take up much space of your apartment . Also, it can be easily  folded and stored up comfortably after each workout accomplished .

Main Features 

Programs and speeds

This machine has 12 different workouts with which you can exercise. Each program will allow you to follow specific training program that performs some work within the exercise routine  programmed. The users can feel comfortable with its versatility, as it allows them to undertake a series of complete workouts and keep different body muscles in shape.

In addition to that, the treadmill also has four different speeds that is  fully adjustable according to the user’s wishes. That way, the user can choose the speed ranging from 1 km / h to 10 km / h.

Control panel and speakers

This compact folding treadmill includes a control panel that allows you to control the functions of the equipment efficiently. The user will immediately modify the speed, time, distance, and calories. Also, the  user can modify the program .

All this provides absolute control of the training program which benefits the users. The panel is made up of an LED screen. The treadmill also has built-in speakers that you can connect to the control panel using your headphone cable.

This function will make it easier for the consumer  to listen to music while doing sports. With these two characteristics, the exercise becomes much more comfortable and bearable and  efficient. 


Not rarely ! Can treadmill users run at risks and accidents? It is known that injuries caused by exercise can also affect long-term health and inconveniences to the user that affect their  daily well-being with the discomforts .

To meet that point, the equipment has a magnetic security system consisting of a clip that hooks on the user’s clothing.

This clamp is attached to a security key responsible for stopping the movement of the belt in case it moves from the position it was originally in, as would happen during a fall from the treadmill .  

Goplus 1100W Electric Folding Treadmill


  • It is a compact and small-sized model.
  • Also, being a foldable optioon , it can be stored in any corner and not involve a hindrance to anyone at your home.


  • For some users, the product is somewhat narrow and inappropriate. But,  that will depend on the individual’s demands.
  • In general, it works well in users that have proportions close to the usual average.

It is a 2.0 HP motor that can achieve a speed of  14 km and part of 0.8km. The running surface of  the model  is 47.3×16.5 Inch . It has VCS damping system to support the trot .

Among its specifications, the manufacturer  highlight the large LED screen where you can see everything related to workout while doing the walk and jog. You can observe the speed of travel, the consumption of calories, distance traveled, time, and pulsations. It has a high quality in its structure, and its tubes are made of reinforced steel to give greater resistance and support to those who have much body weight .

It folds quickly and easily and provides the convenience of fixing it to 3 positions and select the most suitable positions for the user . It has measures of 61.4×27.5×49.2 Inch and has the capacity of input to mp3 and two speakers to enjoy music while you are walking or jogging.

It is certain that Shayin is the best brand of electric treadmills and you could not miss one of its options within our selection. 

Shayin Treadmills Folding Electric Treadmill


  • Speed: The Shayin treadmill is capable of making a maximum speed of 14.8 kilometers.
  • Motor Power: The 2 hp motor has a special VCS damping so that the machine is not affected.
  • MP3: It has an input for player equipment and two speakers  will allow you to enjoy your favorite music while you train up.


  • Instructions: It was learned that some of your buyers miss that you include an instruction manual to be able to assemble and use it more easily.
  • Temperature: also, it seems that, if used for prolonged periods, some fever can be noticed in the structure of the equipment.

There are many people who considers that this model is as one of the best due to the combination of advantages it offer for the user. Its speed stands out that will allow you to make races of up to 9 miles in just one hour and this places this model among the fastest for domestic use. On the other hand, its has a surface called maxi-grip that has the purpose of granting a comfortable experience which can favor when you run long distances.

Safety has also been considered in its design since it has included a magnetic emergency stop system which helps to stop the turn of the belt quickly, and you can always know your cardiovascular effort with its handlebar sensor.

And as regards its folding system, this can be done without major complications. It will also be easy to transport the space saving treadmills to anywhere you need by its wheels.

To exercise without leaving your home, this model may meet most of your expectations. We analyze its pros and cons below so that you can confirm it.

ANCHEER 3.25HP Folding Treadmill


  • Quiet: Its engine can operate silently and you can run comfortably without adding too much noise to your home which might add comfort to your life.
  • Security: Its emergency stop system helps prevent accidents which can be highly recommended.
  • Functions: Due to its variety of functions, you can measure your performance in each exercise session and compare your progress.
  • Speed:  It can allow a speed of up to 9 mile/h that gives you a higher level of difficulty in indoor races which can be attractive.


  • Folding size: Compared to other models, this does not fold too much. But still, it can allow you to store it more easily and you recover space.

The AW folding electric treadmill is an ideal electric folding treadmill to burn calories, lose weight, and get in shape with a workout from home and we will do exercises whenever we have time available. It is easily be folded vertically for much more comfortable storage.

Its LED screen  shows the evolution of our training program,  speed, time, distance traveled and calories burned and we can know a more accurate knowledge of how our start-up and physical activity progresses.

It has measures of 130 x 56 x 126 cm and its maximum user weight is 100 kg of the person who climbs on it. It is robust and quiet and has an emergency stop if required. It consists of ABS, PVC, and steel materials and its transfer is easy.

Before deciding which flat folding treadmill to buy, we advise you to evaluate your options in comparative tables since you can more easily visualize which one suits you best.

AW Folding Electric Treadmill


  • Folding: If you are looking for an option that is easy to handle and transfer, you should take a look at the AW Folding Electric Treadmill . This treadmill has the advantage of being folded which will facilitate its storage and mobilization.
  • Screen: It has an LED screen so that you can modify the speed, know the distances traveled and others data.
  • Consumption: It is also one of the least energy consumed treadmill .


Running surface : The exercise surface is a little narrower than the other models mentioned, having a width of just 34 centimeters.

MP3: It also has no input to connect your music players, so you must listen to your songs through other speakers.

Rank #5 : XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

To know which folding treadmill for small space is best implies having checked all the existing ones in the market. The present model is a semi-professional treadmill of 2. 25 HP that includes  very convenient massage device (XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck technology) to rub the areas of the body if anyone is injured by some sudden movement  while using the treadmill .

It is an electric treadmill to be used occasionally or professionally and continuously. It is suitable for experts as well as for newbies. It reaches a speed of up to 10 km / h and is provided with a 16″ x 50″ jogging surface . It also has a XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck technology.

