How your choice of treadmill impacts your workout?

With so many options out in the market, it’s natural to think whether the treadmill that you plan on spending your dollars upon, is worth its cost.

 Look no further as we have brought together for you all the information regarding various types of treadmills and their respective positive and negative effects on your workout routine. 

Enabling you to make an informed decision, one that is unlikely to be regretted.

First, you need to know what factors are important in a treadmill that impact your workout efficiency and how do they relate to you:

  1. Utilization

  2. Additional features

  3. Incline

  4. Comfortability

After putting all these factors into consideration, the type of treadmills motorized and manual have been categorized according to their consumer type.

For the Everyday Consumer –Motorized Treadmills,

If it wasn’t obvious from the name, a motorized treadmill uses an electrically powered motor to move the belt automatically. This removes the strain of having to power it yourself and hence all they require you to do is walk/run against the moving belt.

Note: look for a motor with a minimum of 1.5 continuous horsepower.

Pros of Motorized Treadmills

  • Less strain: they moved As the belt via a motor there is relatively less strain on your legs and joints.

More comfortability: I designed the running deck of the treadmill with added cushioning and shock absorption, making it more comfortable. Because of this, they promote endurance and can be used for more extended periods, unlike manuals.

In case of issues with your ankles, knees, or hips, it is preferable to use motorized treadmills.

  • Speed and incline change during workout: motorized treadmills without a doubt have improved our daily workouts through various ways by providing us impressive features like, speed, incline, and decline which stimulates the experience of climbing a hill or coming down a hill right in your workout premises. This feature is pretty friendly since you don’t have to get down from the Treadmill.

These settings also allow you to run at a pace you’re comfortable with, and the continuity builds the motivation to keep going.

  • An abundance of workout features: motorized treadmills are inducting more and more outstanding features at very economic costs. There are often apps made to make the workout more fun and motivating by setting goals for the distances you have to run. To make the workout more enjoyable, modern specs like speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate syncing & cooling fans, etc. These specs push you to the edge to workout harder and longer improving the overall experience.

Personalize workouts

With modern advancements, the latest motorized treadmills allow you to either use pre-set programs or create a personalized one. Varying incline, distance, and speed making the treadmill your coach.

Cons of Motorised Treadmills

  • Requires Electricity: The treadmill requires stable high electric power therefore a stabilizer is required to fulfill the requirement or else there are high chances of malfunction. It might require chief power if it’s a commercial treadmill.

  • Safety: As it moves automatically, there is a higher risk of falling off. As a precaution always wear a safety cord to turn it off in the event of falling.

  • Price: These treadmills do come with a cost, coming in the thousand dollar range for one of excellent quality. The prices go down with the reduction of features, power, and quality.

Manual Treadmills:

Manual treadmills do not require electricity instead all movement is powered by lower-body muscles, pushing the belt. Hence, all power is derived from us, whether we walk or run.

They give you an opportunity for a vigorous workout at an affordable price, irrespective of your fitness level.

For Runners -Curved Treadmills

I advanced the curved treadmill in its ways since it allows users to walk and run on it with each foot strike, pushing the belt behind them.

Its interface is programmed in a way that you can speed up by placing your feet further and similarly decelerate by striking closer to the center of the belt which eliminates the need for an electric motor which is very beneficial for runners who want to pace themselves naturally which gives the curved belt an upper hand as compared to the motorized treadmill.


  • Increased heart rate: As compared to a motorized treadmill, runners on a curved treadmill have a greater heart rate (twenty beats per minute greater than the average rate).

  • Best suited for Runners: runners favored Curved belt treadmills more as compared to flat-belt manual treadmills because of their unique design. Since the treadmill belt has high resistance, it takes underweight runners more effort to work out. It enables you to have a high-intensity workout at a slower treadmill speed. Using a leg stroke that is curvilinear provides the runner with a pleasant run, improving the workout.

  • High-intensity interval workouts: Curved belt gym instructors and athletes recommend non-motorized treadmills since one can alter the intensity of the workout according to their capacity.

  • You’ll Burn More Calories- As mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph, curve treadmills increase your heart rate due to which your body requires more oxygen which results in the burning of a greater number of calories as compared to a usual workout.


  • A prerequisite of sports is the incrementation of speed however, curved treadmills are supportive of a steady, slow-paced workout hence people interested in short sprinting do not benefit from this in both speeding up postures and speed. You will need to develop explosive steps to attain maximum sprint speed.

  • The treadmill works solely based on the force that comes with each step hence the runner always has a constant rhythm. They cannot work on increasing their speed.

  • These treadmills do not help develop or fasten your starting and ending speed during a race.

  • They don’t provide the required oscillation of vertical force to assist with reproducing maximum development of speed.

For Building Stamina and Resistance- Flat-belt treadmill

The flat-belt treadmill is muscle-powered, building lower body muscles and burning calories every mile.

Rises heart rates at lower speeds as speed is directly proportional to effort input, rather than keeping up with the belt speed. The belt’s inertia enhances resistance for future workouts.

Besides that, since the consumer controls speed, falling off and hurting themselves is unlikely, making it workable for every fitness level.

Features not favoring workout

  • Incline: One of the major turnoffs is that manual treadmills lack automated incline. Someone can only adjust manually incline after each workout. The incline is mostly 10% hence makes walking difficult, causing a decrease in calorie burn and efficiency.

  • Joint/hip/Knee stress: Unlike other treadmills, they required an extra effort from the feet to cause the belt to move. This extra strain causes joint and back stress. Not suggested for people suffering from osteoporosis, hip, or knee pain.

Tip: Increase treadmill’s incline for a head belt’s movement.

  • Additional features: Less price means fewer features. These treadmills lack fancy features like built-in workout programs, apps, Bluetooth, and wifi connections. It has a basic battery-powered display showing details like calories, speed, and time and no activity log. Which halts the trainees in keeping a check of their progress.

  • Unsuitable for running: Flat-belts have less sturdy built, mostly have shorter belts, unfavorable for running yet, favorable for walking.

  • Sturdiness: Flat-bed manual treadmills have various construction issues like fewer weight limits, belt slippage, and noise.

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