How to measure the treadmill belt

Has your treadmill belt worn out and about to break after a few years of use?
If you have some manual skills you can change it yourself without asking for the intervention of a specialized technician.
To buy the right belt you need to have the dimensions of the belt itself, development and width.
In the video I show an easy easy method to measure it.

How to measure the treadmill belt


Measure the width of the walking belt with a tape measure.


There are three different methods for measuring length. If you adjusted the belt as far as you can, you should be able to return it to normal tension.

You will need to remove the motor cover and the treadmill first before you put the tape measure under the roller.

Once you’ve got the tape measure out the back end, pull the tape around and measure with the tape pulled taut, and you’ve got the length. If you don’t want the existing belt to be longer, trim the belt width-wise.

Measure one of the belt’s edges from one end to the other after laying the belt out flat.

This will let you know the belt’s precise length. There is a piece of twine or string that can also be used.

We recommend using nylon twine or a similar non-stretch material instead of cotton thread, which will stretch when pulled out and result in an incorrect measurement.


3rd STEP

Tape one end of the string to the walking belt and turn it completely around until the string loop is complete.

4th STEP

Cut the string exactly where the loop ends.


Remove the treadmill’s string and lie down in a straight line.

6th STEP

The length of the belt is determined by measuring the entire length of the string.

7th STEP

We’ll get you a quotation on a replacement belt if you provide us the width and length dimensions at, by phone at 888-362-1105, or by email at

Walking Belts for Treadmills

Make sure your dimensions are as accurate as possible. Because of the adjusting nuts on the rollers, most treadmills can accommodate a belt with considerable fluctuation. Large discrepancies in measurement can have a significant impact on whether or not the belt fits.

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