Can Treadmills Be Kept In Garage

Having your own treadmill, rather than working out at their gym, is becoming a very attractive choice for many fitness enthusiasts these days, when fuel or petrol prices continue to increase.

Treadmills aren’t small devices, so finding the right spot within your home for your new treadmill can be challenging.
Since most homes have minimal interior space, most people prefer to store this large piece of equipment in their garage.

Is the shed, however, the best spot for your treadmill?

Holding the Treadmill in Good Condition

Another explanation why manufacturers seldom respect the warranties on a garage treadmill is that the garage is normally dirtier than other areas of your house.

Dust, crumbling leaves, grass, dirt, and other particles grow at a much faster rate in this space than in other places.

This debris inevitably makes its way through the treadmill’s moving pieces. The belt and the motor absorb the grime.

Treadmills that are set up in the home ought to get their moving parts serviced regularly.

I sped the accumulation of debris inside the belt and motor up when the treadmill is held in the garage, which increases the amount of damage to these and adjacent pieces.

If you keep your treadmill in your garage, cover it with a treadmill cover when it’s not in use.

Before you set up the treadmill and put it on a mat, clean the garage thoroughly. This will help reduce the amount of debris that reaches the treadmill.

Treadmills in the Garage

Since garages are one of the least desirable spaces in real estate, there’s a fair chance your garage isn’t being used to its full potential.

Given the amount of space a treadmill takes and the amount of noise these exercise machines make, the garage appears to be an ideal place for this type of equipment.

However, there are a few considerations you can make before installing the treadmill in your garage.

Room Requirements

In terms of height, space, and style, garages come in all shapes and sizes.

For treadmill configuration, one of the most significant safety considerations is getting enough room to safely run the unit.

While it will be funny, if you fall off a treadmill, it will push away you from the machine and into whatever is behind you, rather than simply hitting the ground.

Problems with Temperature

Before you put your treadmill in the garage, remember they do not build this type of fitness equipment to operate in cold weather.

The track is often the first variable to fail. The combination of frequent footfalls and cold temperatures brings a lot of stress on the floor, which is normally made of rubber.

Running on the track produces kinetic energy, which heats and expands the track thus causing it to compress when it is cold.

This temperature fluctuations have a far greater effect on the track’s credibility than if the treadmill’s temperature remains steady.

Harm Can Be Caused By The Cold

Even if you don’t live in snow country, your unheated garage is likely to get cold during the year.

The mechanical parts, belt, and LCD screen on your treadmill dislike the cold. Electronic components, such as the incline feature, can become stuck and stop working.

The cold will cause the belt to harden and crack, causing it to wear out earlier than expected. The LCD screen on the console can crack if it freezes.

Is It Possible To Keep A Treadmill In The Garage?

If you’re thinking of putting your treadmill in your garage, there are a few things to remember first, but protection should still come first.

Consider the risk that if you fall off your treadmill or have a medical emergency, you will not receive immediate help if people inside your home cannot hear you.

You should also be mindful of any liquids or materials that can get on the belt and cause you to slip and fall when using it.

Place your treadmill in a position in your garage that allows for plenty of open space behind it (rather than being backed up against a wall or a car) so that if anything goes wrong, you won’t fall on something sharp or potentially harmful.

Exercising on a Treadmill in the Open Air

Although it might seem odd to use a treadmill outdoors, installing your treadmill on your back deck or driveway can be a perfect way to get some exercise while staying in the comfort of your own home.

You will not only get some Vitamin D while getting your miles in, but you also won’t have to think about environmental hazards like holes/cracks in the sidewalks or jumping over muddy puddles while running.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the treadmill outdoors.

If you’re running with a heavy machine, that’s difficult to lift, a sudden rainstorm in the middle of your run can make your machine muddy and slippery, which isn’t ideal.

The sun may also damage your treadmill by overheating the components in the computer, causing it to malfunction.

Another thing to note is that if you use your treadmill outdoors, you’ll need to brush or dust it before each used to remove pollen, leaves, critters, or anything else that might cause you to slip and fall.

In The Garage, Using A Treadmill

One of the most noticeable benefits of having your treadmill in the garage is that it frees up space in your home for other things.

After all, a treadmill can take up a lot of room and can be very noisy once you run on the tread, all of which can irritate family members or take up valuable room space.

Another advantage of keeping the treadmill in the garage is that it is out of reach of small children who could unintentionally push the start button and cause serious injury.

Finally, putting your treadmill in the garage can be a great way to get some alone time, particularly in a cooler atmosphere with little traffic.

Putting the treadmill in the garage has some disadvantages. Temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the year can have a negative impact on the treadmill, especially the screen and belt.

Another drawback is that, since the garage is also used to store tools and lawn equipment, you can clean off your treadmill and removing grass and/or dust more often than if it were kept inside.

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