10 Best Treadmill For High Mileage (2021 Updated)

The manual treadmill is a less popular but inexpensive alternative. 

These are lighter than motorized variations and smaller—the catch is, they just go as fast as you do. 

Initially, you may find it difficult to get the belt going, and the motion of the belt appears to be less smooth than a motorized version. 

When you do, the belt ends, so you don’t have to think about a 12-plus mph road rash.

Depending on their quality and function, the maximum speed of treadmills varies. 

At 25 mph, the highest-end commercial treadmills used to train professional athletes top out, while the treadmills can hit speeds between 12 and 14 mph in your fitness center. 

Generally, a treadmill bought for home use has a maximum velocity of 10 to 12 mph.

Our Editors Choice


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



11 MPH

325 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

Precor TRM 243 Energy Series Treadmill

12 MPH

300 lbs

81 x 33 x 59

12 MPH

309 lbs

78.8" x 39.2" x 63"

Reebok Jet 100  high-end treadmill

16 MPH

242 LB

67 x 31 x 55

10 Best Treadmill For High Mileage (2021 Updated)

If you are looking for the best, most affordable treadmill on the market and don’t want to spend a lot, we have provided a list of the best inexpensive treadmills for you below. Check it out

PRECOR TRM 835 Treadmill

The brand’s products are sold, among others, in the Grand Courier Pearl. The company is known for its extremely affordable products of generally acceptable quality. In the present apparatus is a treadmill developed for home use. To save space, it can be folded up when not needed. For users to find the best training conditions, the speed can be adjusted.

For this, a practical switch is located on the handle. Using the training computer, twelve different programs can be selected – either because the weight can deteriorate or the physical form increases. appropriate training should be provided for each training objective. For more variation, the three different pitch angles take care of well. Three different scenarios can therefore be simulated: level routes, sloping routes and even mountain stages.

The handle is additionally a start and stop button. In addition, the pulse via the sensors on the handle is measured. So the runner always has an overview, all the necessary information is displayed on the large LCD screen. It provides information on distance traveled, speed, elapsed time, number of calories burned and heart rate. According to the manufacturer, the treadmill reaches a top speed of 12 kilometers per hour and supports a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. displays all the necessary information on the large LCD screen.

It provides information on the distance traveled, speed, elapsed time, calories burned and heart rate. According to the manufacturer, the treadmill reaches a top speed of 12 km / h and supports a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. displays all the necessary information on the large LCD screen. It provides information on the distance traveled, speed, elapsed time, calories burned and heart rate. According to the manufacturer, the treadmill reaches a top speed of 12 km / h and supports a maximum weight of 120 kilograms.

 PRECOR TRM 835 Treadmill

LANDICE L8 LTD Treadmill

Durable & Safe:

 Using the highest quality electric motor, it can effectively extend the life of the treadmill (testable stand). The frame part is made of thickened steel tube and ABS, more durable. PVC belt and rubber floor have good cushioning and calming effect. The non-slip handrail is safer and more reliable. The ISE SY-1001 treadmill will please you during workouts.


 Our training devices are characterized by reliable and innovative technology which supports you in your endurance training. Stable motors with a 5-layer tread ensure exceptional training results, whether running or on foot. Solid, compact and practical. The multi-layered tread provides optimal conditions for an effortless training on the treadmill. The high quality workmanship and the use of 100% copper increase the life of the motor.


 10 step speed, 4 preset programs available. Treadmill measurement (L x W x H): 121.5x54x125 cm; Measurement of the tread: 102 x 32 cm; Weight: 27 kg. With LED display, it shows calorie consumption, speed, distance, time, pulse throughout training. In addition, there is an emergency and safety switch, you can use the treadmill immediately during training, more safety. Max. User weight: 120 kg | Only EU standard plug


 With manual in English and French. Tips: It is recommended that you stand at each end of the treadmill after each restart. Wait 1-2 minutes to reach normal speed, start traning to prevent the treadmill from experiencing irregular speed due to unstable tension and affect your feeling. To improve the operating properties, it should always be sufficiently greased.

LANDICE L8 LTD Treadmill


BREEZE ASSEMBLY-Very easy to assemble by yourself and takes you about 20-30 minutes.