It has three-speed levels that adapt to the physical condition you have. It folds by its hydraulic system and supports a user weight of 108 lb . It measures   the 63. 4 x 28. 75 x 51. 4 inch  for greater spaciousness and comfort.

In sum, we find here  an another  best compact folding treadmills this time that is  little more powerful with very competitive advantages.

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill


  • Cushioning: The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill is equipped with XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck technology so that you can jog on it without any problems.
  • Speed: It has one of the highest speed in this list that could reach 10 km/h.
  • Capacity: It can  weigh up to 108 lbs.


  • Size: It has a massage system. This model is much more voluptuous and, therefore, occupies a larger space.
  • Weight: Its weight is increased due to the accessories and its mobilization requires a little more effort.

Rank #6 : Rebel 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

The Rebel 1000 under desk treadmill meets all the criteria we set and also fits our pocket. It has a control panel with time, distance, speed, and calories burned for greater control within our reach.

This lightweight folding treadmill supports a weight of 250 lbs and has a maximum speed of 2 mph to provide the most physical activity to the user. The treadmill running surface is characterized by being one of the largest, space and its measures serve to 36 x 98 cm.

It consumes an amount of 1000 watts and it has  a compact and ergonomic design that is beneficial for the health of people who use it. This device is also beneficial for the heart since it gives more cardiovascular activity because its usage can decrease the loss of bone density. It has a preventive safety stop in emergency cases to avoid an undesirable fall.

The Rebel 1000 under desk treadmill is probably considered the best folding treadmill for small space for your home . Please , check out its pros and cons.

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill


  • Support: If you need a slightly stronger electric treadmill, the rebel treadmill one is ideal for you. This equipment is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs of weight and is ideal for those people who are suffering from obesity at low levels.
  • Speeds: It is capable of reaching a speed of 2 miles per hour for those who wish to test themselves to the fullest when exercising on this electric treadmill.
  • Belt: Its another advantages is that it has one of the widest belt where it has running surface of 36 x 89 centimeters so that you have greater freedom and do not suffer from trip hazards.
  • Security: To keep you safe at all times, this model has a preventive detention system so that you can activate to get off the belt without suffering accidents or slips.


  • Incline: This exercise equipment does not allow you to change the inclination of your treadmill and  you will not be able to train in more demanding areas.

Rank #7: Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

The 7th  model of our reviews is priced in the middle class but it convinces with all sorts of high-quality functions. Sunny Health & Fitness folding treadmill is one of the professionals and best space saver treadmill when it comes to health and fitness. The Sunny Health & Fitness folding treadmill is not only the fastest models, but also  it is an ideal treadmill for seniors or people who prefer training from walking and light jogging. They reach a maximum speed of 9 kilometers per hour. The maximum permitted weight for the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is 220 lbs.

What characteristics should best small treadmill for apartment for seniors have?  Among other things, it should have a clear control panel. It has approximately 7.6-centimeter LCD display which are large, clear, and simple. You also have the option of adjusting the angle of the display so that you always have a good view of it. For example, this is a criterion for a treadmill for seniors. You can find out it that are included in our guide.

You can set up to 9 different programs on display. It also shows  your calorie consumption , the distance covered , your speed and your heart rate. You can also set how long and at what speed you run. This is done via the MODE or SPEED button. The PULSE / CAL button allows you to switch between the pulse and calorie display.

Two other highlights are the quiet operating noises and the function of folding. With just 68 decibels, you won’t disturb your neighbors or colleagues and can complete your training at home or in the office. After training,  you can simply fold up the treadmill and store it in a space-saving place of your choice. The unfolded dimensions of this small electric treadmills for apartments are approximately 62L x 25.5W x 50H inch and in the folded state, it occupies about 36L X 25.5W X 58H inch.

Joint-friendly training:

 According to the manufacturer, the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is equipped with a particularly joint-friendly, multi-layer tread. Under the tread, you will find a supportive, shock-absorbing, a noise-absorbing, and the actual contact surface.

Other highlights:

Emergency stop button: 

In addition to the actual stop button on display, the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is equipped with an emergency stop button. This consists of a magnet that is attached to the display and a clip and  you can attach it to your clothes. As soon as you fall off the treadmill, for example, the magnet tears off the display, and the treadmill stops immediately.

Low maintenance:

You have to oil the treadmill at regular intervals with silicone oil with most treadmills  . This does not apply to the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill because an integrated self-lubrication system automatically lubricates the treadmill at regular intervals. You only fill up the oil if necessary.

App control:

The Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill  is compatible with the iFitshow and Kinomap app. You can control your treadmill with your smartphone or tablet, and you can create a personal fitness coach or listen to music.

Chest strap compatible:

Chest straps provide you with more precise measurements of your heart rate than a hand sensor. A corresponding sensor/receiver is available on the device, and the matching chest strap is available as an accessory.

Adjustable inclination angle:

This is a compact treadmill with incline . You can choose from a total of three inclination angles, which you can manually set up to an inclination angle of 4.37%.

Beverage and tablet holder:

This treadmill allow you to work out relaxed because you have your hands free. But , still you have everything at your hand – such as your drinks and the multimedia devices for app control.

Not suitable for tall people! Please consider with all the advantages that the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill brings with it that it is not suitable for tall people from 1.80 meters. For a body height from 1.80 meters and fast running speeds, we recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill  from number three from our comparison.

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill


  • Sunny is one of the leading manufacturers for sports and fitness equipment . This treadmill is for beginners or amateur athletes and is well-thought-out and equipped with high-quality features. The large and easy-to-understand display also makes it suitable for seniors.

Rank #8: Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill

The Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill is similar in structure to the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill previously presented. However, you will find a 2.25 -HP engine in this and reach a maximum speed of 7.5 kilometers per hour. The built-in DC motor works with less than 75 decibels, which roughly corresponds to the spin cycle of a washing machine.

