Top 5 Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running- [2021 Reviews]

Once you’ve warmed up your abs with the Twist and Shape , it’s time to sweat on the treadmill. 

This cardio training device is a must for gyms, but also for homes! 

The treadmills are becoming increasingly popular at home, which makes them the ‘ fitness machine ideal for working on cardio and lose fat.

 If you want to keep fit or get back in shape, you can find the model that suits you, based on your level, your goals and your wishes in terms of practice.

To guide you and help you choose the treadmill that will eliminate your calories, discover our top 5 of the best treadmill for long distance running for an effective cardio workout!

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running-Reviews 2020


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



11 MPH

325 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

386 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

12 MPH

300 LB

 35"× 27.6"× 54.7"

Rank #1: XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

Entirely suitable for fast walking than intense jogging, this treadmill remains quality for its price. 

It takes up very little space and folds very easily. Quiet enough, it goes up to 10km / h, and it’s sturdy enough. 

The screen is relatively small, so you need to press the same button to scroll through speed, time, and calorie information.

Beware, this mat stops automatically after 30 minutes, which is annoying if you are in full swing… just press start again to start over. 

A carpet that gets the job done, at a meager price


Rank #2: UREVO Foldable Treadmill

Foldable and space-saving, ISE mats can reach speeds of up to 8-10km / h, making them more suitable for fast walking than long runs. 

Still, it’s very robust and solid and functional for its price. With adapted programs, you can train smoothly and smoothly increase your performance at a ridiculous price compared to the competition. 

Small hitch, the sliding surface is a bit small to be taken into account if you take big steps.


Rank #3: Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

With many features and options and good solidity, this model is the best value for money treadmill par excellence. 

Renowned for its quality and industry expertise, the Sportstech brand offers a model at the professional’s edge at a ridiculously low price.

 Foldable, connected, and smart, a heart rate monitor belt comes with the device for precise monitoring of your performance. 

If you are looking for performance at a very reasonable price, this F10 mat is for you!


Rank #4: UMAY Portable Treadmill

The UMAY Portable Treadmill  is a trusted name in the industry, offering quality sports equipment that combines comfort, strength, and efficiency. 

With its 18 programs and Bluetooth Fit technology, you can enjoy workouts adapted to your level and goals in complete safety thanks to the ProShox padding. 

Even though this treadmill is foldable, it is still very impressive, so you need to have space at home. Y

ou can take advantage of the pre-recorded warm-ups to start the session smoothly, and you can shift from one gear to another without having to go through the intermediate gears. 

Small hitch, the manual is not always delivered in French, and assembly can be difficult with many parts …

Once again designed by the renowned German brand, this professional quality treadmill is perfect if you are an experienced runner. 

This device is usually found in sports halls with a maximum speed of 20 km / h and 12 pre-recorded programs. 

Very sturdy and solid, it is quite quiet and benefits from quality damping—a profitable investment for training at all levels and many options for greater comfort.


Why use a treadmill?

The treadmill has many advantages:

  • Sports at home: no more excuses not to move! Whatever the weather, you can play sports at any time. Above all, it allows you to optimize time thanks to its proximity: there is no need to go far and have a lot of time available. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can spend it running at your own pace.
  • Fitness and cardio training: whether you are already very sporty or not at all, the mat allows you to do physical activity and to work all muscle groups, especially the lower limbs. You will work mainly on your cardio, which is essential for good health, good blood circulation, loss of fat mass, and good elimination of toxins through sweat.
  • Optimized and Adapted Running: While it’s always more enjoyable to run outdoors in a park or outdoors, the treadmill has some advantages over the activity itself. For starters, carpet padding is often better for your joints than concrete padding. You can also adapt the speed to your own pace and challenge yourself by playing on incline and speed! Whatever your goals, you will find your account with a mat.
  • Progressive Performance: One of the great advantages of this device is that it allows you to progress and increase performance over time. Staying at the same level will continue to burn you, but your body will eventually get used to it, so it’s important to increase your performance to keep shedding and burning fat.
  • Running, but not this! Although the treadmill is well known for running, be aware that there are many exercises and variations available to work other muscles, especially the upper body.

Some ideas of exercises to do with the treadmill

What is the best treadmill for long-distance running brands?

Among the best brands of carpets, you can find NordicTrack, ProForm, Sportstech, Technogym, or SoleFitness. 

If you want a good quality treadmill for your cardio workouts, you will have to turn to the best brands.

 Prices are certainly higher, typically ranging from $ 600 to $ 4,000, but quality comes at a price, and these brands offer rugs that are robust, efficient, and suitable for everyone.


Where to buy a treadmill?

To get one of these fitness machines that will get you back in shape and health, you can turn to sport goods stores, such as Decathlon, Intersport, etc. 

There are mainly the carpets of the signs (Domyos, for example).

Online, you can buy them directly on the e-commerce sites of the desired brand. To get it at the best price, you will find your happiness.

The best treadmill: why trust us?

Thanks for reading this article! Since we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, all our advice is the result of a long work of analyzing consumer opinions on leading and little-known products on the market, comparing prices and technical characteristics.

Above all of the tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed to maintain real objectivity that helps you in your purchase process.

All purchase criteria are examined for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, packaging and accessories, safety … 

All this to help you choose the most suitable products for your needs, desires, and constraints, at the best price!


What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is fitness equipment that consists of reproducing the movement and feeling of running, but on a mat and indoors! 

