10 Best Treadmills For Weight Loss [2021 Updated]

The treadmill is an aerobic exercise system that is highly common. Aside from being a flexible exercise machine, a treadmill will help you lose weight if that’s your aim. 

Working out on a treadmill often has other advantages, in addition to helping you lose weight. 

For example: 

  • The treadmill can be used all year round. 
  • Watching your favorite TV show 
  • when you are exercising is possible. 
  • The treadmill has handrails, which, if you are healing from an accident, is perfect. 

It can help reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases, improve sleep, raise your mood, and improve brain function, as with any heart-pumping aerobic exercise. 

Treadmills are machines that are used to walk or run while remaining in place. These best treadmills for weight loss , once present only in gyms, doctors’ offices and physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers, are now widespread in many homes. More and more people want to play sports, but very often they don’t have time to go to the gym.

Providing yourself with a treadmill is equivalent to transforming a small corner of your home into a sort of gym, where you can train with brisk walking or running, perhaps watching your favorite series on TV.

Our Top Selection- 10 Best Treadmills For Weight Loss


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

300 lbs

39.15” x 79” x 71.4” 

12 MPH

386 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

16 MPH

420 LB

83" x 35" x 62" 

10 Best Treadmills For Weight Loss [2020 Updated]

At almost every gym, treadmills are open, making it an accessible choice for all fitness levels. 

Besides, the treadmills can quickly become part of your home gym, too, if you prefer working out at home.

This exercise machine was patented in 1913 in the United States, although, in the more distant past, there were already machines that were able to produce energy thanks to the walking or running of men, often sentenced to forced labor or animals. 

Today, contrary to what happened in the past , the machine is not used to produce energy, but to waste it: the treadmill , in fact, as well as for medical and rehabilitation applications, is used to burn calories , at home or in the gym, and to lose weight, in combination with the classic diet.

With this article we intend to help you understand what types of equipment are currently on sale, their characteristics and provide you with useful elements to choose the best treadmills for weight loss based on your needs.

Rank #1: LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk  is a company that designs and manufactures sports products, equipment and anything else to keep fit constantly, ideal for those who do not have time to go to the gym, but want to bring the gym indoors. In this review we have dealt with the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk .

 It is an electric and foldable tool, capable of reaching 20 km / h thanks to a powerful 7 horsepower engine. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the running difficulty by tilting the tool, up to a maximum of 15 degrees.

Among its most innovative features, we mention the presence of an innovative lubrication system, which releases the silicone oil uniformly, for a period of time sufficient to effectively lubricate the tool. Unlike the old treadmills, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to lubricate by hand.

With LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk and KINOMAP you can immediately start a “last” gen workout. With the Home Fitness 2.0 application and the practical tablet holder, you can train by interacting with other athletes, for a social workout!

 Finally, it should be emphasized the high build quality of the tool, which appears solid and able to last for many years to come.


  • Support for the tablet
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very powerful engine


  • Not perfect heart rate monitor

Rank #2 : SOLE F80 Treadmill

Anyone looking for a professional home workout machine will be happy to hear about the SOLE F80 Treadmill.

 This tool has a powerful engine that allows you to reach a maximum speed of 16 km / h. 

In addition, it features a multimedia console with large and bright LCD monitor, a self-lubrication function and much more.

Among the main features of this treadmill that we liked, we remember the cushioned mat for a safe workout, even at home and without the support of a fitness coach. 

An ideal tool for those who want to get back in shape and know their goals, and just need professional support to achieve them.

This SOLE F80 Treadmill  can be tilted up to a maximum of 15% gradient, to make your training more versatile and effective. Increasing the incline, in fact, will burn more calories as the workout will be harder. 

A practice to be used at the more advanced level of the beginner, of course.

The automatic lubrication system of the treadmill is also excellent, which makes it easier to maintain the tool, making it quick and easy to do. The ugly and boring maintenance of the past will be just an old memory.


