How To Get In Shape With The Elliptical

I’ve always been one of those lazy people who like physical activity only if it’s fun: that’s why I get tired of the gym right away, I go to the pool only occasionally, and I find running boring. 

Yet in recent months, things have changed dramatically from a fitness point of view.

Such as? By purchasing an elliptical trainer, also known as a cross-trainer, that I can use at home. What is the elliptical? It is a fitness tool that is a cross between an exercise bike and a treadmill, viral because it allows you to train both the lower part and the upper part of the body, without stressing the joints.

I am staying fit with the elliptical trainer: Easy!

Many ask me: “Why buy an elliptical to train at home? What prompted you to make this unusual choice? “

From a fitness point of view, I’m pretty hit and miss, and I need something to stimulate and enjoy me, so it goes without saying that gym, running, and swimming are discarded. 

So one day, while I was watching a movie on my laptop, enlightenment came. What if I have a gym machine that I can use at home while watching movies or reading? It would be ideal!

I discarded the treadmill because it is bulky and takes up too much space in the house, then I became interested in the classic exercise bike. 

But I wanted something that would allow me to train the upper body as well, and the exercise bike didn’t satisfy me from this point of view.

 I started to inquire online, then I asked in the gym I go to occasionally, and finally, I went to a sports shop.

The answer was unanimous: what is right for you is an elliptical!


• train the lower body and upper body, then do a full workout

burn more calories than an exercise of the same duration with a treadmill or stationary bike

• firm the legs in their entirety (calves, thighs, and buttocks)

• also train shoulders and arms, without forgetting the waistline

In addition, while I am doing the elliptical, I watch a film or an episode of a TV series, or I read, so the moment of training has become a pleasant daily appointment. Getting bored is impossible and playing sports is a real pleasure.

Not to mention that I save a lot of time: I don’t have to get ready, go out, go to the gym, work out, and then go home.

 All I need to do is put on a comfortable jumpsuit and trainers, start the movie, and then train on the elliptical with a bottle of water at hand.


But how is the elliptical made?

The elliptical is an exercise bike similar to an exercise bike where you stand and make a smooth circular motion, or elliptical motion, with your feet.

 The arms move back and forth, accompanying the movement of the feet.

 In this way, the whole body trains and is toned, even the belly and the waist area.


Elliptical and Results

The first results are seen after a couple of weeks of constant training. 

The body is firmer and more toned, and it also feels better from an energetic point of view. 

The elliptical is excellent for getting back into shape, combined with a balanced diet, but any weight loss comes later: at the beginning.

 In fact, the body tightens up, and fat is lost in favor of the muscles.

 Therefore the weight stays the same for a long time.

However, this is great because it is the healthiest way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight without the yo-yo effect, plus developing muscles helps boost metabolism. 

And then the important thing is not the weight, but rather the tone and having a healthy and firm body.

Although the scales did not mark a considerable difference, everyone asked me if I had lost weight less than a month after starting the training: excellent result, right?


Tips for training with the elliptical

The ideal is to maintain a constant fitness routine: better to do 30 minutes a day than 2 hours twice a week. 

To further stimulate metabolism, it is useful to vary the intensity day after day. A concrete example?

Monday: 40 minutes at medium intensity

Tuesday: 30 minutes at high intensity

Wednesday: 50 minutes at low intensity

And so on.

To start, it is good to increase the time and intensity gradually, beginning with 10 minutes a day and then reaching 30 minutes after a couple of weeks. 

To obtain visible results, it is recommended to train six days a week with a day of rest to rest the body, even if at the beginning the days can be even 4 or 5 in order to avoid getting hurt.

Coach’s advice? Thirty minutes every day at low intensity is already enough to stay fit and firm the body.

That’s why I love the elliptical and highly recommend it to get back in shape pleasantly!

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