IMIKEYA Folding Treadmill [2021 Updated ]

Immerse yourself in training : You get the new NordicTrack® Commercial 1750 treadmill with a one-year free subscription to our iFit® coaching .


With this professional coaching, your treadmill automatically adapts to your training program. Achieve all of your athletic goals .



  • 1 YEAR IFIT® FAMILY COACHING (VALUE 399, – €):  With the FREE iFit® Family subscription (1 year, up to 5 users) you have access to over 1000 training videos, to which more are added every month. This is interactive and individualized training in which iFit® Coach can professionally monitor and adjust your speed and incline digitally. 

  • SLOPE AND INCLINE: FROM -3% TO + 15%:  During the entire training session on the new Commercial 1750, the incline increases or decreases, and with it the difficulty of the run – at the push of a button on the console! As the incline increases, your heart rate increases and the strain on your knees and ankles decreases. With inclines of up to 3% you vary the muscle work and tone your lower body. How to achieve all of your goals.

  • RUNNERS FLEX ™:  During your training on the NordicTrack® Commercial 1750 you have the choice with the Runners Flex ™ shock absorption: Without shock absorption you get very close to the feeling of running on the road, and with shock absorption you run with the highest level of comfort, gentle on the joints and every footing is dampened to the maximum! 

  • 10 INCH HD TOUCHSCREEN – TILTABLE. You can follow your training programs on a tiltable 10-inch HD touchscreen integrated into the console and see your speed, incline, distance, pulse, time and calories. Our integrated iFit® technology offers intensive coaching with professional trainers and makes your training a real pleasure. 

  • ENGINE: ROBUST, POWERFUL:  The engine of the new Commercial 1750 is equipped with continuous ventilation for even more intensive training sessions. As the belt speed increases, the ventilation is accelerated to prevent the motor from overheating. This powerful 3.75 hp motor, which is as robust as it is durable, is also equipped with a vibration reduction system. For more comfortable training.




Motor (continuous power) 

3.75 CV

Maximum speed

22 km / h

Tilt angle

-3% incline / + 15% incline


152 x 55 cm

Shock absorption

Flex 15%


Ecran couleur tactile 10 “inclinable

MP3 input


iFit® compatibility    

Integrated iFit® compatible

Pulse measurement


Chest band

Bluetooth chest strap included

Space saver


Max. User weight 

135 kg

Packing weight  

156 kg

Packing dimensions   

217 X 89 X 39 cm

Information on engine performance

* Continuous power (“PS-DC”) is a term used in the treadmill industry for consumer comparison purposes. The PS-DC power is measured in laboratory tests using a dynamometer that measures the mechanical power of the motor. The PS-DC power does not indicate the operating performance of the treadmill in normal household use. In normal household use, the motor does not work with the specified power.



  • ONE TOUCH ™ SPEED CONTROL: 0 TO 22 KM / H:  Quick control and direct adjustment of your speed at the push of a button *. It’s easy to stay focused while exercising. * If the treadmill is moving at high speed and you set the incline to less than 0%, the treadmill may automatically slow down.

  • ONE TOUCH INCLINE: INCLINE FROM 0% TO 15%:  One Touch ™ Incline. Change the incline with a simple push of a button and vary the workout in a way that is easy on the joints.

  • ONE TOUCH ™ DECLINE: INCLINES FROM 0% TO 3%:  Revolutionary in the field of treadmill training: Go downhill *. Use completely different muscle groups, achieve faster results and burn more calories than on a flat surface. * If the treadmill is moving at high speed and you set the incline to less than 0%, the speed of the treadmill may automatically decrease .

  • 55 X 152CM TREAD:  Perfect for walking and running, this tread is designed for long running steps.

  • 10 INCH HD TOUCHSCREEN – TILTABLE: speed, incline, distance, heart  rate, time and calories. With this large tilting console with iFit® technology you train interactively and even more dynamically.

  • VENTILATOR:  With the ventilator you stay fresh and fit longer during training, so that you can reach your goals faster.

  • COMFORT STORAGE. There is a shelf under the console on which you can place your remote control, your towel or something else. A second fan is integrated into the shelf and provides even more refreshment during training.   

  • MP3 CONNECTION: Connect  your MP3 player and listen to your favorite music during your workout via the two Intermix Acoustics 3.0 sound speakers. 

  • SPACE SAVER® DESIGN: Unfold  your treadmill when you want to exercise and collapse it again when you have finished. The treadmill has a lifting aid so that you do not have to carry the weight of the running surface. That saves space

  • PULSE MEASUREMENT:  The ECG system works via sensors in the handles on the crossbar below the console, which measure your pulse – and this is recorded even more precisely during your workout by a chest strap (not included).

  • FLEX ™ SHOCK ABSORBING: Flex ™ shock absorption: exercise in a way that is gentle on the joints and offers  maximum comfort.

  • 1 YEAR OF IFIT COACHING FREE (VALUE 399, – €):  More than 1000 training programs from all over the world: iFit® stands for smarter training and faster results. Create your own fitness program, get automatic training downloads and manage your online profile.

  • 3.75 PS-DC MOTOR: Experience increased performance – with the quiet and self -ventilated  motor of the new Commercial 1750. Through the use of an axial fan and its internal cooling system, this motor reduces noise and thus improves your training environment and the service life of the motor. 

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