FYC Folding Portable Electric Treadmill Reviews [2021 Edition]

FYC Folding Portable Electric Treadmill is an innovatively designed to allow for walking, jogging, or running in the comfort of your home or on the go. It is delivered ready to use.

It has a multi-purpose LCD display that indicates calories used, current speed, time, and mileage traveled, as well as the amount of exercise . You can keep an eye on your progress and your self-esteem high. There are no handles on this treadmill, and it lacks a pulse sensor.

The large rubber tread belt measures 14.9 x 41.3 inches to accommodate varying levels of fitness, so that everyone can have their own individual workout.

 It has a slip-resistant and shock-absorbing surface to lessen the amount of stress on your knees, both of which reduce strain and trauma. 

You’ll sleep like a baby on this 1.5 horsepower electric treadmill, it doesn’t make a peep. As loud as normal conversation.

You have the performance, durability, portability, and ease of movement you’re looking for in a treadmill. 

At a speed between 0.5 and 6 mph, you can walk, jog, or run (1 to 10kph). It’s not available with Bluetooth, doesn’t include a USB port, and doesn’t include speakers. You won’t find a lot of extra features but because of its solid construction and high reliability, we believe it is worth taking into consideration when shopping for a laptop computers. It comes with a two-year warranty, good customer service, and it’s ours for life.

When you are running, you can use your tablet or smartphone to listen to music or watch videos on the holder. 

The screen has 12 pre-programmed exercise options, making it easier to reach your daily caloric goals. In case of a medical emergency or if you let go or if you fall off the safety belt, a clip can stop the treadmill. The device has no screws in it at all, just the knob that you have to turn to set it up.

It weighs 50 pounds, carries a total of 220 pounds when fully assembled and 51.1 inches long when unfolded. You can tuck it away with the FYC Folding Treadmill, JK08-1, or you can place it underneath the bed. It weighs only 7 pounds and can be rolled up to under your bed.


Fannay Folding Portable Electric Treadmill Reviews:

We love its look, trendy colors and ease of use thanks to its remote control.
A mini budget to discover training on a treadmill with a maximum of features!


Max speed

16 km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

2.75 HP

Continuous power (CHP)

1.75 hp

Running surface

45 x 127

Cushioning system

6 elastomers

Of programs


Max incline level

2 levels

Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors


163 cm


71.5 cm


121.5 cm


58 kg



Max user weight

100 kg

Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

100 x 71 x 140 cm



Carton dimensions

1.685 x 0.77 x 0.295 (L x W x H)

DESCRIPTION OF Fannay Folding Portable Electric Treadmill:


The Trail 3 is equipped with a 2.75 HP peak motor (1.75 continuous HP) and offers a speed range from 0 to 16 km / h. Equipped with a technology which varies the speed thanks to the digital keys, the Trail 3 brings you satisfaction as well in the walk as in your running training.
The remote control and the buttons on the side supports also allow you to adjust your speed. It is very easy to assemble thanks to the Plug & Run function.


Its cushioning system reduces stress on the feet, knees and hips by up to 15%.


With its 45 x 127 cm exercise area, users have sufficient area for walking and jogging.


Manual incline on 2 levels, up to 3%.
A word of advice: tilting your mat to the maximum allows you to work more glutes.

HEART RATE Measurement:

Easy measurement by EKG touch sensors located on the support bars.


– 36 programs varying automatically in speed, for complete and varied sessions.


Touch screen console with blue backlit display for better visibility of information during training:
– Time of your exercise in minutes,
– Distance covered during your session in km,
– Speed of your program in km / h,
– Approximate calories burned,
– Heart rate in BPM.


– Foldable mat with hydraulic cylinder for more safety and a smooth opening.
– Transport wheels.
– 2 Water bottle holders
– Safety key: for your own safety, the key must be attached to the clothing during each training session. When the key is removed, the treadmill will automatically stop after slowing down.

Min and max user height : 1.40m to 1.85m.
Power consumption: 850 W.

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