(2021 Updated) 10 Best Treadmill For Athlete

Rating of the best treadmill for athlete from well-known manufacturers. For this rating, our experts have conducted a careful selection in different price categories and presented the best models in terms of price-quality ratio. 

The examination was conducted by our best fitness expert Dmitry Morozov and shop technician Sergey Golovin.

Sergey carried out external diagnostics of the sports running machines, and Dmitry tested all the models presented in the Gorod Sport online store. 

First of all, such parameters were taken into account as: build quality, engine power, shock absorption system, spacious running area, comfort during training, functionality of the model for effective training.

In addition, to compile the most honest rating, we took into account:

  • customer reviews
  • service center statistics
  • demand for certain models.

Thus, in the TOP-10 the best treadmill for athlete were some of the most worthy exercise machines today.


Our Top Selection


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



12 MPH

265 lbs

80″ x 35.5″ x 58″

EFITMENT Slimline Treadmill


220 lbs

57"x 27.6" x 46"

10 MPH

300 lbs

73" x 29.5" x 12"

12 MPH

240 lbs

56.3 "x 25.2"x 42.1"

10 MPH

250 LBS

63.4”x 28.75”x 51.4”

12 MPH

220 Lbs


12 MPH

309 lbs

78.8" x 39.2" x 63"

7.5 MPH

220 LB

66" x 30" x 44" 

8.5 MPH

200 LB

32.7 "x 25.6" x 51.2"


220 LB

62" x 25.5" x 50"

Rank #1: Lifespan TR300 Treadmill Desk

The Lifespan TR300 Treadmill Desk  has an extra long running belt (140 cm), so training will be comfortable even for tall users. The 46cm running belt is ideal for intense home workouts.

The main distinguishing features of the UNIXFIT MX-830L treadmill are such indicators as the maximum speed (18 km / h), and the maximum angle of inclination of the treadmill (18%).

The treadmill has the option of playing music (3 kW x 2 speakers) with the connection of external devices using the AUX cable, or via Bluetooth.

Also, it is possible to synchronize the Lifespan TR300 Treadmill Desk  with a mobile device using the FitShow application, with the ability to control the treadmill and save workouts

LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan TR3000i Touch Folding Treadmill

Rank #2: : Xterra TR150 Treadmill

The Xterra TR150 Treadmill  is a harmonious combination of compactness and functionality.

The walkway has a simple and convenient folding system that will save usable space in your apartment. It can be stored in a closet, in a closet, in a niche or simply against a wall, as the folded track is only 34 cm thick. At the end of the workout, the track can be easily moved thanks to special transport rollers.

The parameters of theXterra TR150 Treadmill allow even professional athletes to carry out full-fledged training, due to a wide running belt measuring 122 x 46 cm, a powerful 2.0 l / s motor, which develops a speed of up to 15 km / h, and the patented Light Cushuon ™ comfortable cushioning system consisting of six flat elastomers, which can significantly reduce shock loads on the joints and spine.

The simulator is delivered practically assembled.

XTERRA Fitness TR150

Rank #3: Nordic Track T series

The Nordic Track T series  is a modern and comfortable treadmill, high-quality components, reliable electronics, stylish exterior, the main color is white. The main difference of the model is an improved modern console with a large 21.3 ”monitor, white backlighting and large print display of indicators.

The walkway, like all models of the series, is equipped with a compact folding and storage system, light, convenient and safe, storage dimensions 30 x 75 x 148 cm. You can store both horizontally and vertically: in the closet, closet, behind the door, under the bed.

Blade width 42 cm, length 120 cm, The reliable motor provides a speed range of 0.8-14 km / h, a 16mm deck and modern all-round cushioning for running and walking. Ergonomic, robust design for user weight up to 100 kg. The reliable motor ensures uninterrupted and quiet operation, and the structural mechanism ensures stability and safety.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S, 6.5Si, 7.5S

Rank #4: Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill are a combination of innovative technology, stylish design, compactness and lightness.

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill is a complete cardio trainer for walking and jogging at an easy pace.