  • Adjustable inclination
  • Fast lubrication
  • Powerful engine


  • Heart rate monitor not included

Rank #3: NORDICTRACK 1750

Sportstech is a company that pays great attention to the technique, design and functionality of its sports equipment. 

These are designed and manufactured directly in Berlin and then distributed all over the world, through multiple sales channels, online and not. In this review we will deal with a perfect treadmill for those with limited space at home, it is the Sportstech DFT200 model.

This sports tool is equipped with a practical application that connects with bluetooth and with which you can manage your jogging sessions in a targeted and intelligent way. 

The app allows you to keep an eye on speed, an estimate of calories burned, steps taken, time and distance traveled. Furthermore, you will be able to save all your training sessions and make a comparison of the results.

Unlike other treadmills, this Sportstech DFT200 puts in your hands a controller with a futuristic design, through which you can control the tool quickly and easily. You can, for example, adjust the speed, or brake or pause the workout.

The electric motor that powers this tool is of excellent quality. It offers 8 different training speeds and can go up to a maximum of 7km / h. Ideal for home training.


  • It takes up very little space
  • Integrated app for training
  • Excellent quality engine


  • Price not for everyone

Rank #4: HORIZON T101 Treadmill


This HORIZON T101 Treadmill  is very compact and has a sleek design. It has 12 preset programs, hot keys, hand pulse heart sensors. It is resealable and therefore easy to store, it is equipped with a large LCD display to monitor all functions, it has a maximum speed of 10 km per hour.


This product has a dedicated application (iFitShow), which allows you to control the treadmill through your smartphone or tablet, with which it connects via Bluetooth; has a special music function, and allows you to keep the history of your training.


It is a product that meets the needs of those who buy an electric treadmill and intend to follow a personalized individual training path. Thanks to the history, in fact, you can keep an eye on your results, and the possibility of using it via the App makes all operations comfortable and intuitive. The design testifies to the care of a product that once closed is very compact. Also comfortable are the supports for drinks placed on the sides that demonstrate the attention to detail.


The motor is 750 Watt, with 2.5 HP peak, the running belt is 36 cm wide and 125 cm long. The maximum load is 120 kg. The machine weighs 27 kg, once opened the dimensions are 64 x 125 x 126 cm, while when folded it becomes 64 x 60 x 126 cm.


  • The dedicated App enriches it with many functions
  • It is very compact when folded
  • It connects to devices via Bluetooth
  • It has the history function and the music function


  • The 36 cm wide tape makes it more suitable for walking than running
  • It is very light and comfortable to move
  • It does not exceed 10 km of speed

Rank #5: Nautilus T618 Treadmill

In this review we will talk about the Nautilus T618 treadmill, which allows you to train according to your favorite running style: stage running, jogging, long endurance and sprinting. 

A professional training, directly to your home. By constantly training with this treadmill, it will be possible to improve your fitness, thanks to the consumption of calories, moreover, it will also improve your heart rate.

This tool has a modern and minimal design, with a console in the upper part that is rather “new” for this type of tool. Here all training values such as distance traveled, time, speed, calories burned and heart rate are reported in real time.

For those concerned about the clutter a treadmill can take up at home, they’ll be happy to know that this Nautilus T618 Treadmill  folds completely with the Easy-Folding system. This system allows you to easily close the tool, to be able to conveniently store it behind a door or inside a closet.

The running surface is also perfect and wide, measuring 400 x 1100 mm. This allows for long and very comfortable training sessions. The mat is also cushioned for a safe workout. The rather quiet engine drives at a top speed of 12 km / h.


  • Modern and simple design
  • Easy to close
  • Great engine


  • Open it is bulky

Rank #6: Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

Diadora is an Italian company that produces high quality clothing and sports goods In this review, we dealt with the Diadora Edge 2.4 treadmill. This machine is suitable for all those who want to stay in shape but don’t have time to go to the gym or prefer to do it in the comfort of their home.

This tool is equipped with a 2 horsepower engine, which is capable of going up to a maximum of 16 km / h. In addition, the intensity of the training can be adjusted via automatic inclination, which tilts the platform up to a maximum of 10%. On the handlebar we find a small on-board computer with LCD screen and buttons on its sides.

