Lose Weight On The Treadmill

Training on the treadmill is ideal if you want to lose weight.

 On the treadmill, you train without distraction and have optimal control over the pace, heart rate, and incline. 

Training distance and duration can be precisely controlled on the treadmill. Particularly practical for beginners: the treadmill prevents you from starting too quickly and then having to stop training.

Take off on the treadmill in your own home. No matter how slow you run at the beginning, you don’t have to worry about what other runners think. 

Watch the daily news or your favorite series during training. If you see something that interests you, you may even be training longer than initially planned

Losing weight on the treadmill is so much fun!
Heart rate controlled weight-loss training on the treadmill.

On the treadmill, you always train in the desired heart rate zone for weight lossThe treadmill controls speed and incline so that your heart rate does not leave the target zone.

 Heart rate managed training on the treadmill means that your heart rate is always in the optimal range.

Essential for beginners and overweight runners: running on the treadmill is particularly easy on the body. 

Thanks to the consistently excellent cushioning, you always have optimal comfort under your feet.

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The optimal course of a training session for losing weight on the treadmill

At the beginning of a training session, you should warm up slowly for the first five minutes. 

You start at a slow pace with a low cadence and increase the speed until you have reached the training pace.

 At the end of the workout, slow down the pace for the last five minutes and slow down.

 By running on the treadmill, you not only manage to reduce your body weight but also tighten your body and build muscles.

Use the predefined training programs on the treadmills, which are optimized for weight loss, to lose weight even faster and more effectively. 

Run a different pattern for each training session thanks to the varied training programs. 

By varying the training units, your training remains exciting and entertaining. Variation in practice also allows your body to better adapt to the training stimuli.

Interval training on the treadmill

Test interval training to lose weight on the treadmill: With high-intensity intervals, you burn even more calories than in endurance runs. 

You can concentrate 100 percent on running during interval training because the treadmill controls the exact duration and speed of the individual intervals.

To lose weight on the treadmill, you don’t have to exercise at high-intensity intervals. Train longer at a lower intensity to burn the same amount of calories.

The key to weight loss on the treadmill

To achieve your training goal of losing weight on the treadmill, the regularity of training is the key to losing weight.

 Start your practice on the treadmill with short and regular workouts. It is better to run 20 minutes two to three times a week than 30 minutes once. 

You can immediately see your training success on the treadmill display.

 This instant visual feedback increases motivation and helps not to lose sight of your training goal.
When you lose weight on the treadmill, take the last excuse not to exercise. The weather is terrible, or is it already dark outside?

 It doesn’t matter, with a treadmill, you are independent and train whenever you want.

 No matter how long your run should be, when you finish your training session on the treadmill, you are always at home.

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