Effective and fun workouts to do on the treadmill

-Give your best in 20 minutes

Try it : Warm up for 5 minutes running slowly, then increase to the “race” pace and hold it for 10 minutes, making sure it remains as regular as possible. In the last 10 minutes, you cool down.

– Beat the boredom and go for it

Try : Run at a smooth pace but not too much and then make some variations (1 minute hard, 2 softly, 10 times). Reaching good speed levels of wonderful music might make it easier for you.

-Improve the speed

Test : Bring the slope of the belt to 2%, after an adequate warm-up, make quick variations recovering the same duration of the test (eg a strong minute and a slow minute) 10 times, then cool down. Whatever the total distance, you will log at the end.

 The basic idea is to run it at an average pace between variations and recoveries, which corresponds to what you can keep at a 10 km. The variations will keep you busy and anything but bored.

-Get used to the treadmill

Try it : Start running at a very easy pace after 5 minutes, increase 1km per hour for one minute, then return to initial speed for 2 minutes. Increase the grade by 0.5% for one minute and then return to the initial grade for 2 minutes. Continue to alternate speed and incline to become more familiar with the treadmill.

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