Difference between electric or magnetic treadmill, what is it?

One of the main dilemmas when buying a treadmill is the difference between the various models on the market. We often ask ourselves questions like this: is the electric treadmill better or the magnetic one ? Obviously the choice of the right tool depends on your personal goals, but there are substantial differences between the two tools.

In general, the difference between electric and magnetic treadmill is to be found in the type of structure: the electric one has a motor, while the magnetic one does not. The  motorized electric treadmill is the classic found inside gyms, the one used most frequently for running. The electric treadmill has a motor that allows the underlying belt to move independently, so as to set the desired speed and inclination. A good use of the electric treadmill helps tone the legs and buttocks, effectively reactivating the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Some treadmills with bluetooth .

On the other hand, the  magnetic treadmill , which  is not equipped with an electric motor , allows the movement of the belt by means of the force of the feet of the user. Obviously the performance of a magnetic treadmill is lower than an electric one, but this category of treadmill is ideal for those who want to walk , both slowly and quickly. In addition, using the magnetic treadmill, the resulting workout for legs and glutes is total if you practice longer sessions at low intensity. Another data in favor of the magnetic treadmill is the  saving of electricity at home, since, as mentioned, the latter works mechanically. The footprint is also smaller than the electric treadmill, marrying perfectly with home use, especially when dealing with very little space.

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Decathlon home fitness magnetic mat

The  Magnetic Walk home fitness treadmill  is certainly one of the best in terms of quality on the market: it is in fact characterized by resistant and durable materials. This model of magnetic mat works through a magnet that is activated when you go for a walk or a run. The Magnetic Walk magnetic mat is an exceptional tool, with  sophisticated and refined features  and an attractive and elegant design. Ideal for targeted and guided programs, this magnetic mat is suitable for both beginners and indoor running professionals. Let’s discover all its features.

Product features

The Magnetic Walk treadmill is the ideal tool for training running and walking indoors, without having to buy bulky electric treadmills. This magnetic treadmill, in fact, measures only 134 x 57 x 23 cm and has a  weight of 24 kg . Made of metal, it has  8 different training programs .

With a manual inclination, the Magnetic Walk treadmill can reach up to  3 levels of intensity , adjustable using the appropriate side knob: this will manage the strength of the magnets, therefore the resistance that must be done to allow the movement of the carpet. . Its running surface is 35 x 105 cm plus the side safety bands, with a  maximum capacity of 100 kg .

Advantages and Disadvantages

Among its  strengths , certainly the Magnetic Walk treadmill has on its side the low weight and bulk, which allow  easy transport and use even in the smallest spaces . Among the positive features of the Magnetic Walk treadmill we also highlight the presence of a  truly complete display  for viewing activity data. The side handles should also be taken into consideration, which are equipped with a  Hand Pulse system  that allows you to monitor the heart rate in contact with the hand.

In general we can say that the Magnetic Walk treadmill has good power and endurance. Ideal for adults and children, it fits perfectly for small environments, placing itself as a tool with a thousand resources. The only disadvantage is the impossibility of training for subjects with weights greater than 100 kg : unfortunately this is a typical feature of almost all magnetic treadmills.

Does Magnetic Treadmill make you lose weight? Reviews

The benefits of magnetic treadmill training   are exceptional. All users who buy one are satisfied with the training mode and how a simple tool without a motor can work the muscles of the legs and abdomen so well.

Through the use of the magnetic treadmill you will be able to  improve your general health , increasing your mood and staying fit. In fact, numbered scientific researches confirm that walking is good: people who walk regularly enjoy excellent health and have a longer, healthier and happier average life.

Considering the frenetic pace of modern life, where the time available for oneself seems to decrease day after day, a tool like the magnetic treadmill is ideal for having a tool at home that allows you to do long walks and runs, without having to go out. Furthermore,  the footprint of a magnetic treadmill is minimal  and cannot be compared to that of an electric one, marrying perfectly with home use.

But let’s get to the gist of the matter. Does the magnetic treadmill make you lose weight?  The answer is yes. By using the magnetic treadmill, many users have brought the benefits of a healthy walk into their life. The most important is the  reactivation and acceleration of the metabolism , which allows to improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions, but also to burn excess fat, thus losing weight. Day after day, using a magnetic treadmill, the body will find its balance, toning up and improving muscles and joints.

Many believe that to  lose weight and lose excess pounds it  is mandatory to undergo stressful and demanding sessions in the gym: in reality, a minimum of 30 minutes of walking a day is enough, using a magnetic treadmill, to activate metabolism and activity. cardiovascular aerobics that allows you to burn calories and fat . Furthermore, if you have joint problems or muscle problems, running is always not recommended: in this case, having a magnetic treadmill at home makes the difference, as you can continue to keep your muscles active, without putting them under excessive strain. .

How do you run on a magnetic treadmill? How does it work?

The magnetic treadmill is a very common mat for workouts, especially at home. It is a treadmill without motor , suitable for running and walking. Not having an electric motor, the movement is given only by the driving force of the legs of those who use it. The belt runs by means of the force exerted during exercise.

The fact that the magnetic treadmill does not have a motor makes it very easy to use and extremely handy.

To practice exercises through a magnetic treadmill you  DJUST the speed according to the efforts you are exerting , as will your legs and slide the tape and change the trend.


The magnetic treadmill is very simple to assemble, as it consists of only a few parts. But  how does the magnetic treadmill work?  Under the carpet there are magnets, which adjustment allows to increase or decrease the resistance of the running belt. The higher the magnetic resistance, the greater it will be

the effort you have to exert to move the carpet under your feet.

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