From 0 To 40 Minutes In 8 Weeks

How to get started

Running training is not magic. With our training tips, you can do 40 minutes in a row in eight weeks.


Start trotting at a leisurely pace so that your pulse doesn’t shoot too high, and you can still talk to someone while running. Take short, small steps; this reduces the strain on the heart and musculoskeletal system. Breathe regularly and jog easily at a constant pace.


Select a flat area on field and forest paths for the start of the run. Running on the natural ground is accessible on the joints and muscles and trains your coordination. Duration: 20 minutes at a time, if possible. If the pulse rises too high and you have to gasp for air, you can take a short break of 1-3 minutes to relax until the heartbeat has calmed down again. The goal of the first two weeks is 20 minutes of running per training.


Better to be short and regular rather than long and isolated. If you start jogging every other day or two, you develop an ideal balance of stress and relaxation. Increase: In weeks 3-4, you can also jog three or four times a week if you feel like it and keep the training duration short. But don’t overwhelm your musculoskeletal system. In week five, you can increase the running time to 25 minutes, in week 6 to 30, in week 7 to 35. And after week eight, you have reached your goal of 40 minutes – congratulations!

You can start running on the treadmill

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