Is Running On Treadmill Bad?- The Treadmill Myth Disenchant

Millions of people struggle on a treadmill for hours every day to lose weight quickly and effectively and to get closer to this goal . 

After all, cardio training is the easiest and best way to burn fat.

If you want to see your pounds melt, sweat.

The longer, the better.

This wisdom can be found in many fitness magazines as securely as the amen in the church. 

It promises foolproof fat absolution to ambitious athletes such as overweight beginners of all ages.

If you want to lose weight effectively, all you have to do is stand on the best folding treadmill for small space or step machine until you pedal for desired amount of calories shading  is displayed, and voila. 

Then the goal has been reached.

It’s not as simple as we are often promised. 

Why lengthy cardio training does not have the desired effect with so many athletes shows and which more expedient methods are available to actually lose weight effectively.

 German aesthetics will answer these questions for you today!


The treadmill lie

Treadmills are one of the best friends of many gym goers . 

Women seem to be magically attracted to them, as they usually try to fight excess pounds with running training. 

While man’s sweat during strength training.

Conveniently, the devices also show you exactly how many calories you burned after a sweaty running session .

 Losing weight effectively seems like a simple decision.

And yet something , it doesn’t seem to be right.

 If our story had ended Men’s Health, Brigitte and Co. would no longer have a right to exist tomorrow and creative new diet concepts would be in danger of extinction.

But what exactly is it that prevents us from slimming down successfully?

Are treadmills lying?

The reassuring answer is no . They rarely interpret their results completely wrong .

A small calculation example

To make the problem with the popular fitness equipment a little more tangible, we will use a minor example. 

We are assuming a 1.70 m tall and 60kg heavy woman in her mid-20s – let’s call her Anne.

Anne regularly goes on the treadmill for an hour and then looks forward to the display because she has just burned 350kcal through her running unit . 

Still, success has been lacking for weeks, but why?

Everyone has a certain basal metabolic rate of calories. 

This value shows how many calories we consume and need every day, regardless of our activities. Our organism can function properly. 

In Anne’s case, with a regulated sleep time of 8 hours and no other activity. This is about 2050 kcal per day  .

 If you break this value down hourly, you can see that Anne consumes a good 85 kcal per hour without actively doing anything for it.

The 350 kcal were supposedly burned during the cardio training are not considered separately. But, included this 85kcal already!

In an hour, Anne did not burn 350kcal in one hour because of her running training but actually only burned an additional 265kcal.

After the exertions , Anne goes to the McDonalds conveniently located opposite her studio, and indulges in a McSundae with caramel sauce . 

She deserves such delicious ice cream after the one-hour run training!

 If you look at the nutrient balance of a McSundae, you notice it has 285 kcal. 

However, our example lady burned only 265kcal in her training.

The sad result is despite a one-hour running session.

 Anne would not decrease with this behavior in the long run, but even increase it!


Losing weight effectively: Tips for successful weight loss

You do not feel like Anne; we have put together a small timetable that you can use to lose weight quickly and effectively without risking gaining unwanted pounds.

 Know your own calorie consumption

If you know your daily calorie needs, you can better plan your endurance training and diet and control it. 

Use calorie calculators like this one from the University of Hohenheim to calculate your personal energy needs and to lose weight effectively based on this data!

No fast food after exercise

After strength training, your body needs two things in the first place: the right carbohydrates for increased insulin release in order to be able to optimally use the nutrients that you subsequently supply with the help of a way shake. 

You can find out exactly how to do this in our article on the ideal protein shake after strength training.

If you are not under construction, but want to lose weight effectively and monitor your calorie balance.

 You can reduce the carbohydrates in this case.

Prefer cold water

To clarify the potential of daily water consumption in fat burning, let’s inspect how a calorie is defined. 

A calorie is a unit of measure that comprises:

“relates to the heating of one gram or one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius” 

The energy expenditure to heat 1 liter of ice-cold water (~ 2 degrees Celsius) after drinking to body temperature is about 35 calories.

 So if you get used to regularly drinking water cooled with ice cubes and you can easily burn an additional 100 calories every day!


The conclusion: effective weight loss made easy

Losing weight effectively does not always work only through exercise or a strict diet. 

There are various little tricks that can help you reduce your weight. 

Combined with regular strength training and other methods of burning fat, such as tabata training.

Consistent weight loss is therefore not an impossible task and with a little planning and discipline can be carried out easily in everyday life!

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