RUNS SOOMTH AND QUIET -Barely broisy which is great for listening to music while you run

SPACE SAVER- Not huge, so if you’re looking to save space, this is it. Not breaking your style at home, can be folded, its size: 49 “x 25” x 47 “

SAFETY EXERCISE – Features LCD display for tracking and monitoring your health. A great bridge provides good cushioning for the ankle, back and knee joints, which helps your muscles recover faster after training. And emergency stop for your safety.

SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN – Smart design including safe and convenient handlebar controls let you control your speed and incline without ever taking your hands off the handlebars, you can run or walk without worrying about losing focus or balance while adjusting your allure.


Shayin Treadmills Folding Electric Treadmill

Why spend Gbpgbpgbp in the gym when you can have your own treadmill at home! Our fantastic treadmill will help you get in shape and lose weight without worrying about your living room! With a top speed of 8 km / h, a heart rate monitor and a host of other features, this treadmill is great value for money and will be a great addition to your home workout routine.

 Main feature: the speed can be adjusted to 1-8km per hour, the speed control adjustable from the main console .. With a square screen, you can see the time, speed, distance and calories burned. The emergency stop switch will help you stop if you fall on the treadmill. Foldable conveyor belt – ideal for storage. Durable handrail, steering wheel cover and adjustable strap. Hydraulic rod to help the pad when deploying the treadmill This treadmill will bring you many benefits.

It will improve your fitness, tone your muscles, and in conjunction with a calorie diet will help you lose weight. Only suitable for home use. The braking capacity depends on the speed. The belt can be cleaned with mild soap and water, but be sure to remove any excess water after cleaning.


Shayin Treadmills Folding Electric Treadmill

Rebel 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

This model of the German brand is aimed above all, in our opinion, at novice athletes . Indeed, the Sportstech 10 treadmill reveals all its qualities during moderate use, that is to say for low intensity walking or jogging, since it reaches a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

Its main advantage lies in its discretion : its engine is not very noisy , surely one of the quietest in our comparison. The 12 training programs included in the Sportstech 10 allow a steady and thoughtful rise in performance .

Otherwise, the reasonable price of the Sportstech 10 treadmill makes it a good value investment.

Advantages :

  • Quality / price ratio,
  • Reduced noise.


  • Maximum speed of 10 km / h.
Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmill

The Proform Performance 410i is one of the high-quality foldable treadmills . If it is imposing in terms of volume, it is because it is equipped with a resolutely modern console with an LCD screen which allows the runner to have access to more than 18 pre-recorded training programs and more. of 400 coached videos.

Its cushioning , and the ability to measure your heart rate , make the Proform Performance 410i an ideal ally for seasoned athletes . In our opinion, this is one of the best treadmills in our comparison.

Advantages :

  • 18 training programs, technologically advanced.


  • Imposing,
  • Substantial price.
TITAN Fitness Mini Treadmil

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Very compact, light and easy to move , the Citysports WP1 stands out from its competitors by its maneuverability . On the other hand, without a screen, it is impossible to have access to pre-recorded training programs , nor to know precisely its performance (speed, distance, heart rate).

Moreover, not equipped with an armrest, it is also more dangerous for people who are not used to using the treadmill. The Citysports WP1 treadmill is therefore aimed at people wishing to practice walking or slow running regularly but in a not very intense way.

Advantages :

  • Handy,
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Rather for walking,
  • No screen.
NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

How fast should a treadmill be?

To get a decent workout, how easily should a treadmill be able to go? That depends on a couple of different considerations.

For a good treadmill workout, it is not only the top speed that is significant. Belt length and characteristics are also significant.

Level of Training

Obviously, you can run quicker if you’re well qualified than if you’re only training for the first time in 10 years. How quickly can people run? Let’s take a glimpse;

Top time/distance-related speeds

The maximum velocity of a sub-10 second 100m sprinter is around 27MPH.

The average high school football player has a 100-meter 12-13 seconds that gives a top speed of 19 MPH

The average person can run for brief periods of time at the pace of 15 miles per hour, according to the National Council on Strength and Fitness.

A marathon runner has an average speed of 13 MPHH over two hours.

A marathon runner for three hours has an average speed of 8.67 MPH.

A marathon runner has an average speed of 6.5 MPH over four hours.

  • The average person jogs at 8.3 MPH

The average female jogs at 6.5 MPH,

A 5-minute mile runner has a 12 MPH average pace.

A 6-minute mile runner has a 10 MPH average pace.

