How and what to use to lubricate a treadmill with DIY?

The lubrication of the treadmill is a fundamental operation to maintain the optimum health of the machinery.

It consists of a simple and inexpensive routine maintenance procedure, which allows you to save for what would be extraordinary maintenance, for example in the event of breakage or irreversible damage.

Best Treadmill Lubricants on Amazon

On Amazon there are many types of lubricants for professional treadmills or cheap treadmills , of many different brands. It may be useful to observe its characteristics, to choose the one that best suits the needs of the various types of treadmill.

1. WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant

The WD-40 lubricant is one of the most famous and used on the market. It can be used for many applications, and in particular it is also excellent for treadmills.

It features a formula that does not attract dirt and dust, and has excellent lubricating properties. This ensures perfect movement of the various mechanical parts, minimizing friction.


WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant Spray Clean Application with Double Position System – 400 ml

  • This formula does not attract dirt and has excellent lubricating properties in order to …
  • Its formula is H2 certified by the NSF
  • Advantages of the product: available with the Double Position System that allows you to switch between …

It also insulates from moisture after quick drying. It is compatible with all types of plastic metals, but also with rubber and wood. Avoid friction and jamming of moving parts even under strong pressure, such as in a treadmill.

It is able to withstand temperatures from -35 to 200 degrees, and to provide optimal and long-lasting lubrication.

The advantage of this product is that it can be used not only for the treadmill, but also for many other machines and objects. Being so multifunctional, however, one must be careful not to run out of it.

If the product is finished, and the treadmill creaks and struggles to slide, it is recommended not to use it, and wait for the purchase of the product.

2. Toorx Lubricant Spray for Treadmill

Unlike the previous one, the Toorx lubricant spray is designed exclusively for use on the treadmill. It is based on silicone oil, and is capable of uniformly lubricating the surface of the running belt, ensuring to reduce wear and reduce the noise due to rubbing during the run.


Toorx – Lubricant spray for treadmills

It comes in a practical 200 ml can, equipped with a spout and easy to assemble. It’s cheap and practical, and the reviews from those who have bought it are great.

3. Toorx 3conf LUBETECH Silicone Lubricant Spray for Treadmill

This spray is also from the Toorx brand, and has the same characteristics as the previous one. In fact, it performs the lubricating function at its best, and is equipped with a powerful and widespread spray, convenient to spread over the large surface of the running belt. By purchasing this product you receive 3 cans of lubricant spray, thus having a small supply and avoiding being without them in the future.



The most important lubrication action concerns the running belt, which in fact is the most important and extended moving part of the treadmill. Correct and constant lubrication is essential to make the belt run better and reduce friction with the frame.

In this way the engine will not be subjected to excessive and harmful strain over time, as it would cause wear of the various mechanical parts.

The most common and most effective lubricants are silicone-based ones, especially silicone oils, which are great for lubricating rubber or plastic components, and for maintaining a squeaky treadmill.

By buying a good silicone-based lubricant spray , you can truly extend the life of your treadmill by many years.

Before applying the oil, the running surface should be cleaned. 

This way you get rid of dirt and all those small abrasive particles, which would otherwise become trapped in the oil, hindering the movement of the belt even if lubricated.


To carry out this cleaning operation, obtain a clean cotton cloth, and proceed as follows.

 If the running surface is not excessively dirty, but there is only a little dust, the cloth must be slipped under the running belt and then pulled out on the opposite side.

Holding it by both ends, he slides up and down a few times the length of the tape, making sure to clean the entire affected area.

 If, on the other hand, the running belt is particularly dirty, or you just want to do a deeper cleaning, you can loosen the belt, so you can handle it better and scrub more thoroughly with the rag.

Obviously it is never a good idea to start disassembling parts of the machine if you are not sure you know how to reassemble them correctly. 

In any case, it is necessary to first consult the instruction manual, to understand which screws or bolts to unscrew, and to avoid damaging the machine. Often there are adjusting screws in the rear corners, easily unscrewed with an Allen key.

It is important to count the number of turns performed for the unscrewing, to then re-execute them in reverse and set the tape in the correct way, without leaving it more stretched on one side and slower on the other.

Now you are ready for the actual lubrication.

After purchasing a good lubricant, the operation will take a few minutes and little effort, but will extend the life of the machinery by a long time. 

The lubricant is generally found inside a spray tube equipped with a special nozzle or straw, which allows you to direct the jet with great precision and spray at high pressure, covering a large area of the belt.

Before using the product, you should make sure that the treadmill is turned off and unplugged from the power supply to avoid any unpleasant accidents.

Next, you need to position yourself to the side of the machine, lift the belt from the frame just enough to insert the nozzle and spray the lubricant between the belt and the frame. 

A good quantity of product must be sprayed along the entire length of the belt, trying to uniformly cover the entire surface of the frame.

 Once you have performed the same procedure on the other side of the treadmill, the lubrication operation is complete.

 Lubrication must be repeated constantly, every 15 or 20 hours of use. If you have loosened the belt to clean it, you can also do the lubrication before putting it back in place.

Electric Treadmill Maintenance

For proper maintenance, the top of the belt should also be cleaned regularly. It would be optimal to clean it after each use.

All you need is a glass cleaning product to spray along the entire surface of the tape, and a cloth to rub. 

By doing this, it prevents the sweat that falls during training, being acid, damaging the mechanical parts of the machine.

Even immediately after purchasing the product it is advisable to lubricate it. In most cases, in fact, the manufacturer applies only a minimal amount of lubricant, not enough to cover the entire running belt. 

Consequently, even before using the machine for the first time, it is preferable to give it abundant lubrication, using a double quantity of product compared to that used regularly.

 In this way the lubricant is distributed well over the entire surface and mechanical parts, allowing you to use the machine safely.

What is the risk of not lubricating the treadmill?

The most important reason for lubricating a treadmill is cost savings.

 With the few euros spent to buy the lubricant, you avoid damage that can irreversibly break the machinery, forcing it to be repaired or even replaced.

It is therefore of primary importance to extend the life of the treadmill as much as possible, and to do so you need little money and little time.

 If the belt, on the other hand, runs with difficulty, the motor has to work harder to make it run correctly, overheating and being damaged in the long run. 

In fact, the lower the friction between the belt and the frame, the effort the motor makes to spin all the components.

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