HYPATA Treadmill for Home Gym

There are 36 pre-programmed workouts for jogging or running at home on GYMOST 3201 and 3205 folding treadmills with an LCD display showing your heart rate. At this time, 8 buyers have given them an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and the first date of availability on Amazon.com is March 29, 2021.

Currently, the only difference between these two types is a different design for a greater user weight capacity and three manual incline settings, each of which are only $20. 

In order to get the most out of your treadmill training at home, the Gymost 3201 Treadmill features a 3.25 horsepower engine. If you want to go fast, you can jog, walk, or run up to an 8.1mph maximum (13kph). For safety and stability, the treadmill is built with a commercial-grade steel frame that weighs 220 pounds.

You can choose from one of the 36 pre-programmed workouts or design your own workout to meet your specific goals. The LCD display panel indicates the distance traveled, current speed, calories burnt, time exercised, and heart rate from the handle sensors. 

As a result, you will be able to burn calories more effectively by staying in your goal heart rate zone. There are six layers of elastic cushioning tread belts on both the Gymost treadmills 3201 and 3205, which absorb shock effectively for a low-impact workout. You won’t have any difficulty walking, jogging, or running at all.

If you’ve got a little area to work with, this foldable table is the perfect solution. For jogging or running, this belt’s 16.5 x 48.4-inch length is ideal for a wide range of people. You can manually incline the back support between 0° and 4° by rotating the back support. 

It is unnecessary to reach for the front control panelgymost 3201 treadmill control panel every time you want to start/stop or increase/decrease the speed. Running on a treadmill with the red safety key attached to your clothing is safe since the treadmill will automatically stop if you fall or veer off course.

It comes pre-assembled 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% may be completed in less than 30 minutes. You can fold it up and transport it on its two wheels by lifting it up and folding it back down. This product comes with a lifetime of customer support.

 It has a total user weight capacity of 265 pounds on the Gymost 3205 Treadmill, which has passed numerous safety and durability testing before it was put on the market. There are three manual inclination positions on this model’s 16.3 x 48.8-inch tread belt. Between 0.6mph and 8.1mph is the maximum speed.

 The treadmill, hardware kit, belt lubricant, and user handbook are all included in the box.. Overall, they appear to be a good value, particularly in terms of the quality of the construction.