An 8 minute mile runner has an average velocity of 7.5 MPH

Most treadmills are not really suited to highly trained sprinters, even commercial ones. I’m sure there are advanced devices that can meet people’s needs like that, but there is no peak speed that is fast enough for the regular gym treadmill.

Most people would be pleased with a treadmill that has a peak speed of 12MPH (except for short sprinters). If you’re a decent but not a top-level sprinter and you want to be able to do that on your treadmill, it may be worth looking for a top-speed 14 MPH treadmill.

And for shorter distances, highly trained sprinters don’t get anywhere close to the speeds you’ll run at. A five-minute mile is much quicker than can be run by the vast majority of people on this planet. The average individual can run a mile in around 9 to 13 minutes (average from wide range of people). A five-minute mile gives you an average 12 MPH pace that is within reach of many home-use treadmills.

However, treadmills are also used for steady-state cardio. Your pace would be much lower if you’re running longer distances than if you are sprinting. While their peak speed is possibly a little higher, even a two-hour marathon runner has an average speed of ‘just’ 13MPH. As there is only one person in the world who has done this, a two-hour marathon is extremely rare. Also for qualified individuals who can complete a marathon, four hours is a much more popular time.

Are Inexpensive Treadmills Worth It?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the most logical one. The short answer we can give you is yes, cheap treadmills are worth it.

However, several conditions must be met for this opinion to be founded. The reason many people are jaded and disappointed with affordable treadmills is because of their unrealistic expectations.

You will love your affordable treadmill as long as your expectations are realistic. A treadmill that costs as much as the ones we’ve listed above won’t come with all the bells and whistles.

More importantly, other than our top pick, hardly any of these are able to handle the sprint. In other words, budget treadmills can be a very useful fitness tool, as long as your expectations are based on reality.

That said, budget constraints aren’t the only reason people jump into the entry mat race. Some like to get wet and test the water before committing larger sums. Others don’t need anything better than what these models have to offer.

Either way, there’s more than one reason why cheap treadmills make sense. That said, if you can save more money and get something in the $ 500 price range, you’ll have more power. Otherwise it will work just fine.

What to look for in an affordable treadmill?

Highly rated models

To locate the best treadmills that are both affordable and reliable at home, we’ve analyzed treadmill reviews provided by fitness gurus, bodybuilding equipment experts, fitness bloggers, and regular customers.

Through our research, we have compiled a list of promising treadmills along with a set of criteria for comparing them. After checking the product specifications regarding warranty duration, belt dimensions, engine power, etc., we have provided the best treadmills that we could find and test ourselves. If you’d like to get a full rundown of our more extensive testing process, check out our article on the best treadmill.

Choose your workout space and treadmill size

How much room can you afford on a treadmill? To save time before shopping, measure the available space. Also measure any planned storage space (L x W x H) if you are considering a folding treadmill. As the dimensions of the treadmill are usually published, keeping this information handy can make it a more efficient customer. Keep in mind that the space required (size of the treadmill belt) can also affect the footprint of the treadmill. We recommend a 22 “wide belt for runners and 20” wide for walkers. However, 20 “is enough for the riders, it just leaves a little less room for error.

Pay attention to the engine

When purchasing a treadmill, the motor is one of the most important things to consider. Most models have two motors, one that operates the belt and the other activates the tilt function. You should opt for a treadmill with a continuous duty motor of at least 1.5 horsepower.

Display and technology

Treadmills come with a wide range of screens. They can be LCD or LED, which is brighter, so it is easier to read.

There is no machine in operation without computer technology which at least gives essential information about our training, such as the distance covered. But the more professional models display more info than enough information and they have several built-in training programs.

How does a treadmill work?

The use of a treadmill is quite easy . Above all, as a safety measure, it is essential that the runner gets on the mat when stationary and that he hooks the safety key on him . Then, he just has to choose on the screen the desired speed, which will be reached gradually, and possibly the inclination.

If he wishes to achieve a goal, it is also possible to choose on the screen a training program which will be determined according to his level, height, weight and the best performance he wishes to achieve.

Benefits & areas of application

There is many advantages when deciding to invest in a treadmill. For those new to running, the treadmill is the essential tool to get back into better shape at your own pace.

For the more athletic, this is an effective way to train regularly and not to deviate in his training program , even if external constraints such as adverse weather conditions or the impossibility of leaving home for various personal or professional reasons would intervene.

