10 Best Treadmill for Peloton App (2021 Updated)

Which treadmill to choose? Not easy to choose from among all the models. Criteria for choosing well, the important points to check, the pitfalls to avoid … I answer all your questions with, as always, my comparison of the models that have convinced me the most.


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Physical maintenance (weight loss, mass gain …) or preparation (athletics, boxing).


Our Editors Choice


Product Name

Key Features


 Sunny Health & Fitness Portable Treadmill
  • iFit coach

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 12 mph

  • Deck Height: 8"

  • Deck Height: 8″ 

  • Max Capcity: 250 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Deck Height: 7″ 

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 8 mph

Proform 905-CST  Low Ceilings Treadmill
  • Deck Height: 8″ 

  • Good build quality

  • Max Capcity: 300 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Max Capcity: 220 lbs

  • Top Speed: 10 mph

  • Deck Height: 5.5"

10 Best Treadmill for Peloton App

Most models on e-commerce platforms are 1st price to mid-range. 

The advantage I see is that you can rely on user reviews to make your choice.

Which models are selling the most at the moment? Here is a table generated by the Amazon site which highlights the most sold and available rugs

 (with confinement everyone wants to play sports at home and manufacturers find themselves out of stock …)


Rank #1: Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 Asuna


➞ The choice of good value for money.

For a price in my opinion more than correct you already have a very good treadmill both in terms of quality of materials and technical characteristics. 

Good speed and sturdiness for safe running, sufficient tilt, large screen, good mat area / width and ease of use.

The only negative points are in the finishes / accessories: The sound of the speakers is not great, the fan either, lack of customization of the programs … Some details like that which differentiate it from a high carpet. range but which justify its price.

Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 Asuna

Rank #2: NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

 The choice of those who do not want to choose

The Power 1295i is an excellent top-of-the-range treadmill but currently at half the price which makes it very attractive! You will of course find all the characteristics of a good treadmill: speed up to 22km / h, proof of its robustness, incline + 15%, large running surface of 51×152 cm including the latest cushioning systems from Proform allowing reduce the impact on the joints by up to 15%.

Level of finishes is also top with good sound quality, a touch screen (a little small however), and iFit compatibility and 1 year of coaching included.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

Rank #3: Nautilus Treadmill Series

The choice of a more technical treadmill

A high-end model to accurately reproduce the sensations of an outdoor outing. The big advantage of the Nordictrack Incline Trainer range is of course its incline: from -3% to -40% for sensations totally different from what you have experienced until then with a traditional treadmill.

Launch one of the 38 included programs, and immerse yourself in a mountain course with the video and the carpet that automatically adjusts to the altitude difference.

A must have therefore for all those who want to prepare a trail while living in the city, but also for all those who want to have fun with a high quality device.

Nautilus Treadmill Series

The main brands

While that doesn’t mean everything, there are some brands that inspire more confidence than others.

 But some are overpriced, others less well known but offering good value for money … So here are a few words about some of the most popular brands of treadmills:


Sportstech treadmill

This is my favorite “1st prize” brand for cardio machines.

 Not because it offers the best treadmills on the market, there are more expensive brands of better quality, but the more competitive.

 I had the opportunity to compare dozens of machines and Sportstech is the brand that offers the best quality at the best price. 


Proform treadmill

The Proform brand is one of the most famous for treadmills. It offers many models, mostly mid and high end, and of good design.

 All Proform treadmills come with interesting features and options such as good running speed, good incline, numerous programs and accessories like speakers or quality fan.


Nordictrack treadmill

NordicTrack is a leading brand produced by ICON Health & Fitness.

 Nordictrack brand mats are high-end devices, characterized by their operation with the iFit app.

 Their large surface is specially designed for tall runners. They can be sloped up to 40% for the latest models.

Domyos (Decathlon)

Domyos treadmill

Domyos offers a wide range of treadmills such as the T900A, TC5, or even the T520 A.

 These different sets are designed to give you flexibility as well as sound discretion. Some are compatible with the Domyos E – connected application.

David Douillet

David Douillet treadmill

The treadmills belonging to the David Douillet brand are ideal for training discreetly, that is to say in absolute silence, thanks to its magnetic braking system.

 Some models are foldable, thus saving more space.


Techness treadmill

The new features integrated into Techness treadmills display a console made up of a latest generation touch screen, where 26 programs are pre-recorded.

 In addition, devices of this brand have a remote control to facilitate speed adjustment.


Weslo treadmill

They are manually reclining 2 positions between 0 and 6%, with an excellent damping system to limit shocks. 

The existence of transport wheels on these devices facilitates their movement. Its discounted treadmills typically cost less than $ 400 and don’t include guarantees.