Here you can adjust all treadmill settings, such as speed adjustment, incline or choose one of the 19 included workout programs. 

The programs are divided into 12 different speed and incline modes, 3 target programs and 4 user options.

The platform is wide and comfortable, with a tape that has dimensions of 42 x 122 cm. Safety is guaranteed by 6 double deck elastomers, which are able to slow down and cushion every movement. 

Finally, there are also palm sensors in the handrail, to detect heartbeat and calories to burn to get back in shape.


  • Solid and comfortable tool
  • 19 training programs
  • Heartbeat detection


  • Price not for everyone

Rank #7: XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill


 XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill  is an electric treadmill, with 42 x 122 cm belt and 19 training programs, many of which are preset and others can be customized.

 It has the “body fat tester” function, which is a program for calculating fat mass. The treadmill has a large display with all functions and can reach a speed of 13 km per hour. 

The treadmill is foldable and equipped with wheels to facilitate movement. The carpet is cushioned with 6 Double Deck elastomers.


The backlit LCD display allows you to monitor all information while exercising. Among the various functions are present, there is that of detecting the heartbeat through handheld sensors positioned on the handrails. 

There are quick preset buttons on the console, which allow you to select the speed. The carpet is also equipped with a remote control to control the functions remotely.


Once assembled, the treadmill has the following dimensions: 70 x 160 x 125 cm. When closed, however, it occupies 70 x 100 x 135 cm. The tool weighs about 53 kg, gives its best with users of 110 kg.


With 12 programs already set, 3 target and 4 user programs, as well as functions such as the body fat tester, it is a useful product for training at home, constantly and according to your needs: both those to lose weight and intensify cardio activity.


  • The product is resealable and thanks to the wheels it is easy to move
  • Customizable programs and body fat tester function
  • Very readable LCD display
  • Economical price


  • There is no memory function that allows you to view past data and progress
  • Quite complicated assembly
  • Weight 53 kg, a little excessive

Rank #8: NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750  is a Spanish company that produces sporting goods to train and stay fit. In this review, we have dealt with its best NordicTrack Commercial 1750  folding treadmill

This electric tool is great for those who want to train at home without having to travel to the gym 3/4 days a week and allows you to do a great job even in your home environment.

It is so simple to use, you no longer need a personal trainer to train. This tool allows not only to run, but also to walk at the speed most suitable for the user and has a solid and fairly compact structure, especially when it is closed.

The steel used guarantees maximum reliability, strength and safety. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill has an electric motor capable of spinning the belt at a maximum speed of 14 km / h. 

Furthermore, through the on-board computer, in addition to displaying all information on the training in progress, it is possible to select one of the 12 predefined training programs.

Finally, through the display, we can view heart rate, elapsed or remaining time, speed, slope and calories burned. A fantastic tool to keep yourself or get in shape in no time.


  • Maximum speed of 14 km / h
  • 12 training programs
  • Easy to use


  • A little bulky when open

Rank #9: Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill


Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill  is a Spanish company that is dedicated exclusively to the production of sports and training equipment. Among the products there are treadmills, exercise bikes, vibrating platforms, benches, but also specific products for pilates, such as medicine balls.


A very slim and light treadmill with a 900 watt electric motor, it has an LED display that shows speed, distance traveled, walking time and calories burned. 

The maximum speed is 10 km per hour, the running surface is 32 cm x 100 cm. It has 12 training programs, and is foldable. It can be used by people weighing up to 120 kg.


This treadmill is equipped with a VCS (Variable Cushioning System) cushioning system, with different levels to give users a comfortable experience and keep joints in shape.

 It has two wheels that facilitate its transport, which is easy, given the weight of only 20 kg. 132 cm high, 140 cm long and 60 cm wide when open, when closed it becomes 132 x 60 x 60 cm.


If you are using the treadmill for the first time, it is important to set a fairly low initial speed, of about 3-4 km per hour, and then increase it to 5 km.