The treadmill can be stowed away under the sofa or behind the door (frame is only 11 cm thick). The three-layer running belt (38 * 105 cm) is optimal for moderate physical activity, the maximum running speed is 7.5 km / h.

Horizon Fitness T101

Rank #5: Merax Electric Treadmil

Electric treadmill for exercising at home. 12 built-in programs and manual treadmill incline adjustment will help you diversify your workout.

Foldable design with built-in shock absorber allows you to lift the belt after training and save space before the next session.

Merax Folding Treadmill Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine

Shopping guide – Which treadmill to buy?

Training on a best treadmill for running allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms, as well as increase muscle mass and fitness. With such equipment at home, we can exercise at any time, even in bad weather. We’ll tell you which treadmill to choose and what you need to pay special attention to when shopping. All the necessary information is below in the guide.

Electric or mechanical?

The two most popular types of treadmills are electric and mechanical, or magnetic. What makes them different is, above all, the way they work and the price. We will pay less for a mechanical device. It is not equipped with a motor, the running belt is set in motion by the pressure of the feet. It’s the right model for a slower recreational run. Initially, using a magnetic treadmill is a little difficult, but after a few workouts we should get to the point. However, it is worth emphasizing that this equipment is of a simple construction, therefore it does not have many functions and a wide range of adjustment, e.g. load. In this respect, the electric treadmill that drives the built-in motor is better. We can precisely set the speed of the running belt and adjust the intensity of training to your needs. These types of devices have several exercise programs to choose from, with different belt angle. Electrical equipment is more expensive, but at the same time well adapted to the needs of more athletic people.

In stores, we can also find anti-gravity treadmills. These are modern models that are mainly used in fitness clubs (due to the high price). They allow you to significantly relieve the body during exercise, so we can run a longer distance. Antigravity equipment can be used to train people returning to training after an injury.

Engine power

If we decide to buy an electrical device, we must check the engine power. Usually it is from 2 HP to 7.5 HP. The more powerful the equipment, the more intense the training can be done. The best treadmill for low-fatigue jogging or walking should have low power, a 2 HP model is enough. 

Running belt

Too narrow a treadmill will not provide a comfortable workout and you must keep this in mind. The size of the running belt must be adapted to our height. Its width should be at least 30 cm, and the optimal length is in the range from 100 cm to 170 cm. Very often you can change the incline of the treadmill, which imitates running on a hill. This allows you to sculpt your buttock muscles, not just your legs. It is very important that the running belt is made of non-slip material. This increases our safety during training and minimizes the risk of injury.

Running speed

As already mentioned, the treadmill with the motor gives you the ability to change the maximum running speed. The range should be as wide as possible so that each household member can exercise with the right intensity. Usually, the minimum speed is about 0.5 km / h (walking), and the maximum even 25 km / h (very fast running).


Before you decide what the best treadmill for running is, it’s worth weighing yourself. In this way we will find out what the maximum load on the equipment should be. The carrying capacity of this type of equipment varies, it can be 80 kg, 110 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg or 200 kg. Do not expose the treadmill to excessive load or long-term use as it may malfunction.


It is often heard that running is not a proper form of physical activity for everyone. Poor preparation, incorrect foot placement or the selection of uncomfortable footwear is often the cause of joint problems. However, this does not apply to training on the treadmill, especially if it is equipped with cushioning. A special system suppresses vibrations and shocks felt by the joints, which increases the convenience of exercise, and at the same time guarantees a feeling of good breakout and reduces energy loss.

Dimensions and weight

The overall dimensions of the treadmill depend on where you place it. If we have already planned a place where we will lay out the equipment, we should measure its surface. Then it is unlikely that we will buy for a large model. In a situation where even a relatively small treadmill can significantly reduce the free space in the room, we can look for a folding device. They are spread only during the training, then they can be hidden so as not to disturb the household. We must not forget to check the weight of the equipment. Although a heavier treadmill is more difficult to carry, it provides greater stability. By default, these devices weigh several dozen kilograms.


The computer, also called the console, shows basic data about training, i.e.: distance traveled, speed, calories burned and time, sometimes also pulse. More advanced treadmills provide access to training programs of varying intensity. The computer display should be large and legible, it can be backlit.