There are 99 preset programs to choose from. These include various interval programs and mountain or incline training. The controls on the Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill are slightly smaller compared to the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill. We, therefore, recommend seniors to switch to the Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill . Otherwise, according to the manufacturer, it is equally suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Do I have to maintain the treadmill regularly? Yes, because this help the treadmill to roll smoothly and smoothly. You need some silicone oil at regular intervals that you should distribute evenly under the treadmill. The treadmills from Goplus  largely relieve you of this task. The devices often have an innovative self-lubrication system. You only fill two small containers to the right and left of the treadmill and then walk on them for about 5 minutes at a slow speed. You can find further tips on care, cleaning, and maintenance in our guide.

The Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill can also be folded up after use and  it can be stowed away to save space. The dimensions of this mini household treadmill set up are 46.5”(L) X 49.6”(W) X 22”(H), those of the folded 16.2”(L) X 22”(W) X 50”(H), and it weighs 31 kilograms. The tread has the following dimensions: 43.3”(L) X 15.8”(W). You can either see your distance, your heart rate, or your current speed on display with this model . You measure your pulse using the hand sensor included  or the optionally available chest strap.

Particularly good cushioning:  According to the manufacturer, a multi-layer contact surface in combination with a 6-zone cushioning system gives you a natural and particularly joint-friendly running feeling. Also, the multi-layered contact surface make you run even quieter.

Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill

Other product features:

  • Including drinks and tablet holder
  • Approved up to 120 kilograms
  • Including emergency stop function
  • Blue backlight
  • Additional side panels for more walking comfort
  • Manually adjustable angle of inclination
  • Compatible with a chest strap
  • App compatible
  • Transport rollers
  • Emergency stop button


what is the best folding treadmill for home use?

The Goplus  treadmill reaches a maximum speed of 9 kilometers per hour and is equipped with all safety features . It promises training that is particularly comfortable for the joints .

Rank #9: TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmill

The following model comes from TITAN and has the same basic features as the previous two. This compact folding treadmill with incline is also equipped with a self-lubrication system for the silicone oil. It has a very quiet motor, and a multi-layer contact surface. There are eight damping zones Instead of six on the TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmill  . According to the manufacturer, it give you  a joint-friendly running and should prevent early signs of fatigue. The dimensions of the compact treadmill for running are  65” L x 25” W x 8” H and it weighs a proud 114 lbs.

According to the manufacturer, the TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmill  achieves top speeds of up to 4 kilometers per hour with its powerful 2 hp AC motor. 

TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmil

The TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmill also differs from the previous two models in four other ways:

  • Integrated Bluetooth function
  • Integrated USB connection
  • MP3 function
  • Integrated speakers

Other features include the following:

  • 19.5-centimeter LCD
  • Twelve preinstalledinstalled programs
  • Cupholder
  • Tablet holder
  • Emergency stop function
  • Additional side panels for more walking comfort
  • Up to 15 percent gradient can be set electrically
  • Compatible with chest strap
  • Collapsible
  • Maximum load of 150 kilograms

Usually, you switch your treadmill on or off via the display.  If you suddenly have circulatory problems, bend your foot, or have a misstep. At such moments , there is no time for the regular switch. You need an emergency shutdown to avoid further consequences of the accident.

Therefore, emergency stop buttons are always connected to the display via a magnet, and have a cord with a clip. You can attach this to your clothes. The treadmill stops as soon as the distance becomes greater than the length of the line due to falling off from the treadmill. Or you pull the cord with a short handle, and the magnet is released from the display, and the treadmill then stops.


The advanced runners and high-speed skiers will get their money’s worth with the Titan foldable compact treadmill. According to the manufacturer, this treadmill that fold up reaches up to 4 kilometers per hour. Although it is priced in the higher class. It is equipped with many important functions and security features.

Rank #10: NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

This is an electric treadmill that can be folded up and have some key advantages .  The NordicTrack T Series Treadmills is useful primarily for users who have little space for such sports equipment. In such a case, you won’t make a mistake with the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills because this model is particularly easy to store away.

The NordicTrack T Series Treadmills has a 2.60 HP strong motor that runs quite quietly. In addition, this treadmill reaches a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour so that even advanced users will find a suitable program. The 16 different running programs also offer a good variation.

Including incline!

As a further special feature, the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills offers an integrated incline of 10% which makes the training even more intensive.

The tread on this model is 20” x 55” (Commercial Tread Belt) which can be described as sufficient. A safety key with a terminal is also available. This provides additional safety in the event of a trip. This will automatically activate the emergency stop.

Sensors are attached to the handle of the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills. These provide a practical pulse measurement so that you can always work out healthy and simply avoid overexertion. Sensors of this type are also necessary for training to be as effective as possible.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills


  • It has a space-saving design, in combination with solid artistry.
  • Nevertheless, you get a solid model with a sufficiently large tread .
  • It also offers many different programs that are available with standard models.

According to the manufacturer, the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill proovides you a maximum speed of up to 4 miles per hour with its powerful 3.0 hp motor. This makes it one of the professional treadmills with the price being comparatively appealing and more at a medium level. Although, it does not have a self-lubrication function. 

The display also shows you your speed, distance covered, your heart rhythm, and your calories burned. You also have 12  inclines to choose from on the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill. However, this treadmill is weighing around 120 lbs and it is one of the heaviest models presented here so far. You can fold it up after training performed and store it away to save space. It also has a particularly large tread with 20” W x 50″ L. The maximum user capacity is 400 lbs.

LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

Other product features:

  • Approved up to 400 kilograms
  • Tread of 141 × 52 centimeters
  • Electrically adjustable pitch angle
  • Transport rollers
  • Dimensions:  63″ L x 28.5″ W x 7.25″ H.


The LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill has a 3.0 HP motor and can run up to 4 kilometers per hour. You can load this treadmill up to a weight of 400 LBS.

Rank #11: SereneLife SLFTRD18 Folding Compact Treadmill

The SereneLife SLFTRD18 Folding Compact Treadmill is more suitable for beginners, walkers, and joggers .According to the manufacturer, it reaches a maximum speed of 12 kilometers per hour. You can set this continuously between 0.8 and 10 kilometers per hour. It also has three inclination levels that you can set manually. This shows you your speed, distance covered, your heart rate, and your approximate calories burned. You have a choice of twelve preset programs and you can set individually.

