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10 Best Non-Electric Treadmill-Reviews In 2020

For jogging, walking, and simple physical activity, here are the best magnetic treadmills to buy on the market today and which one to choose based on your needs and spaces.
The magnetic treadmill or magnetic carpet is ideal for training from home by simulating real outdoor walking.

Unlike the electric treadmill, there is no motor in the magnetic treadmill, and the belt runs thanks to the thrust given by the movement of the step combined with the weight of the body. The user then adjusts the running or walking speed without setting it on the machine.

The magnetic treadmill is, therefore, a home fitness tool suitable exclusively for cardio training, which has found complete application at home or in the apartment due to its compactness and the fact that it takes up little space, they are easier to store for the simplicity of use and the fact that it is cheaper than electric treadmills.

Among the important parameters to consider when choosing which magnetic treadmill to buy, there are certainly the dimensions to be selected based on the space we have available, length, and width of the belt.

 Those with longer belts are also to be preferred for sustained walks. o light jogging and the resistance and incline options, if you are, for example, a lover of uphill walking, magnetic mats that allow you to adjust these parameters are to be preferred.

Now let’s see the best quality-price magnetic treadmills to buy, with relative technical characteristics and prices.

Rank #1: Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill

The Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill is  one of the best American companies in the production of home fitness equipment, is the first choice recommended for those looking for a good quality professional magnetic treadmill.

The sturdiness and stability already evident at first impact are characteristics given by its 26 kg weight and a double flywheel system, ensuring its fluidity and silence.

The dimensions of the belt allow it to be used both for sustained walking but also for jogging and running, thus giving the possibility to increase the stride length always within the limits that the household magnetic treadmills impose.

Although the inclination is fixed on a slight slope, the resistance can be manually adjusted on eight different levels thanks to a unique knob placed on the sidearm and easy to reach even while walking.

The LCD is small and essential, but very intuitive, and allows you to view the critical training parameters; in fact, we find the time, the distance traveled, the speed, the calories burned, and the heart rate, measured by merely resting the palms of the hand pulse sensors positioned on the side handrails.

The Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill, in addition to being ideal for both those who love fast walks and jogging, is also space-friendly, as it has a closure system that significantly reduces its size (61 x 41 x 128 cm) and wheels to move it where it is most comfortable.

Rank #2: Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

The Diadora Fitness Forty magnetic treadmill, produced by one of the best Italian sports equipment brands, has a simple but robust design, a characteristic conferred by the iron frame and the belt that runs on a double flywheel, even if the silence is not among its strengths.

The workouts can be made more intense by manually adjusting the tape’s resistance on eight levels with a knob and the choice of 3 different inclinations to be set, however, before the walk always through a knob.

The LCD is clear and essential and provides the ability to monitor time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate, detected through the standard hand pulse sensors on the side handrails.

It can be folded independently, going to a tiny size of 55 x 37 x 132 cm, and quickly moved through the comfortable transport wheels and scratch-resistant feet.

For all these characteristics, the Diadora double flywheel magnetic treadmill seems to have been specially designed for those who love sustained walks at different slopes, a little less for those who carry out intense and competitive training sessions

Rank #3: Weslo Cardiostride 4.0 Treadmill

The Diadora Fitness Evo is the second magnetic treadmill without a motor from the Diadora brand to consider when purchasing and a particularly recommended choice for serial walkers.

With a cheerful and pleasing design to the eye, it is always an excellent robust, but the innovative product and the single flywheel also makes it lighter.

The eight resistance levels and the three inclination levels of the top, both manually adjustable through wheels positioned respectively to the right and left of the side arms, allow to intensify the effort and make training at home more and more similar to the outdoor one.

The effort’s intensity is recorded through the hand pulse sensors that continuously monitor the heart rate, visible in real-time on the LCD monitor together with time, distance, speed, and calories.

The handling is conferred thanks to its practical transport wheels that allow it to be closed quickly and stored in a corner, given the small size when closed of 64 x 36 x 140 cm.

With the Diadora Evo magnetic walker, Diadora wanted to focus on ease of use and lightness to offer its users an excellent product for value for money.

Rank #4: Fitness Reality TR3000 Manual Treadmill

The Fitness Reality TR3000 Manual Treadmill is a magnetic carpet with a basic and linear design that satisfies even those who have little space at home and are looking for simplicity.

Despite the tubular iron structure, the two flywheels, and its weight, it is characterized by the fluidity of the 120 cm long belt that allows sustained walking and the outline of jogging at eight different levels of resistance, always adjusted using a side knob that diversifies the training session. The slope of the floor, on the other hand, is permanently fixed and slightly uphill.

Also, in this case, there is a small LCD from which you can decide which parameter to display between time, distance, speed, ODO, and heart rate, always detectable by placing your palms on the side hand pulse sensors.

Easy to fold independently, the merit of its handling and the possibility of using it and storing it wherever you want is due not only to its closed dimensions of 60 x 50 x 140 cm but also to the lower part’s two wheels.