Regardless, the ease of use and availability at home of the treadmill make it a motivating ally in your weekly or daily workouts.


What types of treadmills are there?

Classic treadmills

The most popular model among athletes, from beginners to the most experienced, this type of model has, in our opinion, the advantage of being the best quality / price ratio on the current treadmill market. Indeed, it offers the basic functionalities expected by consumers in a price range that remains up to all budgets.

The safety of the runner is no less assured, as is the relevance of the training programs and the options offered. This is the most observed model during our comparison.

Foldable treadmills

This range of treadmills is primarily intended for athletes with little space at home . Indeed, this type of carpet folds easily in order to be stored discreetly and to free up space in your home.

Mounted on casters to be moved around as you wish, you can set it up in any room of your house or apartment during your workouts. They are also delivered with a protective cover.

Folding treadmill doesn’t mean that the models perform less well than their classic counterparts, though, as they too have the best options , from what we could see in our comparison.

Professional treadmills

 Professional treadmills are intended for the most seasoned athletes , even for gyms. Consistent in terms of volume, they often have the most efficient screens and options , and their tread is wider and has better cushioning .

The latest generation models are connected to the Internet and allow music, films, series or a television channel to be sent directly from the console of the treadmill. They are also equipped with supports to store your smartphone or tablet, so you never disconnect.

Those are the the most impressive devices in our comparison in terms of features.

Frequent Deficiencies and Shortcomings. What should you watch out for when buying a treadmill?

The most important thing when buying a home sports device is safety . In fact, unlike practicing in a gym surrounded by professionals, practicing sport at home requires extreme caution. So, before investing in a treadmill, first make sure that the model of your choice has a safety key , which is the minimum accessory required .

Some models may offer additional security features that are far from negligible. Likewise, monitor the quality of the cushioning of the models you select. This is again a question of safety: the idea is to avoid injuries as much as possible. to the foot, heel or ankle, which are the most frequent injuries among beginners as well as the most experienced athletes.

Since the device is intended to take place in your interior, it is also recommended to check its amplitude and volume . It would not be a question of ending up with a device which, at best, takes up a lot of space in your home, at worst cannot fit in the intended room. So, choosing a foldable device can be an ingenious solution . If you want to avoid these inconveniences, follow the advice of our comparison .

The pros and cons as described in customer reviews

Advantages :

  • The ease of use of the treadmill makes it essential for keeping you in better shape every day.
  • The pre-recorded training programs allow both beginners and experienced athletes to set goals and monitor their performance.
  • The security is ensured thanks to an ingenious key system but also thanks to the armrests.
  • The silence of the treadmill is appreciable thanks to an electric motor that produces almost no noise.
  • The maneuverability of the treadmill makes it easy to fold and store, saving space.
  • The use of the screen is intuitive and allows you to access programs or play your own music easily.
  • The ease of assembly allows for quick use of the treadmill upon receipt.
  • The running speed and the possibilities of inclination offer good sensations to experienced athletes.
  • The amortized of the treadmill is good enough to provide good shock absorption and prevent injury.
  • Additional features such as internet access from the screen or speakers greatly enhance the runner’s experience.


  • The startup speed the treadmill is sometimes inefficient and disappointing.
  • The tread belt wears out quickly despite reasonable use of the treadmill.
  • The heartbeat monitor is unreliable and does not allow optimal monitoring of its data.
  • The carpet requires regular maintenance: in particular, the oil level should be checked regularly so that it is constantly lubricated as it should.
  • The connection to the smartphone and application usage can be laborious for some connected treadmill models.
  • It is not possible to record your own training program when preparing for a half marathon or a marathon.
  • The treadmill is not very stable, especially when used at maximum power.
  • The design of the treadmill leaves much to be desired , it is very “plastic”.
  • Over the long term, the engine seems to run out of steam and show signs of weakness.
  • The light spots on the dashboard are too dazzling for runners.

 This is how the treadmill is tested

The speed of the treadmill

The startup speed and the maximum speed achievable are two essential elements of a treadmill. In fact, to establish a comparison, it is essential to take an interest in the starting speed of the treadmill, which must be progressive , so that the runner can start his program smoothly and reach his cruising speed without injuring himself. .

Top speed should also be considered as it helps to know who the tested treadmill is for. Depending on the maximum speed, it will be aimed either at beginners walkers or athletes, or at experienced athletes.

