Consumption Electric treadmill, how much does it consume?

The indoor running is the most practical and comfortable solution to keep fit. Bad weather, the dangerousness of the road, will no longer be presentable excuses if you want to return or keep fit. The same goes for those who they don’t like going to the gym or they don’t want to feel bound by subscriptions. Surely buying a motorized treadmill can amortize the costs of an instructor but, in addition to the purchase, consumption must be considered.

Obviously we are talking about the electric treadmill and not the magnetic one whose roller is powered by the runner.

Before delving into home fitness, we recommend that you read this short and simple guide that can guide your purchase with serenity. Discover also the treadmills with bluetooth .

The parameters that affect the consumption of the domestic treadmill

There are three parameters to consider to calculate the consumption of the treadmill: motor power (which for domestic models varies between 2 and 5 horsepower), running speed and weight of the runner.

Those who are not familiar with the subject believe that consumption depends exclusively on the power of the electric motor.

Consumption, in reality, is identical both in treadmills with a low-powered motor and in those with a very powerful motor. The energy required to drag the conveyor belt is always the same and the power of the motor makes no difference. Power is a parameter to be evaluated exclusively for the quality and duration of the treadmill that we have to buy but, to understand how much this will affect the absorption of domestic watts, we will have to make a calculation by crossing the other two factors already mentioned: speed and weight of the ‘user.

\The more these two factors increase, consumption will increase at the same pace.

The tests performed show that on average this home fitness tool produces an energy absorption between 400 and 500 Watts, a figure that does not distance it from common household appliances used in the home.

Running at normal speed for about an hour 3-4 times a week will therefore not do increase household bills to the point of discouraging their use.

Furthermore, these machines are designed for domestic use and it is therefore almost impossible for the lifesaver to trigger. If you want the complete formula and precisely calculate the individual consumption: you have to multiply your body weight by the coefficient of friction relative to the treadmill belt. Of course, the value itself could tell you everything and nothing because if your intention is home fitness, knowing that consuming a treadmill doesn’t affect your bill more than a vacuum cleaner should be enough.

Other variable factors affecting consumption

If you want to have an electric treadmill that is always performing and that maintains average consumption as well as the day you bought it, I should take care of it and know a few and important rules for proper maintenance. The efficiency of the belt significantly affects both the duration of the treadmill, the effectiveness of your workout and low consumption.

In general we recommend that you replace the belt after approximately 2500 kilometers and even before that threshold if you notice that the engine starts to heat up more than usual. This is because belt wear worsens friction and increases consumption. For your ribbon to reach that milestone in good condition though, you’ll need to do proper maintenance through a few simple rules.

You will need to periodically lubricate the tape with special liquids that can be purchased at sports equipment stores. In this way the belt will flow smoothly, will last longer to wear and will keep consumption as low.

The tension of the ribbon is also a very important element to check and adjust. A belt that is too tight causes the engine to strain more, affecting fuel consumption and accelerating wear. So be very careful to correctly adjust the voltage level also helping yourself with the advice and instructions in the package.

The last aspect to consider is the inclination: consumption increases directly proportional to the inclination of the belt. On this aspect, however, there is little to say because a lot depends on the type of training you have to follow and the effort you have to make. In this case, the balance must be on your health and not on consumption itself, otherwise the purchase of a home fitness machine loses its meaning.

Consumption versus benefits

When we choose a washing machine, a dishwasher or any household appliance that can bring help and benefit to ourselves, we undoubtedly evaluate its characteristics and relative consumption but we never give up the purchase for this reason. Saving time, stress, energy and the effectiveness of a washing machine certainly pays off the consumption in the bill.

On the scales, therefore, we must always put a factor that has no mathematical calculations: what benefits do I derive from this purchase?

Is it necessary and essential for my psychophysical well-being?

Obviously the answer is yes, especially if we imagine that often the home electric treadmill is not bought only by fitness enthusiasts but also by people suffering from certain diseases who need constant training and maybe cannot move easily from home.

Furthermore, there are many solutions on the market that adapt to the home environment such as resealable and space-saving treadmills that can also be hidden behind a door. Furthermore, this home fitness tool is suitable for the whole family and allows both intensive and mild training to keep fit.

But how much does a treadmill cost?

Treadmill solutions for home fitness are now getting closer to professional ones and there are models for every price range. There are treadmills from 400 euros up to 1200 euros and a lot depends on the engine and on the characteristics, the closer they are to a professional carpet, the more the price goes up.

With an intermediate expense you can find ideal compromise solutions for both intensive training and milder training.

The disadvantage of not enjoying the outdoors is certainly rewarded by the opportunity to run at any time and in absolute safety without being affected by the weather.

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