LINKLIFE Willy 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill [2021 Updated ]

The LINKLIFE Willy 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill is our premium treadmill with console. It’s designed for the busiest offices. The compact treadmill makes it easy to convert your standing desk into a walking desk. It has a mouse-silent motor, a maintenance-free running belt and black aluminum side strips.

The portable console is small enough to sit unnoticed on the table and show you the most important parameters such as steps, time, distance, calories and speed.

The treadmill can be shared by several employees and is so quiet that nobody is disturbed. Follow the thousands of businesses, universities and public institutions that have already ventured into the active office lifestyle.

 LINKLIFE Willy 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill Reviews : 

Key Features : 

Lightweight Design & Compact Size The walking treadmill is 51.5′′ x 23.5′′ x 6′′ and is easy to store. You may store it under your bed, sofa, or work table. You can conveniently transport and carry with two wheels.

P01-P12 Programs with 0.5–4 MPH Speed Levels You can workout at different speeds depending on your physical condition. Slow walking after a meal, a light jog to strengthen your immune system, or a rapid walk to reduce weight are all options. The workout is incredibly effective thanks to the 12 programs. These simple exercise regimens can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, enhance your health, and lose weight.

Remote control and a bright LED display
You can alter the data at any time and stop it immediately if an emergency arises. The simple LED display allows you to see your current speed, time, and mode. Furthermore, this walking machine’s display is touchable, allowing you to utilize it even if the remote control is damaged.

Shock-resistant design and safety features
Walking vibrations and noise are significantly reduced by the foot pad and rubber struts. The remote control also has an emergency brake button. When the button is pressed, the electric walking treadmill can be halted in the event of an accident.

With the Quiet1.5HP Pulse Maximum Motor, you may exercise anywhere without producing a lot of noise. You can exercise without upsetting anyone at home or at work. The maximum user weight is 220 pounds.

Your table, our treadmill

Once the treadmill is assembled, it is ready to be placed under most standing desks. Simply roll the treadmill under your table, plug in the console, and you’re good to go.

Comes completely pre-assembled, space-saving design, with transport wheels on the front.


Most stable construction in its class

Built for hard working days and productive nights. The treadmill is designed to endure thousands of hours of carefree exercise. The treadmill is equipped with a maintenance-free running belt, a 2.5cm thick running deck and a reliable motor.

Maintenance-free running belt, wear-resistant, black side strips made of aluminum, thick extended-life deck.


Productive, not disruptive

The sophisticated, modern design and the durable construction make the TR5000-DT3 the perfect addition to your workplace. Quiet walking ensures consideration for colleagues while you walk for miles and thus increase productivity. High quality components suppress mechanical noise and dampen vibrations.

Silent motor, 6 shock absorbers dampen running noises, stable construction can withstand a weight of 180kg.


Tradition in innovation

With a focus on productivity and fitness, LifeSpan technologies are designed to improve your everyday life. The Intelli-Step system records every single step; and if you stop the steps will not be counted even if the engine is still running. The system counts all of your steps during your working hours. The Intelli-Guard system also ensures that the treadmill only moves when you are actually moving on it.

Our new electric walking treadmill is a fantastic way to do some workout while also unwinding. It can aid in the improvement of cardiovascular health, fat burning, and muscular regulation in the lower body. As a result, whether you want to workout or keep your body in shape, this walking treadmill is a great option.

With an LED display, you can view the time, speed, distance, and calories expended in real time. The 6.5″ thickness will save you space, and the expanded running belt will fulfill your needs.

Enhance your cardiovascular fitness, improve your health, and burn fat with these tips.

Its heavy-duty structure allows it to support up to 220 pounds.

For a better viewing and operation experience, use a touchable LCD display.

It’s easy to maneuver thanks to its lightweight construction and flexible wheels.

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