 Attach the safety key strap to your body and set the travel time before you begin. We recommend 30-minute sessions, followed by stretching exercises.


  • Very light and compact when folded
  • It is equipped with wheels to facilitate movement
  • It has 12 preset programs


  • The 32 cm ribbon is quite tight
  • The display shows only essential information.

Rank #10: Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill


 Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill  is a magnetic treadmill which works without electricity. 

It is suitable for those who want to buy their first tool and approach the world of fitness.

 Ideal for slow or fast walks with different levels of incline. The screen displays the main information on the activity that is taking place, monitoring the heart rate.


 Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill  has a running surface of 33 cm x 101 cm, the resistance of the belt to the stroke can be manually adjusted to 8 intensities, it allows cardiac detection through palm sensors. It has a display to view information such as time, speed, distance traveled and calories consumed, as well as heart rate.


The linear design makes it suitable to be placed in the home, the sturdy frame of this tool can support people weighing up to 100kg. Folding it up and moving it will be very simple thanks to the fact that it is designed to be very light, with its 22 kg, it is equipped with wheels, and once closed it measures 55 x 37 x 132 cm. When open it occupies 128 x 55 x 132 cm.


After each use the tool should be dried to remove sweat. Remove dust from the display with a damp cloth without using detergents, and remove dust from the tape with a broom or vacuum cleaner. According to the manufacturer’s instructions in the instruction manual, the belt must be lubricated periodically.


  • Very light, weighs only 20 kg, and easy to handle
  • It works without electricity
  • Adjustable on 8 intensities


  • For people weighing up to 100 kg
  • The somewhat small running surface is more suitable for walking


Treadmills generally consist of a platform with a sliding plate, which is wrapped in a rotating belt, and is bounded, at both ends, by two axes. There are two main types of treadmills, and they are electric and magnetic.

The magnetic treadmill, also called “mechanical”, moves using the strength of the legs. In practice, walking or running activates the running of the belt. Through a regulator you can act on the magnets that are the basis of the operation of this machine to increase or decrease the resistance. 

This type of treadmill is very suitable for walking, both slow and fast, while it is not recommended for running. Its inclination can be adjusted manually, thus simulating an uphill walk, with different degrees of incline.

 This type of tool is cheaper than the electric treadmill and it is recommended for those who do not want to spend very high amounts and have little space: generally it is less bulky and also lighter than the other model, therefore easier to move. There are many opinions on the magnetic treadmill. 

Generally those who prefer it, underline the fact that it is a completely ecological tool, as it does not consume energy, little noisy, and that it leads to a more intense type of training, since it requires more energy to make it work, as well as being less expensive.

The electric treadmill, as the name suggests, needs electricity to run, being equipped with a motor. In this case, in fact, it is not the person who uses it to cause the movement but the machine itself. 

The user just has to select the speed, or their preferred training program, and start running. This type of tool is suitable for all types of training. Thanks to the motor it is possible to select the right speed for walking, brisk walking or running, and vary the slope without having to stop or interrupt the workout. 

Obviously, given its characteristics, this type of tool is heavier and more voluminous than the treadmill .In the more advanced models there are also additional features such as sophisticated on-board computers, perhaps equipped with APP, which can give indications and measurements on the status of the athlete who is training, allow you to create customized programs, and to view routes, statistics and history, in addition to the basic data found in almost all models.


The dimensions of the treadmill, both magnetic and electric, vary a lot. In general, magnetic models take up less space, and are lighter, but the dimensions also vary according to the running surface, which is given by the length and width of the belt. 

The dimensions of this tool, both magnetic and electric, can vary from 118 cm in length up to even more than 1 m and 90 cm, with a width between 60 and 90 cm, and a height between 118 and 145 cm. Being a tool that takes up a lot of space, it will be good to choose a resealable one. 

The weight of the various models ranges on average from about 20 kg minimum for magnetic products, to about 60 kg for some electric models, but also in this case the weight varies a lot from one model to another.

