Losing Weight With The Elliptical Machine: How Effectively Is Fat Burned?

Losing Weight With The Elliptical Machine

Find out how many calories you can burn on the cross trainer, how intensively, and how often you should train to get to your dream figure as quickly as possible.In spring, it becomes evident that feasting in winter has left its mark: bacon pads everywhere. There is no moaning or complaining. Fortunately, the elliptical cross … Read more

Effectively Reduce Body Fat – Lose Weight With An Ergometer, And Treadmill

Lose Weight With An Ergometer, And Treadmill

In our society, being overweight is a severe problem that affects both health and self-confidence. If you’ve made up your mind to get rid of those annoying pounds, it’s already a step in the right direction. HOW DO I BEST DO THAT? Most of those who want to lose weight ask themselves this question because … Read more

Which Elliptical Cross Trainer Would You Like?

Which Elliptical Cross Trainer Would You Like

The elliptical cross trainer is the perfect alternative to the home gym. With the cross trainer, many muscle groups can be trained efficiently. There is a wide variety of models, from simple entry-level models to high-tech professional models, everything is included. For you to find the right cross trainer for you, you should inform yourself carefully … Read more

Treadmill Vs. Crosstrainer – Which Device Is Better Suited For Endurance Training?

Treadmill Vs. Crosstrainer

A close relative of the treadmill in the gym is the cross trainer. It is also a device for endurance and cardio training . The movement sequences on the treadmill are almost identical to the normal running movement outdoors. Arm movement and rolling behavior of the foot are almost the same as when walking on the street.

What Does Training With The Treadmill Or Cross Trainer Bring?

What Does Training With The Treadmill

What exactly does treadmill training bring? Fitness and health are becoming increasingly important in our society, and there are always new types of exercise, diets, and even fitness equipment that you should try. The treadmill is a widely used sports device and shouldn’t be missing in any well-equipped gym. Which training options are the best, and what … Read more

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