The JK Fitness MF100 magnetic treadmill is not suitable for competitive athletes but is ideal for those who aim to keep fit at home as if they were jogging or walking outdoors.

Rank #5: ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill

The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill for walking by the Italian brand ProGear , a company in the fitness sector for more than 60 years, has compactness as its main strength.

From the metal structure, the weight of this magnetic mat is only 21 kg. Still, the double flywheel mass of 6 kilograms gives all the necessary stability even for vigorous but comfortable and silent walks, as elastomers will cushion them.

Suppose the user has to resign himself to the idea of varying the slope. In that case, it is possible instead to set training sessions on eight different intensities that can be adjusted with a unique side knob without having to get off the tool.

Time, speed, distance traveled, and heart rate can be displayed one at a time on the compact LCD, and your beats are recorded thanks to manual hand pulse sensors at any time you want to keep track of your fitness.

Once the training is finished, it can be folded up in the blink of an eye and easily stored thanks to the wheels at the base in very little space, as its closed size is reduced to 28 x 62 x 123 cm.

Do you have little space in the house? No problem, the ProGear 190 treadmill takes care to blend in even behind the doors!

Rank #6: Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Manual Treadmill

The economy and design characterize the Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Manual Treadmill by Exerpeutic company that deals with home fitness products.

The Magnetic Walk has an average weight and good stability given by two flywheels of 3 kg each. Thanks to its pleasant cushioning and silence, it seems designed specifically for fans of fast walks without being afraid of disturbing the neighbors downstairs.

The walk is smooth, and its intensity can be modulated either by changing the incline on two levels for a maximum gradient of 15 ° or by turning the belt’s resistance wheel to increase fatigue.

On the LCD, we find the classic controls to monitor the main parameters: with the scan button, you can view time, calories, duration, and heart rate, always monitored with the comfortable hand pulse sensors integrated into the tool’s structure.

In this case, we are faced with a foldable magnetic treadmill, which, once closed, occupies 45 x 65 x 124 cm and can be easily moved thanks to the comfortable wheels.

If you like walking and want to do it all year round without worrying about the weather, this is the treadmill to buy!

Rank #7: StairMaster HIITMill Self-Powered Incline Treadmill

The StairMaster HIITMill Self-Powered Incline Treadmill is part of the entry-level category that is suitable for home use for all those people not used to doing sports and looking for a tool to approach the world of sport.

This time, the possibility of adjusting different levels of inclination and resistance is absent, so the user will have to play a little with their pace to vary the intensity of training. The belt is almost 80 cm long, and if it is not particularly suitable for the stride of the run, it is perfect for walking.

Precisely for this category of users, it has a high simplicity and ease of handling, emphasized by an easy-to-use display that displays one parameter at a time between time, distance, calories, and speed. On the other hand, the lack of heart rate detection via hand pulse sensors should be noted.

Due to its size, it can be considered a mini treadmill, and due to its weight of just 11 kg, it is also easy to carry where you want thanks to the wheels placed under the structure to use it anywhere independently.

The StairMaster HIITMill Self-Powered Incline Treadmill , among all those listed, is the magnetic treadmill that allows you to save as much space as possible, not only when open but also when folded.

Rank #8: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill

This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill was born as a home fitness product from the Sunny Health & Fitness company and an ideal tool if the main purpose is to do some occasional walks and for casual use.

Although its weight is only 8 kg, it cannot be said that it is not robust: it can support up to 110 kg. It is also versatile in that the front support handlebar’s height can be adjusted according to the user’s size in a range between 110 and 130 cm. It is instrumental in case several different people in the family use it.

The workout can vary in intensity thanks to two levels of inclination (15 ° and 20 °); on the other hand, there is no possibility of increasing or decreasing the tape’s resistance.
When closed, it measures only 52 x 20 x 110 cm, taking up very little space and also being easily transportable thanks to small wheels.

Present an essential LCD for recording time, speed, and calories; however, it lacks hand pulse sensors for heart rate.

The length of the belt is just over 80 cm and therefore seems designed for those who have to do rehabilitation, lose weight, and for the elderly population and those who have limited space and are forced to move it frequently.

Rank #9: IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill

The IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill is a IN10CT product, a German company known for having decades of experience in the home fitness sector.

It has a single 3.5 kg flywheel for a total weight of 27 kg, which bodes well for stability during training sessions, despite being recommended for those who are still a beginner and are just approaching the world of gymnastics the home.

The effort’s intensity can vary thanks to a knob with which eight different resistance levels can be manually adjusted. At the same time, the inclination remains fixed at a slight slope uphill.

As you can understand, even here, we are dealing with an entry-level tool, and as such, on the LCD, it is possible to have data only on time, speed, distance, and calories and not on heart rate it has no built-in hand pulse sensors.

A point in favor is the space it occupies when closed, only 37 x 41 x 126 cm, and the ease with which it can be moved and folded after its use thanks to comfortable wheels.

It is undoubtedly a magnetic treadmill suitable for all those who want to keep healthy from the comfort of their own home for all its technical characteristics.

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