IN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill [2021 Edition]

For personal gyms and professional practices of all sizes, a manual treadmill is the most cost-effective and simple alternative. Manual treadmills don’t need an outlet, can be kept almost anywhere, and provide a good cardiovascular workout. This treadmill lasts as long as you do for less maintenance. You can walk, jog, or run at your own pace since there is no minimum or maximum speed. The transport wheels and rear handle make it simple to drive this treadmill around your house, clinic, gym, or rehab facility.

The most natural run possible on a treadmill often yields the best results. Since, unlike conventional treadmills, you can work faster than the treadmill by using the IN10CT Health Runner, you will burn up to 30% more calories. Your legs serve as the treadmill motor and can change speed at will, making it ideal for HIIT training. There’s no need to wait for the belt to slow down for fast on-off intervals thanks to the manual design.

The IN10CT Health Runner is an indoor aerobic treadmill with a curved manual treadmill. This treadmill does not need power and can be mounted practically anywhere, making it ideal for gyms, rehabs, hospitals, and your own home. The user will run at his or her own speed for any distance on this non-motorized treadmill.


High-IN10CT interval workouts

In exercises that alternate between high and moderate intensity, trainers use curved belt manual treadmills. The curved belt treadmill is used by many professional sports teams to perform sprint intervals.

The IN10CT Health Runner is a curved manual treadmill that doubles as a great HIIT fitness tool for walking, jogging, or running.
From a stylish display, the performance tracking design monitors your time, distance, calories burned, watt, speed, and heart rate.
The user controls the speed, there is no minimum or maximum speed, and you can run, jog, or walk at your own pace.
The treadmill’s non-motorized nature allows it to be placed almost anywhere, and the transport wheels and handle make moving it from room to room a breeze.

No Electrical Consumption

There’s no need to be near an electrical outlet to use the treadmill. Environmentally friendly.

Muscle Powered

You are the one who generates the motive force and is more likely to burn more calories per mile. Rather than being pushed along with a moving belt, you manage the speed by exerting more effort. Slow down by striking closer to the middle of the belt and speed up by placing your feet further forward.


The treadmill stops when you stop; if you slip and fall, the belt will not continue to run, potentially abrading your skin and causing severe burns.


Treadmill Dimensions


  • Belt: Slatted running belt with pulley track system to keep belt in place.
  • Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pace, Watt, and Pulse are all displayed on the console.
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • Max. running surface: 17.16″ x 61″ Weight of the user: 400 lbs

IN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill Reviews 

Users can increase the difficulty of the workout as much as they want and change gears at will.


Max speed

NC km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

nc CV

Continuous power (CHP)

NC cv

Running surface


Cushioning system


Of programs


Max tilt


Heartbeat taking





83.3 cm




127 kg



Max user weight

158.8 kg



Carton dimensions

1.82 x 0.87 x 0.6 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill

Users can choose the difficulty of the workout by increasing their stride speed.


50 cm wide curved running surface, ideal for all types of builds. Excellent cushioning designed with Multi-ply slats protect you from shocks and vibrations.


For all sportsmen, amateurs or enthusiasts, this RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill  reinvents indoor running. On this mat, you can walk at 1 km / h or sprint at 40 km / h. It improves the runner’s posture, you have the choice to walk, run, do interval training, ideal for rehabilitation.


– Speed in km / h,
– Distance covered in meters,
– Duration of the race,
– Watts, power developed,
– Calories expended.



Steel structure,


Zero electricity costs ,
No maintenance,
The AirRunner has a lifespan of at least 200,000 km.
Two wheels under the carpet allow it to be moved by one person.
Counter works with AA batteries.

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