In addition to the space they occupy in the house, it is important to evaluate the size based on the height of the person who will use it. For correct use, the length of the belt must be considered. For example, for a person up to 1.70 m tall, it is advisable to use a tool with a conveyor belt at least 120 cm long. 

For people up to 1.80 m the recommended length of the tape is 130-140 cm, for those who exceed the height of 1.80 m it would be better to buy a carpet with a tape of 150 cm long. The ribbons are approximately 33 cm to 60 cm wide.


For those who choose to buy a treadmill and put it at home, it is important that the tool has the right size and a beautiful design as well. In fact, you don’t always have a room to dedicate to physical training and to transform it into a mini gym, and often the treadmill is placed in the living room. 

In these cases you will have to choose a product with harmonic and minimal lines, which do not clash with the rest of the furniture.

 It is important to check that the mat is equipped with a cushioning system, in order to reduce the impact of the foot and protect the joints. 

Today, most treadmills are equipped with a console that gives all the basic information, such as speed, distance covered, calories burned, training time. Most models, both electric and magnetic, allow you to view the heart rate, which is measured with a chest strap or with a system of palm sensors, arranged on the handle.

 The treadmills with higher prices are equipped with consoles with greater performance: they have a dedicated App; USB inputs; allow you to listen to your favorite music while running; allow you to pre-set routes of various levels of difficulty and duration, based on the type of training you want to do; they have a color screen, which shows pictures related to the routes, and makes the ride more pleasant. 

The treadmills with higher prices are equipped with consoles with greater performance: they have a dedicated App; USB inputs; allow you to listen to your favorite music while running; allow you to pre-set routes of various levels of difficulty and duration, based on the type of training you want to do; they have a color screen, which shows images relating to the routes, and makes the ride more pleasant. 

The treadmills with higher prices are equipped with consoles with greater performance: they have a dedicated App; USB inputs; allow you to listen to your favorite music while running; allow you to pre-set routes of various levels of difficulty and duration, based on the type of training you want to do; they have a color screen, which shows images relating to the routes, and makes the ride more pleasant.


The treadmill because of the way it works, can be quite a dangerous tool, and for this reason its use is forbidden to children under 14. There are specific safety standards for treadmills: IEC EN 957-1 and IEC EN 957-6 which regulate the use of training equipment. 

A news that in 2015 went around the world and questioned the safety of treadmills, was that of the death of David Goldberg, manager of Silicon Valley: the man fell from the belt while exercising, banging his head . 

Without going to these extremes, it must be said that the traumas resulting from incorrect use of the treadmill are frequent.

 One of the risks to derives from the poor setting of the speed times of the race and programs, and by choosing a type of training that does not suit your possibilities. 

This way you can suddenly lose control of your run and risk falling, especially if you are distracted or engaged in another activity, such as watching the phone or TV, while exercising. 

While running on the treadmill, the posture is different from that assumed during the road run and the body tends to move forward.

 It is therefore necessary to run with a higher level of attention. While running on the treadmill, the posture is different from that assumed during the road run and the body tends to move forward.

 It is therefore necessary to run with a higher level of attention. While running on the treadmill, the posture is different from that assumed during the road run and the body tends to move forward. It is therefore necessary to run with a higher level of attention.

An element that should not be underestimated for safe running is the belt width. For walking and brisk walking, a narrow belt, therefore about 37-42 cm, can also be suitable, but if you want to dedicate yourself to real running, it is important that the belt is adequately wide.

 For a run up to 8 km per hour the minimum belt width must be 45 cm; running at a speed of up to 14 km per hour, the belt must be at least 48 cm wide; the centimeters will rise to 52 for those who want to try their hand at a race that reaches up to 18 km per hour.

 If you intend to exceed that speed, you will need a tape of at least 52cm in width to run safely.

Electric treadmills are equipped with a safety system that stops them when a problem occurs. Generally this type of belt is equipped with a safety key which, by generating a contact, of the magnetic or electric type, guarantees the functioning of the belt, while if disconnected it stops the run. 

