DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill Reviews [2021 Edition]

DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill  is for men, women, and teenagers.

It’s the ideal design for smaller residences, such as condominiums and townhomes because it is foldable, compact, and doesn’t require a lot of space. It can be folded down and pushed into a convenient location, like the bed, a closet, or the corner. Because the frame is made of steel, Dr. Tread can bear the weight of up to 300 pounds.

In the event that the treadmill gets too fast, the power will be shut off through the emergency kill switch. You will feel completely safe on this treadmill, given how quiet it is and stable it is. Just below the intelligent LCD display, it will allow you to keep yourself entertained while you wait, if you use a smart tablet or phone. Exercise will have more zest in your life. Because of the friction material used in the anti-slip belts, you can better protect your knees and ankles.

If you press the 3, 6, 9, and 12kph speed keys, you can increase or decrease the speed by the amounts set speeds: Speeding through these four preset speeds quickly will make your selections much faster. It has a 17-inch-wide running belt that has an incredibly quiet shock absorbing system, and thanks to that you can enjoy movies and music comfortably decibels to a combined sound level of 50 decibels. So you will not disturb anyone in the house or bother anyone in the neighborhood when you use this treadmill.

An assembled walker is ready to use, all you have to do is follow the set-up instructions. It includes a phone and iPad holder, too. If you don’t have the time to get to the gym regularly, this machine could be ideal. The most important benefit of using it on a regular basis is that it’ll help you to lose weight, make you strong, and help your legs.

The natural angle of the treadmill is fixed at 15 degrees. The LCD screen you get on the regular treadmills: distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised (duration), and the current speed and heart rate is simple and easy to use. When the heart rate sensors are connected to the LCD, they provide an accurate reading of your heart rate. It’s good to know what your activity, your heart rate, and your time spent working out all together will be before, during, during, or during and after your workout sessions.


I’ll ride the DR.E folding motorized treadmill.


DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill Reviews

With the DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill  signs a high-performance treadmill offering the possibility of spikes up to 18 km / h! Extremely comfortable and equipped with many programs, it ensures you particularly motivating sessions. In addition to that, its structure is guaranteed for life!


Max speed

18 km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

3 CV

Continuous power (CHP)

2 hp

Running surface

140 X 44

Cushioning system

6 elastomeric pads + 2 side pads

Of programs


Max tilt

0 and 12%

Heartbeat taking



177 cm


75 cm


136 cm


76 kg



Max user weight

100 kg

Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

118 X 75 X 146 cm



Carton dimensions

186 X 79.5 X 37 (L x W x H)

  DESCRIPTION : DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill Reviews

The DR.GYMlee Folding Smart is a treadmill with 44 programs, a large running surface and a motor that can reach 18 km / h.


– Electronic speed control from 1 TO 18 KM / H . 4 SHORTCUT KEYS allow you to instantly change the speed (2, 4, 8, 12 km / h); and 2 BUTTONS ON THE HANDLES allow you to adjust the speed with more precision
– MOTOR OF 3 CV at maximum power and 2 CV at continuous power
– MOTORIZED INCLINATION ADJUSTABLE FROM 0 TO 12% . 4 SHORTCUT KEYS allow you to instantly change the incline (3, 6, 9, 12%) and2 BUTTONS ON THE HANDLES allow the incline to be adjusted in intermediate steps STEEL STRUCTURE guaranteeing great stability CONSOLE : – 5 “BACKLIT LCD SCREEN displaying the following information: elapsed time, running speed, distance covered, estimated calories burned, incline, current program and heart rate – The T350 has a JACK CONNECTION FOR MP3 PLAYERS and SPEAKERS for training to music – 44 PROGRAMS

, including 40 PRE-RECORDED PROGRAMS automatically varying the speed and the incline according to a predefined course They allow a more fun and more effective training according to the desired objectives. In addition to these 40 programs, the console contains3 PROGRAMS CUSTOMIZABLE by the user according to their wishes, and 1 MANUAL PROGRAM . The console also includes a BODY FAT TEST to measure your body fat rate
– HEARTBEAT TAKEN by the touch sensors located on the handles


– EXCELLENT CUSHIONING SYSTEM limiting as much as possible the shocks on the muscles and the joints: 6 ELASTOMERIC PADS under the running board + 2 SIDE PADS
– – FOLDABLE STRUCTURELARGE 140 X 44 CM RUNNING SURFACE for more safety and comfort, with a 1.6 MM THICK tread for optimal comfort
to reduce the size of the treadmill
– SOFT DROP FUNCTION for secure opening
– TRANSPORT WHEELS for easy movement
– FAN FUNCTION for more comfort during sessions

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