The strength of the tread

For regular and intensive use of the treadmill, it is essential that the rolling strip is solid . To ensure its strength, it is necessary to both test its resistance to impact and its wear over time . A test in real condition is then essential to have a final opinion on the question. In our comparison, many models offer very reliable treads , provided they are maintained on a regular basis.

The relevance of the features offered by the screen

While the screen may seem like a gadget, it is appreciated by runners who want to follow their performance closely . It is therefore wise to ensure that the training programs offered by the tablet or that the connection to the various applications are carried out optimally . Even for the less tech-savvy, these little gems of innovation quickly become addicting.

The silence of the engine

If you are looking at our comparison and want to invest in a treadmill, it is because you plan to get back in better shape but do not have a schedule that makes it easier to practice outdoors. Thus, you may have to use your device at odd or unconventional hours .

It is therefore essential, for the members of your household as for your neighbors, but also for your own comfort, that the use of the treadmill does not trigger excessive noise.

Internet or specialist shops: where should I buy my treadmill instead?

Far from unscrupulous “physical” sellers who offer you models on which they themselves receive a commission, an internet purchase allows you to consult consumers ‘ opinions and make your own comparison . Depending on your goals and your performance, you can guide your choice towards the best treadmill, the most suited to your needs, by consulting the best and the worst reviews.

On the internet, you also have a very wide choice of models offered, which allows you to expand those prices taken into account in your comparison and to best reach your final opinion.

Alternatives to the treadmill

Without question, the easiest and best alternative to a treadmill is outdoor running .

If, however, you really want to invest in a home exercise machine , you can opt for an elliptical trainer , or even a rowing machine, which are machines that have the advantage of working both your cardio and upper body muscles. , very often left behind during the sole practice of jogging.

The stepper , on the other hand, provides a less intense effort but allows to optimally build the legs and buttocks.

Frequently Asked Question


At 40 years of age, how hard can I run a mile?

A moderately fit man who is 40 years old can run a mile in about 9:45 minutes, while at about 12:00 a similar moderately fit woman can run a mile. This suggests an average speed for males of 6.15 MPH and females of 5 MPH.

How quickly can I run a mile when I’m 30 years old?

 A moderately fit 30-year-old man can run a mile in about 9 minutes, while a moderately fit woman can run a mile in about 10:30 minutes. This means an average speed for men of 6.67 MPH and for women of 5.71 MPH.

How many MPHs is a mile for 6 minutes?

 For a six-minute mile, the average speed is 10 MPH. During that mile, the peak speed of that runner is probably higher as you have to accelerate and have to compensate later on for that lost time. The average speed is 8.57 MPH for a seven-minute mile.

Who can use a treadmill?

Anyone from adolescence can use a treadmill, unless there is a medical contraindication. Sports people can get started whenever they want.

What are the benefits of the treadmill?

Like regular running, using a treadmill helps you stay in better shape with regular exercise. Maintenance of the heart muscle, better amplitude of breath, weight loss, these are all benefits of diligent practice of the treadmill.

How to choose your treadmill?

The choice of your treadmill will depend on your level of performance, your goals and your needs. To find out more, see our comparison, and you will choose the best model for you.

Will a treadmill take up space in my house?

Treadmills are devices that indeed have a large volume. If you lack space at home, turn to foldable models, which are easily stored and know how to be discreet.

What is the price of a treadmill?

As we have seen in our comparison, the price range varies widely depending on the model you choose. Count on a budget of several hundred euros for the best devices.

Is a treadmill used in addition to or as a replacement for an outdoor workout?

Both ! Treadmill training can be done as a sole activity, or in addition to training outdoors when weather conditions do not allow it.

Can the use of a treadmill be done in a medical setting?

Some doctors may recommend that their sedentary patients use a treadmill. It may also be advisable for people with loss of mobility in the lower limbs. In this case, it is essential to opt for a carpet with a powerful “walking” function.

How to maintain your treadmill?

To maintain your treadmill, it is essential to oil the motor regularly and to clean with a cloth the parts in contact with your hands, that is to say the armrests and the screen.

What is the lifespan of a treadmill?

It all depends on how you are going to use it, regular or not, intensive or not. For the best treadmills in our comparison, count on a lifespan of several decades.

Will a treadmill make me lose weight?

As part of a balanced diet and with regular use, the practice of the treadmill can participate in weight loss.

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