IMIKEYA Folding Treadmill [2023 Updated ]

To make it easy to store beneath or behind a desk, GoPlus designed an under desk treadmill with extra width in the running belt and a low height dimension. With a quick glance down at your feet, you can view your speed, time, calories, distance, and speed on the LCD display on the bottom.

This model features an incline that will have you sweating and burning extra calories even at a slow walking pace if you prefer walking while working at a standing desk.

The solid design is one of the features that makes this an excellent under desk treadmill with incline. Because it’s composed of steel, it can withstand a few knocks and bumps. It should last a long time, and it includes added safety features such as a quick-stop button on the remote control. This treadmill has two wheels that make transferring it a pleasure.

Depending on the type of exercise you wish to obtain, you can choose from 12 different training plans. This under desk treadmill with incline’s body doesn’t move while you’re using it, and the track effectively muffles footfalls, so you can use it even if the conference call isn’t on mute.


  • 1 YEAR IFIT® FAMILY COACHING :  With the FREE iFit® Family subscription (1 year, up to 5 users) you have access to over 1000 training videos, to which we add more every month. This is interactive and individualized training in which iFit® Coach can professionally monitor and adjust your speed and incline digitally. 

  • SLOPE AND INCLINE: FROM -3% TO + 15%:  During the entire training session on the new Commercial 1750, the incline increases or decreases, and with it the difficulty of the run – at the push of a button on the console! As the incline increases, your heart rate increases and the strain on your knees and ankles decreases. With inclines of up to 3% you vary the muscle work and tone your lower body. How to achieve all of your goals.

  • RUNNERS FLEX ™:  During your training on the NordicTrack® Commercial 1750 you have the choice with the Runners Flex ™ shock absorption: Without shock absorption you get very close to the feeling of running on the road, and with shock absorption you run with the highest level of comfort, gentle on the joints and every footing is dampened to the maximum! 

  • 10 INCH HD TOUCHSCREEN – TILTABLE. You can follow your training programs on a tiltable 10-inch HD touchscreen integrated into the console and see your speed, incline, distance, pulse, time and calories. Our integrated iFit® technology offers intensive coaching with professional trainers and makes your training a genuine pleasure. 

  • ENGINE: ROBUST:  they equipped The engine of the new Commercial 1750 with continuous ventilation for even more intensive training sessions. As the belt speed increases, the ventilation is sped up to prevent the motor from overheating. This powerful 3.75 hp motor, which is as robust as it is durable, is also equipped with a vibration reduction system. For more comfortable training.


  • Incline for a more difficult workout with a lightweight LCD screen near your feet
  • The quiet 3.0 HP commercial-grade motor keeps you focused on the job at hand.
  • A wide speed range of 0.4 to 4 mph is available.
  • 6 compression shocks with impact absorption properties lessen the impact on joints, knees, and ankles.
  • High-mileage habasit walking belt that requires no lubrication or maintenance Advanced features such as Intelli-Step and Intelli-Guard Safety emergency stop key
  • There are no time limits for continuous operation – you can run it for as long as you wish during the day.
  • To track your overtime progress, use the Bluetooth option to sync your daily workout data to the Active Track App.
  • Charge your wireless mobile devices with the built-in USB charger connector.
  • With a 400-pound weight capacity, it’s tough to go wrong.
  • Excellent warranty


  • No sway
  • There is no safety clip because the maximum speed is low.
  • It’s a little heavy for an under-desk treadmill, at 119 pounds.

The leading maker of standing desks and under-desk treadmills is iMovR. iMovR products should assist office workers in avoiding the detrimental health affects of sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Because it is one of the most durable under desk treadmills on the market, the iMovR ThermoTread GT is our choice for Best Under Desk Treadmill.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Amazon, as well as health organizations like the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and the Stanford group of hospitals and clinics, use iMovR treadmill and desk arrangements.

The iMovR ThermoTread GT is the most effective under-desk treadmill available. It boasts a powerful 3.0 HP motor and a 1″ thick Bakelite deck. It also has a deck surface that is less than 5 inches high, allowing for easy step-up.

Six compression shocks are beneath the deck to give cushioning while walking – a huge plus if you plan to walk for several hours while working.

It claims to be the quietest walking treadmill on the market, with a noise level of only 42.7 decibels. The iMovR also has a user weight limit of 400 pounds.

It comes with a console that can be placed on your desk for further convenience. We adore the idea that we can place the console almost anyplace. Some desks include a built-in console, which might obstruct other items on the desk and limit your computer space.

The console contains many speed control buttons, as well as a distance, time, step, and calorie counter. It even keeps track of how much time you spend sitting and standing!

This is a good-quality walking treadmill with a large deck and sturdy frame. The iMovR ThermoTread has a top speed of 2.5mph, which is about the speed at which you can type and write when working at a desk.

Although a handful of the other under desk treads on our list go up to 4 mph, which is a wonderful feature, anything faster than 2.0–2.5 mph makes it tough to stay productive.

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