Buy A Treadmill Used?

The treadmill of your choice quickly costs 700 dollars or more, and that is certainly not uncommon.

Therefore, in this article, we want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used treadmill.

Modern fitness equipment now has various electronic and mechanical components that enable effective and varied training.

However, these components make a fitness machine so expensive to buy.

So buying a used treadmill can sometimes be an excellent alternative to purchasing a new one.

But what speaks for the purchase of a used treadmill, and what against it?

We want to answer this question below and help you decide whether you should choose a new treadmill or a used one.

Advantages of buying a treadmill used.

First, we come to the advantages of buying a used treadmill.

The major advantage of buying a treadmill used is, of course, that the purchase is much cheaper.

Depending on age, equipment, and condition, you can easily save 50-70%. So you can save a lot of money and possibly make a great bargain.

Also, you may opt for a model from the higher price segment and, with a little luck, get a high-quality treadmill with a new price of over $1200.

Tip: Have a look at the gyms in your area and ask if it will replace a treadmill by a new one shortly. Used treadmills from fitness studios are often overcrowded, but they are usually high-quality professional devices that have also been regularly serviced.

A treadmill test to find a suitable treadmill, which with a little luck you can buy cheap used.

Disadvantages of a used treadmill

Of course, it is always such a thing with used equipment because who knows how it was treated or what defects it has.

So you can never really be sure that the treadmill does not show a defect that you cannot see directly.

That is why it is incredibly important to look at the device before buying a used treadmill because, as so often, the devil is in the details.

This applies to auctions on eBay, for devices in classified ads or used from the gym.

Another part of the night becomes apparent: The used treadmill should be near you.

Otherwise, a personal inspection will be cumbersome, and you will have to buy if you are lucky.

An overview of other disadvantages:

    • the guarantee may have expired

    • any repairs can be time-consuming and costly

    • Defects do not always have to be visible (grinding, overheating, etc.)

    • Wear parts (treadmill, cushioning) may need to be replaced

    • The desired model may not be available used.

    Tip: it’s helpful to find out beforehand whether owners are already reporting defects or pointing to frequent wear and tear signs.

    Buy in our treadmill article. We have also listed additional details that you should look for a treadmill buying. This should be of further help to you to make a successful purchase.

Our recommendation

One cannot say that used treadmills are good because the evaluation depends on too many factors.

But it can make sense that you look around for used models and get a hit with a little luck.

However, we can only advise beginners to buy a treadmill second-hand because some sellers often lack experience and are shamelessly used.

If you decide on a used model, it is advisable to clean the treadmill thoroughly after installation and to replace the affected components in the event of signs of wear.

If you have any further questions about used treadmills, please leave a comment below this article.

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