The dimensions of the SereneLife SLFTRD18 Smart Folding Compact Treadmill are 27.50 x 24.00 x 51.20 inches  that make it one of the smaller models in our comparison. The tread is 39.3’’ L x 13.4’’ W, and it weighs only 57.32 lbs.  This is a foldable treadmill that you fold up after your workout. There are sensors in the handles that measure your pulse.

SereneLife SLFTRD18 Folding Compact Treadmill”

Other features include the following:

  • A magnetic emergency and safety switch
  • A connection for your MP3 player
  • Two cup holders
  • Can hold up to 120 kilograms
  • A storage space for your mobile phone or your MP3 player
  • A floor mat for better cushioning
  • 1,100 watts of engine power

The SereneLife SLFTRD18 Smart Folding Compact Treadmill  is attractively priced,  and performs well among users. They particularly emphasize that it runs very quietly and is easy to use. According to the users, folding is also easy. However, the delivery is not completely pre-assembled. But, the users told that the assembly instructions are easy to understand.


According to the manufacturer, the SereneLife SLFTRD18 Smart Folding Compact Treadmill enables you to reach a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour and can monitor your heart rate, listen to music during training, and much more. The price is low to medium.

The Merax   JK108Y Treadmill is a cheap model  . You can set the speed continuously between 0.8 and 10 kilometers per hour via the clear and easy-to-use display. This models with a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour are more suitable for beginners, amateur athletes, or joggers.

Incidentally, the Merax treadmill is also a good option for seniors because the display is large, very clear, and easy to use. An important emergency stop is also available. It is connected to the console via a magnet and is released immediately if you pull away, fall or pull it manually during the training. period

Note: The Merax treadmill is not fully assembled on delivery. However, according to users, the setup is done quickly and you just have to attach and tighten a few screws.

Merax   JK108Y Treadmill

Other features include the following:

  • A connection for your MP3 player
  • Two cup holders
  • Can hold up to 100 kilograms
  • A storage space for your mobile phone or your MP3 player
  • A floor mat for better cushioning
  • 500-watt motor power

 The treadmill is described by users as well-made, easy to use, and pleasant to run. However, a few customers note that the wrong screws were in the package when they were delivered.

No frequency values ​​in the display: Please note that the Merax treadmill only shows you your distance, your speed, the time, and the approximate calories burned. The display does not show your pulse or heart rate.


The Merax treadmill is particularly suitable for big people with a maximum weight of 240 lbs. Please, Keep in mind that this model is inexpensive and has many important features like monitoring your heart or pulse rate is not one of them.

Rank #13: Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is comparatively very inexpensive treadmill and has very good customer reviews. This device is suitable for both beginners and professional users . It also has an LCD display. All control elements are shown on it such as training progress and some other data.

If you are looking for a treadmill that can be folded up very easily, you will not make a mistake with this model from Weslo . A total of 6 different programs are available for you with a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour. There are countless different modes available that you can easily set.

On the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill, you can not only walk but also jog relatively slowly. Set the desired speed for this and benefit from an ideal training aid that can be used well at home. The maximum load capacity for this model is a total of 100 kilograms. Of course, the manufacturer also placed value on ergonomically designed handles and a Comfort Cell Cushioning system. This guarantees an optimal training experience for users.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series


  • The Weslo treadmill is an inexpensive basic treadmill with a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour. The manufacturer does not use a pulse control.  You will find a joint-gentle damping according to the manufacturer.

The OMA Home Treadmills is the most expensive and also the most extensive device from our treadmill comparison.  The manufacturer is familiar with training equipment and takes all functional, comfortable, and safety features into account. The OMA Home Treadmills is “only” equipped with a 2.25 HP engine and it is so powerful that it reaches a maximum speed of 13 kilometers per hour.

Particularly large tread:

Compared to other models, the OMA Home Treadmills is equipped with a large and comfortable tread of  16.5″ X 50″. This means that you can train with great steps and enjoy a pleasant step freedom.

You have different angles of inclination up to a maximum of 15 degrees that you can adjust electrically. The  unfolded dimensions are 62.4” x 27” x 51.6” (L x W x H) and the folded dimensions are  43” x 27” x 53.1” (L x W x H).

You can see your heart rate, distance, speed, time, and calories burned at a glance with this very clear and easily recognizable display . It has 36 preinstalled  programs. And as a special highlight, it is even equipped with a wifi function. Surf the Internet, watch your favorite show, listen to your favorite playlist, or let the fitness app spur you on to higher training goals.

Other features include the following:

  • Can hold up to 150 kilograms
  • Net weight of 96 kilograms
  • USB connection, MP3 / AUX
  • Hand pulse sensors, pulse belt compatible
  • Tablet and bottle holder


You can feel like in a professional sports studio with the OMA home treadmills . It also have an extra-large wifi-compatible touch display. Even the acquisition costs are in the higher range, the purchase is worthwhile for everyone who values ​​high performance, functionality, and the best user comfort.

 The  FUNMILY Folding Treadmill has 2.25 HP motor that does not allow you to make large sprints. But , you can relax walking, walking, and jogging up to a maximum speed of 7.5  miles per hour.

Almost all manufacturers state the maximum speed. But how much is that figuratively speaking? A guideline says that you walk normally at 4 kilometers per hour, walk or walk fast at 6 kilometers per hour, jog at 8 kilometers per hour, and advanced joggers at 10 kilometers per hour.

You can set three programs manually or 12 preinstalled installed ones via the LCD display. Its practical direct selection buttons allow you to set your speed and training program. The display shows you your speed, your heart rate, or calorie consumption. Since the model complies with the European safety standard EN957, it is also equipped with an emergency stop. The tread is very small at  47.2 x 15.7 inch. Keep this in mind when making your purchase decision.

The FUNMILY Folding Treadmill performs well among the users. They describe it as quiet, space-saving, and completely sufficient for beginners.

 Confidence Fitness Power Trac Treadmill

Other features include the following:

  • A magnetic emergency and safety switch
  • Can hold up to 120 kilograms
  • Foldable
  • Dimensions set up: 123 x 62 x 117 centimeters
  • Folded dimensions: length 60 x 62 x 117 centimeters


The FUNMILY Folding Treadmill is a good treadmill for beginners and advanced joggers. The maximum achievable 10 kilometers per hour is probably not enough for professional runners and sprinters. These are more suitable for smaller people.

