How Accurate Are Treadmill Calorie Counters?

The displays on most devices do not show the real data, but an extract from the last 12 lottery drawings combined with the birth dates of the most famous researchers and poets of our time. 

You should know about how accurate are treadmill calorie counters?

On the treadmill one consumes the most calories, by far follow the elliptical machine, the rowing machine and eventually the stationary bike. 

That’s how it is written, on the displays, and there’s nothing like it. 

Oh yes, I forgot the simple stepper, and even if you train the step climbing with just 300 watts, it never reaches the treadmill-Consumption. No way.

That is the pure truth that is not. Because the displays on most devices do not show the real data.

An extract from the last 12 lottery drawings combined with the birth dates of the most famous researchers and poets of our time. 

Anyone who believes these numbers will probably also believe in the Christ child. 

And is surprised if it increases continuously because its displayed calorie consumption does not even correlate with the one actually consumed.


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

12 MPH

309 lbs

78.8" x 39.2" x 63"

12 MPH

300 LB

 35"× 27.6"× 54.7"

Neither is the average wattage and the speed of many treadmills.

 Cardio machines need to be recalibrated often, and so it can happen that you feel embarrassed in four cuts, but can only read 12.6 km / h on the display, which depresses you so much that you give up. In addition,

So the somewhat exaggerated representation of common fitness center error situations. 

First, go to a fitness center because you enjoy exercising, flirting, or whatever. Then you should take your common sense with you and use it.

 If you torture yourself up to there and still only get 90 watts together, please feel so good that you notice that something is wrong. 90 is just a number.

We can use it as a comparison value for the next training sessions–if you train on the same device.

Original device, different display–mostly at least. 

And you can use your common sense again right away; with many cardio machines, you do NOT have to enter your body weight.

It makes a difference, whether women with 50 kg wet weight or men with 100 kg live weight say 10 km / h.

According to Adam Riese, the Lord of Creation will use a little more energy than the lady.

The display then shows the same energy consumption, the device does not recognize how light or heavy someone is. 

For an hour of running at 10 km / h, that would be about 500 kcal for women, about 1000 kcal for men, blatant, isn’t it?

Use the numbers for what I intend them for; as comparison data for the other units in your life.

 And not as an explanation for the universe, at least in this context they are not very suitable. 

Although not very unsuitable either, because at least the comparative figures of energy metabolism are about metabolism, and the measured time is about this.

 And what is it apparently about–for us beings limited in our means–in this life? About energy and time, time and energy, and nothing else.

 So why waste these two finite constructs on stationary bikes or elliptical machines, when it is likely that no significant change of location is possible, anyway? 

However, you should not ask yourself this question if you have planned a long indoor session again.

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