How To Replace Running Belt Correctly

To meet the demand, we have assembled a special instructional video for our clients. 

The material presents a step-by-step diagram of disassembly of the running belt, lubrication of the sliding surface of the treadmill top, and installation of the running plate in the electric raceway.

 Read the instructions, prepare the tools. Remember the safety rules.


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



11 MPH

325 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

12 MPH

400 Lbs

84.5" x 38.5" x 54.7" 

Today I want to tell you how to replace the treadmill belt. This is necessary to do when the belt is old and broken. 

You can do it yourself or invite a specialist.

 If you decide to replace the treadmill belt yourself, please use the following instructions.

  1. First, you need to prepare the instruments necessary to change the belt (these are: an allen key, screwdriver, rubber hammer, grease, a cloth, and an allen key)

  2. Remember about your safety, so you must disconnect the treadmills from the power supply before starting.

  3. First, we need to remove the engine cover.

  4. Remove the rear roller cover.

  5. Then remove the side skirts. In some treadmills, I glued the slats, in which case you need to peel them off gently.

  6. We also use an allen key to remove the rear running belt tensioning shaft.

  7. Next, remove the drive belt. For this, we bend the belt and, rotate the engine.

  8. Next, we disassemble the front roller, which is on the frame.

  9. We remove all rollers driving the running belt and remove the top. We unscrew all the screws from the countertop and gently remove the belt from it.

  10. Next, clean the worktop and rollers. You can use a special cleaner or ordinary washing-up liquid with water. Also, dry these parts after cleaning.

  11. Next, we install the new belt on the treadmill. It is simple. We put the new belt on a clean top and then mount the top with the belt on the treadmill itself. Next, tighten all the screws.

  12. Next, we mount all the elements that we removed earlier. So the front roller, drive belt, and rear roller.

  13. We check belt tension. For this, we raise the belt in the middle part by 5 cm. If it succeeded, it is fine. But if this is not the case, keep turning the screws.

  14. When the belt tension is sufficient, the side skirts and the rear roller can be fitted.

  15. Next, put on the engine cover.

  16. After that, you can turn on the treadmill and set a faster rotation speed to center the belt.

  17. We should also remember that the treadmill must be regularly lubricated. This prevents many problems in the future.

As you can see, changing the walking belt is not complicated, and you can do it yourself.


How often do you change the running belt in a treadmill?

One element that undergo the fastest wear in any type of training track is the running belt. 

Although modern treadmill belts are made of materials with increased resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, abrasion is a natural consequence of everyday use of the treadmill. 

The belts wear mainly in the middle part, which affects not only the aesthetics of the treadmill but also the comfort and safety of the run.

When the belt is heavily worn, traction drops, and at high speed.

It is easy for slips or dumpers, and we can associate this with the risk of injury. 

A heavily slipped belt also increases the engine load and the risk of damage to the treadmill mechanics.

Replacement of running belts in treadmills for home use

If you are the only treadmill user, wearing the running belt will fall below, so you won’t have to change it often. 

Assuming that you use the treadmill sporadically, say 3h a week, then the belt will be enough for you for 1-2 years of use.

 Of course, wear depends to some extent on the intensity of training, the weight of the user, and the type of footwear used.

 In most cases, treadmill straps; however, they are durable enough that with such rare use of the device, they can safely last for a year or even for a longer time.

 If you use the treadmill more often, for more hours, then the walking belt will wear faster. 

If you use the treadmill for over 5 hours a week, replace the belt every 3-6 months.


Replacement of running belts in professional treadmills

Treadmills designed for continuous operation require daily maintenance and care

As a result, running belts wear out more slowly, and the comfort and safety of training remain at a constant, consistently high level. 

When the treadmill is used intensively, we should replace the walking belt at least once every three months. It all depends on the load of the equipment. 

