Choose the right treadmill for your needs

When we buy any object we should ask ourselves the question “but what do I need it for?”

treadmill expo in the treadmill shop
treadmill expo in the treadmill shop

The treadmill is certainly a lasting investment with obvious benefits on the health and psycho-physical well-being of the user, it is certainly not an impulsive purchase that one regrets after leaving the store.

A good quality treadmill can last many years and be used by all members of the family, training at home in peace certainly has its advantages of privacy and training comfort, you can train at any time of day too. just half an hour before taking a relaxing shower after a working day.

Being able to understand the difference in the sea of ​​products offered by this market is not so simple, we find treadmills (which we should better call walkers for light people) from 199 euros which are magnetic carpets that is without motor and where you can only walk uphill up to to 3/4000 euros for professional treadmills , between these 2 extremes there is a wide middle ground for treadmills that can even be used by marathon runners, let’s say that this price range goes from 799 to 1599 euros .

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