How to use the best folding treadmill for small space

The home treadmill allows you to do your cardiovascular exercises such as walking. It is necessary to acquire an electric treadmill for greater comfort and performance. In case you have doubts about its use, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Check the instruction manual of your treadmill

It is imperative to read the user instructions before proceeding to use the treadmill . Because in this document, you will find details of the functions that your product offers. Also, you will be able to familiarize yourself a little faster concerning its parts and important characteristics and specifications.

Plug the machine into the appropriate outlet

Some models are versatile in terms of their transfer . Because they allow them to be folded and rolled using transport wheels generally located at the front of the device. Therefore, move the equipment to a place close to the appropriate outlet. Then, deploy the machine by pressing the safety lever located at the bottom of the belt with your foot. Once deployed, proceed to plug the machine into the power outlet and locate the power button to operate the treadmill.

Select the desired belt movement speed

The first thing you have to do is stand on top of the belt and put the safety clip on some part of your clothes to control the movement of the treadmill in the event of an accident. This way, the machine will turn off automatically. Then press the START button to start the device.

Then, select the speed of movement of the treadmill according to your abilities and physical condition. You can do this directly through its preset options which are usually 3km / h, 5km / h, 7km / h, and 10km / h. Depending on the model of your product or through the buttons , you can increase or progressively decrease the speed. Some more versatile models allow you to adjust the inclination of the treadmill to perform softer or more demanding exercises. To do this, select the preset options that are usually 3 to 15% or with the incline increase and decrease keys to do it progressively.

Select the program that best suits your physical conditions

The most electric treadmills have all these configurations made just by choosing a program from the softest to the most robust settings for your convenience. Depending on the model of your product, select the one that suits what you think you can master. If you are a newbie, it is recommended to start with softer programs or choose the lowest speed and incline so that you gradually have more resistance.

Connect your MP3 player to your treadmill

Some models of treadmills are so versatile that they have 3.5mm Jack ports to connect headphones, smartphones, and any other device that can be connected through a jack cable that allows you to play your favorite music. In addition, some treadmills include speakers. In this way, you can listen to your songs while you exercise.

The most popular brands

Electric treadmills are exercise machines that represent an excellent alternative to perform exercise routines at home or in the office without the need to go to a specific training site. In this way, it is only enough to have some time available to ride on the treadmill.

It should be noted that treadmills offer different functions, resistance, and easy to place them anywhere since they take up little space. For some time, they have been working on electric treadmills with good performance brands Goplus, Proform, and sunny health and Fitness.

Proform is a leading brand in commercial or domestic treadmills. Therefore, it works with quality standards for all types of users regardless of whether they are professionals or only people who like to feel proper training on treadmills. The Proform brand is highly prized among runners and it allows them to perform efficient training on their treadmills.

Their commitment to incorporate technological advances into their products gives them an essential position in the market. It makes them one of the most sought-after since users can not only train but also have access to a series of crucial measurements which allows them to evaluate and control their performance.

The Goplus has great treadmills that will enable you to visualize relevant data such as calories burned, distance traveled, training time on your LED or LCD screens. Also, they support the right amount of weight, being easy to assemble and place in any space since they are of compact design. They also have different functions, which offer several options when training.

The Asuna is a company that produces appliances but also develops other household items that are sold worldwide to facilitate the daily lives of the most demanding consumers.

Nordic Truck  has an extensive and varied product line. We will mention some products such as vacuum robots, deep fryers, breaks, and electric treadmills where each one is part of an innovative and high-quality line. It also has different brands that specialize in the production of a large number of products they offer.

Sunny health and Fitness has introduced in the market some electric treadmills that provide a variety of functions, made with very resistant materials that guarantee durability. Another essential aspect that has taken care of the Sunny brand is that you can take full advantage of each of the functions that the different treadmills have.


Buying Guide Of the best folding treadmill for a small space

The beginning of the exercise is progressive if we maintain proper discipline and schedules for proper training. However, the hectic life and the little time we have available help us choose to the exercise machines for home, that is saving us from going to the gym and even going out.  We have prepared this guide to buy the best folding treadmill for small space.

Why buy an electric treadmill?    

There is nothing more rewarding than having a machine at home to choose when we want to exercise. Consider a specific schedule that we can meet to the letter. It is only a matter of getting our electric treadmill and starting our exercise routine  .

We have control of what we want to do and when we want to do it. A treadmill allows for more exceptional organization and distribution of our time. It is also a future investment that will be profitable so that we will stop attending the gym and be in the enslaving monthly payment to the gym. We will be our coach, and we will increase the pace as we feel prepared for better exercise.

Safety Keys

The safety key are essential when it comes to having an electric treadmill . Because we can hold on to it when we feel tired and consider it necessary to stop the passage. They are safety keys and we can hold on to those useful railings ideal for emergency stops.

On the other hand, the keys are also ideal for the placement of the implements that are usually required when exercising. These elements include the water bottle to hydrate when necessary and thus not stop the exercise .

Professional or semi-professional

When making a comparison of electric treadmills, it is essential to consider whether we are going to carry out work at a professional or semi-professional level. If we are newbies in the matter of training and starting with the walk and soft jogging or if we want to start with levels rigorous training. Being clear about the type of treadmill , we are going to select is linked to our level of resistance and commitment.

The fact that it is professional or semi-professional is also connected to its price since professionals are characterized by being a little more expensive. On the contrary, semi-professionals are cheap, so we will tend to look for a good and economical . If the design issue is paramount, we can choose the highest quality regardless of how much it costs.

Compact Size

We need to know its compact condition since it would be a hindrance to having it near any place in our house and more . If the spaces are small , a treadmill that can be stored in any space is ideal as it saves space and the places where we live.

Other features

Knowing the details about its capacity is a timely matter because we need to know how much the weight that a treadmill will support .

The dimensions and running surface are necessary to know to measure the displacement where we are walking or jogging so that it gives us maximum comfort when making any displacement. In addition, an anti-slip surface provides the necessary protection to avoid falling off the treadmill and obtain the highest possible stability.

All you need to know about Treadmill

What types of treadmills are there?

You get treadmills with two different drive types: the manual or mechanical and the electrical drive type. Both treadmills work in different ways and have both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the training purpose you pursue, they are more or less suitable.