 They are sold directly from Weslo online and also through resellers like Brookstone, Fry’s Electronics and Wal-Mart.


Your questions answered

I receive many questions in private about the choice of treadmill. I have decided to repost my answers here so that they can benefit everyone.

Why use a treadmill?

You can say goodbye to your scheduling, weather, or security issues. The treadmill allows you to run at any time, in complete safety, at your own pace with a constant speed for the duration you have chosen; and all this while staying at home.

Running on a mat also provides better cushioning compared to running outdoors, which protects your joints from possible training shocks. Using a treadmill is very easy: just step on it, choose the speed that suits you or program, then get started.

To sum up, the treadmill is an effective device for burning calories and working out the cardiovascular system, but it has other advantages:

  • That of running at home and at your own pace
  • It’s a sustainable, long-term investment
  • Today you can easily find solid material on the Internet that is accessible to all
  • Better cushioning than on urban surfaces
  • You will find foldable and compact treadmillmodels for easy storage

What are the benefits of running

Running regularly brings several benefits:

  • You work and therefore develop more than half of your muscles, especially when playing with the incline of the treadmill. The higher the incline, the greater the muscle development. This helps strengthen your glutes, thighs, as well as calves. Running also targets the abdominal muscles to a lesser extent.
  • Then you burn calories. During a jogging session, whether indoors or outdoors, you will consume a lot of energy. This process speeds up as the speed of the belt increases. So, if your goal is to lose belly fat, the mat will be beneficial.
  • Running activates your cardiovascular system by making you more toned and less susceptible to fatigue. A single session is enough to re-oxygenate your body.
  • Finally, sport and particularly running is a good way to relieve stress. During your session you think of something else, you clear your mind and at the end of the session you will feel better about yourself. Running promotes the creation of new nerve cells and stimulates memory. Overall it helps in having better self-esteem and in improving mental health.

Treadmill or treadmill: what’s the difference?

The two terms are differentiated according to the maximum speed. This is a walk if your speed does not exceed 7-8km / h. Beyond this threshold, you orient yourself more towards the race. So, in relation to this difference, producers and practitioners define these two types of rugs.

Treadmills are generally less sophisticated, less powerful, and therefore less expensive than a treadmill. This is normal, he will be less “brutalized”.

You can choose between 2 models of treadmill: mechanical or motorized. The mechanical treadmill is driven by the walker. It is slightly inclined in order to allow its operation without a motor, so flat running is impossible. I’m not advising you, but anyway the brands don’t offer much.

The motorized treadmill provides better comfort for the joints while walking flat. It is a model similar to the treadmill but with less power.

Regarding the treadmill, it is characterized by the presence of a motor on all models, allowing to have higher speeds, as well as by a variable incline (depending on the model). Compared to the treadmill, it offers better cushioning and has a console with menus that allow you to manage your pace.

Which carpet for which use?

Each type of mat offers a multitude of exercises to do. You will need to have a well-defined mat depending on your goal, whether for occasional, regular, or intensive practice.

If your goal is only an occasional physical maintenance, fitness or rehabilitation walk, you can opt for the choice of a mechanical treadmill. Indeed, the performance is not a goal here so you will not need the power of an engine to have higher speeds.

On the other hand, for regular and intensive training, I recommend a motorized treadmill or a treadmill. The treadmill allows occasional runners to practice cardio training, completing a run of about 45 minutes per day. Those looking instead to improve their performance can opt for the treadmill, with which you can run up to 16km / h.


Where to buy a cheap treadmill?

All the big sports equipment brands like Decathlon, Go sport or Intersport offer treadmills of course, but they are rarely the most efficient models.

 I do not recommend going directly to one of these stores to make your purchases, but rather comparing prices on the Internet.

 This is where I think you will find the best deals and the lowest prices.

Be careful, however, not to look only at the price.

 Using a treadmill can pose certain risks on low-end equipment.

 You have to be aware that quality comes at a price, but it is an investment for your health and over time.


How to choose your treadmill

The final choice of sports equipment will depend on each person, since we all have different needs, constraints and goals. Here are the top 10 criteria to look at when choosing your treadmill:

# 1 maximum speed

Do you plan to walk / run at a moderate pace, or run and sprint? Some mats, the 1st prizes, only offer a maximum speed of 10km / h. They are actually primarily designed for walking (brisk walking).

To run, choose a mat with a maximum speed. of at least 16km / h, but I highly recommend 20km / h max. if you want to sprint. Indeed the manufacturers give you a maximum, but according to the quality of construction of the mat it is better to foresee the margin to run in full safety.