Additional features

Increasingly, equipment such as treadmills are equipped with additional useful functions. It is, for example, connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, pairing with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the ability to connect an MP3 player and ventilation to cool down during intense training. A device with a precise pulse sensor (for example, a chest strap attached) often has an HRC function that adjusts the running speed to the current heart rate.

Treadmills at good prices

Small treadmills, especially magnetic ones, are not too expensive. The price for such equipment ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000. We will spend much more on the purchase of an electric device offered by a known brand, because on average it costs at least $ 2,000. However, more than treadmill price should be more important for us its reliability, ease of use and safety and convenience of use.


Q1: Electric or magnetic treadmill?

For the treadmill to operate, power is supplied to the motor, which in turn drives the belt. The magnetic model is set in motion by the strength of our muscles. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages and the model we choose depends primarily on our expectations. In the case of electric treadmills, we have the option of forcing the pace of running, i.e. after choosing a given speed we have to run at a certain pace. With magnetic treadmills, the pace drops when we lose strength. On the one hand, this can be a problem for novice runners, but it can also be a challenge and an advantage for advanced riders. Magnetic treadmills put pressure on the joints more. Amortization systems are more common in electric versions. 

P2: Treadmill or elliptical cross trainer?

The choice of exercise equipment depends on our expectations and the effects required. The elliptical cross trainer is recommended to people who are just starting to train or have had a long break in training and decided to come back to them. It is also a good option for people who have a small amount of time, because you can exercise all body parts at once. Let’s opt for the device if we don’t like running and overloading the muscles. The treadmill will be a better option for those who are preparing for the marathon and like training during which we perform natural movements. It will also work better if you want to burn a lot of calories. 

Q3: What are the effects of treadmill training?

Treadmill training is very effective. First of all, it strengthens and firms the calves and buttocks, as well as the quadriceps muscles of the thighs and arms. Regular workouts contribute to normal joint mobility, strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation, as well as lower blood pressure. People who often use the treadmill are less likely to have a heart attack and stroke, and can enjoy better lung function. During 60 minutes of running we can burn up to 900 calories, which in everyday training will translate into a loss of about 4 kilograms a month. Running oxygenates the body, so we have more energy and feel much better. 

Q4: How much does a treadmill cost?

The price of the treadmill depends on which model you choose. Mechanical models are much cheaper than electric versions. We will buy a good quality device for around 500 PLN. Slightly more advanced models, made of more solid materials, cost about PLN 1,000. Electric treadmills are definitely more expensive. Medium-class equipment from Chinese manufacturers, partly made of plastic, costs around PLN 1,000. Many people decide to buy such a device, but over time they are disappointed with their choice. However, the high price is not always equal to the quality. To acquire a solid device that will serve us for several years, we must pay attention primarily to the performance and parameters. 

Q5: How do you lubricate the treadmill?

Lubrication of the treadmill is one of the basic steps in maintaining it that can extend the life of your treadmill. The purpose of lubrication is to reduce the friction between the running belt and the counter with which it comes in contact. The best solution is silicone grease, available in liquid or spray. Avoid preparations based on oils or chemicals as they can damage the running belt. First, clean the space between the belt and the counter. Then lift the belt and apply a small amount of grease to the center of the running surface. To distribute the preparation, we start the treadmill and walk on it for about 5 minutes at the lowest speed. 

How to train on a treadmill?

Once you have found out which treadmill is recommended and you have chosen the best device, it’s time to figure out how to exercise on it to achieve satisfactory results. 

In this part of the article, we present some practical tips on how to train effectively on a treadmill.

Complete your outfit and shoes

Before we start treadmill training, we should complete the appropriate outfit and shoes. Clothing must be comfortable and not restrict your movements. It is worth to buy thermoactive clothing that wicks sweat away and thus improves the comfort of exercise.

 It is important to have proper footwear that provides good cushioning. A towel for wiping sweat from the forehead and a water bottle are also useful. 

Warm up and end of training

Each treadmill workout should consist of three stages: warm-up, proper running, and relaxation phase. We should devote about 20% of training to the first and last stage. 

As a warm-up, we can walk on the lowest speed of the treadmill or perform standard exercises, such as slopes or squats. 