The principle is simple, the treadmill starts moving at the desired speed, and all you have to do is start your run! Be careful.

 You have to keep up if you don’t want to fall!

A cousin of the elliptical or rowing machine, the mat is designed to work cardio and burn calories to melt fat and slim your figure. 

This device’s advantage is that it allows you to practice running at your own pace and level, indoors, without worrying about the weather and without having to move from home! 

A real plus for the less motivated who still have a hard time going far for a jog in the fresh air. 

In addition to a full cardio workout, you will work many muscles, including thighs, glutes, and abs.


Which treadmill to choose?

The advantage of fitness machines and equipment is that there are many models for every level, every need, and every use. 

As for treadmills, there are two types of treadmills to choose from, depending on what you want to use them for.

Manual / magnetic conveyor belt

If you are looking for a cheap treadmill, these are the most basic, and therefore the cheapest. 

Without any electric or motorized properties, the runner sets the pace by starting his run on the mat. 

Rotate with the movement, and slow or accelerate according to the user’s pace. 

The bearing resistance is adjustable by changing the distance between the magnetic wheel and the magnetized part.

 The advantage of this type of rug is that you set your own pace, which is easier to get started. 

On the other hand, you have to push a little more on the legs to roll the carpet.

Electric treadmill

With an electric motor that automatically rolls the carpet, these models are ideal for working on your goals and cardio, setting a fixed pace.

 You choose the desired speed on the dashboard, which defines the rolling of the belt. 

Therefore, you will have to follow the rhythm of the carpet (unlike the magnetic models) to maintain a stable speed and work overtime. 

You can even choose a slope to add a challenge to your race! 

Well thought out and efficient with many features to push your cardio workouts, you think these mats are heavier and more expensive than the previous ones.

Folding treadmill: an alternative to lack of space

If you’re short on space but still want to run home, you can! 

The folding treadmill is much smaller and lighter and folds up for easy storage without being bulky. 

Magnetic or electric ones can be found, but they will remain simpler and have fewer features than larger models. 

However, today most of the models are very easy to fold and store, even the most robust ones.

With these folding treadmills, you will have no more excuses to stop exercising! 

Whatever your surface, you will be able to train at your own pace and warm up your muscle groups.


How to choose your treadmill?

A treadmill is a fairly large investment, so it’s important to choose the right model for you and carefully consider the different purchase criteria to find the right treadmill for you.

Your level

As mentioned above, it is very important to choose a model that suits your level, to avoid injury or other disasters. 

Whether it’s getting fit, preparing for a marathon, or pushing your limits, the treadmill must meet your needs and workouts.

Your use

Depending on the sports training, frequency, and intensity, the treadmill must be adapted. 

If you train five times a week at 18km / h for 1h30, you won’t need the same endurance, quality, and power from the device as if you run once a week at a light pace.

Engine power

If you choose an electric carpet model, the engine is the heart of your machine

The better its power and quality, the better its ability to hold over time, and the more you can push.

 If the engine is too fragile, the cardio machine can break underfoot pretty quickly. On these machines, power is indicated in horsepower. 

For occasional use or a brisk walk, a 1.5 or 2HP mat is sufficient. For more regular and intensive practice, a power of 2,5CV is more adequate.


The downside of running is that it is a sport that is quickly damaging to the joints if you are not careful and do not take the necessary precautions when running. 

On a treadmill, the cushioning system is an important criterion for minimizing injury and wear on the joints.

 In general, you will find carpets with quality padding that reduces impacts by 15-40%, and some are adjustable to allow you to apply the desired level of padding. For occasional and light use, soft padding is sufficient. 

If you are a great runner, opt instead for solid padding that rests your stride.


On most treadmills, the running speed can be as high as 16km / h, which is already a good running pace and is more than enough for casual or even experienced runners. 

However, if you want more training and a faster pace, you will have to opt for models up to 20km / h, which will be more expensive and allow you to practice the sport you expect.

Height and weight

The treadmill is an ideal device for home sports. So your equipment must be able to go home without too much difficulty and without taking up too much space.

 Please pay attention to the carpet’s size to avoid having to move all the furniture to install it!

 The size is also an important criterion as it is linked to the carpet’s surface and, therefore, to the sliding surface. 

The tread size must be taken into consideration to adapt to your pace and not interfere with your pace during the race.

The functionalities

Depending on your needs and wishes, you will find models with more or fewer features and options. 

The dashboard’s richness is to be observed if you want an indicator of the number of calories burned, the average speed, the heart rate, the distance traveled, the time of the ride, etc. 

Some mats also offer sports training programs, built-in MP3 players, fans, and even landscape and scenery simulators via screens.

 The most connected will offer you a follow-up and an evolution of your performance thanks to an application or sessions with virtual coaches for increasingly advanced and realistic experiences. 

Among the functionalities, the possibility of tilting the carpet is a criterion to consider if you are interested in simulating the climbs and varying the pleasure and intensity during the races.


Mandatory on all treadmills, the STOP button allows you to stop the treadmill cleanly if you feel bad, or if you want to stop the roll for any reason. Before choosing your treadmill, make sure it is accessible and visible.

The price

You will be able to find machines for any budget. You can opt for cheap or second-hand treadmills for reduced use, ranging from 200 to 500 €. 

Average prices for mid-range mats for regular use range from 500 to 1000 euros, depending on the level and desired features. 

If you are a running enthusiast and are looking for a more advanced machine, you will need to budget more than € 100, as the best performing mats can cost up to $ 4,000.

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