How to choose the treadmill?

The treadmill should be chosen based on the weight, height of the user and the hours of weekly use of the treadmill .

All this reasoning is done if you want to find the treadmill with the best price / performance compromise, otherwise, as is the case with all things, the more you spend the better you find.

Basically I can say that treadmills over a thousand euros of expenditure can be good for any home use, under this budget instead we must go and think about the aforementioned paramatreys. Customers often make the mistake of taking into consideration only their own running or walking pace, assuming that the slower you go, the less you have to spend…. on the other hand, the less weight the less I spend rule may be valid .

Women under 60 kg in weight are the users of the treadmill who can spend less than other types of customers and vice versa very heavy men are the ones who have to invest more.

From this reasoning I excluded the category of athletes as professional runners or advanced amateurs despite weighing little need high maximum speeds (at least 20 km / h) and very heavy products to have greater stability on the treadmill.

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