At the end of training, slow walking is also recommended. 

Starting running belt

The running belt should be started before climbing the treadmill and exercising. Beginner runners often make the mistake of starting the device after entering the device. 

However, we should first stand on the feet on the sides of the running belt, and then run the machine at the lowest speed, which we gradually increase during training, so that during the initial rapid movement there is no accident.

How to run

You should run around the middle of the belt and do not keep your feet too close to the side edges. In this way, we will keep the full range of movements and get the opportunity to take steps of natural length. 

In addition, running in this way provides good cushioning, which will not cause unnecessary tension in the arms, neck and back.

Let’s also remember to keep the figure upright. Do not look at the feet or the display, because then we strain the muscles unnecessarily. In this position, we stop taking our feet off the running belt, because the treadmill “throws” our legs back. 

It’s best to look at a point at eye level. Some people are careful not to stick to the handles while running. They are used to help when getting on or off the device. However, if you want to control your pulse, this is essential.

Let’s not forget to set the right angle of inclination. If we want to run in conditions that resemble training in the bosom of nature, we can set the running belt “uphill”. For beginners, the best solution is to start training from 1 to 4% incline. 

Setting a slope greater than 8% is not recommended, as this increases the risk of injury. 

Gradation of effort

During training, it is important to graduate effort, which is why we should always start and end with a walk. If you are just starting the exercise on the treadmill, do not hesitate to stop walking. Remember to control your pulse. 

To measure it, put both hands on the pulse sensors and the result will appear on the display after 5 seconds. However, the result is inaccurate, so you should have your own heart rate monitor. 

Water and variety

During training, you need to ensure proper hydration of the body. Two hours before exercise, drink 2 glasses of water, 15 minutes before it half a glass, and in the course of reaching for the liquid in 20-minute intervals. Let’s also take care of the variety.

It’s a good idea to listen to your favorite music or change the running belt inclination frequently. 



Many people do not like running in the city, because sometimes it is problematic. The treadmill allows you to jog even at home, while listening to music or watching a movie. However, what do you suggest when buying such a treadmill for running?

  • Type – cheap, simple treadmills are magnetic (mechanical) models. In this case, the running belt is not motorized, but you need to set it in motion by yourself, marching and running. Sometimes they have an additional screen informing about the speed of running or the number of calories burned. They do not provide adequate cushioning of the joints. Motorized treadmills are more extensive. Their running belt starts automatically. They have a number of different amenities.
  • Speed is a fairly important parameter, which is usually 0.5-22 km / h. This range depends on the engine power.
  • Slope of the running belt – the right slope allows you to adjust the belt to your needs or condition. In the best devices, the angle is up to 20 degrees. The better the engine, the larger the slope angle is usually.
  • The running surface is nothing but the dimensions of the running belt. Usually it is from 30 × 100 cm to 145 × 50 cm.
  • Maximum load – sometimes the maximum load is only 100 kg. These treadmills are therefore not suitable for overweight or obese people.
  • Depreciation range – this is an important parameter for modern electric treadmills. They are suitable even for people with diseased joints. Elastomers are pieces of rubber placed between the frame and the running belt. The amount of depreciation depends on their quantity.
  • Additional functions – you can meet them on electric treadmills. These include measurements of pulse, distance, calories burned or body fat content. They are often equipped with various types of training programs. They also allow you to create your own profiles. The latest devices even allow you to run and watch movies or series simultaneously.


The treadmill is, contrary to appearances, a device that does not take up much space, but allows you to exercise without leaving your home.

At the same time, you can listen to music or watch movies. What’s more, experts have come to the conclusion that running on a treadmill is better for joints than classic jogging.

The load reduction in this case is up to 35%. It turns out that the feet do not hit the running belt as much as in the asphalt. In addition, the treadmill has no risk of muscle tipping or tearing.

Modern treadmills are devices with many functionalities. First of all, they allow you to control the amount of calories burned, as well as the pace of the run or the duration of the workout.

Additionally, you can set your own training program tailored to your needs or choose one of the automatically proposed programs. This is a great way to maintain proper physical and mental condition.


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