Can Elliptical Cause Foot Pain ?

The elliptical bike allows you to move your body in a cross-country part and in part in motion.

 Thanks to the moving pedals on the oval platform, you can pump your heart without the high impact of running. 

However, your feet’ static nature on the elliptical pedals can create another problem: foot numbness after prolonged use.

One of the common underlying conditions associated with elliptical and foot exercise is known as neuritis or neuroma.

 This event typically causes tingling in the toe and between the third and fourth toes. Another name for neuritis or neuroma is simply nervous irritation.

 The constant pressure on your feet that occurs when using an elliptical machine can cause this irritation.

 This feeling can be similar to the anger you might experience if you spend several hours working while standing.


The second underlying cause of foot numbness during elliptical exercise is known as capsulitis.

 This condition occurs when joint capsules – pieces of cartilage that cover the bones – become inflamed.

 Since these capsules tend to have significant nerves and blood vessels.

 This condition tends to be accompanied by numbness and pain in the feet, where neuritis generally does not cause pain.


Numbness, while using the elliptical machine, doesn’t always signal a more severe condition, such as nerve injury.

 By taking steps to reduce foot numbness, it is possible to determine if the cause is more serious. Start by evaluating your shoes. 

Tying your shoes too tightly can reduce circulation to the feet and contribute to foot numbness.

 Shoes that are too small or tight can also cause harmful effects.

 You may also want to alternate your position on the elliptical machine, shifting from most of your weight to your toes to lean further back on your heels. 

Alternating the incline on your elliptical can help change your foot positioning as well.

Can Elliptical Cause Foot Pain? Warnings!

If your preventative methods are not reducing your foot numbness, you may want to see a doctor who can evaluate your feet and make sure you are not suffering from an underlying injury.

 In some cases, a blood lot or narrowing of the arteries can also cause foot pain, and both events can be potentially harmful to health.

How to avoid foot pain on the elliptical machine

A good Samaritan Center Orthopedics medical research laboratory study conducted by Dr. Scott Banks reports that excessive impact forces sustained while running can cause pain in the knee joints.

 The elliptical is a stationary training machine that allows you to simulate running in a low impact method. 

If you experience foot pain while using the elliptical it may indicate misuse or over use. Proper technique can help you avoid foot pain and help you get the most out of your workout. Instructions


Wear properly fitted athletic shoes. According to The American Foot and Ankle Orthopedists Society, more foot pain than exercising is caused by improperly fitting shoes. 

The addition of inserts can provide extra support for problem areas, such as the heel or arch.


warm up before starting your workout. Lift one leg off the ground by pulling the foot by the buttocks.

 Grab the foot with your hand and pull upward to stretch the leg and foot muscles. Slowly lower your leg to the ground and repeat with the other side. 

Properly warming up and stretching before a workout prevents cramping pain.


Step onto the elliptical by placing your feet in the center of the foot pedestals.

 Pain located in the toes and tips of the feet can be caused by the pressure of the foot pushing against the front of the pedestal.


Remain your feet flat as you move through your movement during your elliptical workout.

 Numbness or tingling in the foot indicates over-pronation, or roll of the foot inward.


alternative elliptical program selected. Different programs use different muscles, distributing the stress caused by the workout equally.

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