Floor Protection Mat For Fitness Equipment

Floor Protection Mat For Fitness Equipment

Floor protection mats for fitness equipment are often described as excessive. There are excellent reasons for using such a rug. In this article, you will find out which these are and which protective mats we recommend.

The new fitness device has finally arrived, and you are already doing the first training sessions.

Then you notice small scratches on the floor, the fitness equipment slips a little and the neighbor may also ring because of the noise pollution.

What distinguishes a good floor protection mat?

Treadmill on a floor mat

We are often asked whether an old carpet or a yoga mat would not be enough.

However, we do not recommend carpets for several reasons.

On the one hand, they tend to promote slip behavior, offer hardly any damping properties, and are often right dust magnets that help contamination of the moving components.

On the other hand, a yoga mat is not designed to stress such a bulky fitness device. Many of these fitness mats rub through quickly and have hardly any damping effect.

Better invest in a proper protective mat and pay attention to the following points:


The manufacturer should approve a good mat for use with specific fitness equipment.

Material thickness:

Depending on the material, we recommend that floor protection mats for fitness equipment should be approx—5 mm to 10 mm thick to achieve a sufficient protective effect.


Of course, the training device should be able to stand on the mat with at least all feet. Read the dimensions in the manual or quickly take the measuring tape yourself.

Many manufacturers also offer their protective mats for your treadmills, cross trainers, and ergometers. Although these should be specially tailored to the product range, it is generally not a problem to order another mat afterward.

Our conclusion

Buying a floor protection mat for fitness equipment is worth it – especially in a rented apartment.

You should allow about 30 to 50 dollars for a high-quality and durable mat in terms of costs.

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