What Are Ellipticals?

What Are Ellipticals

The elliptical trainers – elliptical in the singular – are machines for indoor fitness and sports training that simulate cross-country skiing.  Others are treadmill, stationary bike, horizontal bike, step, side step, rowing machine, excitement, climb, etc. Therefore, the benefits of using ellipticals are the same as those of other aerobic activities; we are talking about cardiovascular and … Read more

Can Elliptical Cause Foot Pain ?

Can Elliptical Cause Foot Pain

The elliptical bike allows you to move your body in a cross-country part and in part in motion.  Thanks to the moving pedals on the oval platform, you can pump your heart without the high impact of running.  However, your feet’ static nature on the elliptical pedals can create another problem: foot numbness after prolonged use. Neuritis … Read more

Can I Do Elliptical Everyday?

Can I Do Elliptical Everyday

This versatile machine to train all the body muscles is useful, but you also need to understand its limits. Performing a workout with an elliptical machine every day, what effects does it have on weight loss and muscle toning?  Let’s analyze this particular and original machine’s function, with specific analysis of other similar machines’ pros … Read more

Can Elliptical Cause Knee Pain?

Can Elliptical Cause Knee Pain

It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 40, or 60, knee exercises are very important.  Many people suffer from knee problems due to injuries or due to the typical degeneration associated with age.  It may seem like a simple joint, but the knee, according to traumatologists, is one of the most complexes. The knees have … Read more