How a mechanical treadmill works

The main feature of a mechanical treadmill is that it has no motor. You drive it purely through your muscle strength and which is why you can also find it under the term manual treadmill. Visually, it differs little from the electric treadmill. Here,  a treadmill belt runs over a treadmill table, and you will find handles to hold on to.

The main difference for you is that you determine the speed purely by the muscle strength of your legs. This requires more effort, but at the same time it trains your muscles in addition to your condition. To achieve optimal power transmission from your legs to the treadmill, grasp the holder provided with your hands. However, this may affect your posture and make walking difficult. Some models allow you to adjust the angle of inclination – but not electrically.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mechanical treadmill

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Exercises endurance and muscle strength at the same time
  • A step-less tilt adjustment is available on some models
  • Not dependent on the power grid
  • The treadmill belt stops immediately when you stop running
  • Monitoring of calorie consumption and heart rate
  • A lot of effort is required
  • Few functions
  • You need to fasten your hands on the handles
  • Partly uncomfortable posture
  • You rarely reach high speeds
  • No varied training

How an electric treadmill works

In contrast to a manual treadmill, an electric treadmill is driven by a motor. That means you have to rely on a power connector to use it. At the same time, you run much more relaxed because the effort of your legs does not influence the speed.

Another advantage of electric treadmills is the large selection of different functions. In addition to calorie consumption, pulse measurement, and speed. Most importantly ,  depending on the model, you have a wide range of training options that you can set using an on-board computer. This includes various inclines, fixed cardiovascular training, interval training, or training after a fixed time.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric treadmill

  • Wide variety of different training options (some models offer up to 90 and more)
  • Adjustable angle of inclination
  • You don’t have to hold onto the handles
  • No great effort required
  • No uncomfortable running feeling
  • You reach higher speeds
  • Monitoring of calorie consumption, pulse, and speed
  • You adapt the training program to your individual needs
  • More expensive to buy
  • Dependent on a power grid
  • Higher electricity costs
  • It doesn’t stop automatically when you stop, which poses an accident risk – many models have an emergency stop
  • Who is a treadmill suitable for?
  • Please note! A treadmill is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their fitness. But there are also specific groups of people for whom treadmill training is particularly recommended. Which of them do you belong to:
  • Beginners who want to improve their general fitness level
  • Seniors who want to strengthen their cardiovascular system and muscles
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • Professional runners or athletes who want to achieve a specific training goal
  • People who want to strengthen their muscles

Clarify treadmill training with the doctor?

Healthy joints are an important prerequisite for training on a treadmill. As a senior citizen or a person with health problems, please feel free speak to your doctor before purchasing. Clarify whether and to what extent the treadmill training is suitable for you.

What types of treadmills are there?

In addition to the type of drive, treadmills also differ in model type. These either go for special training purposes or depend on your available space. You can find the following variants in retail:

The desk treadmill:  This is an interesting variant for multi-seaters. You do your desk work while doing something for your health. What sounds irritating at first is a well thought out concept. Since you walk on these treadmills and do not jog or run, you will do better after a short familiarization phase than it might sound at first. Telephoning, typing on the computer, surfing the Internet – everything is possible. Desk treadmills are even available with an integrated, height-adjustable desktop. Another variant consists only of the treadmill, which you slide under your, ideally height-adjustable desk.

Foldable treadmills: Foldable treadmills take up less space and are suitable for smaller rooms, apartments, or offices. After training, simply fold up the treadmill and stow the treadmill to save space.

Treadmills with a particularly large tread: This variant is very suitable for tall people, seniors, or if you want to combine running with other fitness exercises.

Treadmills with a particularly small tread: These are particularly suitable for smaller people with small walking steps.

Professional treadmills: You can find such devices in most fitness studios or hotels. They are of high quality, withstand many loads, and have all kinds of extras. This includes a large selection of programs, a powerful training computer, and optimal heart rate and heart rate monitoring. You can also reach high speeds. In the private sector, professional treadmills are suitable for advanced users as well as for competitive athletes who want to optimize their training sessions.

The eleven most important purchase criteria for your treadmill

Before you buy a treadmill, it is best to compare the individual models based on the following criteria. Otherwise, you may make a partially high investment that will not pay off in the end – for example, because the treadmill is not equipped with the functions that are decisive for your personal training goal. The most important purchase criteria include the following, which we will explain in more detail below:

  • Drive type
  • Engine power and speed
  • Size of the tread or the installation dimensions
  • Pitch angle
  • damping
  • Display
  • Number of programs
  • Foldable
  • volume
  • safety
  • equipment

Drive type – mechanical or electric treadmill

We have already explained the different types of drive – mechanical or electrical. This is the first decision you should make and is primarily based on your training purpose and secondarily on your wallet. Manual treadmills are more suitable for walking and slow jogging as well as for building muscle. An electric treadmill is a better choice for effective interval training, fast running, and high speeds.

Engine power and speed

The engine largely determines how fast you train. Weak motors do not achieve satisfactory speeds, especially for advanced runners. Most treadmills are equipped with an engine power of 1 to 2.5 HP and promise a speed between 12 and 15 kilometers per hour. However, this is often calculated without the additional burden of your weight. Therefore, many models do not achieve the promised speed.

This performance is sufficient for beginners. But for professionals or those who want to increase their performance continuously, engine performance between at least 2 and 3 or more horsepower is recommended. These reach a speed of approximately 16 to 20 kilometers per hour.

The size of the tread

At first, the size of the tread seems unimportant. But it is more important than you think. Because the tread is too small or too narrow, there is a high risk of accidents. The size of the tread depends on your height and also on your training goal. The faster you want to run, the larger the tread should be. As a rule of thumb, treadmills between 1.10 and 1.20 meters and a width of 1.30 x 0.45 meters are sufficient for relaxed jogging or walking. For fast running and tall people, it has to be bigger.

Safety against parking space: The size of the tread also depends on your available space. This point is secondary because your safety comes first. If you have too little space, a treadmill with a tread to fold up is a good alternative.

The pitch angle

Most models allow the pitch angle to be adjusted. In this way, you simulate running through mountains and valleys, which intensifies your training. Manual treadmills often only offer this function to a limited extent. For electrical and high-quality models, you can set the angle of inclination using the on-board computer. The treadmill is then adjusted electrically in height or in running resistance.