These keys through a lanyard are connected to the body of the runner, so as to automatically release in case of a fall, sudden slowdown, or other types of problems. Furthermore, electric treadmills must guarantee a certain gradualness both in the starting phase and in the departure phase, to ensure that the individual gradually gets used to the set speed, and to avoid a sudden stop at the end of the race, may destabilize it.

These needs are not manifested in the magnetic treadmill, since the movement is generated by the person who trains and not by the machine.


Treadmills differ a lot in prices, especially when you consider those for professional use versus those for home use. An electric treadmill for home use can start from a minimum price of around € 200, although it is possible to find offers of discounted products online, but spending at least € 160. 

A treadmill for professional use, therefore to be included in a gym, can cost as much as € 15,000, but if you want to buy a good product for your home, with all the performance and the ability to set the parameters and paths you have to put in I plan to spend more than 500 €.

Cheaper, and less variable in price range, magnetic treadmills. The minimum price for this type of product is around $ 100 and the maximum price is around € 300. In this range it is possible to find more or less performing products, but always intended to be used within the walls of the house.

Obviously, these machines become more sophisticated and offer more options as the price rises, but the the best treadmills for weight loss is not necessarily the most expensive. Before making a large investment, it will be good to evaluate your needs.


The first element that comes to mind when thinking about the advantages of using the electric carpetor magnetic, compared to outdoor running, it is certainly the possibility of being able to use it regardless of weather conditions. Even if a storm is raging outside, you can dedicate yourself to indoor running, without too many preparations.

 While running outdoors requires multi-layered clothing, to avoid damage to health due to the wind or to shelter from the rain, to run on the treadmill you just need to wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. Running time management is also freer: having a treadmill at home, it will be easier to decide to dedicate half an hour to running, carving out a parenthesis between one thing and another. 

Often you don’t have a place to run right outside your home and therefore running outdoors also requires a drive. The ride up Magnetic carpetin doors can be made at any time, even late at night, without worrying about making noise, and obviously without worrying about the fact that it is dark outside, or that it is too cold or too hot.

The use of the treadmill compared to running on the road is also easier for the joints: the the best treadmills for weight loss are able to guarantee a certain cushioning, which by cushioning the impact of the foot, compared to what happens on the ground, protects the knees and ankles.

 Furthermore, by setting the speed and the slope, you can run at a constant pace, without suffering the sudden changes caused by a road trip. You can freely choose the slope of the route you want to do, without suffering unwanted climbs. 

Using such a tool makes it very easy to monitor all the progress made in training, such as the distances covered and the calories burned over longer or shorter periods.

For those who are easily bored of running, running on the treadmill offers the possibility of distraction, for example by watching their favorite TV series, so that the time of walking or running can pass more quickly.

As for the disadvantages, it can be mentioned that the type of running that is performed on the treadmill is unnatural, it imposes a different position compared to running on the road, moreover the running in the open air combines physical movement with other benefits. for health. 

Compared to outdoor running, running on the carpet can be monotonous and boring, and prevents you from enjoying the landscape, the beauty of a spring day, for example, requiring you to remain indoors, even when the weather would tempt you to go out. If the carpet is not used correctly it can cause trauma and injury.

 In fact, the use of this tool is not suitable for people with joint or muscle problems in the ankles, knees or back. Being a rather bulky object it takes up a lot of space in the house, and finally,


Treadmills simulate two activities that come under cardio type training these are brisk walking and running. 

They are therefore very useful for athletes who need constant training, and must follow specific programs even when it is not possible to train outside. By setting up the various workouts, the athlete can follow precisely programmed technical sessions. 

Next to this you will have constant control over your performance, so if you have the desire to monitor your initial condition and the improvements achieved after a certain amount of time, this is the most valid device.

This tool is very useful as a tool for weight loss, as on average running on a carpet burns more calories than running on the road.

 It is especially suitable for obese people, in fact, constant walking training with a treadmill allows you to waste calories, without imposing the trauma of running on the road.

The treadmill is also very useful in the recovery phase after an injury, as a rehabilitation tool. Furthermore, this tool is used to train patients with cardiopulmonary pathologies, as well as with orthopedic and neurological pathologies, obviously following specially designed rehabilitation protocols. 