# 2 tilt

At maximum speed, the incline is the most important point to check because it allows:

  • vary your training sessions and break with the monotony of the treadmill,
  • to maximize weight loss: the more you tilt the mat, the more caloric expenditure increases,
  • to work new muscles.

If your budget allows it, I strongly recommend a model that can tilt, at least between 0 and 15% (this is the norm).

If you use a mat to prepare “outdoor” races such as trails, the incline is essential to simulate mountain slopes, and in this case I recommend the mats with an incline of up to 40%, and with declination to simulate descents (up to -6%).

# 3 The available surface

This is a very important point because the surface will allow comfort but also (and above all) your safety.

A word of caution: when you have limited space at home, you may be tempted to want a smaller surface / compact treadmill to take up less space. It is not a good choice in my opinion because small surface = less comfort and more risk of falling. Take a small area just for walking, not for running.

I recommend a minimum surface area of 140 by 46 cm, and to choose a foldable treadmill if space in your home is limited. Some rugs fold and unfold very easily!

# 4 Foldable or non-folding treadmill

As we have just seen, the foldable mat is preferred for small spaces rather than a compact model not very wide. If your budget allows it, prefer a mid-range or even high-end mat which are generally better designed and allow your mat to fold and unfold very easily.

All the models of low-end foldable rugs that I had the opportunity to test were a real hassle to fold …

# 5 Depreciation

Check the shock absorption technology of the cushioning system. A quality treadmill must be able to cushion your strides well and thus protect your joints and particularly those of the knees under strain.

Here again, 1st price rugs generally do not have any cushioning system worthy of the name.

# 6 training programs

The number and quality of the programs offered by the device can also guide your choice because they allow you to better adapt the treadmill to your goals and performance.

The basics are: cardio focus, weight loss, interval training, mountain running … But you have much more personalized ones that allow you to break the routine and pass the time faster.

# 7 Connectivity and accessories

Again, it is to allow you to improve comfort, and these are points that are often not taken into account while in use they are very appreciable. Internet access on the screen, MP3, bluetooth, integrated speakers …

Some mid- and top-of-the-range models even include virtual coaches to push you through your session and integrate very personalized programs.

# 8 noise

It goes without saying but choose a quiet treadmill. You tell me how to find out without using it?

If you choose a 1st price model, for example at a large sports store like Decathlon or on an e-commerce platform, check the comments carefully. If the carpet is too noisy there is a chance that users will complain because it is prohibitive. No problem with mid-range and more mats which are mostly silent

# 9 The maximum authorized weight

This does not apply to everyone, but if you know you are overweight, or have a large build, make sure that the mat in question can support your weight. Take the margin: if the manufacturer says maximum 100kg and you weigh 99kg, I advise you to switch to another model 😉

# 10 the price

This is surely for you the most determining criterion: how much are you willing to put into the purchase of a treadmill? It must also depend on the use that you will have of it: if it is to use it on a regular basis (at least once a week), I advise you not to take a 1st price carpet. Below is some information on the price ranges:

Entry-level treadmills

I consider entry-level all models for less than € 500. Despite everything the sellers can tell you, below this price you will only have rudimentary comfort.

For a use other than occasional or for walking, I do not recommend taking a 1st prize for the treadmill because you will have very low running comfort and safety.

From experience, even if we don’t want to pay too much, we end up regretting it because if the carpet is not pleasant, we do not use it …

Mid-range treadmills

Priced between € 500 and € 2000 – these are the best sellers. Intended for amateur athletes, beginner to intermediate level.

They generally offer sufficient characteristics in terms of maximum speed, incline, running surface and cushioning. They can be used on a regular basis and allow you to run in complete safety.

Of course the performances and options will vary from one model to another but overall we can consider that they hold up … and you can then compare the criteria stated above according to your objectives. 

High-end treadmills

The mats that I consider high-end (generally above 2000 € are robust, efficient and reliable. Intended for intensive use or as part of physical preparation for another sport.

Indeed they will allow you to work in a different way: at high intensity, high incline, personalized programs, etc.

They are therefore safe values, which I recommend to experienced athletes or to those who have a budget and want to have fun with a treadmill that is both efficient and pleasant to use.


With a maximum speed of 20km / h and 15% incline, equipped with the latest technologies, this Sportstech treadmill offers me a good quality / price ratio for those looking for a quality mat without breaking their wallet

A very convincing model from Proform, for those who do not want to make any concessions: foldable treadmill, ideal therefore for small spaces but it offers all the characteristics of a high-end model: max speed, incline, running surface , programs, options and top comfort!

The best value for money of the Incline trainer range from Nordictrack. A very successful range to work in a different way: with an incline of up to 40%, it offers a new way of training. Extremely effective for weight loss, among others


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