The damping

Experienced joggers and walkers know how important good cushioning is. Outside, this is achieved via the sole of the running shoes, which is based on the respective surface. So depending on whether you mainly walk on asphalted or soft ground, such as a forest floor. The cushioning has a great impact on your running comfort because incorrect cushioning puts a strain on your joints and does not allow gentle running.

Treadmills are therefore equipped with appropriate rubber elements on the running plate or have a thicker and softer treadmill. Some models even allow the damping to be adjusted individually. This ensures that your movements are well cushioned, and your shocks and vibrations are reduced. Another option for absorbing the bumps is a floor protection mat that you place under the treadmill and the matching running shoes.

The display or the on-board computer

Whether manual or electric: Most treadmills are equipped with a display. Depending on the number of options available, this enables you to do the following:

  • Monitoring of the pulse or heart rate
  • Setting the speed
  • Overview of calorie consumption
  • The setting of programs
  • The setting of the time
  • And more

What to look for on display? On the one hand, the display should be easy to use, correspondingly large, easy to read in all lighting conditions, and easy to understand. But the guarantee is just as important. If the display breaks, it can be expensive for you. Therefore, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty information when purchasing.

Number of programs

Depending on the price range and equipment, treadmills offer a variety of different programs. From slow walking, walking, jogging, running, mountain and valley simulations, interval training, and many more. Some even allow you to program your training sessions. In advance, think about which training goal you are pursuing and which programs you do not want to do without. Pulse monitoring is particularly important because it supports you in healthy and effective training.

Program               description

Walking                This program requires fast walking. It burns calories and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

to jog    Here, you run slower or faster depending on the speed. You burn calories and exercise your endurance.

run         An intensive training for sprinters.

Interval training                The interval training is characterized by alternating levels of effort and is ideal for beginners or as cardiovascular training. With interval training, you get used to the different training intensities in small steps. You start slowly, then increase your speed, the train slowly again, increase and so on. Most treadmills have an appropriately preinstalled program.

Mountain and valley program:   For many models, this program is available either separately or integrated in a single training session. It simulates mountains and valleys, i.e., running uphill and downhill. In this way, you can train your calf and thigh muscles very effectively.

Treadmills test and comparison Foldable

Not everyone has enough space in their own home – but treadmills are big. So that you do not have to do without your training in your own four walls, manufacturers have designed treadmills in which you simply fold up the tread after the training.

The volume

The noise level depends on various factors. Among other things from the engine, but also the damping or your floor. So that your neighbors or yourself do not feel disturbed by your training, pay attention to the noise level when buying your treadmill. Manufacturers specify this in decibels. However, only you know the nature of your floor. You can counteract an increased volume level due to your floor or running strength with an additional floor protection mat.


If you have ever been on a treadmill, you know the speed that it reaches. But what if you suddenly feel uncomfortable and want to stop. You need an emergency stop button. Otherwise, it can be painful if the treadmill suddenly pulls you back, and you have no way of getting off beforehand. Most devices have a stop button on display, but there is often not enough time in an emergency.

You can attach emergency stop buttons to your clothing using a clip or a wrist strap. You are connected to the on-board computer and can react at lightning speed. When buying, make sure that such an emergency stop button is available.


Some manufacturers offer optional accessories with which you can optimize your training. For example, a separate heart rate monitor, a chest belt that monitors certain body functions, or a floor protection mat for cushioning.

Well-known treadmill manufacturers at a glance

Manufacturer    description

Sport stitch         Sportstech is one of four brands belonging to the Innovamaxx group of companies founded in Berlin in 2012. All four brands deal with health and fitness. Sportstech covers professional fitness equipment for at-home – including treadmills, cross trainers, and everything for weight training. The Blue wheel brand includes hoover boards, speed bikes, and the necessary accessories. The Deskfit-Move in Office brand sells desk treadmills and ergonomically height-adjustable desks. The Relaxxnow brand, however, innovative products from the areas of wellness and massage.

Merax   Merax was founded in Los Angeles in 1995. The global company specializes in the manufacture and sale of affordable products for your everyday life. The product range includes office chairs, fitness equipment, and furniture for the home and garden.

Kettler  Kettler is a traditional company that has been producing sporting goods, garden furniture, and products for children since 1949. The name Kettler is well known to cyclists. One of the most famous products is certainly the Kettcar for children, which Kettler launched in 1962. In 1977 the company was one of the first to launch a fully welded aluminum wheel.

Frequently asked questions about the treadmill

What muscle groups do a treadmill train?

Treadmill training appeals to almost all muscle groups – especially the buttock, calf, and thigh muscles and, to a lesser extent, the back, stomach, and arm muscles.

How many calories do I burn on the treadmill?

The calorie consumption depends on your pace and the chosen program. Most devices show you calorie consumption. A rough guideline says that you burn between 600 and 1,200 calories per hour during an intensive workout. Walking or walking, the calorie consumption is between 150 and 400 calories per hour.

Which shoes are the right ones for the treadmill?

The right running shoes are the be-all and end-all. This applies more to the outside than to the treadmill. Depending on whether you are walking on asphalt or a soft forest floor, a high or less pronounced damping is important. Also, there are your special running characteristics, because everyone puts different loads on their feet. Good insulation is less important on the treadmill because treadmills are already insulated. A good fit is most important here. It is best to get advice from a specialist shop. There you will find special treadmills on which the employees analyze your running behavior and use them to recommend running shoes that are suitable for you.

Which treadmill is best for beginners?

All treadmills are suitable for beginners since you determine the speed and training units yourself. Since powerful treadmills with 2.5 or 3 HP are more expensive at the same time, treadmills with about 1 to 2.5 HP are sufficient for a start.

Which is better – treadmill or cross trainer?

The two cannot be compared. The treadmill simulates movements that you also perform in everyday life or during outdoor sports. It trains your endurance and mainly your buttocks, legs, and calves. The elliptical cross trainer, on the other hand, trains your arm muscles. Both are good and effective. It depends on your personal preferences and above all the training goals. A treadmill is better for improving your condition.