Of course, the life of the treadmill belts can be extended, remembering to lubricate and care for them regularly, but even then such belts should be regularly replaced, preferably once a quarter or more often – depending on the policy adopted by the gym or other type of sports facility with this type of equipment.


Treadmill maintenance

Proper maintenance of the equipment also affects the life of the walking belt. 

With frequent lubrication and proper adjustment of the setting, the belts wear out much more slowly, so they can be used for a longer period.


What to do when the running belt in the treadmill cuts?

Many people have their treadmill at home, but unfortunately, they sometimes have a problem as trimming the running belt during training.

 Today’s article will explain what should be done to eliminate this problem.

The first thing we need to do is check if the tabletop under the belt is lubricated. All you have to do is lift the belt and run it with your hand. 

If the tabletop is fully lubricated, there will be a quantity left on your hands. If nothing is left, then we need to lubricate the countertop.

 For this purpose, we use a lubricant that the manufacturer joined us to the treadmill. 

However, I prefer special silicone spray lubricants because of their ease of use and higher quality than the lubricants attached to the treadmill.

 Apply grease along the entire length on both sides of the tabletop under the belt and then start the treadmill to disperse it.

The second most common reason for the treadmill belt to jam is insufficient tension. 

The distance between the top and the belt after lifting it should be 5 centimeters. If it is larger, stretch it. 

To do this, we pick up the Allen key, insert it into the screws at the end of the treadmill, turn each of the screws 1/4 turn, and constantly control the distance between the belt and the top.

When it reaches 5 cm, we stop stretching the belt and check the effects of our treatment.

Another reason for the jam may be a loose groove belt driving the race rollers. 

To check this, unscrew the hood and check the tension of the belt by hand, if it is loose, tighten it by loosening the screws under the engine and tighten the screws that tighten the engine, after finishing the tightening, tighten the engine, put on the cover and check the behavior of the treadmill during training.

If the above solutions did not help, hand-to-check the top and bottom of the running belt for cavities and warping on their surface is necessary. 

Overlay can help the countertop cavities on the countertop, and in extreme cases replacement of the countertop with a new one (cracking of the countertop), they should replace the warped belt with a new one.

These activities should help you minimize the risk of belt jams. 

For the treadmill to be fully functional, it must be regularly serviced and lubricated with the running top!


Treadmill belt. How to care for him, Know how to replace a treadmill belt, what do you need to know?

The treadmill is one of the best devices for training at home, to fight obesity, to keep fit, or simply to build form. 

Of course, such a running track, even when it comes from the best manufacturer when it cost a fortune, requires proper maintenance, it should be taken care of. 

One of the important elements of the treadmill is, of course, the belt. 

So how to take care of the treadmill belt, how to replace it in an emergency, how to simply make the treadmill run for a very long time?


Photos of used belt

The entire process begins with removing the old walking belt. You need to prepare proper tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, and a rubber hammer. 

Of course, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if any. 

Further elements of the treadmill are removed to get to the belt. Do it carefully, nothing by force.

 So that there is no situation that any element will not be damaged.

 Removing covers, covers, or strips is to be careful, really safe. After reaching the belt, you simply detach it and go to the next stage.


New treadmill belt – how to install correctly?

How to properly attach the treadmill belt? There is nothing complicated here. You don’t have to be an alpha and omega. 

I must grease the new belt before assembly. The best is silicone grease, and if possible, use lubricants recommended by equipment manufacturers.

 I attach the belt to the countertop, and we put everything in place of the treadmill intended for this. 

Tighten all the screws carefully, which is important, not too tight, not too light, just in time. 

The walking belt should not be too tight or too tight. As all specialists say, such a belt must, in its central part, rise about 5 centimeters up. 

Finally, install other components, many covers, covers. Brilliant and careful.


Checking assembly and training

If everything is as it should be, the treadmill is completely twisted. 

All the elements are matched. There is nothing else to do but test the treadmills. 

Connect to power and check that the treadmill is operating properly and the treadmill belt is operating properly

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