How Many Calories Do You Burn With An Elliptical Machine?

How Many Calories Do You Burn With An Elliptical Machine

Elliptical trainers provide a non-impact method of exercise to increase cardiovascular health and aid in weight loss.  By simulating a natural running movement, elliptical machines work large muscle groups, increasing heart rate and burn calories.   Calories burned According to the Harvard Medical School website, “one hour of regular elliptical exercise burns 540 calories in … Read more

Can An Elliptical Build Glutes?

Can An Elliptical Build Glutes

Even though it is the largest muscle group in the body, the buttocks are often weak and underdeveloped.  This may be partially because in today’s society, their primary job is to press against a chair’s seat rather than extending their hips.  Regardless of your fitness level, if you commit to a regular glute-targeting exercise routine, … Read more

Can Elliptical Cause Groin Pain?

Can Elliptical Cause Groin Pain

Groin inflammation can occur for several reasons. Typical symptoms of groin inflammation are local swelling, skin redness, and pressure pain.  An inflammation (mild inflammatory response) is a normal, natural response when soft tissue, muscles, or tendons are irritated or damaged. When the tissue is damaged or irritated, the body will try to increase blood circulation … Read more

I’m In Sweet Waiting: Which Sports Can I Practice?

Which Sports Can I Practice

Are you waiting for the happy event but, for you, not if it talks about not doing sports for nine months?  Don’t panic: doing sports during pregnancy is possible! Provided you measure your effort and take certain precautions.  You will have to learn to change habits and adjust the activity to avoid unnecessary risks for the baby.  Follow … Read more

Would An Elliptical Machine Make Your Butt Bigger?

Would An Elliptical Machine Make Your Butt Bigger

Elliptical machines cause minimal impact on the body during workouts. This makes them good options if you are trying to preserve joint function. Kick, known as the glutes in anatomical terms, is often focused on exercising. Gliding on an elliptical machine influences the glutes, but the size is not an issue.   The function of … Read more

How To Exercise After Hip Replacement Has Healed

How To Exercise After Hip Replacement Has Healed

Approximately six to nine months after total hip replacement, you may be ready to begin training using the new hip joint.  Proceed gradually and follow the instructions of the surgeon and physiotherapist.  Your new hip has some limitations. Exercise and strengthening can help you reap the benefits of improved mobility, strength, and flexibility in your … Read more

Can You Train On An Elliptical Machine For A Half Marathon?

Can You Train On An Elliptical Machine For A Half Marathon

The half marathon is a challenging goal, requiring significant endurance to complete all 13.1 miles.  The most appropriate workout routine depends on your physical condition, goals, and available time and energy.  If you have ample access to an elliptical machine and outdoor running is less convenient, you can certainly incorporate indoor runs into your routine. … Read more

The Elliptical For Labral Hip Tears

The Elliptical For Labral Hip Tears

Inside your pelvis outlet is lined with a thick band of fibrous tissue called the labrum.  The labrum acts as a buffer between the ball and the hip joint socket, and when it tears, joint function can be affected.  Labral hip ruptures can cause severe hip pain, and treatment generally involves resting and avoiding high-impact … Read more

Can I Use Elliptical With Achilles Tendonitis?

Typically an overuse wound, Achilles tendonitis affects the connective tissue between the calf and the heel.  When walking, running, or otherwise using your leg to push your body upward, the Achilles tendon is engaged.  Using the tendon frequently and at high intensity often causes tendonitis – a swelling of the Achilles tendon that makes it … Read more