What type of pulse measurement is more precise: hand pulse sensor or chest strap? You have the choice between a hand pulse sensor and a chest strap. Chest straps provide more accurate measurement data, which is why they are more recommended. However, only a few models include chest straps. You can buy these separately as accessories. However, you will find a corresponding receiver on most devices.

This is how your training on the treadmill works

Start slowly: Especially if you have not exercised for a long time or are not used to training on the treadmill, your body needs a period of familiarization. Training on the treadmill is different from that in the wild. You will notice it, especially when you step off the treadmill because your legs feel unusual and running in the first few minutes after your workout as well. Therefore, do not choose a speed that is too high or a distance that is too long. Gradually increase from session to session.

Pay attention to your posture and body tension: An incorrect posture leads to tension and pain. When you are running in the great outdoors, you mostly look straight ahead. On the treadmill, we stare at the display far too often and bow our heads too much. Therefore, pay attention to your natural posture when running.

Choose an incline angle:  You run against air resistance outdoors, not on the treadmill. This makes it feel lighter and more unfamiliar. Adjustable pitch angles help here. In the beginning, choose a slope angle of 1 to 3 percent.

More variety: Make your training varied. Otherwise, you may quickly lose motivation, and the treadmill will stand in the corner unused. In one of the following sections, we will introduce you to some exercises for the treadmill.

Drink enough: drinking water is vital. When you exercise, you lose fluid, and sweat also lose minerals. Remember to drink water or a mineral drink during exercise to make up for the loss of fluid.

Alternative exercises for your treadmill workout

Anyone who has ever been jogging or on a treadmill knows how monotonous such a workout can be at times. Music or app coaching programs bring some variety, but there are also exercises that you can incorporate into your training. These not only promise variety, but you also train other muscle groups at the same time. Three popular exercises are the following:

The best treadmillLateral readjustment steps: Stand on the treadmill sideways and with your knees slightly bent, at a speed of approximately 5 kilometers per hour. Then always put one leg forward and the other to the side. To train all muscles evenly, switch sides after a while. This exercise strengthens your calf and thigh muscles.

Lungees: Maybe you already know the plunge from the gym. You can use it to train your large glutes and leg extension. You take big steps and bend your knees slightly.

Sideways in a crouch:  You stand sideways on the treadmill and crouch a little. Tighten your abdominal and chest muscles. Choose a low speed of a maximum of 3 kilometers and run in the readjustment step. So one leg moves forward, the other you put next to it. Change pages after a few minutes. This exercise trains your butt muscles and adds variety.

The Olympic triathlon champion and two-time Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno will give you more tips for effective training on the treadmill in the video below:

  • Twelve tips & tricks for your treadmill and training
  • Find out in advance which treadmill suits you.
  • Buy a treadmill with a program selection that suits you.
  • Make sure that the device has sufficient damping.
  • Think about whether the maximum speed is sufficient.
  • Note the maximum weight load.
  • Make sure that there is an emergency stop.
  • Do you like listening to music? Prefer a treadmill with Bluetooth or one that is MP3 compatible.
  • Train with the right footwear.
  • Special apps with coaching programs provide more motivation.
  • Make your training varied.
  • Always remember to drink enough.
  • Always have your training goal in mind.

What does a treadmill cost?

The cost of a treadmill can vary considerably. Depending on whether you choose a mechanical or electric treadmill, these start at a purchase price of around 150 euros or 200 euros. Depending on the manufacturer and equipment, both variants have a lot of leeway upwards and can even cost up to 2,000 euros. The more functions or programs, the more expensive treadmills are usually. Before you buy, think about which functions are useful for you.

Buy treadmills online versus specialist retailers

The decision whether to buy a treadmill online or from a retailer is certainly not an easy one. Especially because high-quality treadmills or profile treadmills often mean a high investment. The advantages of buying on the Internet are that in most cases, you will get the better prices there; you will find a larger selection, and the large and heavy treadmill will be delivered to your door.

Buying from a specialist dealer has the advantage that you benefit from personal advice and can test the treadmill. However, many online retailers have now also prepared to provide their customers with comprehensive advice – by telephone, customer support, email, or live chat. Also, on-site advice is often very subjective. The numerous customer reviews in the online shop often reflect a far more realistic picture of the actual quality. But always read several reviews, as this is the only way to get a comprehensive picture of the actual product quality.

How to clean and maintain your treadmill

A treadmill needs little maintenance. You use it in protected rooms, and the devices are usually almost maintenance-free. For you to have long friends on your treadmill, proper use, a little silicone spray, a screwdriver, and regular removal of dirt and dust are sufficient. To do this, vacuum it off carefully and clean it with a damp cloth.

Avoid chemical care products! Too aggressive cleaning agents damage the material of the treadmill. It could become brittle or crack. Use a damp cloth with warm water or a mild or natural cleaning agent.

Use the silicone spray for the treadmill to maintain its lubricity. Spray it under the treadmill from time to time. Please use the screwdriver to tighten loose screws or nuts if you find that they loosen somewhat throughout their useful life. However, some manufacturers recommend that you have the treadmill professionally serviced by a locksmith or metalworker at regular intervals.

Prefer low-maintenance treadmills! Some manufacturers, such as Sportstech from our comparison, offer low-maintenance treadmills. Here you do not oil the treadmill by hand, but only fill the silicone oil in two containers. The self-lubrication system then automatically delivers the oil under the treadmill at regular intervals.

Important NOTE -Treadmills for the elderly

Nowadays, seniors are fitter than ever. Health awareness has grown, and many want to keep fit into old age – naturally adapted to their possibilities. This includes, for example, walking, walking, light jogging and light fitness training in the studio, on the cross trainer, rowing machine or treadmill. A treadmill is ideal for strengthening the cardiovascular system, gaining endurance, and at the same time, training the muscles. This applies particularly to the cold season when rain, snow, or cold do not invite you to exercise outdoors.

As a senior, pay attention to the following purchase criteria

In advanced age, many functions and the price are rather secondary. For you, ease of use and safety should be paramount. Therefore, pay attention to the following features when buying.

  • Large tread that absorbs small mistakes
  • Good cushioning for the protection of your joints
  • Large, easy-to-read display with clear functions
  • No buttons too small
  • Easy handling


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