Hurtle Electric Folding Treadmill

As good as new ™  is the service we offer for second-hand devices 

The As Good as New ™ retreading process was developed according to the most demanding quality guidelines on the market.  

If you’ve always   wanted to buy top notch machines for your home or professional gym, this is your chance. We have the latest Life Fitness, Technogym, Precor, Cybex and StarTrac products. 

 All of our products are painted in our exclusive Black Onyx color, which gives the machines a very luxurious aesthetic. 

In the video below you can see the factory and part of the renovation process. 

The devices are rebuilt from the ground up and are subjected to multiple tests to ensure that the performance and appearance are the same as a new product. All components, from the electronic screen to the cables and the pillow, are checked, tested and, if necessary, replaced by original parts after a strict protocol check . 

After retreading, every device is tested to ensure safety during its use. Cardio machines are also subjected to an electrical safety test.


By purchasing As good as New ™ fitness equipment , you are purchasing the same quality and guarantee as with new equipment. Your investment is 100% safe because we have a wide network of technicians and you receive all technical guarantees and qualified support.

GymCompany is not an official Technogym Spa dealer. GymCompany takes over theguarantee.

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