Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill

For a mid-range option, Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill is a superb option that allows you to do (most of the time) the hard work of starting your journey to better fitness without having to leave your living room.

The running belt on the Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill measures 1500 by 430 mm. Manual, interval, difficulties, weight loss, hill running, mountain climbing, flat burning, and racing are among the eight gear settings.

Speed, distance, time, and calories burned are all displayed on the LCD.

The crawler treadmill belt is a non-electric treadmill belt. It is both healthy and beneficial to one’s health.

Of all the options we have selected, this is arguably the most user-friendly, with a simple setup that includes a revolutionary 10-minute power-up test to help determine which of the 5,000 personal training options you have. Best suited.

Anyone who’s ever embarked on a fitness quest knows that this can be an often frustrating challenge, but by analyzing your potential and performance.

You will have some of the most satisfying workout routines around to help you overcome your fitness problems.

These include focusing on reducing joint stress and burning more calories, making sure there is something for everyone.

Gard Curved Mechanical Treadmill

Thanks to its quiet operation, you can do your exercises early in the morning and late at night without disturbing other occupants of the house, but while it is not too maintenance-intensive.

 We have found that it is still not as reliable as older models, so be prepared for some wobbly tracks.

 Our guide to the best elliptical machines features other equipment that will help you get in shape.


Time saving

5,000 personal trainings,

10 minute start-up test

Creates a standardized skill level based on performance

Burn more calories

Reduction of joint stress

  • MarkSpeedFit

  • ModelSP-1000c

  • Weight309 pounds


  • Shock absorbing tread

  • Features eight gear settings:

  • Does not use electricity

  • Safe 


  • Not as reliable as older models

  • Quiet operation

  • Years of maintenance free service

  • No transportation wheels,

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