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 How we work: Three proven methods to simplify buying decisions

As an independent consumer portal, we have one goal: We want to make your personal purchase decision easier for you by giving you detailed and competent advice. Our editorial team consists of experienced journalists and specialist advisors who know and understand trend developments, technological innovations and the needs of consumers.

In order to be able to present you the best products in terms of quality and price-performance ratio, we research the current market and identify the largest market leaders, but also small up-and-coming manufacturers. Then our editorial team makes a large selection of current bestseller products and new releases.

We finance our technology and employees solely through advertising revenue and referral marketing. Similar to the well-known bestseller list from Spiegel Online, we receive a small commission for every sale from a mail order company linked by us. It doesn’t matter which product is ultimately bought. This means that our recommendations remain independent. As additional security, the departments responsible for marketing and editing work separately.

Depending on the market segment, topic complexity and consumer interest, the selected products are subjected to one of the following evaluation procedures.

Assessment procedure 1: Detailed test

→ We test extensively and on site

In the practical test, our editors, together with experts, check the quality, user-friendliness and resilience of a large number of products according to a strict protocol. External technicians and consultants are also consulted for technically complex issues.

Products that have been subjected to a detailed test are marked with the heading “Test”. In larger test series with comparable products, we also mark one or more test winners, depending on the evaluation criterion.

Evaluation procedure 2: Expert assessment without product test

→ We provide a professional assessment

If the above-mentioned labeling is missing in a product presentation, it is an expert assessment without an on-site test. For this procedure, we determine an objective assessment result in compliance with various purchase and evaluation criteria. Our editorial team carries out extensive research to determine a fair assessment.

Part of this research is the direct comparison of technical data within an equivalent product group as well as the analysis of external studies, data and test reports from specialist magazines. Current publications by treadmillcache , the consumer magazine Öko-Test and by independent market guards such as consumer centers are also taken into account.

Here is a selection of important criteria and parameters for our evaluation:

  • Technical features: How does the product compare to others?
  • Equipment: What equipment features does the product have?
  • Processing: Was the product processed to a high quality?
  • Price: Is the price / performance ratio correct?
  • Accessories: Is the product supplied with accessories?

Assessment procedure 3: Objective advice with tips and instructions

→ We advise you in detail and competently

Buying advice in the retail store helps the consumer to make a sustainable and correct purchase decision. With our free online purchase advice we would like to start here and go further. We provide you with detailed studies and understandable instructions. In addition, we explain the most important purchase criteria and consumer traps.

Our guide articles will help you make your own product reviews. They experience:

  • … what you should pay attention to when buying a product
  • … how to avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a product
  • … what weaknesses and strengths you can expect
  • … when supposedly cheap products result in expensive follow-up costs
  • … how to replace spare parts and solve minor defects yourself


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With this critical eye and the focus on consumer requirements, we go beyond the usual sales discussion in offline business.

What you can expect from us

  • Independence and objectivity
  • Experience and expertise
  • Up-to-dateness and overview

What you cannot expect from us

We are not a shop and do not sell our own products. Our opinion is also not for sale. All evaluations and test judgments were created by our editors with extensive research, to the best of our knowledge and in compliance with strict test and comparison criteria.

But we are also not free of errors. If you discover a technical or content error on one of our advice or product pages, we would be happy to receive a short message. We will investigate your information immediately and correct the error.

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