Fighting cellulite with the treadmill, running and walking

The Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that affects women and men due to excessive surface skin fat accumulate. 

It usually affects the buttocks area, but it can also happen in other parts, triggering a problem of a social nature as well.

From a scientific point of view, the formation of cellulite is due to a phenomenon of blood microcirculation which is altered, thus making the adipose tissue suffer. 

It is necessary to have a correct lifestyle through a diet suitable for your needs and above all to do physical activity in order to be able to avoid all the problems associated with cellulite and health situations.

There are some anti-cellulite exercises that prove to be very effective in helping to prevent formation and counter its spread.

Training with the treadmill for cellulite

Thanks to the aerobic work that can be carried out and to the stimulation of various muscles, it is possible to promote the phenomenon, which is why home workouts with the magnetic treadmill should focus on them.

A correct use of this tool allows to obtain results that are comparable to those obtained with surgical interventions to which women have turned in the past to rediscover their beauty on the buttocks, legs or hips. 

The space-saving folding treadmill allows you to keep control of some training data such as the average distance, the kilometers covered, and much more.

The treadmill helps to manage the heart rates thanks to the heart rate bands that are often present in the machine

If you want to work harder for the buttock area, you have to change the incline and incline of the treadmill.

 The pace for the mild walking phase can be around 5 km / h, and then you can move on to a run that is around 7 km / h.

Anti-cellulite sports

It is possible to have a certain consistency in the training sessions if you include activities on alternate days.

 You don’t have to use weights with this kind of exercise because you have to have your legs slightly apart and your feet in line with the knee. 

If you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise and get better results, slowing down the movements is important.

In order to perform this kind of exercise correctly, it is necessary to have a certain technique and experience, and above all, it is necessary. 

Begin the exercise in a partial squat position, with the distance between the feet being the same between the shoulders. 

Starting from this position, you have to go down with your arms straight out and come into contact with the legs and knees bent.

What are the most effective anti-cellulite exercises?

There are a number of physical exercises that can be done to fight cellulite. It’s important to remember that there are two different types of cellulite, so it’s important to highlight which exercises are the most suitable.

There is a cliché that those who attend the gym, especially women, have a greater tendency to increase cellulite, as well as a generic sense of aesthetic cellulite. 

The truth is that it is only lactic acid that contributes to the increase of the skin’s elasticity.

The ability to carry oxygen in the various areas of the body, as well as the effects on the blood vessels, must be taken into account when considering the merits of the procedure.

Even if there is a change that mainly concerns the presence of adipose cells for which there is a tendency to form excessive Accumulation of liquids with the venous and lymphatic system that is no longer able to maintain the blood flow, the same happens with aesthetic

The best way to counteract the phenomenon that gives aesthetic problems is to use a treadmill. If you don’t want to go to the gym but want to use the treadmill at home, this is certainly possible. 

It’s important that you use the tool correctly and choose the right shoes, because they are the same ones that are used for running in the open air or summer running shoes.

The second aspect to take care of while using the tool is to always have a straight posture with your gaze facing forwards

It is necessary to have water or other types of drinks at hand to ensure proper hydration before discovering how to maximize treadmill training to combat cellulite.

It is important that the body can recover all the fluids lost during the activity and not go into pain, which would be counter productive.

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