Typically, treadmills intended for rehabilitation have a larger running surface, and larger, easier-to-reach handrails.

For those who do not want to give up training, and do not have the opportunity to go to the gym constantly, the treadmill can certainly be the right choice. Useful if you feel the need to tone legs and buttocks and calves or for problems with water retention.

 As we said, it is a cardio type workout so it keeps the heart in shape, moreover a constant use can guarantee the elasticity and training of the joints, limiting aging.


The first choice we have to make when we want to buy a treadmill is between a magnetic and an electric model. There are conflicting opinions on the alternative between magneticor electric treadmill .

 In general, the price is one of the elements that often leads to the choice of a magnetic type model. For those who buy their first carpet, and are approaching running as a novice, the investment required by an electric treadmill is perhaps too high, and as a first purchase, the magnetic version of this tool could be the one that best suits your needs. 

But treadmills are not only distinguished by price, as we have seen; on the contrary, there are a whole series of elements to consider before proceeding to buy one.

First of all we need to evaluate the physical characteristics of those who will use this tool. As we mentioned earlier in this article, treadmills vary in size, so those that have the shortest conveyor belt aren’t suitable for very tall people.

 If the treadmill will be used in the family, by people of different heights and weights, it will be important, so that they can all use it safely, that it is of the largest size, so as to fit even the tallest and heaviest person. 

Depending on the activity you plan to practice, the width of the belt will also be considered, remembering that if you want to run as well as walk, it will be good to prefer models with a sufficiently wide belt.

A further element to consider when choosing your treadmill, once you have decided to buy an electric type carpet, concerns the motor. The motors of products to be used at home, are generally direct current, and compared to alternating current ones, for professional use, they are easier to manage. 

The weight of the person who will have to use the tool also greatly affects the choice of the engine. In fact, the intensity of the friction that is placed running on the carpet varies according to the user’s weight. 

To give an example, a person weighing between 60 and 80 kg will need an engine with a power between 2-2.50 HP, while a person weighing more than 120 kg will need an engine between 3.50 and 4 HP.

Finally, the global dimensions of the object should not be underestimated. The best treadmills for weight loss, as we have seen, is a tool that takes up a lot of space, so if you do not have a special room, it will be good to prefer a resealable model with wheels. 

The dimensions of both when it is open and when it is closed are clearly indicated on the package, so that it can be adjusted according to the space available in the house.


For those new to indoor activity, here are some tips to start using a treadmill. Having to start with the walk it is advisable to set a speed of around 5 km if instead you want to start with the run you need to set a speed of around 6.5 km. 

It is a good idea to precede the moment of walking or running with a warm-up phase, and finish the workout with a phase in which you practice stretching to stretch the muscles. 

It will be important to train at least three times a week, with 30 minute sessions and do it consistently.

If you want to increase cardio efficiency and muscular endurance, it will be good to choose slopes on a slope. This must be gradually increased, but it is recommended to start with 4% for running and with a maximum incline of 8% for walking.

 It will be important to alternate the moments of slope, to the moments when you run or walk in a flat position, changing every 3-4 minutes.

For exercise to be effective it is important to do it in the best way, so as not to waste time unnecessarily and also have negative consequences. 

Both for running away from home and at home, shoes are essential: for use on the treadmill, running shoes must be light and not too cushioned, since the carpet is already equipped with its own shock-absorbing capacity.

Having the possibility, it would be good to place the treadmill in front of a mirror, in order to check your posture, which must be erect; while running or walking you will need to look ahead to avoid falling. Keeping a bottle of water on hand will allow you to hydrate during exercise without having to stop. 

Once you have finished your workout, whether it is running or brisk walking, it will be good to finish with at least five minutes of slow walking at about 3 km per hour, then gradually stop and get off the mat to start stretching.

Here are some reviews of models currently on sale. These are electric and magnetic products, with different characteristics and prices.

 For each model there are advantages and disadvantages, and all the features that can help in choosing the best treadmills for weight loss.


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