How to choose a treadmill? Which one to choose?

The importance of training in promoting the maintenance of good physical health is well known.

The fast pace that characterizes the modern lifestyle makes it difficult to carve out time to devote to one’s well-being: for this reason, more and more people are moving towards the purchase of sports equipment. For home use, that allows you to train in the comfort of your own home.

Among the most complete tools to carry out a home and home workout with safety and effectiveness is the treadmill.

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It is a suitable device not just two Runners experts but also for beginners, because it allows you to modulate your training based on physical characteristics and individual goals: its regular use allows you to get excellent results not only in terms of aesthetics.

in terms of weight loss and muscle toning (in particular of the legs and buttocks), but also from a functional point of view, promoting increased mobility of the limbs, cardiac resistance, and therefore vascular health.

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Currently on the market there are a great variety of models that differ in size, supported functions, and of course, by price range.

If you too are wondering how to choose a treadmill, keep reading this article! We will provide you with useful information to identify which one to choose based on your needs for use.


Purchase advice – Guide:

The treadmill is a cardio training tool that can be easily used, even in a home context.
From the point of view of its operation, two main types can be distinguished: magnetic treadmills and electric treadmills. During the purchase phase, therefore, this will be one of the first criteria to be taken into consideration to guide our choice.

The magnetic treadmills they are not equipped with an engine: the movement is in fact induced by the use of the instrument magnets regulate it. Although it is possible to increase and decrease the level of resistance, I do not recommend this type of treadmill for intensive training, but is instead perfect for those who want to walk, even at a brisk pace, without moving from home.

Another advantage of the magnetic models is the reduced size: many devices are even foldable, and allow to be moved and stored easily, maintaining excellent characteristics in terms of solidity and resistance of the structure.

Currently, however, the most popular models are electric treadmills which, unlike magnetic ones, are equipped with a motor.

The greatest success of these tools mainly depends on the ease of use and the best effectiveness: to start a workout, it suffices to set a program (running or walking) and the belt will run automatically, at the speed (and inclination) set.

With electric treadmills, in particular, there are some important characteristics to consider, such as the power of the motor, the incline, the size of the belt, the cushioning and training programs.

However, orienting oneself on well-known brands, getting information and making use of the advice of an expert are three essential steps to ensure that you choose the most suitable type of product for your purposes.

Characteristics to be observed on a treadmill

As we have seen, the offer of treadmills is very wide, with models that differ significantly in technical characteristics, functions, contexts and objectives of use.
With electric models in particular, we should make the choice after carefully evaluating at least five variables:

1. Motor power

Engine power is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, because the quality of your training depends on it.

Treadmills intended for domestic use use continuous power motors, while the most common ones in gyms are powered by alternating current, which guarantees better performance in case of continuous use.

In general, it can be said that a powerful engine will ensure better performance and longer life. 

Regarding this last aspect in particular, it is always useful to consult the technical data sheet and check which are the recommended minimum and maximum speeds: using a treadmill below the minimum speed threshold can in fact overheat or damage it (even if the newer models are equipped with automatic ventilation systems that allow you to lower the temperature, partially limiting the problem).

Another aspect that must be taken into consideration when examining the power of a treadmill motor is the ability to respond to the friction caused by the walking (or running) movement: this means that the power must also be chosen based on the weight of its user, and not just the type of training.

2. The inclination

Not all treadmills provide the ability to vary the incline: the cheaper models, for example, are often characterized by a fixed incline; the more modern ones allow electronic change by simply pressing a button, without the need to interrupt the running session.

On average, with the electric inclination, it is possible to get an increase of up to 15% in the belt’s slope. For this reason, the models that support this function are more suitable for workouts that require a progressive increase in intensity.

Halfway between these two extremes (both in terms of characteristics and price range), there are the treadmills that allow manual change of the inclination to vary this parameter. However, a momentary suspension of the training will be necessary.

3. The size of the tape

Like most fitness tools, even in order to correctly choose which treadmill to buy, an evaluation of its size in relation to the characteristics of its user and the type of training to be followed is essential.

As for the conveyor belt, for example, if your workouts are limited to fast walking sessions, a width of 42 centimeters is already sufficient.

All models, both the most professional (for the gym) and those designed for domestic use, must comply with the requirements established by the European Machinery Directive EN-20957/6, which provides for a minimum running surface of not less than 40 × 120cm.

In most of the models on the market, the belts have a width between 45 and 55 centimeters, while the minimum running speed is 8 km / h (and maximum 20 km / h).

4. The cushioning

Most times, the choice to use a treadmill instead of outdoor jogging sessions does not depend only on factors related to the optimization of times, but can also derive from the fact that training on a treadmill offers guarantees of greater safety not only because during training it will not be necessary to pay attention to the surrounding traffic, but above all because indoor walking and running take place on regular surfaces, without those differences in height that characterize the paths of parks or asphalt surfaces, and which often they cause injuries.

To further improve training comfort, it is also possible to choose models with a cushioned surface.
i.e. equipped with devices capable of reducing the impact even by 30-40%, to minimize the risk of inflammation and ankle pain. , knees and back.

5. Training programs

I equipped most treadmill models on the market with programmed training sessions, but only the most advanced support flexible and fully customizable programs based on the user’s preferences and training status.

Particularly interesting is also the training function with a predefined heart rate (Heart Rate Control), which allows you to perform exercises while keeping the heart rate constant, a useful condition for promoting weight loss and improving aerobic endurance.

Treadmill: Average price and some consideration for a safe purchase

As we have seen, the choice of the most suitable treadmill model never depends on a single choice criterion, but on a set of evaluations linked to its functional characteristics and the context of use.

From a cost point of view, the selling price of treadmills varies significantly from model to model: on the market you can find extremely cheap devices (around 100 euros) and more complex and expensive solutions (over 1000 euros).

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As a general rule, however, it is useful to remember that, since these are tools to improve physical tone, in the choice of the treadmill model to buy, the functional and qualitative variables should prevail over economic evaluations: our health, in fact, is priceless.

Not to mention that, even if focusing on quality sometimes means supporting a higher initial cost, relying on well-known brands guarantees not only safety of use but also and above all, the possibility of being able to count on quality after-sales help services, if it becomes necessary, for example, to replace a component.

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