Can An Elliptical Build Muscle?

The elliptical is one of the tools that allow you to better adjust the intensity of training, making it accessible to any age

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If you want to try a cardio machine, the elliptical bike is undoubtedly the most suitable choice as it allows you to perform a complete series of exercises. 

You can go from warming up in minutes to moderate-intensity workouts, burn calories and tone muscles, or even high-intensity exercises to help you lose weight. 

Below, we show you the wonderful benefits of using the elliptical.


Working out on an elliptical machine provides one of the fastest ways to burn calories in the gym. 

But if your main training goal isn’t to slim your body but to gain muscle mass, the elliptical machine can still play a role in your fitness regimen. 

This machine won’t allow you to build muscle as fast as weight training exercises, but it can strengthen many muscle groups throughout the body.

A full-body workout

A benefit to exercising on an elliptical machine is its ability to work the upper and lower body that comes together, which the machine has handles for you to operate on the go.

 Elliptical machines strengthen a long list of muscles throughout the body, including the legs, trunk, back, chest, shoulders, and arms muscles. 

To increase the strength-building advantage of the workout, raise the resistance level of the machine.


The many benefits of using the elliptical

The elliptical is very simple and practical to use for training, and, after using it regularly, you can see positive changes in your body.

The elliptical bike is ideal for losing weight.

Using the elliptical is easy and effective in reducing weight. By training at moderate intensity for 30 minutes, you can lose 300 calories. 

And in an hour of high-intensity training, you will even lose between 700 and 800 calories. These exercises promote fluid drainage by eliminating cellulite and toning the muscles.

Strengthen the cardiovascular system

The elliptical bike’s main effects are to stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the lungs, and lower bad cholesterol, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Reduced risk of getting hurt

The risk of getting hurt is minimal as the load and impact on the joints are reduced. Training with the elliptical reduces the load on the feet and muscle tension, thus avoiding back and foot pain.

It involves a great deal of movement.

Each cyclic movement is complete allowing you to effectively train your whole body. In this way, you will avoid doing single or separate exercises to train your muscles and save time and money.

Do specific exercises

With the ecliptic, you can choose to work only on the parts of the body you want to train. 

For example, if you only need to work your legs and buttocks, don’t use the arms’ handles and vice versa. 

You can train other specific parts thanks to the opposite pedals, working with one leg or resistance.

It reduces stress

By exercising regularly with the elliptical, you will oxygenate your body and release endorphin, also known as the “happiness hormone,” which helps produce a feeling of well-being and eliminate stress.

Strengthen your muscular system with the elliptical

With this tool, you will strengthen the entire muscular system. You will train both the lower system and the upper system, tighten the buttocks and relax the muscles avoiding back pain and discomfort, and, at the same time, take care of your waistline.

By using the elliptical regularly and comprehensively, you will be able to train 80% of the muscles in your body.

  • Train the legs’ core muscles: peroneal muscles, tibial muscles, quadriceps, and twins are all strengthened using the elliptical.
  • It strengthens the upper part of the buttocks and hips without causing excessive pressure or overload.
  • Pectoral and back muscles along with lumbar and abdominal muscles: from the beginning of the training sessions, you will notice the strengthening of these muscles.
  • Deltoids, biceps, triceps: tone up, gain strength, and muscle mass.



Also, train at home with the elliptical.

This machine is ideal for training at home, you can train five days a week, and all the adults in the family will benefit equally from using the elliptical.

It is also a not bulky tool. You can keep it at home in a small space as it is easy to disassemble.

 Its cost is affordable, and there are many varieties of models.


Who can use the elliptical bike?

All people who want to practice cardiovascular activity without complications, but it is very suitable for:

  • People who have physical impediments of any kind and who cannot do high impact exercises.
  • Subjects who have suffered from an injury and who are following a rehabilitation path through training.
  • People who need to have good stamina.
  • All those who want to get the cardiovascular system functioning properly.
  • All those who need to reduce weight to improve their health and maintain good physical shape.

How to use this cardio machine?

It depends on your goal, but in general, here are some tips:

Use the dumbbell: if your legs get tired, place your arms more. This mode gives relief but allows you to continue burning calories.

To train the central area of the body: leave your hands free as when you run. In this way, the strength will be concentrated on the abdomen and chest.

At the end of the training session: it is recommended to use the elliptical after doing the other exercises as it consumes a lot of energy.

Whatever your case may be, the elliptical bike is ideal for training. It is good both for rehabilitation and for maintaining good physical shape.

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